"I always wanted a very sexy man in my life~♥" ~Roze

Basic bioEdit

Name:  Roze Gasue

Real Name: Roze Gasue Lilan

Age: stop aging at 19

Advance BioEdit

Powers: Controling the demonic fog, Demonic energy tranfers, demonic plants and lust

Skills: Mixing herbs, some healing and speech traits.

Likes: Knight's armors and weapons, hot males[Balan being the main one], her home in the woods, and Athlensia + Black cat

Dislike: The other demons she has to keep in line, Evil Wizard and Camelot (she even hates her parents, through she hardly knows them.)

Colors: Fur- White, bangs- amber, eyes- amber.

Weapon: Demonic Scythe

Armor(Fighting): Demonic battle armor


  • She can do claim bites like a vampire, as her demon line once was cuisons with the vampire's blood line.
  • She is highly turn on by Extremely hot, sexy, mouthwatering, handsome males just in tunics or without armor. Which makmes her blood race for lust, but she has troubles around Balan for some reason.[Still turn on through.]


Normally a sexy, sexual female demon hedgehog who is hots for any hot male. But, when she is acting different, she is showing true means of true feelings over her normal naughty flirts.




  • Athlensia and the Black cat



Love interestEdit

  • Balan -SATBK-

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