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Emily Stardust the Husky - Y-Tiger

Terrea Monet the Cat - FroZenHyBrid


Emily drinks her orange juice by herself.

As she sits alone, a brown furred cat sits next to her. She's wearing a grey hoodie with bright green strands of hair splayed around.

Emily keeps drinking her orange juice, sitting quietly.

The cat looks at Emily, she tilts her head. "What's wrong?"

Emily was a bit started. "A-Ah!" She looks away. "S-Sorry... N-Nothing." She started drinking her orange juice once more.

"Did you not notice me here?"

"N-No..." She said, drinking her Orange juice. "Y-You suddenly appear there..." (one of Emily's spells .w. Emily Stardust the Husky )


Emily keeps drinking her orange juice. "Big brother Felic is taking forever..."


"N-No one you should be concern about..." She whispers, looking away.

"Oh really?"

She nods quietly.

"..Hm." She sniffs Emily's neck without her notice.

Emily finishes drinking her orange juice and suddenly become Invisibility due to how uncomfortable she was.

"!" The cat backs away quickly, hissing somewhat.

A big, tall husky male sighs as he walks over. "Sis... No' again..." The cat could see footprints going to the big husky, no longer invisibility as her spell seem to have cancel by him.

She blinks, before standing up.

The husky looks at the cat. "you were s'aying wi'h my sis, S'ranger?"

"Well, yes I guess."

The male husky nods. "Sorry abou' her spells, she is very shy around s'rangers."

"Yeah I could tell."

The male nods. "I'm Feliciano Stardus', Bro'her of 'his young girl, Emily." Emily hugs Feliciano.

"Terrea Monet, mind my being creepy but she smells good. You both smell good, but she smells better."

Emily hugs closer to Feliciano, staying quiet.

Feliciano just sighs. "..."

"..My bad."

"No, i' is fine, my sis jus' happen 'o be shy 'o everyone." Feliciano looks at Emily as she clings to him."

"Ah. Obviously isn't shy around you."

" 'hat is because I am one ou' of five bro'hers." Fliciano says, petting Emily's head.

"Well that explains it." Terrea walks over to them.

Feliciano nods, Emily keeps hugging him.

She looks at Emily. "Shy one aren't you?"

Emily just nods slowly. "..."

"Maybe someone needs to help break you out of that shell."

"I-I don'-Don't know..." Emily said, ears flatten a bit.

"Maybe I can lend ya a hand."

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