"My sorrow... It's the only thing keeping me here..." - Renja(sorrow)
Renja -Sorrow the wolf-

Bio of Renja(Sorrow)Edit

  • Name: Sorrow
  • Real name: Renja Symu
  • Age: Looks 18...
  • Real Age: about 134 years
  • Species: Wolf
  • Extra pieces: Part Demon
  • Powers: (working on)
  • Weakness: Her down fall(Her sorrow) and her doubt of ever being happy.


When Renja was just four, she had a mother and father who were both wolfs that were part demons. Renja, when sleeping, was having a nightmare and ended up turning into a demonic form and murdering her parents. However, she was picked up by adopted parents; she lived to be 15 before something weird happen... She came home one day and notice her adopted parents hovering around the table, each holding a eating folk/knife. Renja didn't notice them being nothing more than empty vessels for evil energy. However, she ended up dieing that night and turning fully demonic; killing her Adopted parents out of defends.

Renja renamed herself sorrow, as she fear others would became the same because of her. She has no eyes, which she covers with a bloody bandage since she forever bleeds. She can't die from old age anymore; but she knows she'll die one day... Just like everyone else will. And she believes before her death, that she'll never be happy...

Power movesEdit

(working on)

Likes and dislikesEdit

  • Renja likes to enjoy life, and be around the forest; even when woodland creatures fear her appearances...
  • She doesn't want to be alone, yet she can't fix herself to be just a normal wolf anymore.


  • Yukino


All dead



Love interestEdit

Theme songsEdit

東方 Riverside- 廃獄のロア Lullaby of Deserted Hell03:59

東方 Riverside- 廃獄のロア Lullaby of Deserted Hell

Renja's happy theme song. (Peaceful.)

Others/extras of RenjaEdit

  • Renja, going by Sorrow, is pretty much like a blind person. However, her feel and hearing are better than her smell and taste.
  • The horns at her ears are signs that she part demonic; force against her will.
  • Renja doesn't die from blood lost in her eyes. But, other wounds she can die from being bleed out, as the demon in her is using it's main power where her eyes are.
  • Renja only looks 18, instead of 15, because that is how old the demon is inside of her. So, her age and appearances changes slightly to fix the age.
  • Renja doesn't want others to see her, so she try three different things.
    • Renja tries to hide behind something while hiding her face
    • Renja will try to run away
    • She'll just hide her face, hoping the person would leave as she says she is ugly to look at.
  • The demon has no link with Renja, what so ever.

Pictures of Renja(Sorrow)Edit

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