"Heh" ~Sassy

Sassy the Otter

Info of SassyEdit

Name: Sassy

Nickname: Sas

Age: 16

Species: Otter

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Backstory: Sassy lived with a widow mother, and she was the only child to this widow mother. Her mother was always at work, so she couldn't properly treat Sassy the way she needed to be treated. However, Sassy didn't blame her mother for not being there, but blame herself for being what she became.

Sassy lived the years of a per-teen, making her life hard with rough bulling till she did things that the other kids thought was cool. She ended up telling her mother about all of this one winter morning; one of the few days she could really talk with her mother. Her mother told her that Sassy needed to be herself and not be what others want her to be.

Sassy finally gotten out of middle school with better grades than she used to. Now, being in her teens, going to High school will be a trouble challenge. However, she has her mother when she needs to talk with her. (A character that still has a mother o.o Am I going to have the make the mother now DX)



  • Neon The Long tailed cat - Sassy was on her way home when she heard the some whining of the young male kitten. Sassy ended up enjoying Neon much more than she thought. The two played hours till Rick made an appearances and asked if they were having fun.
  • Rick the Cat-Bat - After meeting Rick, he reminded her of her widow mother. Only, Rick never had a love one. Sassy promised to Rick that she would always come and visit him and Neon. Rick didn't seem to complain about the promise, and seem very calm. Yet, he was happy inside.



  • Father: Died
  • Mother: Widow (Might need to make a character, or find one ^^;)
  • Brothers/Sister: She doesn't have any
  • Cousins: She's unsure if her mother or father had brothers or sisters.
  • Husband: Tyson the Echidna
  • Children: Rija(son) and Sassy(Daughter)

Love interestEdit

  • Used to be Rick, but found out he was 23 years old. (XD)
  • Married To:Tyson the Echidna

Theme songs (Will work on later)Edit


Sassy used to be shy and hided the fact she wasn't who she was acting. Now she is carefree, cheerful and willing to help others in need.

Pictures of SassyEdit

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