Lucy and Sidiantie's kids

Sicile with her little brother Tau.

Gender: Male

Age: 6

Species: Foxwolf

(Is not adding a R. Interest part as he is too young to even think about relationships)


Father: Sidianite Dionis

Mother: Lucy the Fox

Sister: Sicile the Foxwolf


Tau has a underdeveloped understanding of lightning which he got from his father and the blue magic of life which he got from his mother. Also Tau got the traits of his father's werewolf genes and is still learning how to change, though he gets better everyday.


Tau has an tan muzzle with three tinges on either side, his eyelids are the same color. He has his father's black fur and the purple highlights on the tip of the ears.

He also wears dark colored pants with al black sneakers. And he can sometimes be seen running around in his father's old all-red coat.

It is unknown as to what he'll wear when he gets older, but it could be possible that he still wears his father's old trenchcoat and keeps it clean.


Tau is a cheerful soul, having gotten most of his traits from his mother. Tau, due to being a small child, is quite energetic and usually has a cheerful look on his face, with a smile to boot. He loves his family very much and he looks up to his father greatly. When Tau enters his werestate it can be noticed that he often acts like a puppy, playful and adorable.

He also likes to wear his father's old coat from when he was younger.

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