[A huge explosion can be heard, smoke raise high up into the clouds]

[In a different world as the explosion had happen.]

Violah:*She was bandaged, not being able to sleep for the safety of others as she was drinking tea. But in a split secound. She was drinking tea in her home, to well- fallen to the ground of a cold floor.*... *She gently sat her ten year old appearances body as she starts to take off the bandages.*? *she seem confuse, glancing around to the unfamiliar screen around her.*

Elios:*lying on the ground crawling all bloody* hehe go to hell *parts of the ruble fell on him knocking him out*

Violah:*Her huge ears perked to the sounds of a voice and the sound of ruble before finding the male bear*? *she brushed the ruble and dust off of his wounds and very body before looking at the bandages she had taken off and started to wrap the wounds. Once she ran out of bandages, she was tearing the bottom of her dress to wrap the rest of his wounds*... *Glancing around for a fresh water source before looking down to him.*

Elios:...*slowly opens his eyes*what...*looks at Violah* Who are you?

Violah:*Her big ears twitched to his voice as she looks to him. Her mouth was a little open, but no words... No sound was made, soft breathing was the only thing. Violah closed her eyes as if trying to think before something seem to affect Elios' mind. A voice 'My name is Violah, I'm mute... Born with such silences.... This is the only way I can speak to you.' * you know me?

Violah:*she easily shook her head no. The voice then reappear into his head 'This... whole area is abnormal to me... I don't know where I am. I just... Suddenly appear, I guess you can say... I was just enjoying my cup of tea, blind-folded for the safety of others and ended up finding myself on the floor the next secound...' *

Elios: Blind Folded? Why?

Violah:*She pointed to her strange eyes. 'I have the eyes of a Medusa, they only turn people to turn when they glow... The last time I was ever told by my own living kind; My eyes weren't stable...' *

Elios: I'm sorry...*looking sad, staring at Violah*I didn't say thank to the person who saved me. What's your name?

Violah: 'It is Violah, or Viola...,

Elios: Violah...that's a nice name.*smiles a little* Thank you Violah for taking care of me my name is....

Violah:*seem confuse, before pointing to his arm with strange words[to her]. She seem to have notice the strange wording on there.* ?

Elios:*looks at the tattoo his right arm*...E-L-I-O-S..Elios so that's my name.

Violah: 'I guess so....' *she glance around for a bandage before spotting one that had lived through everything. She goes and pick it up, dusting it off before she started to bandage it around her head to hide her eyes*

Elios:You've done much for me *sits up and tries to stand*I don't want to be a burden

Violah: 'Your not a burden. All I did was bandage your wounds up from bleeding. We need to get them wash...' *she seem to glance his way with the bandages over her eyes.*

Elios: You have no idea where we are and I'll just slow you down...*looks away* I don't know whats going to happen and i can change the bandage on my own.

Violah: 'How can you slow me down when you are one with words? I would scare people away trying to ask for help, and not only that; My eyes aren't the most helpful thing... I could have turn you to stone if I wasn't careful...' *she frown* 'Beside, how would I know my way through anyway? I be more of a slow down myself...'

Elios: We will help each other.*walks slowly towards Violah* We'll make it and learn more, who know we may bump into someone who can help.

Violah:*she nodded.* 'Then you will be my voice for now... My speaker has... Long since pass.'

Elios:*smiles* It's the lest I can do *looks around* There should be something to eat around here?

Violah: 'Maybe...'

Elios:*walks around and looks up at a tree*Why do they have to be so high -_-

Violah: *she frowns* 'I wish I could form wings on you, it may help... But, I can only form wings on myself... It is a power my kind has lost long ago, that... Oddly came back only to me.'

Elios: Could you lift me up? I could guild you.

Violah:*she had a sweatdrop* 'I'm not... the strongest being in the world. My kind isn't known for... Live carrying when we have wings. Beside, how is the weather out there, if it is sunny I can't form my wings...'

Elios: Partly cloudy, It might rain.

Violah: 'good.' *she took the bandages off, putting them in Elios' hands before closing her eyes.* 'I'll see what is near by.' *suddenly Crystal looking wings formed from her back without destorying the dress or causing pain. The crystal-looking wings looked like different patterns, and it was noticeable they were ice as she open the wide and starts flying into the air to gaze over the trees.*

Elios:*looks up* Can you see the bananas?

Violah: 'I see more than just Bananas, I see conuts, and.... hm.... Is that a peach tree?' *One conut fallen in front of Elios and the bananas were gently set down in front of him before she flew more into the trees.* 'Those are some rare peaches....'

Elios:*Pick up the conut* so this is an conut?*tries to bite into it*

Violah: 'You don't want to bite it right now. Conut has milk inside of it. We need to cut it.' *she was carrying strange circle fruit, they were a light yellow.* 'These sun preachs are rare to find.'

Elios: Sun peaches? Can you bite those? 

Violah: 'Peaches can be eaten, sun peaches are just a type of peach, normally their extremely rare to fine. Here, have one.' *hands a sun peach to Elios* ' Sun peaches are consider to be sweeter than normal peaches.'

Elios:*takes the sun peach and takes a bite*!!! This is the best thing I've ever tasted.

Violah:*she sits on a tree branch that was low, her ice wings gone as she takes a bite in a sun peach.* 'Glad to here.' she gives a smiles*

Elios:*Takes another bite* How come you know so much?

Violah: 'Well, these foods are common among my kind, not the sun peaches. But bananas and stuff. Sun peaches were rare, but they appear around the summer... I only know so much because I lived in a village before it...' *she stopped, frowning as she glance at the ground.* 'Before it was taken away from me...'

Elios:...I don't know whats to say.

Violah: 'It's fine, you don't need to. It is the past, I have move on.' *she toke another bite of the sun peach.*

Elios:*aquird silence, taks another bite of the sun peach* We should find a place to take shelter.

Violah: 'There seem to have been a village north from us. Not too far. I need to be bilnd-folded through, don't know what will happen...'

Elios:*finishes the sun Peach* I'll take us there *hands over the bandages to Violah*

Violah: *finishes the sun peach as well, wrapping the other foods in a bag before putting the bandages on.* 'then lead.'

Elios:*grabs Violah's hand* Lets go ^_^ *Walks North*

Violah:*she nodded, following Elios while holding his hand.*


[waled until they reach the small village]

Elios: We're here

Violah: *her ears perked, listening.* 'few people are here, there is an abandon house we can use to protect us from the rain.'

Elios:*looks up* It looks like it going to rain any minute now *gently hold Violah's hand* Lets check out that abandon house.

Violah:*she nodded, pointing to a house that looked perfectly fine.* 'That's the house.'

Elios:*walks towards the abandon house* Wow its in great shape, i wonder why it was abandon?

Violah: 'I think it is because the parents die in a war and the child needed to be move out into safer care.'

Elios:....war are horrible.*looks down feeling a little depressed*

Violah: 'Yes, but civil war between the same kind is worse...'

Elios:[starts to rain] Lets go inside

Violah:*she nodded, going inside the house.*

Elios:*sits down and looks at his hand and quietly said to himself* Why can't I remember?

Violah:*looks to him, the bandages slightly falling off as she seem confuse*?

Elios: Sorry just thinking

Violah:*she nodded, sitting down and fixing the bandages.*

Elios: Do you like the rain?

Violah:*she shrugs.*

Elios: I do..*looks out the window* Its like washing all the worlds troubles. The cold remind me that I'm still alive, the clean air and the world looks new afterwards. Sometimes there even a rainbow.

Violah:*she seem confuses* 'A... Rainbow?'

Elios: It happens sometime just after it rains, It's pretty.

Violah:*nodded a little.*

Elios:*Looks outside as it starts to rain harder, the cold air rushes in. He just stair at the world with a small smile on his face*

Violah:*she looks around in silences.*

[the clods part and when the sun shine you can see a rainbow across the sky]

Elios: Look at that

Violah:hm? *glance over*wow...

Elios:*smiles at Violah* Your first rainbow

Violah:Yea... *she nods*

Elios: I'm glad to share the experience with you.

Violah:*she nods, smiling*

Elios: I'm glad we met... i wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you

Violah:*a light blush*I-I guess so...

Elios: It's nice that i have someone to turn can count on me whenever you need me ^^

Violah:*she smiles*thank you...

Elios: It's geting can rest I'll look out for trouble.

violah:Alright... *lays on the couch to sleep*

[Elios spend all night watching over Violah. It's now tomorrow morning]

Elios:*smiling watching the sunrise* ^^

Violah:*Yawns, starts waking up as she sits up*Mmm?

Elios: Good morning ^^ how are you feeling?

Violah:Good, I guess.

Elios: Today is a new day, I don't know why but i feel at eas when a new day starts.

Violah:*smiles, looking to Elios.*

Elios: You must be hungry *stands up* I'll look for something to eat

Violah:*Blushes, nods.* Alright.

Elios: Wait for me *walks out of the house*

[Elios walks around the jungle collecting fruit]

Elios:*Walks inside* I'm back ^^

Violah:*smiles.*Oh, good.

Elios: I have some kiwi, there really good. There're also some bananas ^^

Violah:Kay! *smiles*

Elios: It's nice to see you're in a good mood ^^

Violah:*smiles a bit.*

Elios: Do you think we should stay here?

Violah: Should be safe enough.

Elios: It's nice here...I don't mind staying here...with you*blush*

Violah:*blushes a little, but smiles*

Elios: If you want to go that's ok. We do have to get you home ^^.

Violah:I don't want to go home. *she suddenly said*My home is lonely... a forgotten place...

Elios: I-I'll stay with you....If you want.

Violah:Then let's stay here, together... *she goes and hugs him*

Elios: Ok *Hugs back* Just you and me.

Violah:*she nods*

Elios: This is a little exiting ^^ what do you think we should do next


Elios: Since we're going to stay here I could Make it feel for like home....I don't know how

Violah:cleaning, getting stuff and making it more like home.

Elios: What stuff make makes it more like home and how do i make it

Violah:Hides from animals out in the wild can make blankets and clothing. Growing a farm is a way to make foods as well as hunting wild animals. You can ask traders to see if they have things to improve the house and so on.

Elios: I can hunt and skin animals...can't remember when i learned ^^;.


Elios: Sorry if i creep you out. I...

Violah:It's fine, Elios. *smiles*

Elios: Ok... Do you know how to cook by any chance.

Violah:Of course I do.

Elios: Good I don't think i can cook well ^^;. I'll go of hunting


[Ellios left the house to hunt in the jungle. A few hours ha passed since then, Violah can see him at a distance walking Carrying a sack and skins]

Elios:*walking back* ^^

Violah:*Had some foods growing for a farm.*

Elios: You started a farm ^^. What did you plant?

Violah: Patatos, Wheat, blueberries and corn. *smiles* Their in their own different fields.

Elios: O you did all of this, it looks like alot of work. I should of stayed and helped.

Violah:It's fine, Elios. It's normal for females to do lots of work in the old times. *smiles sweetly*Beside, you have hunting and skinning.

Elios: It was surprisingly easy but you did so much in a short time. Did you did all this blindfolded?

Violah:No, I can't turn plants into stone. I just have to look at the ground.

Elios: Ok...don't overdo it.

Violah:How can you over do something?

Elios: I-I'm not sure... I'm a little overprotective of you. ^^;

Violah:*blushes*Farming won't overdo me, Elios, trust me.

Elios: I trust you ^^

Violah:*she smiles*

Elios: I'll put the hides inside the house ^^


Elios:*walks inside the house and hang up the hides* There we go ^^ *walks back outside* I go collect some wood ^^

Violah:Very well *smiles a bit.*

Elios: *walks away back to the jungle* I'll be back ^^


[A group of mercenaries appeared at a distance one of them walked up to Violah]

Grunt: Hey are you one of the locals?

Violah:*Confuse as she glance to the Grunt, she had her bandages covering her eyes as she didn't speak, but she nods her head.*

Grunt: We are looking for a very dangerous man he's a mobian bear and has tattoo on his right arm that are upside down with the numbers 50173.

Violah:*she seem confuse under her bandages as she shrugs then slightly shaking her head a little, mind reading to Elios. 'Hey Elios, know anyone by the numbers 50173? There seem to be this strange group of people... I have a bad feeling, through...'*

Elios:*mind: Sounds familiar but i can't place my finger on it...i-it's painful...*

Grunt: Do you live alone or are there others?

Violah:*she seem to frown as she mind speak to Elios. 'Don't think too hard, rest your mind. I will find a way to get them to leave.' She seem to give a small smile before sighing quietly and suddenly spoke into the grunt's mind. 'As I am mute right now, there are others in this village, I would like to get back to my work, as it is very important.' She then turn around and gone to her little patato garden and gotten some patatos beore planting some carrots this time.*

Grunt: Someone with telepathy way out here... small world.*walks back to the group, they appear to be setting up camp*

Violah:*Felt a little unease about them being outside when she finished picking her crops and berries, then have replant different crops. She spoke to Elios. 'They haven't left, their making camp... I'm not liking this one piece...' She goes inside the house, getting dinner ready for her and Elios.*

Elios:*mind: I wonder who they're searching for and why?.... 50173... i haerd that somewhere before...*

Violah:*'Elios, I want you to come through the back door, to not be noticeable... I don't like them...' *

Elios:*mind: Ok I'll be there soon* *Quickly and quietly sneak to the back door of the house*

Violah:*Had the front door close as she smiles, having bake patatos, bread and some strew ready for him on the table as she sat at the table with her own food.*

Elios: Wow it smells so good ^^ *walks over and sits at the table* Looks good to.

Violah:*smiles, blushing a tiny bit as she mind speak to him. ' I'm glad to hear that!' *

Elios:*eats some of the stew* So good ^^*takes a bites of the bread* slightly crunchy on the outside but soft inside*eats some of the baked patatos* Where did you learn how to cook, It's so good ^^

Violah:*'I learn to cook when I was really young, my mother gotten me to learn before she had to give me away to my speaker...' She sighed, but smiles happily.*

Elios: Oo....Um thank you for making this for me.

Violah:*she smiles, having her bandages off as she glance to him, even her eyes were giving a sign of happiness. 'I was happy to make it for you, Elios.'*

Elios: You have very pretty eyes.*quickly east more of the stew*

Violah:*blushes a tiny bit, but smiles as she eats more of her food.*

Elios:*finishes the stew and bread* Hows farming ^^

Violah:*Finishes eating.* 'Good, how is hunting?'

Elios: Everything went fine,they didn't know what hit them ^^.

Violah:*smiles, nodding. 'Good to hear.'*

Elios:*eating the baked potato* I'll make you something nice from the hide I collected ^^

Violah:*blushes* 'y-You don't have to.'

Elios: But I want to ^^ It's a thanks for everything you did for me so far.

Violah:*blushes a bit, smiling*

[You can hear someone knocking on the front door]

Violah:*tenses.* 'Hide Eilos, I don't want them to see you.' *She gotten up, sighing quietly.*

Elios:*quickly hides somewhere*


Violah:*Her muted breathe gave a low groan as she cover her eyes with her bandages and open the door. She was frowning in annoyances. 'What...'*

Grunt:Our machines detect the person we're looking are close. He may try to take a hostage to some of out men will be patrolling around. Stay indoors for now.

Violah:'I will go out when I want to.' *she took the bandages off.* 'I'm not a helpless being you think of me to be.' *She has glared at the Grunt, her eyes strange from any normal person fo the vilage.*

Grunt: It's true that you have some skill but the man we're perusing is incredibly powerful. Some of the men here are highly skills with special ability and they all are seeking this one man. We are here as free protection, we only wont the man and no one else. It'll be a shame if he got to you just because you want to go on a midnight stroll.

violah:*she seem to groan in her muted breathe.* 'You don't understand, you can protect the village. But, I'm not stupid enough to go out in a midnight stroll, I got crops to tend to.'

Grunt: look I don't know what I did to piss you off. You may not like outsiders but that's no reason to put some of your anger on me. Not everyone on the outside world are jerks that breaks into people homes and steel there food and rap there wemon.

violah:*she sighs.* 'You treat me like I can't even protect my own home, is it because I look like some ten year old girl!?' *she was a bit pissed. [Yes, she looks ten.]*

Grunt:You must be very disconnected to the world if you believe that and for the record we're going to everyone in the village and told everyone the same thing, your age got nothing to so about it.

Violah: 'Sure, that's what everyone says.' *suddenly close the door, pissed.*

Elios: *apears from his hiding place looking a little worried*

Violah: 'They assume they have the energies of the person their looking for... how dare they think I can't protect myself!' *she sighs, going to Elios.* 'I hate being judge by my size...'

Elios: Is that how everyone treated you on your world?.... Even I treated you like that in the beginning...

Violah: 'On my world, I wasn't just treated as a some smaller being, I was treated as a useless and  helpless being...'

Elios: I'm sorry.... I know your not helpless but I still don't want any bad to happen to you ...

Violah:'You mean it out of kindness, it isn't your fault....'

Elios: You have a good heart....I feel like .... It's all my fault, your here because of me you're on this planet. I don't know why but I feel like they're after me... I don't want you to be hurt because of me...

Violah: 'Elios, don't say that.' *she goes to him, leaning on him.* 'It is a blessing to be here, with you... I would have been forever alone in such a lonely tree house... I will do anything to defend what I care for, I will turn them to stone if I have to.'

Elios:*hugs Violah* I'm glad to have you care so much about me.... I wish I have the power to help you...I might be just be overreacting maybe they're looking for some one else.

Violah: 'I doubt that... They reactioned the moment you had came over... That is when they stated the power energy... I'm sure it has to do something about us...' *Hugging him closer.* 'I just wished they leave...'

Elios: They'll stay as long as I'm here... It won't be long before they start asking to search the homes.... If only we know how they're tracking me.

Violah: 'They said they had speical stuff to take care of the person their looking for...'

Elios: What's so special about me...

Violah: 'I don't know what they would say. But, your special to me...'

Elios:*holds her tighter*Should we run....

Violah:'They would only chase after us.... Running isn't the opinion...'

Elios: The equipment they're using must be deep inside there camp.... It'll be hard to destroy it without being seen.

Violah:*she nods*

Elios: it's possible but we need more info before interning there base...I could find out what time they change guard duty . A tour to revel the layout of there base.

Violah:*seems conern.* 'Please be safe.'

Elios:*place his hand on her check* I will return to you

Violah;*she nod, frowning a bit.*

[Elios quietly left the house at night, keeping a look out. Learning the mercenary camps weep points, as he uses his keen hearing to listen in on the mercenaries conversations. A day has passed as Elios finally returns to Violah]

Elios:*sneaks back inside hugs Violah*....

Violah:*awake, letting him hug her.* 'what have you learn?...'

Elios: I've heard much about the person they are looking for...what his per pose was. I learned they're tracking him by his quatom brain waves... They're complaining why they haven't found him and why the brain waves seems.... distorted. Whoever they're looking for doesn't sound like me at all.

Violah:*Relaxes, turning around and hugs him* I hope that is ture...

Elios: *looks slightly worried* Do we have a mirror around here?

Violah: 'Sure be one in the bedroom'

Elios: *he got up and walks to the bathroom he looks in the mirror at his right arm, looking at the tattoo that spelled ELIOS* please let it be wrong *takes a deep breath and lifts his right arm up flipping his tattoo upside down*......* he frown as he sees the letters as really number 50173* ..... It has to be a mistake... I'm nothing like that.

Violah:*seem concern at the suddenly change to the air.*?... *she frowns*...

Elios: I have to be sure *walks out of the bathroom* Violah ..... I need to ask you to do something for me...

Violah:?*looks to him, going over to him.* ' I'll do anything you want me to do, Elios. '

Elios: I need to confirm something... Could you ask one of the mercenary about the tattoo on his right arm.

Violah:*Seem to frown, but nods.* 'I can ask...' *she goes out of the house, seeing one of the mercenary. She gently point the mercenary on the shoulder.*....

Mercenary: O it's you surprising you coming to me. Have you finally come off your high horse or are you going to complain about how I treat others others just because they look young.

Violah:*gives him a rather cold glaze.* 'What I'm speaking to you about is a whole different manner than your poor attutide.' *she grunted in annoyances.* 'About this person your looking for, does he have any tattos, and if so where?'

Mercenary: Ya a set of upsidown numbers on his right arm and why do you suddenly care?

Violah;*annoyed* 'Well, wouldn't you like to know. Most of it is my business, the other half is so I can keep an eye out for this person.' *she snapped, before going into her house and slamming the door. She sniffles a little*...

Elios:*frowns seeing Violah sad, he hugs her tightly, petting her head*...

Violah:*started to chokly cry into his shoulder*...

Elios: * still hugging her tightly, trying to comfort her*

violah:'I don't want them to find you... I don't want them to take you away, Elios...' *hugging Elios close to her.*

Elios:... So you know the numbers on my right arm..... If it's true then...I don't deserve to live * hugs her tears form* but I want to live despite what iv done, what I am I want to live with you.

Violah:*Sniffles, hugging him close* 'Your staying here with me, Elios, no one is taking you away from me.'

Elios: I won't allow it, we will be together. We'll break there tracking devise and move somewhere they won't find us. I don't care where as long as I'm with you* hugs here tightly*

Violah:*Hugging him.* 'Where shall we go?'

Elios: A place we can hide a place where they won't expect us to live... The city, there so many people it'll be nearly impossible to find anyone's brain waves.

Violah:*she nods, hugging Elios* 'Alright.'

Elios:*mind: I wonder if this is what is call love* we should prepare, we won't be able to come back.

Violah:*she nods* 'Alright.'

Elios:Did you know there's going to be a village festival

Violah:*looks to him, shaking her head no.* 'I didn't know there was going to be one.'

Elios: It's the perfect opportunity to break that device and make our escape.

Violah:*she nods.* 'Agree'

Elios:Until then I'll stay close to you, I won't leave your side.

Violah:*Blushes a bit, nodding as she nuzzles Elios and close her eyes.*

Elios: Iv never felt this way before*nuzzles her*...I never want to be apart from you. I'll never hurt you * hugs her*

Violah:*Nuzzles*'Elios...' *hugging him*

Elios: It's late and there still one more day until the festival *blush* what do you want to do?

Violah:*blushing a bit* 'I-I don't know.... I just want to be with you, Elios.'

Elios:Then lest just stay like this * hugging her sweetly* in your arms*nuzzles her*

Violah:*blushes, smiling as she nuzzles him* 'Okay.'

[Elios and Violah stayed like that for many hours, hugging each other loving each other's presents]

Ch4 True FeelingsEdit

[its tomorrow morning]

Elios:*hugging her in his sleep,cuddling close to her*

Violah:*Sleeping peacefully, hugging him*'...zzz....'

Elios:*wakes up a little , pressing his body closer to Violah as he rubs her back*

Violah:*Blushes a tiny bit, starting to wake up a little*''

Elios:*his hands run through her hair as he nuzzl her sweetly**mind:She so sweet...I won't let anyone harm you*

violah:*starts falling back to sleep to the touch of his fingers as she nuzzles him*...'zz'

Elios:*Mind: This feeling... It's so nice .... Just being with her**holds her body closer**mind:I'll be stronger for her... I won't lose to myself....*

Violah:*nuzzles into Elios while she sleeps*

Elios:*mind:What can I do for her ... You've given me so much. I wouldn't be able to live with myself... Knowing what I am**nuzzling her*

Violah:*Hugging Elios close to her in her sleep as she seem to have sleep talk* 'Then stay... with me... Elios... Don't ever leave me... I don't want to be alone... again...'

Elios:I won't leave you*he said quietly *You'll never be alone again... I'll alway be by your side.

Violah:*Nuzzles Elios, smiling in her sleep* 'Thank you... Elios..."

Elios: Thank you... You've given my life meaning*holding her close*

Violah:*Sleeping as she nuzzles his chest, but starts to wake up* 'Mmm...'

Elios:*holds her closer to his chest, petting her head*

violah:*blushing a little, but nuzzles his chest* 'Mm...'

Elios:Hi *he said quietly and lovingly * Another day by your side.

Violah:*Blushes as she glance to him, noting how handsome he looked.* 'Yea...' *she smiles sweetly, hugging him* 'Y-You look really... H-Handsome today.'

Elios: Thank you*nuzzling her* you have lovely hair*his hand runs through her hair* I think you have the most beautiful eyes

Violah:*she blushes, nuzzling elios* 'Thank you, Elios... I wished I didn't look like a ten year old...'

Elios: Personally I've never thought you even look that young. You've alway been so kind to me. * nuzzles her*

Violah:*she blushes, nuzzling him* 'I'm glad you don't see me being ten.'

Elios:I'm so happy, you make me feel so ... * nuzzles*

Violah:*nuzzles Elios happily.*

Elios: I believe this is what's called love. .... I love you Violah *blushes*

Violah:*blushes*'I-I love you too, Elios.'

Elios:This is nice *holds her closer to his body* to be with some I love. I've never truly understand it until now.

Violah:*Blushing, hugging Elios*'Same here... '*nuzzles Elios*

Elios: Do you know what lovers do? *blushes, nuzzling her*

Violah:*blushes* 'N-Not really. I-I was alone before I-I could have that talk about Lovers...' *She blushes even more, nuzzling Elios.*

Elios:Unfortunately I don't know ether. They didn't think it's was worth me knowing.

Violah:*blushing* 'T-Then maybe out hearts and bodies may know over out minds....'

Elios: I don't know if I can trust my body...*sounds a little concerned* It wasn't made for love.

Violah:*she frowns a little, hugging him*Hm.... *Hugging him close.* 'Then i don't know...'

Elios: I will try *hugs her back* I love you, I won't ever harm you.

Violah:*She nuzzles Elios* 'I love you so much, Elios.'

Elios: I'll stay by you, love you always. I trust you with all my heart. *holds her tightly in his arms nuzzling her neck* Violah I want only you, nothing else maters.

Violah:*Blushes, feeling herself warm up a bit.* 'I-I love you so much, Elios... I-I want you, Elios.'

Elios: Violah...*nuzzling her neck* This feels so right *blushing, rubbing her back* I-Iv never felt this way before.

Violah:*blushing, feeling her heart now skipping a beat here and there.* 'S-Same Elios.'

Elios:* his heart begins to race as he kisses Violah*My body feel so hot close to yours* panting a little rubbing her lower back*

Violah:*soft pantings that could pass from her mute self could be heard, blushing.* 'M-My body is just heating up from your t-touch, Elios.'

Elios:T-this sensation *panting as his dick became hard as he kisses her deeply, feeling her legs*This strong

Violah:*panting softly, but rapidly while blushing. Her body heats up more from his touching as she hugs him.* 'E-Elios, i-it feels s-strangely good.'

Elios: * he rubs his chest against her small breasts as his hard dick rub the outside of pussy*I-I just want to touch you more, to be closer.*kisses her passionately*

Violah:*blushing bright red, panting softly as she return the kiss deeply, her body heating up from the touches.* 'E-Elios~ '

Elios: The feeling * rubbing his body faster against Violah* It keeps building*panting more ,blushing bright red as his hard dick rubs faster against Violah's pussy*

violah:*soft quiet gasps from the feeling of his Hard dick against her pussy, which cause it to be somewhat wet out of the pleasure*~

Elios:*feels her pussy becoming wet against his dick* V-Violah~*inserts his dick into her wet pussy* S-so good~*starts thrusting in and out*

Violah: *wants to moans in pleasure, but unable to make any nosies as she blushes bright red and almost lost her mind from the pure pleasure that rockets through her body* ~!! *hugging Elios*

Elios:*feel the walls of he pussy stimulating his dick*More~!!* pulls and thrust faster into her pussy,feeling more and more pleasure*

Violah:*grip onto Elios, gasping quietly against Elios' neck in pleasure.*

Elios:*panting as he thrust his dick deeper into her, going faster and faster as the pleasure builds inside him *

Violah:*Gasping quietly, hugging closer to him as she wrap her legs around his waist out of pure pleasure*~!

Elios:*Now thrusting even deeper into her pussy as the pleasure drives him to go faster. Panting heavily kissing her over and over, feeling the pleasure build just wanting to release*~

Violah;*Gasping softly as she kisses Elios repeatly, her body just shivering and shaking with pleasure as she hugs extremely close to Elios, loving the feeling.*~

Elios:Aaa~!*He cums deep inside, feeling a pleasurable release* Did that feel good to you? *panting heavily, still deep inside her *

Violah:*Softly panting as she nods.* 'Yes, it felt good, Elios.'

Elios: *panting* I didn't know our body could do that... It felt so good*nuzzling her, pulls and thrust into her* I want to feel that again... with you ...all the time.*kisses he lovingly*

Violah:*blushing, return the kiss loveingly* 'I want to feel it again too, Elios... Only with you.' *She softly panting and gasps in the kiss.*

Elios:* the feeling build up again as he pulls and thrust once again into Violah's pussy* Violah... I can only feel this way because of you... I only want to experience it with only you.* his arms warped around her, gently removes the bandages around her eyes* Your eyes are so beautiful ... They first thing I love about you.

Violah;*Panting softly and blushing as her eyes looks into his* 'E-Elios~' *she nuzzles his neck, hugging him close to her.*

Elios:*thrusting deeper inside her, nuzzling her neck in return* Violah~*kissing down her neck, rubbing his chest a faints her small breasts* What else feels good~

Violah:*Gasping quietly as she blushes, her body burning with pleasure.* 'E-Everything feels good E-Elios~'

Elios: Then I will touch everything*nuzzling her cheeks as his right hand touches her as* I want to do everything with you*thrusts faster into her, panting heavily as his left hand rub the side of her legs*

Violah:*Gasping softly, blushing as her body heats to every touch from him. From just pure pleasure she started to drool a little.*~

Elios: *looks deep into her eyes lovingly*Viola~*thrusting deeper, his right hand feeling her thigh*I-I feel it so badly~* his left hand rubs around Violah's nipples*I don't want it to end~!

Violah:*Gasping softly out of pleasure, blushing* 'I-I don't want it to end e-either, Elios~!' *She looks lovingly into his eyes*

Elios:*gives a long deep kiss as he once again cums deep inside her pussy(mind: I love you so much, I way to feel this way all the time). Looking into her eye going into a Cretan trance, forgetting about his worries and only thinking about Violah*

Violah:*Returning the kiss, hugging him as her eyes stares deeply into his.* 'I love you very much as well, Elios. I wish we can be like this forever.'

Elios: *(mind: We'll be together forever, we'll be experiencing this wonderful feeling more and more) still inside her and unable to stop kissing her. Pressing his chest against her small breasts*

Violah:*Blushing, kissing Elios even more deeply as she hugs him.* 'Yes, we will.'

Elios:*pulls and thrust into her , still kissing her (One more time ~) his left hand touches her hard nipples( Feels so good ~)*

Violah:*Blushing and kissing Elios still.* 'S-So Good~' *Hugging Elios close, her legs still wrap around his waist.*

Elios:*his tong inters her mouth, touching hers( I want more, as much a possible) starts to thrust faster and faster (I want you, I love so much) both of his hands starts to rub her small breasts*

Violah:*Blushing as she slightly arch her back in pure pleasure, hugging Elios as her tongue wraps around his.*

Elios:*moans into the kiss as his tong continues to play with hers. Thrusting as deep as possible into her, never losing eye contact(How does this feel) gently twist her nipples ,pressing her small breasts*

Violah:*blushing while drolling in the kiss.* 'I-It feels wonderfully Elios~' *she keeps kissing him as her tongue plays with his.*

Elios:*(Your lips)his tong licks around her mouth(So good) thrust even faster into her as he twist her nipples harder*

Violah:*Blushing bright red as she gently suck on his tongue, her body shaking in pure pleasure*~

Elios:*(You make me feel so good)moan into the kiss. Feel pure pleasure with every thrust, pressing his chest hard against her small breasts as his hands grips her hands*

Violah:*Kissing Elios deeply, blushing.* 'And you make me feel really good, Elios~' *Her hands return the grip.*

Elios:*Deepens the kiss( You gave my life meaning) cum inside of her.(We'll never separated) nuzzling her*

Violah:*kisses him even more.* 'I'm glad I mean something for you, and I'm happy you clear the loneiness away. we will never separate, Elios.' *she nuzzles him, panting.*

Elios:*panting heavily*ill be by your side *his hand runs through hair* Always

[hours has passed and it's now getting dark outside]

Violah:*hugging him*' It's getting dark '

Elios: Wow it is *nuzzles her* and to think we just woke up when we started.

Violah:*blushes, smiling as she nuzzles him.* 'Yea.'

Elios: You'r so beautiful *hugs her* your eyes are mesmerizing *nuzzling* I just want to stay here ... With you

Violah:*blushes, nuzzling*'Your very handsome, Elios. I'm glad to be here with you '

Elios:T-Thank you *blushing* We'll be starting a new life together just the two of us ^^

Violah:*blushing, she nods as she nuzzles Elios* 'Yes, and thank you Elios.'

Elios: I should be the one thanking you. Someone like me can be happy, to experience love, someone to care about.

Violah:*blushes a little, smiling as she hugs him.*

Elios: We should get ready to eat *nuzzling her* Tomorrow we'll need our strength.

Violah:*nuzzles Elios, nodding*Yes.

Elios:They won't know what hit them*holds her tighter*Are you nervous about tomorrow?

Violah:*hugs him* 'a little bit.' *nuzzles*

Elios: I'll be with you*hugs her in return * they won't know it was us

Violah:*she hugs him, nodding*

Elios: We have everything ready*rubbing her back * I don't know much about city life

Violah: 'I hardly know about the city life beside it being busy.' *hugs him.*

Elios: We'll learn together l*hugs her in return* It'll be tough but we'll be together .

Violah: *She return the hug, nodding with a smile.*

Elios:Everything we need is packed....We should eat something warm, it's going to be a while before we can eat a warm meal.

Violah:*she nods.* 'Agree.'

[They get out of bed and prepare a big dinner. After they ate they return to bed holding each other in there arms]

ch5 InfiltrationEdit

[today is the day if the festival the vilifiers are wearing colorful costumes. The mercenary are in a cheerful mood some of them are helping with the preparations for the festival. ]

Elios: Is the bag I packed for you to heavy? *picking up his bag carrying it on his shoulders *

Violah:*she shook her head, carrying her bag.* 'It isn't Elios.' *she gives a bright smile at Elios.*

Elios: Good we need to be fast. When it gets dark we can blend into the crowed. Are you ready

Violah:*she nods.* 'Ready!'

[The sum starts to set and many started to drink. The guards around the camp was very relaxed not giving a second glance at anyone]

Elios: Stay close behind me*walking at a fast pace into the mercenary camp*

Violah:*Nods as she stays close behind Elios while walking the same fast pace with Elios.*

[Elios and Violah made a few stop around the mercenary camp gathering some materials from there camp. The mercenary in the camp didn't gave them a second glance, they where to busy enjoying them selfs for once. Elios and Violah was finally headwind for the tracking device when suddenly a mercenary emergency from the tent]

Elios:!!*Pull his hood up covering his face*

Mercenary:*sees Violah* Man your the last person I expect to be here. I thought you hated all of our guts but now your here. So did one of our member sweep you off your feet or something.

Violah:*A bit annoyed.* 'Not really, I was checking to make sure everyone was doing well. After all, it must have been hard work for all of you. But, no one sweep me off my feet.'

Mercenary: Look I wanna say sorry for what I said. I know my words mean shit to you and you don't care wether I live or die but in the spirit if the festival let me buy you a drink.

Elios:*keeps his hood up(I suddenly don't like him -_-)*

Violah: 'Just you saying sorry is enough for me, I am in a bit of a hurry. '*Mind to Elios: I don't like him, period.*

Mercenary:Meeting up with someone ^^

Violah: 'Yea...' *it was a good thing she had bandages on or the mercenary would be seeing her glaring at that statement.*

Mercenary: Then let me take you through the shortest rout ^^. I got nothing better to do.

Violah:*Having a sweatdrop*'I think I'll be fine, thank you for the kind offering but I really do enjoy the view. And long walks helps me practice long travels in case something bad happen.'

Mercenary: So your not in a hurry? A lot of us don't really care if you wanna explore the camp but some of us are always suspicious they will detain you. I could show you two around.

Violah:*Has a sweatdrop.* *mind to Elios: We're going to have a harder time....*

Elios:*(he's right we could get detained and with him along we have an excuse to be here. We can knock him out when the time come.)*

Mercenary: Come on what do you say hey I'll even bring your extra friend on the tour ^^.

violah:*she sighed, nodding.* 'Very well...' *mind to Elios: We'll have to knock two out...*

Elios:*(Maybe we can get him to show us around before we meat our "friend") stands closer to Violah*

Mercenary: So what's your friends name?^^

Violah:*Has a sweatdrop* 'Oh, I'm so forgetful of names, I sometimes need to be reminded.' *mind: Yea, and very unknowning friend too.*

Mercenary: So you want the tour now or do you wanna find your friend first.... What's his name *looks at Elios*

Elios:(He's a little to friendly)

Violah:*mind to Elios: Too friendly....* 'Oh, his name is HIlson.' *she hugs Elios' arm, almost protectively.*

Elios:*waves his free arm before hugging Violah*

Mercenary: So you to are together , it's nice that you have someone.

Violah:*She only nods, hugging Elios.*

Mercenary: So what should you like it know about our little camp what do you want to see ^^.

Violah: 'The tracking device, I wanted to know what it looked like since I've never seen such technology before.' *she was hugging Elios' arm.*

Mercenary: So that why your here ^^ it's a good thing I'm here there're more guards the usual. I can get you in no problem. Hell I can introduce you to my little bro, they guy who design it if you want ^^

Violah:*sh nods.* 'I would like that, thank you.' *mind to Elios: For once he is a good thing...*

Elios:*(We're lucky, we can get pass the guards and then we're out if here) holding her hand*

Mercenary: So you wanna meat my little bro first or see the device ^^?

Violah: 'The device, I'm sure your little bro is having a wonderful time right now and we wouldn't want to brother him' *She holds Elios' hand happily.*

Mercenary: Ok let's go ^^

[the mercenary led Elios and Violah pass the guards]

Mercenary: We're here ^^ the device that will track that psychopathic super solider

Violah:*Anger appea rin her eyes, but no one could seem them.* 'I is amazing.' *Mind to Elios: How are we doing this?*

Elios*(destruct him for 3 minutes that's all I need, then he can lead us out of here) Stand there next to Violah*

Mercenary: So any questions and or comments ^^

violah:*mind: Alright.* *she goes to Mercenary.* ' I have lots of questions! How was it build so amazingly well with how big it is!? '

Mercenary: My bro build min worker bot they quickly a simulated the device ^^

Elios:*quickly move to the device and did something to it*

Violah: 'Really!? That is amazing, must have taken hours to build sometihng so big! How is it use to find this super solider your looking for? '

Mercenary: through brain waves. The super solider has quatom brain waves which makes his mind unstable but very strong.

Elios:*makes his way back to viohal*

Violah:'Wow... I believe that is all the questions I have, thank you for answering them.' *she smiles, goes to Elios and hugs his arm.*

Mercenary: ok ^^ now you'll meat my little bro.

Violah: *mind to Elios: Shall we go with that?* *she smiles.*

Elios:*(We just need him take us out of here then we're home free) holding Violah's hand*

Mercenary: You'll love my brother *leading them pass the guards* very down to earth ^^

Violah:*nods* 'Amazing!' *she smiles* *mind to Elios: Yea.*

[ after walking a few more feet a loud explosion was heard.]

Mercenary: What the!? *saw the smock raising* An attack!! *looks at Violah with a serious look* Take your boyfriend out of here it could've that deranged super solider.

Violah:*nods, hugging Elios' arm.* 'Let us hurry, sweetie.' *she smiles at Elios a little.*

Elios:*smiles ( By the time they realize it we'll be long gone) Runs off with Violah*

Violah:*running with Elios, nodding.* 'mind to Elios: Yes, we'll be long gone and they won't be able to track us.'

[Elios and Violah run as fast as they can through the jungle. A few day has passed traveling together, it was tough but as long they where together they where happy.]

Ch6 the journey Edit

[its a rainy day Elios and Violah decided to take shelter in a nearby cave]

Elios: How are feeling * drying Violah off*

Violah: 'A bit cold, but fine.' *she smiles at Elios. * 'How about you?'

Elios:I'm fine *smiles* the cold doesn't bother me

Violah:*she smiles, nuzzling up into him.* 'your warm, Elios.'

Elios:Violah *petting her hair* I'm alway here for you.

Violah:*she smiles happily, hugging Elios.*

Elios:*looks lovingly into her eyes* It's so nice when it rains *nuzzling her* It's nice being with you.

Violah:*Smiles, nuzzling her.*I'm glad to be with you, Elios. *she wasn't wearing any bandages.*

Elios: You've done well, we've travailed far. It won't be long before we get to the city.

Violah:*she smiles sweetly, nuzzling Elios as she nods.*Yea... I'm sleepy...

Elios:then sleep * hugs her gently* I'll be here when you wake, I'll never leave you.

Violah:*she smiles.* Thank you, Elios. *she nuzzles and fallen asleep, over the hours her height became a little taller from what she used to be, but not highly noticeable.*

Elios:*stroking her hair, holding her close (I will never leave you)*

Violah:*Nuzzles him in her sleep*zzz... 'Hungry..'

Elios:*(we're going through our food faster them I thought... She's eating a lot more than normal maybe I'm pushing her to much) holding her, nuzzling her hair (only a day of food left... I've gota find more )*

Violah: Mmm....zz... *sleeping peacefully.*

Elios: I won't let you go hungry * said quietly using his body to warm up Violah's body*

Violah:*smiles in her sleep, nuzzling him.*

[outside of the cave you can hear footsteps]

???: * young females voice*Man I hate it when it rains.

violah:*Her ears twitched* Mm... 'I hear someone... Elios...'

????:*A young male voice followed suit after.* Agree, tell me again why were out here?

Elios: *holds her closer( I can hear them it looks like they haven't notice us )*

???:*young females voice* There was some people in the area, I'm just curious what they are doing and why are they're way out here.

???:*young male voice sigh, before speaking.* That is true, let us hope we find them. They must be either soak or staying in a very dry place.

Viola:*Nuzzles into Elios.* 'Do you think their searching for us?'

???:*young females voice* Actually they're further inside this cave.

Elios: (They know we're here but we didn't even make a sound....stay close to me )

Violah:*Worry, hugging closer to Elios, her ears flatten.*

????:*young males voice*Ah, They must not be demonic since I can't tell.

???:*young females voice* I think they're scared of us, that kid is hugging him tightly. Maybe I should only approach so they won't be intimidated.

Elios:(We'll have to come out... I don't think they mean us harm but get ready to make a run for it)

????:*Young males voice:*Ah, r-right... B-Be careful.

Violah:*she nods to him, hugging Elios.*

???: *young females voice* Don't worry you no me ^^. *walks towards them* Hey it's me, just an unarmed kid^^ how are you two doing

Elios:*holds Violah close* We are traveling and we're doing just fine.

????:*Stay further away, so he doesn't frighten them.*

Violah:*hugging Elios.*

Eureka: My name is Eureka nice to meet you to and my close friend over there is Nisih. We live close by so *looks at Violah* Is he your dad ^^

Violah:*she frowns, hating being mistook as a ten year old.* 'To Eureka's mind: I'm not ten and no, his my boyfriend.'

Nisih:*He seem to senses the telepathy power.* Huh, that is a rare power.

Eureka: Well sorry you look a little younger than me. I'm just 13 ^^ so what's your name?

Elios: My name is Hilson and this is my girlfriend Ellin*Hold Violah closer* We're happy together.

Violah:*she nods, hugging Elios.*

Nisih:*Lifts an eyebrow, but relaxes and says nothing.*

Eureka: Nice meet you ^^. I know you two must have travailed far why don't you rest at my place. We got tons of food and a warm bed instead a cave floor. I'll even restock your supplies^^

Elios:.....( This is almost to good to be true.... I don't think she's lying ) Um that's very kind of you.

Nisih:Eureka, I think it is a good thing we have tons and tons of foods.

Violah:?*She nodded to Elios, hugging him.*

Eureka: Sweet it looks like we have guests ^^ I'm sure you two won't mind sharing a bed, we only have one free room. I'll have your cloths washed and fixed O it my shock you but I'm a licensed doctor to.

Elios: Thank you for your hospitality. We will gladly take you up on your offer.

Violah:*she nods.*

Nisih:*gives a friendly smile.*

[Eureka, Nisih, Elios, and Violah all left the cave to go to eureka'a home. They are now inside, it nice and warm with warm food already on the table]

Eureka: Go ahead help yourself I'll take your thing to your room *easily carry both Elios and Violah study upstairs* Nisih are you coming?

Elios: *hold Violah's hand* ready to eat ^^

Nisih: Of course I'm coming, Eureka. *He smiles at her and follows.*

Violah:*Her stormach growls a little as she nods.*

Eureka:*in the spare room outing down there stuff* Just so you know that's not there real names.

Elios: We're really lucky* leads Violah to the table* We can eat to our hearts content. * pulls a seet out for Violah*

Nisih:i know that Eureka, I am not dumb. *he had a sweatdrop*I am half demon, we are still good at telling what is a lie and what isn't a lie. Also, the girl... *He blinks*I senses she'll be having a child soon and not even she knows it...

Violah:*she nods, smiling happily as she sits down in the seat Elios pulled out for him.*

Eureka: *Gasp* You don't think someone drugged her and raped her body.... That's just horrible h-how am I able to tell her she's .....

Elios:*takes a sit next to violah* go ahead and eat I'm not hungry yet

Nisih:*he shook his head.* No trait of drugs were in her system, and she didn't look like she was effect by 'Rape'. Eureka, she isn't ten, just looking at her in the eyes says so. She's older than she looks. In fact, she is old enough to have sex and even had a baby, it is her body that she is having troubles with. Due to an in coming baby, she is eating more food than a normal pergant women to grow her body to the size needed to take care of the baby.... I think the baby belongs to her and her boyfriend. *He blinks.* What off sets me is when I look at the male... Something is slightly off about him, not threatening, but just seem off...

Violah:*she nods, and starts eating a lot.*

Eureka: For her to have a baby they must have did the deed... How could she not know. Baby making isn't a big secret. In any case I'll give them both a physical and tell them the news.

Elios:*(Wow she can eat.... I must have pushed her way to hard) scoots closer to Violah (eat as much as you want)*

Nisih:I think the issue is they don't truly know much about the love life. That would be the only way of not knowing that made a baby. And in truth, she doesn't know that the amount of food she is eating right now is to grow her body to the needed requirments for the baby or she could die. *he blinks* Also, the female isn't of this world, she is a completely different spieces... So, I don't know much about her species and how they can tell they got babies...

Violah:*eating lots of food, her tail wags happily.*

Eureka: if she realy having his child them there must be some similarity in there DNA. You know it's very unlikely but happens every time... Your not from this world but we can make a child T.P is from another world but he can have a child with any mobian... Then again there are half echidna and otters......... Mobian DNA is very adaptable -_-

Elios:*smiling staying close to Violah*

Nisih:*He had a sweatdrop, nodding*Very adaptable... But, we may have to watch the girl carefully, ensuring she gets the energy she and the baby need.

Violah:*eating till she felt full, she nuzzles Elios once she was done eating.*

Eureka: ok I'll find out what i can about Hilson. *starts heading down stairs*

Elios: I love you so much* nuzzling her back hugging her*

Violah:*smiles sweetly, nuzzling him.* 'I love you too, Elios.'

Nisih:*He nods, before Kuda pop out of the comp.* Kuda, you need to stay in the comp!

Kuda:sorry Nisih, but I want to info you to be careful, as well as Eureka.

Nisih:We will be alright.

Kuda:Okay. *He vanishes into the comp.*

Eureka: Thank for worrying about me but don't overdue it. *giggles* You know how indestructible I am ^^

Elios:*(I guess we can stay here for a few days)holding her close*

Nisih:*blushes a bit, smiling at Eureka*Very true, Eureka.

Violah:*she nods, hugging Elios.*

Elios:*( I sometimes forget you can read my mind but I won't keep anything from you) kisses her*

Eureka: hey guys^^ do you mind if I do a check up on you two?

Violah:*seem a bit concern, looking to Elios.*

Elios: I don't need one and Ellin isn't from this world* holds her tightly* but I wouldn't mind if you did a cheek up on her.

Eureka: Ok ^^ would you like a checkup?

violah:*she nods a little, not saying anything.*

Elios: I will go with her*nuzzling her*

Eureka: Sure it's only a bacic church up she'll be done in no time plus your see modern science at work ^^. All right fallow me * starts to walk off*

violah:*hugging Elios, following Eureka.*

Ch7 surprising newsEdit

[eureka lead the down stairs to her lab where the machines ( unknowingly to them) scanning both Elios and Violah. After a few minutes of non suspicious check ups Eureka starts to smile]

Eureka: Hey I thought you two where close but not that close ^^ so any ideas for a name.

Violah:*Highly confuse* 'What? Name? Huh? '

Eureka: for the baby you're having ^^. You're pregnant

Elios: Pregnant?

Violah:*Confuse, but blinks*.... *thinking really hard as she was confuse slightly yet trying to remember something at the same time.*

Eureka : You two did had sex right? There is no doubt. There's is another life growing inside if you, it's quite magical ^^

Elios: A-Another life!? *looks at Violah in awe( This is amazing you can creat life)*

Violah:*blushing as she looks to Elios.* 'Yes, but my body is too small! I can't have a baby with the size my baby is.' *she frowns, looking down*....

Eureka: O just so you know if your eating a large quantity of food TS because your body is growing at an alarming rate ^^ most likely preparing to Carry a baby.

Elios: I was worried * hugs Violah* I thought I was pushing you to hard but *in tears* your having a child your truly amazing.

Eureka: Ee..... You'r part of the reason she's pregnant -_-

Elios: I am!?

Violah:*Blushes, relaxing at hearing the large amounts of food she was eating lately was to help her body gain what it needs to be able to carry a baby. She blushes bright red as she hugs Elios.*

Eureka: Ya you are the father, there also evident that the baby itself is developing faster than normal. It'll only take three months instead of the mobian 9 months pregnant cycle. ^^ life is wonderland

Elios: T-This child is ours *blushing bright red* I never thought... * holds Violah tightly ( a child we made a child, I didn't think it was possible) tears of joy run down her face as he counties to kiss her*

Violah:*Blushes but return the kiss, smiling happily as she nuzzles Elios.*

Eureka: I'm sure like any parent you want a healthy child so I'm requesting a more detailed physical so I know the nutrients your child needs. Also a DNA sample from the father can only help ^^

Violah:*she blushes, looking to Elios*

Elios: Anything for our child, take your sample.

Eureka: great ^^ * draw a small prik of blood from Elios * ok ready for your more detailed physical ^^

Violah:*Blushes, nodding.*

[eureka got Violah to inter a big strange machine. A half an hour has passed and the machine has finished analyzing her body. ]

Eureka: Ok we're don pare you two staying until the baby is born?

Violah:*looks to Elios.*

Elios:( what do you think,it's unlikely they'll find us... We shouldn't travail in your condition)

Violah:*she nods.* 'Mind to Elios: I think we should stay, we can't travel in my condition and it would take forever for anyone to find us.'

Elios: Ok we'll stay we're not in a rush *nuzzling Violah*

Eureka: ok o just so you know there' more people beside me and Nisih living here ^^. You'll be meeting them soon enough.


Elios: How many more?

Eureka: 3 more judas, Tyson, and Kaede

Violah:*hugs Elios*

Eureka: We done for today I'll leave you to alone ^^ *walks away happily returning to Nisih *

Elios: It looks like thing are looking up *nuzzling violah* Soon you don't have to worry about people thinking you're ten ^^

Violah:*blushes, nodding.* 'Yea...' *hugs him happily.*

Elios: I should have notice your body changing sooner.

Eureka: Hi Nisih ^^


Nisih:Hey Eureka. *He hugs her.*So, how are they handling it?

Eureka: they're externally happy and your right they didn't know they did it. About the male his body is genetically altered.

Elios: I wander boy or girl... Will our child have your eyes?

Nisih:*confuse*Genetically altered?

Violah: 'I don't know,  the child may or may not have my eyes... I don't want my child to be mute through...'

Eureka: His DNA was tampered with making his body stronger than what nature intended. He was created like that.

Elios: I just want our child to be happy and mentally and physically healthy .

Nisih:Ah.... Well, let's keep that info for ourselves, I think the male knows that his DNA has been tampered with most likely...

Violah:*she nods, hugging him*

Eureka: He also have some abnormal brain waves possibility have D.I.D.

Elios:I hope our child is more like you than me.

Violah:*she hugs Elios, thinking*Mm....


Eureka: Stands for Dissociative Identity Disorder. Only the left side if his brain is currently active, the right could contain an whole other personality ^sigh* this could be a problem.

Nisih:Yes, that can be a problem...

Eureka: Who know what could set off the other personality we' ll have to watch him.... Keep your guard up.

Elios:*holding Violah close,nuzzling her*

Nisih:*He nods*I will.

Violah:*Nuzzles Elios happily, hugging him.*

Eureka: We will have to tell Judas and Tyson.... You know how protective judas can be.

Elios:* his arm wrapped around Violah lovingly*

Nisih: That part we can't hide from Judas and Tyson. I don't want Judas to be suddenly shock, I want him to be prepare just in case.

Violah:*Hugs Elios, nuzzling him happily.*

Eureka: They might be running from someone. It's not everyday you meet someone who's DNA have been altered.

Elios:Now that we have some free time what do you wanna do. *nuzzling violah*

Nisih;*He nodded.*Yea...

Violah: 'I... I don't know...' *She hugs him, nuzzling.*

Eureka: Will cross that bridge when we get to it, no point in worrying about it now. It's not like I could kick out an expecting mother, I'm not heartless.

Elios: We could go to our room and talk *holding her gently*

Nisih:I know. *hugs Eureka.*I'm not heartless either... I can't see us kicking out an expecting mother and not even fully born newborn... *He sighed.*


Eureka:.... I'm afraid Judas might he's really protective of her... I don't blame him. I think I can convince him.

Elios: Ok *lefts Violah up and carry her to there room*

Nisih:*He nods*Yes... Judas...

violah:*Hugs Elios.*

Eureka: Ok! This will be my first time showing you the base ^^

Elios:*in the siting next to violah* I want to know more about and about your cutler.

Violah:? 'My culture?'

Nisih;*He chuckles.*

Eureka: Aw the chance to see my weapons of ultimate destruction ^^*starts to walk*

Elios: Holiday you celebrated at home or myth and legends.

Nisih:huh?*follows after her.*

Violah: 'Well, myth and legends had it my people were knew to be the sun and snow... And that wherever we go the sun and snow follows. And that we used to have ice wings that help us flies to large cities... That's all I know...'

[Eureka and Nisih left the house to go to the secret base. There using a secret frequently to tell Judas and Tyson about what's happening.]

Elios: you did show me your ice wing^^ they where very lovely.

Violah: '*confuse* Huh? my ice wings? Oh, erm, yes... '

Elios: You use them to get us those sun peaches ^^, they where good.

Violah:*Remembers now.* 'Yes... I was just trying to think of a way to get to them and my wings suddenly appear, but they do not stay...'

Elios: I still think they're neet^^. I think you are an amazing person *holding her closer*

Violah:*smiles, nuzzling him,*

Elios: How's your body feeling *nuzzling her* are you hungry it tired at all ?

Violah:'M-Mixed of both. Hungry and sleepy...'

Elios: I can go and bring you something to eat*nuzzling her* Then I'll sleep with you

Violah:*Nods, blushing* 'Alright.'

Elios: *leaves the room and goes downstairs, there he sees a note on the fridge. After reading he quickly gather food from the fridge and bring it back to Violah* I'm back ^^

Violah:*she smiles.*

Elios: *walks over to Violah* They have everything ^^* sit next to her* Even sun peaches * hand Violah a sun peach*

Violah:*she smiles happily, eating the sun peach.*~

Elios:*starts eating a sun peach with Violah Blushing( this is nice the two of us... Here)*

Violah:*Eating happily, her tail wagging.*

Elios:*scoots a little closer( Violah... What does a child need to be happy)*

Violah:'I am truly unsure, but some attention and love is something I know. I will be taking care of the feeding and other stuff...' *Eating.*

Elios: There's so much I don't know.... I don't want to mess up.*bites into the peach*

Violah:*she smiles, leaning onto him.* 'I know, Elios, I hardly know much myself...'

Elios:*holds her closer, nuzzling her hair( We'll do our best.... the three of us will he happy) stroking her hair (done eating?)

Violah:*She nods, hugging him.* 'Yes..'

Elios: Then let us sleep together * holds her closet* I'll be here when you wake

Violah:*she nods, falling asleep.*

Elios:*falling asleep in Violah's arms*

Ch8 love stormEdit

[it has been two week sense that day Elios and Violah meet Eureka and Nisih. Violah's body is changing at an alarming rate as she already her belly starts to show that she was pregnant. Right now it's morning, raining heavily as you can hear the thunder outside.]

Elios: *hold on to Violah as the sound of thunder made him jump a little*

Violah:*looks more like a 15 year old now, leaning into Elios, smiling.*

Elios:*holding her close (I don't like thunder... Sounds to much like gun fire) jumps against from the sound of thunder*

Violah:*hugs him close, petting his head.* 'Shhh... It is alright.'

Elios:*(thank you) hugs her gently as the storm rages on*

Violah:'Your welcome' *she smiles, hugging him, her icy wings form and wrap around them both.*

[downstairs Tyson Judas and Kaede inters the house]

Eureka: Our guest are all lovey dovy in there room upstairs ^^

Nisih:That is very ture...

Kaede:*Hugging Judas happily.*

Judas:It's a wonderful stormy day, it's thundering and lightning like crazy and my girl is hugging me....*look really worried* I should be relaxed

Tyson: come on he can't do anything with all of us here ^^

Judas: Ypu can say that because your wife doesn't live here -_-

Kaede:*Nuzzles Judas, smiling*Oh Judas, the guy won't harm us! He seems more frighten by this storm than the rest of us.

Nisih:she is telling the truth there...

Judas: ?! Wait how could you tell we just got here and second I'm more worried about his other personality, the current guy sounds like a wimp.

Kaede:*Confuse, hugging Judas*Because he isn't coming down. That is why.

Nisih: We don't know what sets off the other personality, for all we know harming his woman could snap him...

Judas: That wats worries my... At anytime it could happen. *holds Kaede close* I'm NEVER leaving her side

Eureka: Thank you for letting them stay ^^ I'm sur nothing will go wrong.

Tyson: Let's go and meet them ^^

Kaede:A-Are you sure it is already to meet them?

Nisih:*He smiles*

Judas: Why not we'll have to meet them sooner or later. *hugs kaede* I'll be here to protect you.

Kaede:Alright. *hugs Judas.*

[ everyone started to walk upstairs to meat Elios and Violah]

Eureka:*knock knock knock* my friends are here to meat you ^^

Violah:*looks to Elios.*

Elios:*holding on to Violah -thunder sounds- now holding her tighter to scared to notice the nocking*

Eureka: Aa did we come at a bad time ^^;*stands there with everyone else*

Violah:*she frowns, her icy wings keeping Elios close to her. she telepathly speaks to Eureka.* 'His frighten of the Thunder... I'm sorry, it may be a good idea to visit when the storm passes...'

Eureka:*turns around* Aa we'll have to come back when the storm passes^^; he really is scared of thunder.

Judas: How can anyone be afraid of some thunder -_-

Tyson: not all if us can use lightning. I'm shocked you actually enjoy flying in this kind of wether.

Kaede:*she hugs Judas.*

Violah:*she seem to over heard the comment of what Judas said and suddenly spoke in his mind.* 'It reminds Hilson of gun shots, thank you very much... Such a rude attutide...' *She seem to cancel the conncnetion after that and care for Elios.*

Judas: *sarcastically* O what a shame to bad we have sooo many guns here -_-

Tyson: NA I only have my favorite gun on me ^^

Eureka:....I'm sorry he's... Overreacting *mind: Man give them some slack there harmless they won't do anything to her*

Nisih:*Glares at Judas*Silents... We don't want to have suddenly troubles...

Kaede:*Frowns at Judas, hugging him*Be nicer, Judas.

Judas:....*Looks genuinely sad seeing Kaede frown* Ok... sorry *hugging Kaede*

Eureka: That's better lets leave them alone.

Elios:*shivers a little holding on to violah*

Violah:*nuzzls Elios, gently petting his head as he is gently in her wings aganist her.* 'Shh, it's okay Elios.'

Kaede:*she nods, hugging Judas.*

Judas: Let's get you in some change of cloths *nuzzling Kaede* I don't want you to catch a cold

Tyson: I know I'm soaked -_-

Eureka: *hugs Nisih *I guess we can do something while we wait for the storm to clear ^^

Elios:*(Violah .... Stay with me) holds her tighter ( don't die on me) really shaken up, remembering something*

Nisih:*He nods.*

Kaede: Kay ^^

Violah:'I'm here, Elios, and alive. Everything will be fine.' *she hugs elios.*

[ At that moment everyone went to do there pun thing. Judas and Kaede where in there room doing something eichi while Eureka and Nisih was having a vertical picnic. Tyson called His wife Sassy and tell her everything that happened so for. Hours has passed Its still raining but it's no longer thundering outside]

Elios:*nuzzling Violah(So warm... Sorry for making you babysit me...)Hugging her gently*

Violah:*nuzzles Elios.* 'I'm glad your alright.'

Elios: You must be starving by now but here you are comforting my little fears.

Violah:*she nuzzles him*' you must be straving too, you know.'

Elios: You need to eat more*petting her* Your body and our child needs it.

Violah: 'But, I couldn't leave you, Elios...' *she hugs him, her wings spread out and seeable.*

Elios: Let's go down and eat*kissing her* thank you for staying by my side

Violah:*Return the kiss, smiling as she nods.*

Elios: You have such lovely wings ^^ lets go

Violah: *Blushes, smiling as she nods.*

[Elios and Violah make there way to the kitchen. As the walk down stairs they can see judas and Kaede siting on the coach]

Judas:*holding Kaede close, his head on her breasts*

Kaede:*blushing, smiling as she nuzzles Judas.*

Violah:*Blushes, hugging close to Elios.* 'Mind to Elios: Their not embressed to show their love for each other...'

Nisih:*He notice the two.* Eureka, they came down.

Eureka: Sweet wanna go up there or * hugs Nisih* stay here

Elios:*holds Violah close(It's obvious how much they love each other) holds her hand ( I know I love you with all my heart) blush*

Judas:*nuzzling his head into kaede's breasts* Mm so soft ^^

Nisih:Do you?*looks to her, hugging her*

Violah:*Hugs Elios.*

Kaede:*Blushes, giggling softly.

Judas: Im so lucky *he wraps his arms around Kaede as he push his head further in her big breast* Spoiling me, loving me....believing in me.*his hands rubs her back as he send a smal electric shock to her spine* So kind... Every day I just want you more... I'll look forward to that day~

Eureka: Nope ^^*nuzzling into nisih's chest* They don't need us, I just want you around me. I think your wing are so cool, your tail is nice to.*hugs him tighter blushing*

Elios:*blushing red as he see and heard (......) Holding Violah tightly heart racing (I just want you.... Let's get you something to eat)* I love you~

Violah: 'Sadly, we can't do that, Elios. I have our child inside of me.' *she hugs him, but nods about the food.*

Kaede:*she blushes a little, giggling.*

Nisih:*blushes, hugging her*I think your hair is lovely, Eureka. There is so many things I love about you, Eureka.

Elios: *( I know it'll have to wait*)nuzzling her(We can experience it after our child is born) smiles blushing *

Eureka: I would like to hear some^^*playing with Nisih's demon tail*

Judas: One day a family*rubbing kaede's lower back, suddenly kissing her*

Nisih:*He blushes a bit, stroking Eureka's cheer.* Your eyes were the first I fell in love with, Eureka... So lovely. *His eyes look into hers.*

Violah:*She blushes, nodding.*

Kaede:*she kisses him in return.*

Judas:*put his hand underneath kaede's shirt squeezeing her bra as he kisses her passionately*

Elios:*walks with Violah into the kitchen where they made a huge lunch* Eat well ^^

Eureka:*looking lovingly into nisih's eyes* What else tell me more~

Kaede:*Blushes, kissing him as she softly moan in the kiss.*

Violah:*nods and eats happily*

Nisih:*Smiles, hugging her close*Your personality, suits you so perfectly. *Stroking her hair as he gently nuzzles her cheek.* How soft your fur is...~

Judas:*his hand lifts Kaede's bra and is now twisting her nipples, shocking them while continually kissing her*

Elios: * Eating a sandwich happily*

Eureka: You have such a way with words~*nuzzling Nisih's cheeks* I love you so much~

Kaede:*Blushes, moaning in the kiss as she hugs Judas.*

Violah:*Eating happily*

Nisih:*He smiles*But, its all true, Eureka~ *hugs her close.*I love you with all my heart, Eureka.

Eureka:*giggles blushing* I didn't think you'll love me this much so soon.*nuzzle into his chest* but I feel the same way~

Judas:*moves his hand form underneath Kaede's shirt* That's good for now... Any longer I would be able to stop*nuzzling her sweetly*

Elios:Mm *eating in deep thought*

Nisih:*Blushes a little, but smiles, hugging her and pets her head.*I'm glad~

Kaede:*Blushing, she nuzzles him*

Violah:*Eating happily*

Elios:*finishes eating his sandwich and sits closer to Violah(I wonder how much your body going to change)*

Judas: One day we'll have a child of our own. *kissing her deeply*

Eureka: Hopefully we're not moving to fast for you~

Violah:*smiles at Elios, eating.*

Kaede:*Return the kiss*Yea

Nisih: Not at all, Eureka. *he blushes a little, hugging her.*

-riiiiiiiiing riiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiing-

Judas: *sigh*stupide phone a job can wait*nuzzling Kaede* I'll let Eureka get it

Eureka:*hugging Nisih* I'm not moving let it ring.*nuzzling into nisih's chest*

Elios:*(Is no one going to answer none of my business) leans on Violah a little*


Nisih:*sighs a bit, but chuckles as he hugs Eureka*

Violah:*Hugs Elios.*

-riiiiiiiiing riiiiiiing riiiiiiiiiing-

Judas:*ignoring the phone, his head barred into Kaede's big breast*

Eureka:*nuzzling into nisih's chest showing no sight of getting up* Can someone else get it

Elios:*holding Violah close, stroking her hair (It's so nice being in your arms) nuzzling her ignoring the phone*

Nisih: I'll have one of my friends gets it. *Kuda appear, going to the phone.*

Kuda:*Float the phone up to his ear.* Hello?

Violah:*Nuzzles Elios.*

Kaede:*Blushes, smiling.*

(Phone):Yes I would speak to your leader it's about your guests.

Kuda: I can't just let anyone speak to anyone in this house. Who is this? *a slight growl came from his throat.*

Nisih:*he felt the tenses from Kuda*.... I think we have an issue, Eureka...

Eureka: It's not another death threat this get snorting after a while-_-

(Phone):His father

Nisih:no... It's something about our guest...

kuda:*Growls*That isn't enough info for me to give.

(phone): That all you're getting I don't want this call traced.

Kuda:*Abou to say something*

Nisih:That is enough Kuda. *Carrying Eureka.*You want to take the phone, Eureka? This is your house.

Eureka: Ok *jumps off and pick up the phone* ok......... Ya du!......... We know..........!!!!....... Why..... Ellin he wats to sleek with you.

Violah:*was confuse.* "Mind to Eureka: But I can't mind speak through a phone.' *she frowns, walking to them.*


Eureka:*on the phone* She's mute.....I'm not telling......really!......He says he's coming.

Elios:*looks nervous (They know where here, I thought we had more time. Now she know what I am...I-I don't want to go back we have to leave.)*

Violah:*she frowns, going to Elios and hugging him, her ice wings wrapping around him.* 'Elios...'

Nisih:*Frowns, looking to Eureka, his eyes hinting something.*

Elios:*holding Violah close ( O won't go back, I won't let them take you or our child) hugs tighter (we'll have to make a run for it, I'll carry you myself they can't have you I LOVE YOU TO MUCH) forms tears*

Eureka:*looks over to Elios and Violah* Look I... we really don't care what you are but who you chose to be. We haven't known you for long and I know we're asking much but you can trust us. They can't buy our loyalty and there no way this family will ever separate, not while I'm around^^

Nisih:Or when I'm around either.

Violah:*hugging Elios, looking to eureka and Nisih, tears had appear.* 'Mind to the two; Thank you... Elios must calm down... I won't let them easily take me away, I am who I am for a reason.' *She hugs Elios close.* Mind to Elios:Sh, they'll protect us, Elios. And they won't take me, the child or you. I won't let them, Elios.' *hugging him close.

Judas: We should prepare for the worst. They think they got us but this is our turf. We have the home advantage.

Elios:They.....outnumber us.... Who knows how many solders they have..... He's coming for me... He wants me to kill*holds onto Violah * but I don't want to kill anymore. I've already killed all my brother, my sisters.

Nisih:*He chuckles*Come out, my friends. *Pixie, Ku ga, Cerberus, Nekomata, Moh shuvuu and Succbus come out of the comp*

Violah:!!! *Seem shocked to see what Nisih pulled out*

Kuda:Nisih is very talent at being outnumber.

Nisih:*He smirks*So is my Eureka dear. *gently takes Eureka's hand and kisses the back of her hand.*

Kaede:I-I can call my sister! *hugging Judas.*

Judas: If I fight there might not be anyone left. Not even god can take me down.

[Tyson walks down stairs]

Tyson: What's all excitement?

Eureka: What timing -_- you missed all of that

Judas: Some unfortunate jerk is going to getting his tail kicked buy us *sigh* They should know better than try to separate a happy family.

Tyson: There no way I'm letting them harm Helson or Ellin

Eureka: Actually Helson real name is Elios.

Violah: 'Speak from just her mind: And my real name is Violah...' *she hugs Elios, knowing their secret wouldn't stay, she nuzzles Elios.*

Kaede:*hugs Judas happily*My Hero ^^

Nisih:*He smiles*

Judas: *hugging Kaede lovingly * So when is he coming?

Eureka: tomorrow, he said he'll come alone -_-

Judas; I doubt it

Elios: He will come.... He will want to Speke with me and Violah.

Violah: 'Don't worry Elios, if he dares come close I will turn him to stone long enough for us to get further away from his touch.' *Gently hugging him, her wings wrapping around him.*

Elios:I-I want to talk to him, he's the only one that can answer my questions..... I need to know*hugging her gently*

Violah:*she frowns, but hugs Elios.*

Judas: We should all rest, it's going to be a rough day tomorrow

Eureka: I'll set up the auto-defensive systems.

Elios: Violah *nuzzling her(there is something you should know about me... There's some one else inside .... The part of me who wants to kill that enjoys suffering) holds her tighter*

Violah:*Frowns, but hugs Elios close, his face suddenly met breasts as she gently pets his head.* 'Mind to Elios: I still love you, Elios.'

Kaede:*she nods*

Nisih:*He nods.* Yea.

Elios:*( you're not mad? I keep this secret from you) Huggs tighter his head press further into her breast( He's always there I can't get rid of him.)*

Violah:*she smiles, hugging him* 'You had your reasons, Elios, I'm not upset at you for trying to protect me.' *she pets his head.*

Elios: I-I love you so much.*crying into her breasts*

Judas: Kaede let's go *heads to their room*

Eureka: Good night *gave a quick kiss before heading to her own room*

Tyson night ^^ *heads back upstairs to his room*

Nisih: Night Eureka! *He smiles, going to his room with his demon friends.*

Kaede:*follows Judas happily*

Violah:*Hugs Elios, petting his head.* 'Ssh, I love you too, Elios.'

Elios: Violah. (Finally it looks like I get to do something fun)

Violah:*looks to Elios* 'Yes Elios?'

Elios: ignore him.( hell you already told her I exist I might as well talk to her for once)

Violah:*Had a sweatdrop, hugging Elios*

Elios: *(Fine ignore me then -_-) holds her hand* let's go to bed ^^

Violah:*she nods, smiling at Elios.*

Ch9 AnswersEdit

[its tomorrow morning]

Elios: *wakes up next to Violah (today's the day) holding her close (did you sleep well)*

Violah:*she nods, waking up as well.* 'Yes'

Elios: *nuzzling her ( Are you ready for what lies ahead)*

Violah:*Nuzzles him, nodding* 'Yes.'

Elios: *place his hand on her cheeks(Ok let's go eat we have a long day ahead of us)*


[They head down stair where they already see judas and Kaede sharing a large bowl of cereal]

Elios: Good morning everyone *walking down stairs holding Violah's hand*

Kaede:*Waves happily, eating with Judas.*

Violah:*smiles, holding Elios' hand.*

Judas:*eating happily with Kaede, with a big smile*

Eureka:*walks down stairs sees judas and kaede* You two do EVERYTHING together. Marry her already.-_-

Elios: Marry?

Violah: 'Oh, marrying someone is like a bond that last forever til death. It means you'll live with the person you love til either one or both die.'

Kaede:*Eating, her tail wags.*

Nisih:*Walks in and sighed.* Euerka, you know how old the two are, it just shocks me that she is older than him by two years.

Judas: So what -_-* hugs Kaede* I like older girls ^^

Eureka: They sir don't act like there age but then again who does. I know I'm not acting my age.

Elios: Really!? Then I want to marry you!*holds Violah close*

Nisih: So true ^^;

Violah:*blushes* 'We have to have someone do the rights and we have to have matching rings...'

Elios: Rights? Rings?

Eureka: Im shocked that Tyson got a girlfriend got married and having kids all in one year. I think the world is going to have to adjust the word "kid".

Judas:you know we're talking about Tyson he does what he feels right and they're happy . I do want marry her but it seems to early, don't be mad if out of the three of us you're the last one to get married ^^

Nisih:*blushes*That is because we like to take out relationship slow, have it an unbreakable bond. *hugs Eureka, nuzzling her hair a little*

Kaede:*Giggles* ^^

Violah:*blushes.* 'Not right now, Elios... After this, we can think about marrying and getting rings.'

Elios: ok *nuzzling her*I can't wait (booooooring -_-)

Eureka: You can learn a thing or two from him Judas ^^*hugs Nisih *

Judas: -_- *eat cereal*

Tyson: *walking down stairs* hi guys ^^

Violah:*nuzzles.* 'I'm hungry, Elios.'

Nisih:*chuckles, hugging Eureka.* And I can learn many things from her.

Kaede:*Eating the cereal* ^^

Elios: Ok *walks with Violah to the table making her breakfast*

Eureka: Let's eat ^^

Tyson: Alright food ^^ *rushed to the table and take a site*

-knock knock knock-


Nisih:*glares at the door*Let us eat first, then we get ready...

Kaede:*hugs Judas, worry.*

Judas: Screw him -_- *puts his arm around Kaede still eating cereal*

Elios:*puts a huge plate of food in font of Violah, siting next to her (I can't wait ^^. Shut up -_-) sits next to her eating his pun plate of food*

Eureka:ok *made plates of food appear in front of Nisih and tyson* he can wait all day for all I care * sites down next to Nisih a plat of food also appear on front her*

Tyson:*eating happily*

Nisih:*smiles as he eats.*


Kaede:*eating happily* ^^

-knock knock knock-

Judas:*Ignoring the knocking eating happily with Kaede*^^

Tyson:*Ignoring the knocking eating*

Eureka:*Ignoring the knocking taking her sweet time actually eating a little slower than usual*^^

Elios:*looks a little nervous she eats, scoots a little closer to Violah*

Kaede:*Eating happily with Judas*

Nisih:*Chuckles and eats.*

Violah:*Eating happily.*

Judas:*finishes eating* I feel like getting another bowl ^^ *makes another large bowl to share*

-knock knock knock-

Tyson:*finished eating picks up a mango and starts to eat it*^^

-knock knock knock-

Eureka: Impatient prick -_-*eating*

-knock knock knock-

Elios:*Finishes eating ( That was good) leans a little on Violah*

Kaede: Yay ^^

Nisih:*sighs as he eats*

Violah:*finishes eating and smiles.*

-knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock knock-

Judas: I'm going to kill him *repest 10 more times*

Eureka:Impatient immature prick -_-💢*eating*

Elios:*holds Violah's hand ( I hope he brings an army ^^)*

Nisih:*eating as he was annoyed.*

Kaede:*hugs Judas.*

Violah:*smiles at Elios, holding his hand.*


Eureka: Ok ok stope knocking already -_- *gets up walks to the door, she opens it*

[ When the door open you can see a ten year old version of Elios wearing a lab coat]

???: You've kept waiting

Elios:*tenses up*

Judas:.....That's him-_-

Violah:*Hugs Elios close, feeling him tenses up*

Kaede: A ten year old!? *confuse*

Nisih:*Has a sweatdrop, narrowing his eyes*Your telling me this is the guy?

???:*raise an eyebrow* You should know better than to juge someone just how old they look like.*looks at Violah* So that's 50173's mate

Elios:* Hugs Violah tightly, shaks a little*

Violah:*she glares at ???* 'His name is Elios and He is my Elios.'

Nisih:*Narrowed his eyes.*

???: A telepathy a rare and useful ability. I hope the baby will inherit it. So how's the mother and baby doing, is the baby's fast growth casing any trouble?

Eureka: Violah and her baby are doing fine. Her body is already adjusting to carry the child..... How did you know she was pregnant in the first place and how did you know the baby was developing so fast.

???: We wanted to produce super spiders as fast as possible, it's a good thing that your body is adjusting so quickly any normal mobian would have died due to the rapid growth of the baby. As for your other question the baby quatom brain waves are perfectly stable and easy to find, they're much better than.. Elios. So *looks ya Elios* resisting the urge to rip all of us to shreds and I thought you didn't care for names.

Elios:What are you talking I never liked killing in the first place, you're the one who made me kill and I love my name!

???: .... I see that's why.

Violah: 'My child isn't going to be a super soldier, my child will be like other children. I will not let my child be taken away.' *she glares.*

???: So you say but there are some very powerful people that are after your child. Personally I don't want all my hard work and research go to waste. This is very important work to counter the opponent's super solider.

Violah:*she growls*' I am protecting my child, My child isn't for your games!'

Nisih:*looks to Euerka.*

Eureka: What ever happen in your country had nothing to do with us. It's your fault you have so many enemies. You treat everyone else who're different than you like inferior beings. We're all mobians no one is inferior or superior you race at little prick.

???: I see you have the same views as your mother, must be tought being the child of a politition and a high raking general.'ve done your homework.

???: Finding out who you are was easy .Your teammates .... was much harder, there wasn't much to go on. So Violah do you know Elios original personality is?

Violah:'I know Elios... Both sides, if you wat to bring that up.' *she glares.*

Nisih: I have to be the hardest, if anything.

Kaede:*hugs Judas*

Judas:*Huggs Kaede close gave a cold glare at ???*

???: Honestly when I force all that knowledge into him I was shocked when another personality was born the exact oposit in every way.

Elios: The day he was born....

???: No the day you where born.

Violah:*hugging Elios close to her*....

Nisih:*glares a bit at ???*

Elios:*(I-I'm a fake something made up) Hugging Violah closer( I didn't want to believe it)*

???:Truth hurts hu.

Violah:*she hugs Elios extremely close.* 'His real to me, he is a person as he stands here.' *she glares at ???* 'I am not a mobian, and I will not be treated as through I am trash and I won't let Elios be treated any different. I am never giving you my child, worm.' *she gives a low rumble growled for her muted self.*

Nisih:*he glares at ???*

???: Don't get me wrong I'm glad your not a mobian. You're very useful I would never think of you as trash and wether or not they take your child isn't up to me. I'm just here to Mack sure the child is delivered safely. They won't come until after the child is born and there are other that wants to steal what remains of my reasurch. Wolves are very violent and merciless. If my reasurch was correct *looks at judas* your mother volunteered for there ideal super solider.

Judas: *growls starts to unsheaths his bleach shirt sword*

Kaede: Judas. *hugs Judas.*

Violah:*Narrowed her eyes.* 'No one is taking my baby, I will turn them to stone if they dare.'

Judas: *sheaths black short sword*....

???: You know that trick will only work so many time before some finds a way around it and those who already given there body to the project don't plan to live long. Your facing an army with nothing to lose. Exactly how do you plane to defeat all of them.

Judas: We beat the hell out of them!!

???: That's what I expect from a wolf. *sigh* right now I'm offering a way out agree then you'll never be bothers by us again. I I need is a blood sample from the baby. That's all I need I'll make something so they'll think you're dead or something.

Violah:*she looks to Elios, worry.*

Nisih:*Narrowed his eyes, glancing to Eureka.*

Elios: you want the DNA to creat and experiment on more super soldiers.

???: Actually it seams nature did the finishing touches on the super soldiers DNA. There will be a few trial but then we will mass produce these soldiers to combat our enemies. They would be called Heros, share our ideals and be extremely loyal.

Violah: 'I don't want that for Jiyu Kenth... That is the name of my child, Jiyu, and my child will stay as my as well as its DNA... I don't care about your Ideals or what you think would defeat your Enemies. There is a reason why people are different, because it is a challenge to get stronger and more amazing. I am this way, as brave and headstronge, because of all the bad things that happen to me. I am not letting an amry of my child walk around however you like them.' *she glares.* 'This is my child future, I want it to be the best and the only one for my child.'

Nisih:*shocked a bit*Jiyu means freedom... *he mutter.*

Kaede:Go Violah ^^

Judas: Take that you little punk ^^

Eureka: You go girl ^^

Elios: Jiya kenth *hugs Violah* that's a wonderful name.

???: *sigh* disappointing ..... remember I gave you a way out * stands up* any questions before I leave?

Violah: 'How many people will try to come here and kill us?' *she hugs Elios, smiling* 'Mind to Elios: I'm glad you like that'

Nisih:*He chuckles, smirking.*

???: Due to how important my research is and the reputation your new friends about 250 at the very lest *starts to head to the door*

Elios: *holds Violah gently nuzzling her (I'm in love with such a brave woman ^^)*

Violah:*she nuzzles him.* 'They'll have to go through snow storms to try and get to you.'

Elios: Your simply amazing I'm glad I have you in my life *kisses her*

[ The mysterious kid left the house. Now a new danger threatens the couple. Will they succeed ? ]

Ch10 The upcoming weddingEdit

[It has ably been a day sense the Elios's creator visited the house. It's morning]

Elios:* holds Violah close in his sleep*

Violah:*Starting to wake up.*...

Elios:*nuzzling her dreaming Violah on a beautiful dress*

Violah:*blushes a little, hugging Elios close.*

Elios: *wakes up a little, holds her closer (I love you so much)*

Violah:*she smiles, she was height she needed to be for her age and her breasts were between B and C cup as she hugs him.* 'I love you too.'

Elios: * awake now kissing her ( I know it's too early but I want to marry you, I don't want to wait) huggs her tighter*

Violah:*she blushes, hugging him as she return the kiss* 'W-We can do that.'

Elios: *deepens the kiss(So what are rights and what about rings) Rubs her back ( I want to know everything for the wedding)*

Violah: 'W-Well, my kind's wedding is different... We would need to ask our mobian friends how it is done here...' *Kissing him even more, blushing.*

Elios:* unable to pull away(I just want to marry you I don't mind how we do it)kissing herotr and more rubbing his body against hers (which ever method will make you happy, I love you so much)*

Violah:*Blushing, kissing him* 'I think doing it the way this planet has it should be more helpful.'

Elios:*( Ok we'll ask them then will be bounded together)Kissing rubbing his body faster against hers( I can only think about you this child our life together)*

Violah:*Blushing as she keeps kissing.*

Elios:*(I-I don't want you stop I want you so much) kissing her rubbing her ass.*

Violah:*Kissing, blushing.* 'B-But, will the c-child be okay i-if with do this?'

Elios:*Stops kissing hugging her gently( I don't know but when the baby is born I want to feel that way with you all over again )*

Violah:*blushes, but smiles as she hugs him.* 'Alright.'

Elios:* nuzzling her( let's go ask our friend how it's done)*

Violah:*blushing, she nods.* 'Yea.'

[Elios and Violah got dressed and walks down stairs. They can see Eureka and Tyson talking about something]

Eureka: It would be nice is she could meet her ^^

Tyson: *blush* Sure I'll ask


Eureka: Hi Violah Elios ^^

Tyson: Hello ^^

Elios: Good morning Um... *blush* How do you have a wedding

Eureka: Finally ^^ THERES GOING TO BE A WEDDING !!!

Tyson: there's so much to do ^^

Violah:*blshes a bit, listening.*

Nisih:What!? *gets into the room.*something about a wedding!?

Judas: *walking down stairs* a wedding ^^ do you have the ring the dress? Is there a best man or a brides maid?

Elios: ^^; (I'm lost already)

Violah:*highly confuse.* 'The ring and dress is the only thing I really know for a wedding...'

Nisih:*He sighs*I guess we can to tell how a wedding goes...

Eureka:Well the there the maching rind and lovely dress Violah is going to wear ^^

Judas: The tux for Elios and he's going to have to pick the best man.

Eureka: Dibs on brides made ^^

Tyson: there going to be a wedding cake ^^!!

Judas: hey Nisih what to be the best man?

Nisih:*smirks* Of course, if Eureka is going to be the Brides maid, I shall be the best man.

Violah:*blushing a bit.*

Judas: Hey -_- Kaede can be an awesome brides maid!

Eureka: Ok Violah as tradition you can't see or speak to Elios until the day of the wedding ^^

Tyson: What about the rings? ,'=\

Judas: Um *blush* I have a few .... Hundred pair of wedding rings to chose from ^\\\^

Nisih:*shocked a bit, but sighed.* In case kaede doesn't like some of them? Or in case they don't fit?

Judas: it just has to be perfect! It's a very big decision. I want Kaede to have the best ring ever but I can't find one better than that blue diamond!

Nisih:*Has a sweatdrop*Eh... Right.

Violah: 'I want something of silver with white diamonds kind a like snowflasks...'

Nisih:*Sweatdrop* highly costly... Mmm....

Judas: I have just the thing ^^*runs upstairs *

Eureka: Any idea what kind if dress you like ^^

Nisih:*he sighed*I figure he did....

Violah:*she blushes, shaking her head no*...

Eureka that's ok we have plenty of time picking out your wedding dress ^^

Judas: *running down stairs* I have the rings ^^* holding a pair if silver rings with white diamonds shaped like snow flacks*

Elios: This are nice ^^

Violah:*blushes, nodding as she looks to Eureka.*

Nisih:*sighs, but chuckles lightly as he smirks.*

Tyson: so what about the cake ^^

Judas: one word chocolate.

Eureka: Vanilla is more traditional

Judas: But chocolate is superior

Eureka: Saids you

Eureka & Judas: *looks at Violah seriously* What do you want chocolate or Vanilla!

Violah:*she was frighten, going behind Elios a bit.*

Nisih: you two... *He sighed* How about both? *He had a sweatdrop* Otherwise, you be scaring her.

Judas: ok but at my wedding it's going to be chocolate -_-

Eureka: fine at my wedding it's going to be Vanilla -_-

Tyson: it's the Frosty argument all over again ^^;

Nisih:*He sighs, rubbing his forehead*I feel like I'm the person who forced them to agree on something.

Tyson: they even argue on who will build my EX gear in the end I asked both of them to do it ^^;

Nisih:Yea... *sighs.*

Judas: ok time to separate the two ^^

Elios:*holds Violah closer*


Nisih: We'll have to do this to ensure you both get the things you two need for the wedding....

Eureka: It'll be more romantic when you see each other on your wedding day ^^

Elios: *lets go* ok (I'll alway think of you)

Violah:*she nods.* 'Same about you, Elios.*

Eureka:I'll be planing our girls night out ^^ this is going to be fun!

Judas: Well Nisih it's up to you to plan the batulars party for Elios ^^ you are the best man.

Tyson: I'll go make that phone call ^^ * goes upstairs *

Nisih:*He nods* Of course, I have to make is fun. *He smirks.*Heh.

Kaede:*Yawns, going over to Judas as she was half asleep*?

Violah:*smiles at Eureka.*

Eureka: O one more thing a theme a warm tropical paradise ^^

Judas: No no no a winter wonderland would be better ^^

Eureka Who likes all that snow anyway tropical paradise is the better choice.

Judas: Who decided to get a SNOWFLACK diamond wedding ring clearly whit snow will go splendid with the white dress and the rings.

Eureka & Judas: *looks at Violah seriously* What do you want winter wonderland or tropical paradise!

Violah:*she suddenly looked annoyed.* 'What do you think I like, morons?' *she started that with a bit of sassyness to it.*

Nisih: She spoke about putting an army in a brizzard, I think winter wonderland is what she is looking for...

Judas: Victory!!! ^^* huggs Kaede*

Eureka:.....-_- didn't have to call us morons *sigh* I hate the cold

[tyson was upstairs calling his wife Sassy to bring her over to meat Violah. Also to partisapate in a girls night out.]

Violah:*She sighed* 'I get annoyed at points you two argue and I hardly get a said in anything...'

Sassy: Hello ^^ *she waves.*

Nisih:*he goes and hug Eureka.* Don't worry, youl have your way in your wedding.

Elios: *chucles a little* I would tell them to act there age but * chucles don't more*

Tyson:*flys down stairs and stops in front of Sassy*im so happy you're here * gently hugging her* how are you feeling* rubs her belly* how's our twins doing?^^

Eureka: *hugging Nisih* you mean our wedding ^^* giggles*

Judas:*nuzzling Kaede * hey sleepy ^^*notic Sassy* Hey Sassy how's the married life ^^

Nisih:*chuckles*Yes, our wedding.

Sassy:The twins are well, Tyson. And the married life is doing well, Judas.

Kaede:*hugging Judas, falling asleep*...

Violah:*she sighed.*

Judas:*said quietly* so cute ^^*picks her up and carries her to their room where he cuddles next to her, his arm around her*

Tyson: Sassy this is Violah and her cuter husband Elios ^^. They're also having a child if there own and we're planing there wedding.

Eureka: You me Kaede and of course Violah are having a girls night out^^. It'll be fun

Elios: (A girls night out?..... I wander )

Violah:*blushes a little*'A-Alright.'

Sassy:*she smiles*I'm so glad for you, Violah. I will make sure it is extremely easy for you, Violah ^^

Tyson : Have fun *kisses Sassy*^^

Eureka: I'll get everything ready ^^. Tomorrow is going to be a blast ^^ *hugs Nisih* Good luck with your plans.

Sassy: You too, Tyson. *Return the kiss*

Nisih:*he grins, hugging her*good luck to your plans too, Eureka.

Ch11Fun timeEdit

[As Nisih and Eureka starts planing all sorts of activities for there friends. This morning Nisih is taking Elios, judas, and Tyson on who knows what^^ while Eureka takes Violah, Kaede, and Sassy for a night to remember ^^. This is the las time our two lovers will sleep together until after the wedding.]

Elios:*nuzzling Violah in his sleep*

Violah:*hugging Elios, sleeping peacefully*...

Nisih:*working on his plan, smirking.*

Eureka: : *Up bright and early*^^ this is going to be so fun

Elios:*wakes a a bit moves a little closer to Violah*

Violah*Sleeping still*

Nisih: Ah, morning Eureka. *He smiles.*

Eureka: *yawning* Hey Nisih didn't hear you come in. Did you sleep well?

Nisih: I have been working on the guy's plan out, so i didn't move from this spot early morning. *He had a sweatdrop.*

Eureka: Working so hard *hugging him* making this day memorable ^^. [Some where in the mountains north of where our lover are is a pack of wolfs from Judas's country. There mission to steal Violhal's child to steel the bear's super solder secrets.]

Edward:*A male hiking with in the mountain with 3 other wolves, back of the pack* Man how much got her until we get there. Is it really worth freezing my tail off to get something a bear made -_-.

Chad: *A male wolf hiking in front of Edward* I think so, just think of the possibilities. Our super soldiers will be able to reproduce normal, live a full life and have the means to maintain dominance. ^^

Archer:*sigh*Its not like we'll benefit we all already took that super syrem well except for you Chad. I don't regret my choice, never was a family man to begin with plus now I don't have to worry about retirement. So boss who are we kidnaping, what hr species.

Catherine:*A female wolf who's leading the pack* She's actually an alien, she's carrying # 50173's child. She's being protected by a special team called Team Gemini who is leaded by a fellow wolf. Most likely he'll give us the most trouble but I don't expect much from the others but don't underestimate them they'r known to be an effective team.

Edward: With a wolf leading them how could they not thrive ^^.

Catherine: Enough talk we still need to focus we'r almost there.

[back home]

Elios: *waking up hugging Violah, nuzzling her*(.... Violah) places his hand on her cheeks ( Today we may part but) places his forehead on hers (when we meat again we'll be husband and wife)*

Violah:*Wakes up, but smiles* 'Yes, Eliose. When we meet, we will be happily married.'

Elios:*smiles*(We should go)*nuzzle*(Have fun and I'll do the same)

Violah:*she nods* 'And Elios... Be safe... I have a feeling something bad may happen...' *she frowns a little, but hugs him.*

Elios:(I will)*returns the hug*(Make sure your safe to)*places his hand on her cheeks*(Have fun, let me see the beautiful smile)

Violah:*she blushes a little, smiling.*

Elios:*smiles also*(There we go ^^)*gets out of head, extend his hand to her* let's have some breakfast.

Violah:*She nods, taking his hand.*

[Violah and Elios got dressed and walked down stairs where they can see Eureka and Nisih already siting at the table]

Eureka: Good morning ^^ early I see exited if your day of fun.

Elios*holding Violah's hand, smiling* I am ^^

Eureka:Everyone else might still be asleep. So anything specific your want to eat this morning ^^

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