Sovash aka Malik

Flames of Faith


Name: (u know if u Skype me)

Nick Name: Sovash, or The Vision Builder

Age: teenager

Weapon: Knives and his Cross Powers


IRL: Im shy and quiet person when I want to be left alone. I'm however very active and will easily snap on someone he knows or if they attack me physically or verbally. Im is known to sleep a lot and as you can see, I live off of the internet

In Me Comics: Sovash has the same personality except he's less paranoid. He also relies too much on his holy powers thus when he's in a normal state Malik will automatically make a run for it.


Christ SwordsEdit

Sovash in his early stages could create the blue christ sword and wield holy power who is that sword's user. However when that sword was destroyed Malik gain the ability of Heavenly Welding which let him created his now twin single edge blades called the "Follower's Path".

(more will be added)

Flame AbilitiesEdit

Sovash lost his powers over blue flames for a while. So he trained and now control his regained blue holy fire (from White) and his green flames called "The Flames of Faith". Sovash's green flames can burn anything that is pure evil and all in all his green flames are much stronger than his blue flames.

Dimension BreakerEdit

Sovash can open holes in dimensions due to his holy given power call Dream Maker" which lets him open dimensions created by human ideas and dreams.

Darkness RampageEdit

in this state Sovash loses all self awareness and his personality changes to what is called Madness (also known as MIL by others), When Madness is in control Sovash's flames turn darker and his eyes turn pitch black. Madness is twice as physically powerful than Sovash and his other personas and he can control his flames into 7 black burning arms called The Sinner's Wishes. Madness can become his own being (which he does) by taking control of every persona of Sovash at the exact same time and place, when this happens the world will forever covered in a cloud of darkness and misery until the true apocalypse comes.