I need to get a life. Badly.

You know the drill by now, a character I own is shrunken and has to go through a bunch of stuff. That's pretty much it ^^ so yeah.

Characters(Free to edit) Edit

Matt the Hedgehog - Rage the Hedgehog

Emily the Husky - Y-Tiger

Roleplay Edit

Matt had fought through a lot of snow and had entered a house, avoiding many feet.

(told you I sucked XD)

Emily sits on a couch, drinking orange juice as one of her oldest brothers came to her.

Feliciano, being the oldest, spoke to Emily. "Eh, Sis, good 'o see you're well."

Emily nods.

Matt inches closer but stays out of stepping distance.

Feliciano gives a smile. "Well Emily, I should be going for work, ya know."

Emily nods. "Of course Big Brother Felic!"

Matt hears this and steps out of their way but still where Matt can see.

Feliciano leaves.

Emily stays on the couch, huming a bit.

Matt walks towards the couch.

Emily's ear twitched. "Mmm?"

Matt continues walking.

Emily blinks, thinking as she finishes drinking her orange juice.

Matt attempts to get her attention.

Emily yawns a bit, her ear twitched. "Huh? Brother Lovino?"

Lovino was looking down at Matt, since his psychic power allow him to notice the little guy.... "Emily sis, ya... Uh... Did notice this little man, eh, right?"

Emily was confuse.

"Good, I got noticed" Matt thought to himself.

Lovino groans. "What kind of fucked up spell did this shit?"

Emily gasped. "Brother Lovino! That Language isn't allow!"

Lovino sighs. "Little Sis, look here." He pulls her close and points at Matt. "This man."

Emily was confuse. "How...?"

(lol, im sorry, that made me laugh. Seriously. XD)

Matt just stood there happy he got noticed.

Emily blinks. "I be saying your seeing things Brother Lovino, but I see it too..."

Lovino blinks. "So, uh... Stranger, yes? Your name and business, please."

"Oh, uh... Matt, and im here because I was shrunk, obviously, from an unknown source :P" Matt says

Lovino blinks. "Eh, Matt. Alright, Well. Um... I am a Psychic doctor, I don't know how I can... Erm... Resize you."

Emily hugs Lovino, worry.

"Oh yay." Matt said sarcastically.

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