RAGE BOOM!... Thing?

For the original character of Rage the Hedgehog, go here

Differences from OriginalEdit

Rage in the "boom" universe is different from his original character by being much more quiet than usual, he doesn't talk or make as many quirky remarks as he did. That doesn't mean he never talks, though. He talks quite a bit, just never as much as he used too. He also is more "Glass half empty" than before, he can be very negative at certain times.

Role in "Tesla Boom ll"Edit

Rage is the scavenger in TB2, he usually gets the supplies and his role is emphasised in his outfit. It is the "Survivor" type of outfit saying that he pretty much builds everything he uses.


He has the same powers as before, pyrokinesis, but he has gained new powers in the Sonic boom universe, he gained telekinesis and his reflexes are heightened much more. But, since he has new powers he also has a new weakness... PEARS! Im just kidding, but seriously, his new "weakness" is anything sharp, he is scared of getting stabbed by just about anything now...


Despite his weakness thing being something sharp, he carries a kitana with him at, almost all times.

(May edit more once Tesla Boom starts)

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