if you think A club is for children, think again. this is a Free join rp by DUBSTEPxSonic

The Club is a dangerous Place, this club is filled with love sex and dubstep, all Villans and anti heroes goes here to find either victiims or just to fuck, but one Mobian proves he is the boss, leader of a nutorious gang named the Clicks, Nec the Rabbit has owned this club to many anti heroes or Foes to the heroes of Coretopia.

Nec is wanted for any crime you can think of: Rape, Murder, and alot more, and stays hidden away from heroes or law enforcement, now secretly owning a club, he invites many villians to party all night and to not give a fuck.

Characters Edit

Nec the Rabbit - (DUBSTEPxSonic)

Silvia and Kronos the Dragons- (S100

RP Edit

In a club where gang members seems to be everywhere, the leader awaits for others to arrive.

Nec; *waits for his invites*

Silvia: *enters in seductively and confident as her twin brother looks a bit tidied and concern for her safety or something else's*

Kronos: This is the 5th club we've been to -_-. Letss go home.

Nec: *looks at the twins, welcoming them* Welcome to The Club of no Rules, were anything goes!

Kronos: *blinks and sigs* nice place...but weve beenn going to clubs all might

Nec: understandable, but we have to tell you something, this is a gang operation, so I advise you to say, so the law does not know about this.

Kronos and Silvia: Umm....whats this thing you call law? *they give him a confused expression*

Nec: the police, cops, that thing.

Kronos: *sighs* Lets just say we're new to the area

Silvia: But if those guys are any fun I wont mind~. *she states as she looks at Nec* A drink please sir~

Nec: sure thing, what kind?

Silvia: *smiles* Strait up vodca~ Imm in an entertainment mood today~

Kronos: *sighs* Illl just take a water.

Nec: *gives silvia some vodka, and Kronos water* well if you need anything let me know, feel free to party, and do shit that you wanted to do for so long.

Silvia: *drinks up as she gets drunk* Wooohh!~ I love me a good party~!

Kronos: *sighs* Imm always dragged with yo- *cut off as he loses his ster in the crowd*

Nec: *is relaxing with some ladies, just chilling*

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