This is private roleplay with Phantaze, Saren and Sweetea.

Characters Edit

Pilot the Hedgehog (Phantaze)

Saren Arcturias

Sweetea (TBA)

Roleplay Edit

Pilot: *Working with invention*

Saren: *Drinking a copious amount of alcohol*

Pilot: Good thing I don't drink alcohol. But I am Cokeholist *Drinks Coke*

Saren: Meh, mixing alcohol and coke together is better. *still drinking alcohol* I wonder what we're gonna do today?

Pilot: I am working on with this moon cell I created. It supposes to work like solar cell, but with moonlight

Saren: I'm waiting for my next contract.

Pilot: As soon this is rady, I want new thing to invent

Saren: I'm just incredibly bored.

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