"Hello Master..." ~ Medlina greeting Somnus
Medlina the Pet slave

Full picture of Medlina's appearances.(clothes and everything, finally.)

Basic BioEdit

Name: Medlina

Nickname: Pet[Yep, she is willing to take that]

species: ??? and part Succbus

Abillies: Charm[either cute or sexy], fly and bite[giving her a claim style bite, in case she needs to. Otherwise, it is a love bite that doesn't claim people.]

Owner: Somnus Onebros

Job: Being Somnus' slave/back up.

Fur color: A dullest red

Eye color: Dark gray with pink puplis.

Attire:... Look at picture.


Medlina is a test subject works for a Succbus breeding center, to see if mobians could breed with more than demons, vampires and Lycans. After Medlina's birth, they didn't know what to do with her till they heard of some male loving up any female he finds. So, they plan to give Medlina as a hello persent.


  • Amazing cook
  • Amazing cleaner
  • can do any house job, really.

Theme songsEdit

Teddy Loid Scanty & Kneesocks Metal Remake remix04:14

Teddy Loid Scanty & Kneesocks Metal Remake remix

Appearances Theme

Lykke Li - Until We Bleed (Original version) Lyrics (HD)04:26

Lykke Li - Until We Bleed (Original version) Lyrics (HD)

Love theme song -haha... yea...-


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