"How this world seem peaceful to me..."~Rick The Cat-Bat

Info of RickEdit

  • Name: Rick
  • Age: 23
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Cat/Bat
  • Backstory: Rick lived a peaceful life with his family when he was younger. Years when by and his family grown older and soon died without him. So did the village people, either left the village or died from old age. Rick was the only new born that haven't left the village and picked to stay in the in the village.

Not too long after, Rick came across a small, fluffy, long tailed cat. He picked up the fluff ball and toke him inside to his house. From there on, he toke care of Neon like his own son.



  • Sassy the Otter - He met Sassy while on a search for Neon one morning. He ended up finding Neon playing with a purple female Otter, and instead watched them both played. Now he treats Sassy like a daughter, since Neon thinks of her as his older Sister.



  • Parents: Died
  • Brothers/Sisters: Moved away
  • Cousins: Doesn't know any of them.
  • Girlfriend/Wife:
  • Sons/Daughters: [adopted son] Neon The Long tailed Cat and (He wants to believe he could adopt her as his. ^^;) Sassy The otter

Theme Song (will work on later)Edit


Rick is calm and able to control his angry when needed to. He is very protectice of those he care for or love, but he won't protect those he don't know or doesn't like.

Pictures of RickEdit

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