This is about where the gang(idk Xenia and her slaves,random charries idk)finds themselves in a manga where the room is blank.They need to find out how to get out of the manga.This is inspired by an episode of Humanity Declined.


Iruna and Shadow Boy wakes up and looks around.They both look at each other,blinking.Then they look around the empty white room."Are we in the room or something? I dont remember anything being here.."Shadow Boy rubs his head."Its so blank it reminds me of a manga panel.."

Xenia:*wakes up and looks around*.......looks boring

Shadow Boy sweatdrops and sighs."We're in a blank manga panel."

Xenia:..Again boring unless we can fill in the blanks.

Iruna sees a pencil and takes it.She stands up and starts drawing.She is a pretty amazing artist.

Xenia:??? What are you drawing?

Iruna was finished drawing a tournement insides."A tournement!"It came real.

Xenia: Wow so anything you draw becomes real.*imagines possibility, starts to drool* sweet

"What are you thinking of right now?"Shadow Boy looks at her suspiciously

Xenia: You really want to know -_^

Shadow Boy sweatdrops."Yeah,I wanna know.As long you dont gang up on me for an example.."

Xenia: When did ever i gang up on you? I Just think this would be an opportunity to get that herum i always wanted ^^

"Herum? Get what?"

Xenia: That's my fantasy. What about you?

"Herum wont work...lets try some drama."Shadow Boy stands straight up.

Xenia: How would you know, do you how much eichi stuff happens in manga.*space out a bit* i woulden't mind that