(will get a picture by himself later)

Tiage's Bio (working on)Edit

  • Name: Tiage Kuey Ogin
  • Age: Died at 23, so he looks 23. But as a Warrior genie, he is total to 765,903,723 years old.
  • Species(animal): African Civet
  • Species(Mythical Creature): Warrior Genie
  • Weapon: Curved Swords
  • Attire: Normally he wears only silk pants like most genie's outfits. However, when in war or fighting. He changes to having a chain mail-like shirt that flexes like scales on a snake, wearing leather pants for quick movement.
  • Personality: Tiage is rather the chill type. Even in his after death, he sees this much better than nothingness. Being chilled out, he has a very strong temper, and by strong temper: it's really hard to piss him off.
  • Backstory: Tiage die in the war for protecting his home city once known as Artise; A city in hot degrees and dusting sands known as the Crosfur desert. After his death in the great war that his kind called " The Culfur(Sulfur) War" due to ashes blowing in the sands and black, unclear skies blocking the sun. Killing off kinds' civilization. Later, he woke up being inside a room that remind him of his rich house. Silks of red, with a king size bed, drawer and a closet of clothes he doesn't seem to remember. There was also a weapon rack with a belt that hold two duel Curved Swords. Unknowing that he was in a bottle with the design glass and see-through red swirls.

Notes about TiageEdit

Tiage is a warrior Genie that is the species of an African Civet.

Masters he had to serveEdit

  • None yet


(Will find the picture of the bottle later)


  • Ashely - Ashely was a friend of Tiage when each others bottles were close. Ashely always seem to brighten up his day whenever he seem down and cloudy. She is nothing more than a really good friend.

Pictures of TiageEdit

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