Leia's bio (being worked on)Edit

  • Name: Leia Cesica Garnet
  • Age: 345, looks to be 18
  • Species:
    • (Upper part) Mouse(A type of mouse)
    • (Lower part) Corn snake
  • Species(Mythical creature): Naga
  • Weapon: None
  • Powers/skills: She can charm people with her cuteness
  • Attire: She wears pretty much a top only, since it's hard to put lower clothing on as she has a bottom part of a snake. However, she refuse to wear the taint set as she is easily controlled by others in those outfit.
  • Personality: Leia is cheerful, but cunning and sneaky. She sometimes lie to get her way, or even charm one to do what she want.
  • Backstory: (working on)

Notes about LeiaEdit

Leia is Royal blooded, her upper body is that of a mouse(One of the mouses kind) and the bottom is a corn-snake. The only skill she truly has is charming people, and even then. It's out of cuteness, and nothing more. There is a set of attire known as the taint attire. Why? Because this attire effects Leia into a brainwash, mindless state. (A backstory will be thought of later about this.)

Theme songs (working on)Edit


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About her homeland (will work on)Edit

Veds, Leia's homeland, has a total of ten Kingdoms. Northern, Eastern, Southern, Western, Waterfall, tree tops, dark walkers, sun, Moon and Season Kingdoms. Leia is the royal princess of Western Kingdom, having run away due to the fact she is forced to marry one of Dark Walker's kings sons. Which she refuse to do, and there for ran away before the Dark walkers finished the 'tainted' attire.

Pictures of LeiaEdit

Pictures of her attiresEdit

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