Name: Temitra the Void

Gender: Female

Species: Hedgehog/Fragment

Sexuality: Bi


Malitia the Black: Brother/ Other Half

Faust the Inferno: Brother

Frita the Flame: Sister


Temitra, has inherited quite a bit of her appearance from when she was the Time Eater.

She has a pale muzzle, with a small hint of fuzz on both sides of her cheeks. This color extends to her chest, the inside of her ears, but not her arms. The color of her fur is lavender purple, with various black markings that can be found on her waist, legs, arms, back, and tail. Her hair is wild and appears as if it's floating. If anyone was able to see it would seem like she has a purple gear-shaped marking on the left side of her stomach.

Temitra wears a black t-shirt with the same gear shown, complete with a special sequined pair of orange and purple orbs on her sleeves.



Temitra originally started out as a blank template, being nothing more than Mephile's plans.

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