BIO Edit

Name: Kronos (is also called Kron by fearful Vexians)

Age: Unknown (looks 19)

Gender: Male

Type: Unknown

Species: Dragon

Skin color: his scales are green with a bit of white markings on them

Birth Place:in the layon mountains

Sexuality: strait


Name: Silvia ( is her real name)

Age: Unknown (looks like shess 19)

Gender: Female

Type: Unknown

Species: Dragon

Skin color: Dark Magenta with black markings

Birth Place: in the layon mountains

Sexuality: bisexual

Personality Edit

Kronos: He is know for getting in trouble and isn't as smart or manipulating as his sister. He loves food and he's a bit foolish at times. He is however a genial giant and kinder than his sister. Kronos is known as the yin of his father Kron.

Silvia: His manipulative sister who will do anything to get her way. Shess seductive and deviant and is known for trouble.

Shared History Edit

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