"I am the queen of Vampires, do you not fear me!?"
Vampire Queen idea
~ Sosanna

Basic BioEdit

Name: Sosanna Dracula

Age: 123,542 years old [Looks ten through]

Species:... Um... Well, she is a vampire...

Gender: Female

Personality: She can be childish due to how she is treated, but otherwise rather cruel, rude and evil.

Likes: Blood, darkness, her castle, dark shade of colors, and evil plans.

Dislike: Pink, sunlight, crosses, garlic and priest/priestess


  • Charm - ... Does this really work?
  • wings - Because she is the vampire queen, she can fly with wings.
  • Invisiable - Able to 'vanished'
  • Teleport - Only from where she is to her castle.
  • Summon - Can summon any evil minion to her side.


  • Craig - Servent? Maybe? He is only one that so far respect Sosanna as a Vampire Queen, so he get bonus points for that.

Theme songsEdit

Hatsune Miku "The Tale Of A 10 Year Old Vampire Queen" Original Song03:51

Hatsune Miku "The Tale Of A 10 Year Old Vampire Queen" Original Song

Theme song


[Working on]

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