Gender: Female

Species: Panther/???

R. Interest: "Wouldn't you like to know?"


Physically: 19

Chronologically: 40


Myria of course, due to being a panther, has black fur, but she has grey markings running down her arms, chest, legs, and hair. She has a pale tan muzzle, with one tinge of fuzz, and with no markings anywhere, this pale color extends to her ears, and her chest, but as expected to nowhere else. Her hair is short, as it extends to her shoulders, it is also wild as she rarely ever puts it up or does anything fancy. She does keep it clean however. Her eyes are icy blue, with black pupils, and white sclera. She has bangs that she keeps barrettes in to make sure they don't cover her eyes.

She wears a white v-neck t-shirt with brown sleeves. For pants, she wears a pair of dark blue sweatpants with black lining. She doesn't wear gloves, but instead keeps bandages on her hands and wrists. Not for a purpose, but just to wear them.


While she looks like someone who would be a anti-social, emotionless being Myria is quite the opposite. She is instead a sweet person, whose not afraid to try to make a friend. However, she's willing to back off if someone really doesn't want her friendship. However, with this sweet part of her personality comes a playful part. She's not afraid to mess with someone who catches her interest.

When she has a crush on someone, her sweet side dominates her personality and will make her very shy. This also makes her extremely prone to blushing.

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