Age: 19, after being cursed he stops aging beyond this point.

Gender: Male

R. Interest: Roze the Demon- Lover


Balan has ebony black fur with gold colorings running down his quills and arms and legs. When his armor is off he can be seen growing golden chestfur on his stomach, reaching up to his chest. The whites of his eyes are glossy white, his irises golden yellow and his pupils being black.

His outfit changes at various times.

When he is in battle he can be seen wearing crimson armor and a crimson helmet that completely covers his head. He has a sheath for his sword and a tattered robe.


Balan is surprisingly loose for a knight. While he does understand honor and is willing to fight for it, he is not willing to serve anyone who abuses their power, most often becoming a wandering knight, unwilling to serve a master. He is very stubborn and can most often continue an argument for a good long while, this is evidenced when he first met his lover Roze, as he kept shrugging off her numerous advances until it was clear to him that she truly did care for him.

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