Nero Darkenson

"I will live up to my parent's name"


Name: Nero Darkenson

Nick Name: Nero the Dark or The Shadow Prince

Age: 17

Species: Dark Gaia Lynx/ Porcupine

Type: Power and Special

Occupation: does guard jobs for money

Love Interest(s): None

Likes: his family, peace and quiet, his friends, history, his pride, reading, and sparing with friends and family

Dislikes: his powers, his family's dark past, his uncle, his left eye, and the killing of innocent life

Appearance/ AttireEdit

Nero has a jacket with the same design as his father's with black fire symbols on it like his mother's. Nero is the oldest child in his family and looks more like his mother than his father. His left eye is the color yellow and can seance dark energies and see catastrophes in the future. He has black fur and purple highlights. His shoes resemble his fathers but with a more unique design.


Father: Dark Storm 

Mother: Ebony

Younger (Twin) Sisters: Hanail and Janile Darkenson

Younger Brother: Froy

Uncle: Narcro Darkenson 


Nero is strait forward and strong willed. He is cunning and is smart when coming up with plans. He can be a bit of a stick in the mud" his friends would say and he's not good at showing emotions but he tries his best and is loved because of it.





Froy Darkenson

Hanail and Janile Darkenson

Bernie Jay the Bird

Theroy The mongoose

Tinane the Mongoose

Sonne Arminius

Lizzy Arminius


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