Siekte and Byōki are twin sisters, daughters of Mephiles the Dark(The ones he does like)

Twin daughters of Mephiles


Names: Siekte and Bukkake

Ages: Unknown(Around 17)

Species: Darks(Hedgehog/darkness)

Powers:Controling the dark

Personalities: They are both slightly insane and crazy for Chaos. Both don't care for others lives mostly and rather top everyone they see.

Sexual: Both are bi

Likes: Each other, Darkness, Mephiles, Night, and chaos

Dislikes: Peace, Darklove, any other beings.




Sister: DarKlove(Hates)


They love each other secretly, but they will love a being they believe is worthy of their insane love.

Siekte: - Frita -

Byoki: - Varanus -

Theme songsEdit

Halestorm - Daughters of Darkness HD Lyrics-003:54

Halestorm - Daughters of Darkness HD Lyrics-0

Both of their Main theme

In This Moment - Blood (Typography Kinetic) (Lyric Video)03:33

In This Moment - Blood (Typography Kinetic) (Lyric Video)

Their lustful insane love theme


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