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Name: Murder Intelligent Assessment

Code Name: M.I.A/Mia

Age: 5 years old (Looks 19)

Species: Appear to look like a Hedgehog(Robot/digital parts)

Weakness: Seeing Ty.Lan A.I being damaged, her feelings and overload System

Born: 1/9/2011 [the date she was finished on]


In a secretive laboratory in some snowy mountains, M.I.A was born inside the main computer. Her creator, Dr. Lan, was a man of big dreams and wanted to make man's technology more fun and lest stressful due to Hackers and viruses. M.I.A was Tyan Lan's Beta experiment, and Dr. Lan didn't work alone. Every night and Day., Dr. Lan would work on M.I.A's data files, and yet speak to her. One his third day of working on M.I.A, he gave her a mobian appearances so that she wasn't just codes and words, starting the day of M.I.A's first understanding of life and creation.

Dr.Lan didn't just speak and work on M.I.A, but slept in the same room as the main computer and M.I.A so that he could work on her whenever he wakes up. However, on the 17th day of working on M.I.A, Dr.Lan when off to a meeting and one of his co-workers ended up trying to delete everything Tyan worked on, even trying to destroy M.I.A for good. Dr.Lan [or Tyan], caught work of this rather quickly since he made sure M.I.A could keep word with him if anything gone wrong. Right then and there, Dr.Lan stop he Co-worker and saved what was left of his research, this event cause M.I.A's appearance skin code to be corrupted, but still working. Every since then, Tyan refuse to leave M.I.A's side till she was complete.

Year 2011 was when M.I.A was completed, and that was the year where Tyan was slowly dieing. M.I.A never gotten to tell how truly happy she was for Tyan when Tyan died. M.I.A was later put into sleep mode and to be forever forgotten....

Likes and DislikesEdit




M.I.A have barely any emotions, but she can express pain(Sadness), Angry and some love to family.


Theme songsEdit

Nightcore - Headlock03:01

Nightcore - Headlock

T.Y Lan and M.I.A's Theme song

Nightcore - Warriors02:29

Nightcore - Warriors

Second Theme song (Fighting at full power to protect T.Y Lan.)








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