Pony race:Unicorn/ Vampire

Coat/mane color: Both a deep dark red

eye color: hot pink

Lives: deep in the everfree forest

Attire:A black cloak that covers him head to tail

cuetymark: a lighthouse and jack-o-lanten side by side

Personality: often board his personality can end up a bit unpredictable when other ponys are around him, unless he's outside the everfree then he becomes one solid shade of shy

Likes:tea, eucalyptus, pranking, being spied on, Pegasuses

Dislikes:grumps, showoffs, being alone, anypony touching his cloak


Mr.everfree calls himself by this name because he can't remember anything of his past he wonders who he use to be because none of the everfree animals try to harm him

Other stuffEdit

Immunity: He is immune to most magic and charms

illusions: mr.everfree can perform illusion spells the best making it seem like something is real even to some that can despell this kind of magic can fall under the effect only vampires and high level powered magic protection can't halt his spell

energy problem:his magic doesn't recharge like most unicorns he must drain others of there energy physical energy is the easiest to obtain but returns the least energy while magic and spirit energy's refill more power but are tougher to obtain magic energy can't be stolen if the target has to much will power and spirit energy can only be taken from a willing pony

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