Ruza The CatEdit

  • Name: Ruza
  • Age: 17
  • Species: Cat
  • Gender: Female
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Fur Color: Orange and red
  • Eyes: Light blue
  • Weakness: (Does anyone have ideas? I don't know what to put....)


Ruza was a sick baby, belong to a sick family that could only live up to 60 years of their lift. Once she hits age of 13, her parents gave her to some researchers to find a cure to this strange illness. In four years, they found and cure and her family was close to death(Meaning they can't get the cure). So, they cured Ruza of the illness, however, the side effect was the change color of hers eyes but, they saved a life of a remaining family member of the strange illness... Her DNA has been rewritten to no longer have the illness, as well as any offspring not having it (If she had kids.)

Likes and DislikesEdit

Ruza likes having friends, being able to have a job, treated as though she is like any other person. She also likes Fire Arm.

Ruza dislikes being treated as an outsider, being alone and not able to work.


Ruza thinks about herself and others, giving her a very thoughtful personality. But, that's all she shows.

When Ruza is around Fire Arm She feels a lot more relax, and seem to give off a more cheerful side then her normal thoughtful side. Most things she wouldn't think be funny would be truly funny to her when she is around him.

Her OutfitsEdit

She normally wears a green shirt(with dark blue edges on the neck hole) with jeans. She can also wears a red dress and then she has a swim suit.(I will try to draw her in the dress and swim suit. And most likely full body.)





(I don't know who would be her family, so the family parts and open. I have both real parents and adopted parents ready.)

  • Real Mother:
  • Real Father:
  • Brothers/sisters:
  • Cousins:

Love interestEdit

  • Fire Arm the Hedgehog (Belongs to Sovash100)

Pictures of RuzaEdit

Theme songsEdit

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