Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 19

Likes: Girls(over and at the age of eighteen of course),

Dislikes: Girls(under the age of eighteen), Ominisa( He can't flirt with her and he can't stand her, the two always try to one-up each other)

Romantic InterestsEdit

Eniab (Anti-Baine) the Hedgehog: AWB-(Acquaintence with benefits, til they get bored of each other)

Medlina: Slave

Saida: One-time partner



Somnus has a tan muzzle, and a tan belly, his arms share the same color with his fur and he has only two tinges of fur on his muzzle. The whites of his eyes are a glossy white, and his irises are a glowing purple, with his pupils being black. His fur is silver with toxic green colorings sneaking in. His quills are also more choppy and wild. His eyes are violet purple that have a tendency to glow.

Somnus wears a black, gold, and silver jacket with miscolored sleeves and a patch of silver in the middle.


Somnus likes girls.That's really all there is to him. Even he has limits however so if a girl is younger than eighteen then they're safe.


  • Somnus has only loved a girl legitimately once before. She broke his heart and that is where his need for girls began, he wants to fill the hole she left behind.
  • He and his sister are stuck together in their house yet they despise each other.
  • Somnus has no pure romantic attraction to his slave, Medlina, but he does view her as a fun girl to sleep with, though this may be because of her succubus charm.


Somnus Onebros

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Somnus X Medlina

Somnus and Medlina.