Tahen The demon

" What? "

"I hope you have someone important since your bothering me..." - Tahen Overlord of Netherworld Hatred.

Basic BioEdit

Full Name:Tahen Havoc

Species: Overlord Demon

Age: 3,760

Title: Overlord of Hatred, the snow demon[due to his colors]

Mv: 7

Weakness: ???

Evilibty: (working on)

Hidden skill: He can tell how strong a demon is, only on demons through.[when his glasses are off]/ Due to the type of demon he is, he has a 95% resistences to Ice, and only ice.

[working on]


HP: 150% Fist S

SP: 150% Swords A

ATK: 120% Spears E

DEF: 75% Bow E

INT: 150% Gun: S

RES: 90%  Axe E

HIT: 120% Staffs S

SPD 50%


Vassals: Keira

Family: None

Rival's : Doesn't care[so far]

Enemies: Anyone who threaten his rule [not cause they want to take his title, but because they want to kill him.]

Love interest: Viper the up-coming Overlord?


"This is child's play, fighting has become dull to me. The only reason why I fight is becaus I have to."

"Are you trying to charm me? Cause it is failing."

"I'm busy reading, so what is it?"

"The cold is nice, that's how cold hate is."

"Why should I care?"

"Overlord? Is that your fake title? Cause i'm a real overlord in this netherworld."




Triple Strike - Point Blank, result 2 vertical range enemy push

Exploding Fist - 2 vertical range, result point Blank enemy push

Special Burst - 2 range with 3 horizontal AOE, 3 range with 3 Horizontal AOE Enemy Push

Rising Dragon - Point Blank, result 4 vertical range enemy push

Master Palm - Point Blank

Big Bang - 3x3 AOE

Big Wave - 4 vertical line AOE

No Way Out - Point Blank

Libra Pasio - Point Blank


lade Rush - 3 vertical line AOE, result 4 Vertical range Enemy Push

Hurricane Slash - 2

Cross Demon Rush - 3 Vertical

Dark Secrecy - 3 Horizontal AOE

Soaring Nonuple - Point Blank

Rune Dimension - 5 Vertical Line AOE

Crimson Rain - 5


Tri-Burst  - 4

Splitting Bullet - 6

Speeding Bullet  - 4 (3 vertical line AOE)

Deadly Down Under - 5 (3 horizontal line AOE)

Cluster Launcher - 6 (6 vertical line AOE)

Dark Filament - 3 (Triangle AOE with 7 spaces)

Prism Burster - 6 (X AOE with 5 spaces)

Cocytus - 6 (5 spaces with cross AOE)

Quick Shot - Hits one target from straight range of 8

[Working on]



Mega Ice

Giga Ice

Omega Ice

Tera Ice



Mega Heal

Giga Heal