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Name: Taiyou

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Species: Fox

R. Interest: Kaiya (alternating between non-canon or canon)


Sister: Tsuki the Sun Fox- Younger sister




Taiyou is quite agile due to being a fox.


Taiyou is able to use manipulate aspects of the very sun, from the heat to immunity to UV radiation.


Taiyou has gold fur with no visible markings anywhere on her body. She has hair that reachs to her hips, though unlike her sister, she lets it loose which can often make it hard for her to see. She has wild bangs, that if she parted reveal her eyes. Speaking of which, she has sunflower gold irises with black pupils and her sclera are glossy white. Her muzzle is pale grey with her ears and the tip of her tail.

She wears a white t-shirt with no extra colorings, she has blue pants with black lining, and she wears a red scarf with orange ends and gloves.

Whenever she goes swimming, which her sister forces her to do, Taiyou will wear a black bikini with white lining.


Taiyou is the exact opposite of her little sister, she is much more friendly and isn't afraid to be outgoing or social. However, with this friendliness comes a very volatile temper. Anger her by hurting her sister, or anyone close to her and you'll feel the fury of the sun bore down upon you.

When Taiyou develops romantic feelings for anyone she will stick to them like glue, and if often flirt with them on any occasion where it is allowed. However, it can be noted that if someone actually flirts back and seems intent on being in a relationship with her she'll turn very submissive, this makes it clear that she is the more submissive out of her and her sister.

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