Ragnork -Broken inside-
Name: Ragnork V. Price

Age: 18 to 20

Species: Fox/weredemonfox

Gender: Male

Powers: Holding his inner breasts and pulling it out whenever, Darkness and light.

Hair/Fur color: Brown

Eye color: Yellow(Mobian)

Weapons: Desert Eagle (One), Anelace (Italian short sword)[Duel wields with the Desert Eagle]

Personality: Little is known of his personality, but some assumed he is coldhearted and cruel. Few that knows him is he is of two personalities combine. He enjoys pain and enjoys causing pain and yet insane but sane at the same time. These emotions of two neutral each other to make him dull sometimes.

Sexuality: Yaoi(Gay)

What turns him on: Being call negative things by another male and being treated like a slave by having a collar around his neck.

Form: Weredemonfox, Demonfox. Rage(Yang) and Normay(Ying)


(Working on)

Theme songEdit

Broken Iris ~ Broken Inside Lyrics03:33

Broken Iris ~ Broken Inside Lyrics

Theme song: Broken inside(Main theme)

▶ nightcore ★ Kill Everyone02:23

▶ nightcore ★ Kill Everyone

Rage and Demonic Ragnork's theme song

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes: Being be-littled by other males, pain, causing pain, being treated like a slave, males(Period), being alone and roaming the dark woods.

Dislikes: Silver, holy speakers, Females, His belove backstabber(He calls her that), getting no pain from other males.


-Working on-


(working on)

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