"Nyan!" ~ Nami
Vampire me 6

Normal clothing of Nami -Done on Chibi maker-

Basic BioEdit

Name: Nami

Age: 16

Species: humanoid

Type: Snow elf [Skyrim] / Quarter Vampire

Love interest: Lucy [My girlfriend, that is who she goes by]

Likes: Strawberries, Ice cream, Lucy [My girlfriend], School uniforms, Sleeping, Black, white, red, having pain cause to her {A masochist, I'm not truly a Masochist XD }

Dislike: Bullies, Dress, boys [Friends don't count], Mints.

Weapons: A black scared sword, yeeeep.

Hair color: Between light brow, dark brown and even gray.

Eye color: Light blue

Attire: Girl school outfit [Whole thing], cat collar and a huge ribbon.

Powers: (working on)

Bio: Erm... Personal life ^^;


  • she has an Upper body strength of a gaint when needs to use it (Compare to Y-Tiger TwT )


Vampire m 2

Nami in a dress

Fighting appearances:

Vampire me 7
Vampire Nami

Vampire Nami fighting appearances

Random attires:


(working on)


Related to: Y-Tiger [Yep]

What Y-Tiger would look like on Chibi maker

Love interestEdit

  • Lucy [No longer my girlfriend, but we still love each other...]


  • ....


  • Anyone that dare try to take Lucy-chan. [Y-Tiger]


  • ...

Theme songsEdit

Lyrics Metric - Blindness

Lyrics Metric - Blindness

Noticing theme song -Nami-

Younger NamiEdit

Child vampire me
Age: 10

Likes: Yellow, dress. happy things.

Dislike: being bullied, sports and english[the class]

(working on the rest.)

Genderbend of NamiEdit

Name: Anord
Male Nami


Species: Snow elf/half vampire

Hair color: Dark brown or Light brown

Eyes: Dark blue

Colors:White and black.

Likes: Being a masochist (Getting hurt by guys), males, Ragnork(His brother), white and black.

Dislike: Girls that aren't his friends, jerks that isn't trying to sexual hurt him and people trying to hurt Ragnork

Love inteset:

  • Secret crush: Ragnork
  • no one else....

Family: Ragnork(Brother)

(working on.)