"I-I didn't do anything wrong, did I?" - Tilen

[Only missing the red tips in her hair.]

Basic BioEdit

Name: Tilen Aoven

Nicknames: Til, Techno girl[singing title]

Titles: Techo Girl, Techno star, sweetie demon.

Age: 1,103

Breasts Size: B[Starting of B, ending of A]

Mv: 7

Hair color: Yellow[from the top] to A crimson red

Eyes: Pinkish-red

Wings + Tail: Dark redish-pink

Weakness: Males touching her [She was abused when she was young]

Eviliy[working on]

Hidden skill: Techo/Nightcore/NightStep singing - She is able to tone her voice to the point anything machine was reacts weirdly, she can also make Demons deaf for about one round.


HP 129%     Fist D

SP 130%    Swords C

ATK 79%     Spears S

DEF 100%   Bow A

INT 130%     Gun E

RES 86%     Axe E

HIT 70%     Staffs S

SPD 76%


[Working on]


  • Kenta - Her pyscho sister, but doesn't know her sister is insane.

Theme songsEdit

Blinding - Florence the Machine Official Instrumental04:41

Blinding - Florence the Machine Official Instrumental

Theme for Tilen [appearances]

Florence The Machine - No Light, No Light (Breakage Remix)04:15

Florence The Machine - No Light, No Light (Breakage Remix)

Techno Girl [Tilen] Appearances


  • In her techno appearances, markings appear on her face.


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