(Story) A Quiet LoveA Bright Punk and a Hero's Way: Next Gen RPA Christmas Miricals: The Birth of Twin Foxes
A Sorrowful Ex-king and his regerts (RP Between me and Fro)A Vexian and Mobian's FutureA hero and a Demon (One on one rp)
A princess, a Prince, and a Vampire: The younger years of Baine, Bisk, and Scar.Abyss the Dark BeingAcacia the Wolf
Aidan X Amira:(-insert meaningful tittle-)Aidan the Wolf/DogAlexia Corel
Alinoa The Cat (RF Version)Alisa The HedgehogAllegra the hedgehog
Alt-Kilam Sacul the SinnerAmber FlavusAmira the Wolf/Dog
An Artificial Love: Sovash X VenjaAn Officer's Duty and Romance's Blurd LinesAngel and FroZen's RP: Undecided title
Angelina/AngineAnother Love Story: RPAsami the Ookami
Ashely The GenieAsta the bunnyAthlensia and Black Cat
Aton the HedgehogAyana the ImperialAynlie The Ice Wolf (and her human form)
Azo the FoxBaine The HedgehogBamal The Dingo
BirdsauceBisk the MinkBlack Licorice the Changeling
Black Widow The HedgehogBlaze God of FireBlaze X Tempestra: Love of a Wind's burning Desire
Borka The Ghost WolfBreakable (One on One RP)Bui-Lis the Fallen
Bukimi UnsilCallie the BatWolfCasa Suki the seal
Celestia the Wolf/DogChappino -Feline-Cici the Hedgehog
Cloche the Undead necromancer petCloud the MeerkatConsumed Mind:Evan
Coruption: a time space rpCreapypasta CenterCris Marron
DF the Dark FrozenDanava Jigoku -Daughter of evil-Danganropan: School of Despair and Hope RP
Daniel The HedgehogDanny Phanto: An FNAF Fan Character because WHY NOT?Dark Kidnapping: Reboot!
Dark twisted love of three: Insest RPDarko the DarkDavien The Lycan Skunk
Demayo The HedgehogDendera the Sand WolfDigital Copy: Cyperspace Meltdown RP
DnD IdeasDolly BrookDominate Trait
Doom the Greek wolfEbony the guardian of Dark GaiaEcho Ameri
Eli the DanboElios the BearEmiko Isa -Character for Dangan Ronpa-
Emilia Alchemi (SATBK)Eniab The HedgehogEquator,here we come!
Erya BernadetteEvan the MinkEvangelina "Melinda" the Wolf
Events of '87FH the FrozenFaven The Demon
Flowers of a Blossoming Love: Stella X VioletForbidden Flames of Passion: Insest RPForbidden Love: Winter's Demonic Attraction
Freddy the HedgehogFrench Perfume (Sonic Pirate RP)Friendship: Lunar and Sicile
Frita the SparkFroy Darkenson (will be added to the SFW)Furture of two Clones (Yepa- EdnaxMyria)
Furusa(Tribe/Clan)GWAR Vs. The Teen TitansGaierra the Cat
Gear the WolfGeno The HedgehogGeno Turns Evil (Messed Up Non Canon RP)
Geo the MongooseGlace- World Broken Apart (Songfic)Glaceon RP page
Good luckH'Kengle (Keila) The Lycaea (Skyrim)Hanail and Janile -Dark storm and Ebony's set daughter twins-
Hanel KanyHeartBreaker the PegasusHeroes break (Non canon rp)
Heros Unite To Mess Around: Random RPHibiki Fuse (Dangan Ronpa)Horror Story RTH Made: The Man In The Corner
How To Train Your Sonic Dragon(Free Join Roleplay)Hunter and Saida the Red PandaIkarakui Pierrot
Insanity (Kyokiro) the EighthIruna the Vampire WolfIvory the Demonic fox
Ivorygrace (The Curse)Jeans Thula the BearJessica the wolf
Jo the Axolotl CannibalJoey the Demon ThiefJosh the Mink -Original version of Josh the Hedgehog-
Journey to the East: A Vexian RPJudas X Kaede in a roomJulie The Cat(Lynx)
Juniper X King: Golden HeartJunpier The timber wolfKaede The Timber Wolf
Kaisa the BatWolfKalina the Crystal DragonKane the corupted
Katsu Dante (Devil May Cry Fan Character TwT)Kenia BloodsworthKenta Aoven -Working on-
Ketty the AngelKidnapping RP: A Nightmare Of A JobKimi Akusachi
Kimiko UshasiKing the RabbitKirito the Wolf/Dog
Koryen Sine the Air winged wolfKoyuki CrosslayerKrissi The Vampire Dog
Kronos and Silvia the dragons: Twin Children of KronKukla the Cotton-top Tamarin PuppetKyousuke Hime(Dangan Ronpa)
Kyros X Krissi: First time they metKyros X Krissi in a Night to RememberKâbus The Tasmanian Tiger
Leia The NagaLife of Two Double Sided Coins??? The SequalLizette the Fallen Angel
Lizzy the Fire HedgecatLovisa LancelotLucy The Fox
Luna the Revatail CatLuna x Baine x Tiger x Zuri in that nightLunar The (Space/moon) Echinda
Lycan's Frozen LoveLyne's Monchrome ReapersM.I.A
Marica the BansheeMedlina the Pets slaveMeet Sis
Meeting RickMeia the Wolf/DogMicro Mania: A NEW Foot Fetish Rp
Mizuki SnowMohari the Easter FerretMonte Blaster the Beaver
Morwena TrancinaMr.everfreeMurder. Intelligent. Assessment (2015 Verison)
Myria the PantherNamiNeon The Long tailed Cat (Experiment)
Nero Darkenson the Dark Gaia Lynx/PorcupineNisih X Eureka:First TimeNisih the (???)Half demon
Non canon Messed up rp: Tied FlatOffical TimelineOgama Scorch Sama The Vampire Hedgehog
One night stand love triangle (Private 1on1 rp)Onigami the FoxOnup/Upon The Almighty Raiju
Osirus's Hand and the Nile's Way: An Egyptian RPOtega the Demon WolfPamela Melody The Ainu Dog
Pokemon RP: Adorabru PumpkabooPsy the HedgehogRP: Memories
RP: Walking DeadRP Freedom WikiRP Loves Meaning
Rage the Hedgehog(Sonic Boom Version)Ragnork V. PriceRaibyo The Hedgehog and Daemondan The Hedgehog
Reisha White -South Park Character-Renja(Sorrow) the wolfRepa Hikari
RiRi the Hedgehog and Ri the Electric WispRick The Cat-BatRin Kogami
Rina the WolfRiyeko Decretum (Puella Magi Madoka Magica Character)Rodan and Elisatien -Twin Maltese Tigers-
Roleplay:The uncompleted mangaRomantic Competition: Amber Flavus x Elisatien the Maltese TigerRoze the Demon
Ruza The CatRyan HaloicSally & Sarah
Saren ArcturiasSassy the OtterScar the Demon
Sean Oflic (Dark Elf)Sex and Plessure: The PartyShadren the Shadow
Shinda the wolverineShinda x ShadrenSicile the Foxwolf
Sidianite DionisSiekte and Byōki the twin sisters of the DarkSir Balan (SATBK)
Somnus OnebrosSongs i likeSonic: New World (Mini Comic)
Sonic Battle: Revolution Brawl (the RP)Sosanna Dracula -Vampire Queen-Sovash
Sovash's drawing's and other random stuffSweetea, Phantaze and Saren (Private Roleplay)Sweetie lips -Rosemarie- (Bubblegum Bitch)
Tahen -Demon overlord of his own Netherworld-Taiyou the Sun FoxTau the Foxwolf
Telechan the One Clock CatTemitra the VoidTempestra, goddess of wind and avatar of love
Terrea and Emily: A FroZen and Y-Tiger RPTerrea the CatTesla The Hedgehog (RP FREEDOM VERSION)
The BeginningThe Clan WarsThe Clock Burns:Kilam x Ticky Tock
The Club: Love, Sex and Dubstep (Non Canon Free join rp)The Devil May Cry job: Demon slaying? (Katsu and Kasai: Rivals)The Four Countries
The Future meets The Present (Remake RP)The Golden Star:Hedge and AstaThe S'Kavr Clan's Language -Skyrim and other games-
Theroy the Mongoose/Leopard (in a working progress and will be moved to the Sonic Fan Wiki)Thunder and Rock: A Sovash and FroZen RPTiage The warrior Genie
Tiage and Raxis: Action! .u.Tiger The FoxwolfTilen Aoven -Working on-
Tinane The Mongoose/Leopard (Working, will be move to Sonic Fan Character Wikia when finished or feel like it.)Tricking Hours of Horror ~ FNaF-Sonic RPTrue Loves Bound
True love calling -RP-Tsuki the Moon FoxTwin Fox's Birthday Celebration: Short Story RP
Twisted Fates RPTwo Kids Of A Legend: Adventure RPUnexpected turns of Events (RP /Mess up RP-somewhat-)
Vampire's Youngblood: Bisk x Baine (One on One RP)Varanus the Komoto DragonVenja Lany (human experiment)
Venus the Tiger/LeopardVerna The MinkVert Wheeler The Mink (RP FREEDOM VERSION)
Victoria YoungbloodViolah Kaht The LethanViolent The Rabbit
Violet the HedgehogViper the up-coming Overlord?Vision RP: Kilam vs Malik: Showdown in Vexia
Vulkan X SkylerWhat happened? is this place dead?When Love Hits (RP)
White the Demon SlayerXavek the living machineXenia the Hedgehog
XeniaxShadrenxEsterxIrunaxShinda(maybe idk xD)Y-Tiger's picturesY-Tiger the Fox Spirit Goddess of Randomnes
Yurui OriflaYvela the Storm GoddessYājaka the Shadow wolf
Zero and Aynlie in "One's True Reflection"Zero the OverlordZinnia Pandora the American Eskimo Dog
Zuri the Lynx/Tiger