This is a free To join rp by DXS

Warning: this has adult content featuring sexual content and Nudity, Readers discretion advised.

Plot Edit

A party is starting and there's no rules, every body get naughty and freaky as this party is all about sex and pleasure, women won't care, the men just wants to get laid, and music goes hard like a rave in the sky, will you join the party?

Characters Edit

Dub the Mink - DXS

Aton The hedgehog - DXS

Cruelty the bat- S100

Merciless the bat- S100

RP Edit

The party is going on with many mobians in it, girls are butt naked, and guys are fucking them, when a Hedgehog came in, he made it happen

Aton: *sitting, drinking beer*

Crulty: *looking down on the house from a tree* Boys and their Toys~

Merciless: Good thing its not us sis~ *she appears next to her*

Dub: *doing his music thing*

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