Krissi:*thinking*I'm just a little young vampire, in vampire age I am kinda a teen. *She blinks*I don't mind just staying by Kyros side. *she grins* I like hanging out with him.

Kyros:*thinking* I have chosen a wonderful person...I'm glad I'm with her.

Krissi:*she smiles, hugging Kyros*I would never Cheat on Kyros. I don't like cheating.

Kyros:*Hugs Krissi right back* You know my heart belong to you and no one else

Krissi:*she smiles happily ay Kyros* And My heart only belongs to you as well, Kyros.

Kyros:*looks deep into Krissi eyes, his eye starts to sparkle*

Krissi:*looks back into Kyros' eyes, she smiles sweetly*

Kyrose: Lets go somewhere, anywhere you like.

Krissi: Hm~ Somewhere special in a forest, like a lake or flower field in a forest. I hear those are best places to watch the stars at night~ *she smirks.*

Kyros: I know just the place *he pulls out a small round jade orb, It starts to glow*

Krissi:*smiles happily, hugging Kyros.*


[a portal starts to open, you can see a lake on the other side]

Kyros:Shall we

Krissi:*blushes a little, smiling*Let's~ *she smiles happily at Kyros.*

Kyros:*leads Krissi thru the portal* We are completely alone here

[you can see a lovely lake with some lovely loutas flowers, there is also a full moon]

Krissi:*smiles happily* This is the most lovely sight I've ever seen!~ How do you get a hold of such things, Kyros. *she smiles sweetly at him* This just makes you more interesting to be around!

Kyros: While i was in chine I helped a sprite monk restore balance to the land. The heaven reworded me wiht my own slice of heaven, this honor was only reserve to the most powerful of guardian spirits.

Krissi:*she smiles happily, hugging Kyros* Your so amazing Kyros!~ I am so happy to have met you~

Kyros: I only did what i must.*embraced Krissi's hug* I'm lucky to have you in my Life.

Krissi:*she smiles, hugging Kyros*I'm glad your so good hearted.

Kyros: I only did whats was necessary if the balance wasn't corrected the dead would be restless and the world would eventually be overrun with ghost.... I'm not sure i have a good heart.

Krissi: I believe you have a good heart. *she smiles* you don't have to do right things to be good heart. *she hugs him*

Kyros:*sheds a tear* thank you

Krissi: Your welcome *she gently nuzzle his nose with hers happily*

Kyros: Let me show you around

Krissi:*she nods happily*

Kyros:*starts to lead Krissi to a large chines looking temple surrounded by cherry blossoms* This is my home away from home

Krissi: It's very lovely!

Kyros: The fruit here is very sweet, would you like some?

Krissi: Sure!

Kyros:*he held out his hand, a mango flouts towards his hand, he catch it and gave it to Krissi*

Krissi:*smiles happily.*Thank you Kyros.

Kyros: What fruit would you like?

Krissi: Any fruit is fine, Kyros. I'm not picky about my food. *she grins a little at him.*

Kyros: Are you craving for anything?

Krissi: Well,if I was hungry anything, I would think it be mainly blood. *she gave a soft giggle* But, I don't like drinking from others, in fact, I normally drink from blood bags. However, I can try the mango. *she smirks a little.*

Kyros: Would you like to dance with me?

Krissi:*smiles happily*I would love too, Kyros.

Kyros:*leads Krissi to a lovely room, you can see the lake from the balcony* Shall we *looks intensely into her eye*

Krissi:*she smiles as she looks into his eyes, gently placing a hand on his shoulder as her other hand gently lays in his hand.*Let's us dance...

Kyros:*Gently grabs Krissi's hand and starts to walts*

Krissi:*smiles sweetly, walts along with him.*

Kyros:* Starts to Lead Krissi to the balcony*

Krissi:*smiles, following after Kyros slowly, her eyes looking into his.*


[at the balcony you can see the full moon's reflection suddenly yo see a meter shower.]

Kyros:*looks into her eyes* Make a wish

Krissi:*She giggles sweetly*I already have my wish. *she whispered quietly, looking into his eyes happily* What else could I wish for?~

Kyros: *he happily looks into her eye as he slowly moves in for a kiss*

Krissi:*smiles, slowly move in for the kiss also, looking into his eyes loveingly and happily*

Kyrose:*when their lips connect it seam the world stops for a moment, he's treasuring every moment*

Krissi:*she gently wrap her arms around Kyros' neck gently, leaning more into him as she keeps kissing him*~

Kyros:*He wraps his arm around Krissi* I don't deserve you

Krissi:*she smiles, gently touching Kyros' cheek with one hand* Don't say that, you have every right to have me. *She gently stroke his cheek*Just as I have every right to be with you... *she still look into his eyes*I've never been so happy in my life til I've met you, Kyros...

Kyros: My life was jut moving to one place to another until i met you.*Hold Krissi in his arm* You brighten up my life, i can't live without you.

Krissi:*she smiles sweetly*I can't live without you either, Kyros. *she lay her head gently on his shoulder*

Kyrose:*gets down on one knee, pulls out a small black box*

Krissi:*Watches Kyros, blushing a little as she smiles*Kyros?

Kyros: Would you do me the honor of spending the rest of eternity with me *open a small black box to revel a 30 carat blue clean cut diamond ring*

Krissi:*she smiles happily, tears started to appear in her eyes*O-Of course Kyros! I would spend the rest of eternity with you. *She smiles happily, looking at the ring happily*

Kyros:*takes the ring out of the box and place it on Krissi's finger*

Krissi:*she smiles happily at Kyros*I love you so much, Kyros, the ring is very lovely!

Kyros: I've been holding on to it for long time, I've been waiting all my live for you.

Krissi: *she smiles sweetly, blushing a little as she nuzzles gently into Kyros*I'm glad you be in your life~

Kyros:*He starts to blush* I'm glad i'm in your life


Krissi:*she smiles, kissing Kyros' lips gently*~

Kyros:*wrap his arms around Krissi while kissing her sweetly

Krissi:*wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him in return*

Kyros: So when do you think we should tell?

Krissi: Whenever you want to tell~ *smiles at Kyros*I don't mind when you tell them~

Kyros: Any ideas where you want our wedding?

Krissi:Hmm~ Good question. *she giggles sweetly* Somewhere not so busy like the city.

Kyros:*he smiles* Then the city it is. Do you know who you're inviting?

Krissi:*giggles sweetly*I'll be inviting Juniper for sure. I wouldn't know who else, I'm sure Juniper may have some ideas of who to invite~. *Nuzzles Kyros happily*

Kyrose: Then everything set *Nuzzels Back*

Krissi:*nuzzles Kyros in return, smiling.*

Kyros:*He leads Krissi to a bed room* there is something i want you to have.

Krissi: Hm?*Her ears perked*

Kyrose:*he walked to desk and open one of the doors* This use to belong to my mother and i want you to have it *he pulled out a golden Greek bracelet*

Krissi:*Her eyes sparkled, smiling*It's very lovely Kyros. *she smiles sweetly, nuzzling Kyros*I'll take good care of it, and keep it with me always~

Kyrose:I'm glad, I'm sure she'll approve me giving it to you ^_^

Krissi:*she smiles, blushing*I'm sure she will too. *Kisses Kyros' lips gently. She put the bracelet on.*It's very lovely

Kyros: *wrapping his arm around Krissi and Kisses right back*

Krissi:*smiles as she hugs Kyros*

Kyros: So any idea what we should do next *smiles and look into Krissi's eyes*

Krissi: How about our honeymoon?~ what will we be doing for that? *smiling at him*

Kyros: Anywhere as long as i'm with you.

Krissi: Hm... A beach, far away from the city sounds like a place for a honeymoon~ *smirks at Kyros*I'll have to buy a swimsuit~

Kyrose: Then its the beach.

Krissi:*smiles at Kyros*

Kyros:*he lifts Krissi up and is now carrying her in his arms*

Krissi:*Blushes a little, hugging Kyros*

Kyrose:*Carrys her to the bed*

Krissi:*smiles, hugging Kyros happily*


Kyros:*he gently placed Krissi on the bed then lay right next to her, He's extremely red*

Krissi:*smiles at him, her face slightly red as she lean into him gently*

Kyros:*Leans gently towards Krissi, looking deep into her eye silently calling for her*

Krissi:*She grin a little, leaning up and kisses him as she wrap her arms around his neck, pressing against him.*

Kyros:*feeling Krissi's body against his own, he start to kiss her neck as he feel her legs*

Krissi:*Let's out a pleasing sigh as she nuzzle his neck happily.*

Kyrose:*moves his hand from her legs to her back slowly undoing her straps while kissing Krissi*

Krissi:*Kissing him as she move one hand down to his pants while her other hand rub his chest*

Kyros:*Moving his hand from Krissi back to her breast, he slightly teas her nipples while he move his other hand in Krissi's pants*

Krissi: Ooo~ *She blushed a little from the teasing as she nibbles Kyros neck while messing with the button of his pants*

Kyros:*He starts to feel Krissi's ass with one hand while with the other hand starts using his full hand to message her breast*

Krissi:Ooooh~ *She hold onto Kyros as she lean her head back a little, blushing slightly.*

Kyros:*He starts to squeeze Krissi's ass while slightly liking licking her nipple*

Krissi:Oooo~ *She blushed as rubs his shoulder blades*~

Kyros:*He's now licking Krissi's nipple in a circular motion and squeezing her breast with right hand. With his left he slowly removes Krissi's paints*

Krissi: Oooo~ *Blushing a bit* Mmmmm~ *Holding onto Kyros.*

Kyros: How does it feel? *Blushing while squeezing her breast with his right hand and squeezing her ass with his left hand*

Krissi:*Looking into his eyes lovingly, blushing* I-It feels good~

Kyros:*Start to rub his chest against Krissi's breast While using both hands to grad her ass, he pulled them closer together and starts kissing her*

Krissi:*She blushes as she also kissing him in return. Her breast press against Kyros' chest even more as she feels him rub his chest against hers*~

Kyrose:*He starts kissing from Krissi's neck to her belly while using his hands to feel in between her legs*

Krissi:*Blushes*O-Oooo~ *Leaning back a little*A-Aaa~

Kyros:*Using his hands he spread Krissi's legs apart. He blushed before sticking his dick slowly into Krissi's pussy*

Krissi:O-Ooo!~ *Blushes as she grips onto Kyros tightly*M-Mmmm~

Kyros:*He slowly goes back and forth while pulling krissi to his chest, kissing her*

Krissi:*She return the kiss, blushing even more as she moan into the kiss.*

Kyros:*He starts to go deeper and deeper with each thrust, panting while licking all over krissi's body*

Krissi:*She started panting as she moans while holding onto Kyros*

Kyros:*Start speeding up while grabbing and squeezing Krissi's breast*

Krissi:*Moans loudly, hugging close to Kyros*

Kyros:*fucking fast, he's kissing krissi and sticking his tongue in her mouth while almost reaching the climax*

Krissi:*moaning as she kisses Kyros as she wrap her legs around his waist, also almost reaching the climax as well*

Kyros:*Fucking extremely fast he released his large loud inside Krissi's pussy, he gave out a moan*

Krissi:*She moans as she also release, blushing*

Kyros:*He lays on krissi and starts kissing her neck* Can't get enough of you

Krissi:*She giggles, smiling at him*And I can't get enough of you either~ *She nuzzles him happily.*

Kyros:*Continuing to fuck and rubbing his chest against Krissi's breast while Kissing her sweetly*

Krissi:*She blushes, kissing him as well as she hugs him close.*

Kyros:*Fucking while grabbing both of Krissi's breast pushing them together and starts sucking on them*

Krissi:*Moans, blushing as she place a hand gently on his head, petting.*

Kyros:*Fucking while squeezing Krissi's breast into his mouth, sucking hard*

Krissi:*Moaning, arching her back a bit as she blushes.*

Kyros:*Fucking harder while licking in between Krissi's Breast and squeezing her ass*

Krissi:*Moans even louder, her back still arching.*

Kyros:*Fucking faster and faster once again reaching the climax*

Krissi:*Moaning loudly as she holds onto Kyros while sweating.*

Kyros:* he released his large loud inside Krissi's pussy then licks Krissi's cheeks saying* More~

Krissi:*She blushes a little, but giggles at him as she nuzzles him and then kisses his lips.*

Kyros:*Remove his dick and start to eat from Krissi's pussy*

Krissi:*Gasp and moan loudly at the feeling. Blushing bright red.*

Kyros:*sticks his tong deep into Krissi's Pussy, swirling it around*

Krissi:*Moaning as loud as she can, panting heavily.*

Kyros:*Starts fucking Krissi's pussy hard and fast, grabbing her Breast while kissing her, sticking his tong in her mouth, reaching the climax*

Krissi:*She kisses Kyros in return, moaning in the kiss while reaching to her own climax now.*

Kyros:* Once again released his large loud inside Krissi's pussy* How was it

Krissi:*Panting, she smiles at him*Lovely, Kyros... *She nuzzles into him gently.*

Kyros: I love you so much *He nuzzles her softly*

Krissi:I love you too*nuzzles him in return.*

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