"Woof!" ~ Pamela
Ainu Dog (Base used)

(Still being worked on.)

Basic BioEdit

Name: Pamela Melody


  • Pam

Height: 3'6

Age: 15

Spaces: Ainu Dog

Favorite Food: Bacon

Favorite drink: Water and Mint Tea

Colors: Light tan with white and brown.

Powers(?): Random Bacon [anything that involves Bacon.]

Weapon: Surprise Bacon [XD]

Weakness: Bacon and pets behind the ears


Pamela is a cheerful Person and is always carefree, rarely does she knows the different between right and wrong.


Pamela Bacon form! - she has the color glow of bacon around her and has floating bacon.
Pamela bacon form -base used- minus Floating Bacon

Theme songsEdit


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