Kukla alive and death


Miss Kukla is a Cotton-top Tamarin, who was a mother of a young boy name Francis. Kukla was happy of having Francis and try to care for him all the time. However, she made a mistake in letting him stay by himself in her car when they gone shopping. Kukla return to find no son and her car door open way. She gasped and gone searching for her young boy, only to find him killed in a trashcan nearby. She sob to herself in sorrow, only to kill herself by jumping off a cliff into a river.

Kukla awoken as a puppet, in search for her son's murderer and on the way bring no mercy to anyone.

-Picture will come soon.-

Theme song Edit

【MMD-PV】It's Been So Long 【Laura's Cover】02:54

【MMD-PV】It's Been So Long 【Laura's Cover】

Kukla's theme song [Her story isn't at all related to FNAF, but the song suits her.]

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