About "True Loves Bond"Edit

Its a story RP that Onup and Y-Tiger(AKA Baine the Hedgehog) are working on for there character Kyros (belong to Onup) and Krissi (belong to Y-Tiger).

True Loves BondEdit

Kyros: I'll be back

Krissi: Alright, I'll go look at the sights with Aidan while your gone. *she smiles*

[On the family trip Kyros left to go book a room while Krissi is taking Aidan to see the sights]

Krissi:*holding the ten year old wolf-dog in her arms happily as she look at the sights* How do you like it, Aidan? *she was wearing a plain white shirt and jeans, holding little Aidan in her arms.* Oh~ *she seem to spot something of her interset, going over to one of the sights that got her attention.* Look at that, Aidan~! *She was unaware of anyone having seen her as she was pointing at the sight she was at, talking to Aidan happily.*

[there stood a mysterious hooded cat around the local shops, he notice Krissi and sensed something familiar yet strange the same time]

???:-Mind- Hm? Who is this woman... is she one of up? *he took a few steps closer to get a better view* I've never seen her before and who that kid? That woman is definitely a vampire but why is it so hard for me to sense, even if she's a outcast vampire I should notice her sooner. I have to find out who she is and why her vampire power are so close to my clan. *he starts walking over to talk to Krissi*

???:*looks at Krissi* Your're new here?

Krissi:*she didn't see to notice the male that had walk over to her, she was giggling sweetly as she poke Aidan's nose.*

Aidan:*giggling happily, grabbing Krissi's hand before his ears twitched.*? *He glance toward ???, his light gray eyes shine a bit as she hold onto Krissi's hand.*Mama?

Krissi:Hm?*notice the male, confuse before noticing the male's sense.* -Mind- It's a clan vampire! If he finds out that Aidan is half Lycan and Half vampire, he'll be in trouble. *Krissi hugs Aidan gently to her, a bit worry for Aidan's safety now.*... Um... Y-Yea... I'm New here... *she whispered a bit, but her ears flatten a little.*

???: What's wrong, you look like I'm here to kill you. Relax a little, enjoy your day.

Krissi:*she hugs Aidan gently to herself.*I... Will... *she whispered, able to tell he was a vampire*

Aidan:*Hugging Krissi, worry.*M-Mama?

???: Are like this with everyone? You looked like you where having fun. I WAS going to suggest to tourest spots. This is a public place and I'm not planing anything mean i sware.

Krissi:*she softly whispered*I can tell your a clan blooded Vampire... *she blinks*I'm only this way to Clan blooded vampires... *hugging Aidan gently.*

Aidn: Mama... *Frowns, hugging Krissi*Mama needs to smile!

Krissi:*looks to Aidan, she smiles a little since Aidan was so cute.*

???: So you can tell but i really have no intention on doing anything bad. You're just familiar for some reason. Can you tell, are you not a bit curious?

Krissi: A bit curious about what? I'm not curious about anything of the clan vampires... *she frowns* My mother died because hunters gotten to her, I don't have any love for any Clan vampire... *she pets Aidan's head.* I have a happy life as it is right now, I don't want it to be ruin because I did something stupid.


Krissi:*she gently kisses Aidan's forehead*It's okay, Aidan. *she looks to ???* It's best I should go, I am trying to show my son his father home after all. *Pets Aidan's head.*

Aidan:*His tail wag happily, hugging Krissi as he spotted a statue of a spartan.* Oh, Mama! Statue! I wanna see that Statue!

Krissi:*Her ears perked, looking to the Spartan Statue, smiling*Ah, sure thing Aidan. *She waves at the ???* I rather keep my son happy, I thank you for not being hostile, but I should go now. *she was wabout to walk away so that Aidan could see the statue.*

???:*said to himself* Man outcast Chick are hard to crack o well *takes out a camera and take a photo* This will have to do.*he walked of and disappeared*

Krissi:*Standing there in front of the statue with Aidan*A spartan Statue... Your father is a spartan. *She whisper happily.*

Aidan:*giggles, hugging Krissi* Yay, Papa is cool ^w^

[Kyros was walking back back from the hotel, he is carrying a small bag]

Kyros: Hey you miss me ^_^

Krissi:*smiles sweetly*Me and Aidan both miss you... I... Came across a clan vampire. *she frowns*I don't know what he was trying to do, but I think he might have notice something different about me... *hugging Aidan.*

Kyros: Hmm... this is troubling. He might come back we should go.

Krissi: Agree. *holding Aidan* Also, Aidan really likes looking at the statue. *points to the spartan statue.*

Aidan:*giggles happily*Papa is awesome!

Kyrose: *looks at Aidan with a big smile* You would make a splendid warrior. *looks at Krissi* We should go to our next stop.

Krissi:*she smiles, nodding as she holds Aidan* Agree.

Kyros: Alright next stop the city of Laconia.

The city of LaconiaEdit

[Kyros Krissi, and Aidan quickly moved to there next destination}

Kyros: This is where i was born....*deep in thought*

Krissi:*she smiles sweetly, holding Aidan*It's very Lovely, Kyros.

Aidan:*giggles happily.*

Kyros: Let's go have fun

Krissi: Agree. *She smiles sweetly at Kyros, hugging Aidan*

Aidan: Yay, Fun!

Kyros: Later we can eat, I know a place that serve a great Avgolemono

Krissi: Here that Aidan?

Aidan: *nods happily* Let's have fun, Papa! *Giggles happily.*

Krissi:*she smiles sweetly and lovingly.*

Kyros: First stop the Ahern State Park

Krissi: Alright!

Aidan:Yay! *hugging Krissi*

[Its a nice night at the Ahen State Park, because of time not many people are around. As the family walk around the forest Kyros and Krissi has an uneasy feeling]

Kyros: Aidan make sure you stay close to momy

Aidan:O-Okay Papa. *hugs Krissi closely*

Krissi:*Hugging Aidan close, feeling unease.*...

???: So when did you notice?

[A mysterious hooded cat walked out of the forest and stand right in the middle of the pathway]

Krissi:*Startled, hugging Aidan close to her. Her fur standing on end.*...

Aidan:*hugging Krissi, frowning*...

Kyros: *Groweled* Who are you?

???: Relax man all I want those two *points at Krissi and Aidan* My cheif just want a word or two

Krissi:*she hissed softly*His a clan Vampire... *she whispered, hugging Aidan close to her* We won't speak with your Cheif! *she snapped at ???*

Aidan:*Scared, hugging Krissi*mama...

???: Thats a shame i hope to resolve this peacefully

Kyros: *walks u to ???* You won't Touch them, not while I'm around

???: You're with a vampire you should know you have no hope against me. I'm surprised she with a guy who going to die of old in 80 years.

Krissi:*glares at the Vampire*Why can't you clan vampires leave me alone!?

Aidan: P-Papa? *He whimper a bit, hugging Krissi*M-Mama?...

???: Because one of your parents might be from my clan *snaps finger* and i have order to fallow

[four more mysterious hooded people appeared]

???: You have no other choice surrender

Kyros:*he looks back and stares at Krissi and Aidan for a few seconds* My love take him far away from here.*turns around to face ??? and created four shadow duplicates]

???: So the guy got some skill

Krissi:*she nodded, hugging Aidan close to her as Vampire wings grown from her back. She suddenly shot into the air, flying far away from the scene in a flash.* We'll be safe sweetie... *she frown, hugging Aidan*I hope your Daddy is already, Aidan...

Aidan:*hugging Krissi:*M-Mama... *He whimper once more*

???: *sees Krissi fly away with Aidan* Do you honestly think that she'll be able to get away?

[All five Kyros hands let on fire]

Kyrose: I have faith in her but you'll be lucky to leave alive

The ChaseEdit


[while Krissi is flying in the air with Aiden she can sense other clan Vampires closing in on her]

Krissi:*She felt tenses, suddenly landing onto the ground as the wings vanished. She couldn't stay in the air for long unlike normal clan vampires. She try to hide her sense in the deeper parts of the city, she disappear into an alleyway with Aidan. She apnts heavily, unsure if she could keep running.*...

Aidan:*hugs Krissi*Mama....

[Krissi can hardly here some of the clan vampires talking]

Clan-Vap1: Where did she go

Clan-Vap2: She couldn't have gone far search everywhere

Krissi:*she looked back at the opening to the alleyway. She hugs Aidan close as she goes deeper into the alleyway, she was used to alleyways. She ended up coming to an Dead end to the alleyway, hugging Aidan as she glance around quickly. She spotted a hiding place that could hide both her and Aidan behind one of the dumpsters; it was going to be a tight squeeze, but she would rather try it then nothing. She hold Aidan close, whispering to him to curl up into a ball and to not make sounds.*

Aidan:*He did what Krissi told him, he became a fuffy ball in Krissi's arms.*

Krissi:*she squeeze herself behind the dumpster, making sure nothing of hers or Aidan was showing as she made her breathing quiet enough to not be heard over cars and many other sounds*...

[A serverly burnt mysterious hooded cat landed near the same ally way Krissi was hiding]

???: Darn that wolf next time we meet he's dead!

Krissi:*Keep Aidan quiet as she stary quiet as well. Holding her breathe as she seem to silently tell Aidan to do the same.*

Aidan:*He hold his breathe as well, hugging Krissi in silent*

Krissi:*Praying in her head, hopping that the hooded cat won't find them at all.*...

???: *he starts to sense Krissi weak vampire powers* Hmmm..... *starts walkind down the ally way*

Krissi:*moving herself and Aidan further behind the dumpster as quietly as she could, sensing ???'s vampire energies getting closer.*... *She hold her breathe, frighten as she hugs Aidan.* *-mind- What happens if he finds us!? What will they do to my Aidan... I won't go down without a fight, I need to protect Aidan...* *she hugs Aidan close, tears started to form from her eyes. *-mind- Just like mother... I might die before Aidan can live his full life... I got to at lest try and stay alive!*

Aidan:*Whimpers quietly, hugging Krissi as he was frighten*

???: I know your there, I can sense vampire energy better then anyone els in my clan so come out before i blast you out.

Krissi:*she frown, looking down to aidan before hugging Aidan close*... *She used what energies she could use to form wings and wrap around Aidan and her, expecting for the blast.* I refuse to leave... *she whispered quietly.*

Aidan:*Whimpers, sniffling as he hugs Krissi*Mama...

???:*slowly shakes his head* Man you're stubborn *he creates a spire of energy in his hands* last chance.

Krissi:*she closed her eyes tightly, hugging Aidan close as she tighten the wings wraped around her.* -whispers- I love you, Aidan deary... I love your daddy, Kyros forever... I don't want them to have you... *she kiss Aidan's forehead.*

Aidan:*hugging Kriss, crying.*Mama! Wahhh!

???:*shoot the sphere of energy at the dumpster sending Krissi and Aidan flying*

Krissi:*she kept a hold on Aidan as her back slam into a wall after having flown from the dumpster to the other side of the alleyway from the deadend.*Ah! *Blood was coughed up as she fallen to the ground, weakly hugging Aidan as her wings slowly faded away.*

Aidan: Mama! *Crying uncontrollable as he hugs Krissi*Mama! Get up Mama! Mama Get up please!

???: Come on don't die on me, it wasn't that strong *he slowly walked to wards Krissi and Aiden*

Krissi:*she weakly open one eye, giving a weak hiss at ???, hugging Aiden close to her* Leave us... alone... *she bare her fangs at ???, blood leaking down her lip a little*

Aidan:*Crying, hugging Krissi*Mama....

???: Its over you lost

[you can hear the sound of someone running]

Krissi:*hugging Aidan close*I... Don't lost... If... I am... Still awake... *She was forcing herself to stay away*

Aidan: Mama... *his ears flatten, but looked up at ??? with his light gray eyes, before baring his fangs and growling at ???* Bad man! Bad man hurt mama! de

[Kyros came rushing in, his eye are full of rage]

Kyros: DIE YOU BASTARD *Tries to punch ??? with is fist of flame but missis, destroying the ground*

???: Not know *Looks at Krissi and Aidan* only one chance*he spread his wing and move so fast he looked like he disappeared*

Kyros: Where did he go

???:Up here *standing on top of a building, he's carrying Aidan who appears unconscious*

Krissi:*Look up Weakly* Aidan! *Her eyes widen, trying to get up* Give Me Back Aidan!

???: If you want your son back then find him in the city of Athen.

[eight other clna-vaps joined ??? on the roof]

???: you have Two choices pursue me and abandoned her *points at Krissi* or defeat them and rescue this little guy later.


???:You'll have to catch me first *looks at Krissi* she might die but its your call *extends his Vampire wings* Ask around for Abon, that me, and I'll take you to your son and my chief bye ^_^

Krissi:*she stood up, glaring at Abon, she knew she couldn't do anything through.*... *She frowns*Aidan... *she whispered, glaring.*

Abon:*Levitast a little* Remember to come *Flys away extremely fast*

[Kyros staede behind in order to defaet Abon's 8 fellow clansmen in order to protect Krissi. He was able to defat them all but he knew Abon was long]

Kyros:*runs over to Krissi* Don't move you've lost alot of blood *He use his healing flame to close Krissi's wounds*

Krissi:*she cried softly, leaning against Kyros*I... couldn't protect Aidan... *Her ears flatten against her hair*

Kyros:*He said in a soft voice* Don't blame yourself you did everything you could do to save him.

Krissi:*She hugs Kyros, sniffling as her ears still flatten.*...

Kyrose: *lifts Krissi up and Carry her to some where safe* We will save our son.

Krissi:*she nodded.*Y-Yea... *hugs Kyros.*

[Kyros was able to sneak Krissi into a privet hotel room]

Kyros: You should rest *place Krissi on the bed*

Krissi:*She lay there, but couldn't sleep*Kyros... *she whispered* I... Need blood... *she blushed a tiny bit, haven't asked him the question before*

Kyros: Then take as much as you want *He gently puts his arms around Krissi and hugs her sweetly*Don't worry

Krissi:*she blushes, but nuzzles into Kyros as she gently bites his neck, her eyes close as she feeds off of him the amount of blood she needs*...

Kyros: Feeling better?

Krissi:*Having finished and licking up what blood was around the wound. She nodded.*I feel better... *she nuzzles KYros as she closed her eyes and fallen asleep.*...

Kyros:*relived he also fall asleep in Krissi loving embrace*

The Next DayEdit

[When Kyros woke up his stomach starts to growl so he orders room service. He order 12 steaks, 7 hamburgers 3 different kinds of soup, and 1 12 liter bottle of ginger-ale. Surprisingly he ate it all]

Kyros: That was good.

Krissi:*She yawned a little, waking up slowly.*mmm...

Kyros:*looks over at krissi and grins* Did you sleep well

Krissi:*she smiles, nodding as she sits up*Yea...

Kyros: Do you want anything?

Krissi: Maybe some water and something to eat... I don't know what I really want to eat through.

Kyros: Then I'll ask for some Avgolemono and water *He picked up the room and called Room service*

Krissi:*she smiles a little, but looks down at her lap. Her chest seem to be in pain, knowing Aidan wasn't here to enjoy the same thing she'll enjoy*... Aidan... *she whispered, her ears flatten. Worry for his safety.*

Kyros:*looks deep into Krissi's eyes* We will rescue him I swear it *walks over to Krissi and hugs her*

Krissi:*she nods, hugging Kyros*I know we will... *She nuzzle Kyros*I just worry about his safety right now...

Kyros: They have no reason to harm him, I'm sure he's fine. We should go as soon as possible.

[Someone knock on the door]

???: Room service *in a tired voice*

Krissi:*Confuse in why the voice sounded tired* Room service is here, Kyros... *she whispered to Kyros.*

Kyros: I'll get it *he walks over to the door and opens it* Hello again

???:With the elevator broken i had to make 12 trips bring your food plz don't order anymore

Kyros: Sorry last time i promis, here a tip *Hr gave ??? a hundred and grab the plate of Avgolemono*

???:thank you sir and have a great day ^_^

Kyros:*brought the plat of Avgolemono to Krissi* Here you do

Krissi:Thank you, Kyros. *She takes the plate.*

Kyros: We'll leave once you feel better

Krissi:*She nodded, eating the Avgolemono.*

Kyros: You know we'll be walking into a trap

Krissi:*she frown*I know... But, I would do anything to get Aidan back... *She narrowed her eyes*This is why I hate clan vampires...

Kyros: Krissi... no mater what happens stick by me.

Krissi:*she nodded* I will, Kyros.

Kyros: Anything else you'll need?

Krissi:*she shook her head no*Let's go.

The City of AthensEdit

[later Kyros and Krissi traviled to the city og Athens, both asked around for Abon.]

Abon:*he appeared from the shadows* Hello you two ^_^

Krissi:*narrows at Abon* Where is my son, Clan Vampire... *she growled at Abon quietly.*

Abon: Safely with the chief ^_^. Want me to take you to him?

Krissi:*looks to Kyros* You mean, us. *She narrowed her eyes at Abon*We can go see the Chief...

Abon: I'm sure he won't mind atlest we won't need to worry about any lose ends if something went wrong. Follow me *walks off*

Krissi:*Holds Kyros' hand as she looks to Kyros.*

Kyros: *he holds krissi's handgently* Lets go

Krissi:*nods, walking after Abon with Krissi*

[They get to where the cheif was, who was just making sure that Aidan was safe and sleeping peacefully]

???:*He sighed, he was fully white and was a type of dog with a fuffly tail, wearing armour before noticing Abon*Are they here?

Abon: Yes chief *bows down* she's the one from my report

???: Bring her in and whoever she has with her... *He blinks, glancing to the door.*

Abon: Yes chief *He walks over to the door and let Krissi and Kyros in*

Krissi:*walks in with Kyros, glarring at ??? with her light gray eyes*

???:!*seem to notice the Light gray eyes*You and your son's eyes remind me of a lost lover I had... *He mutter* Who are you two...?

Kyros:*boldly and without fear* My name is Kyros and this is my wife Krissi

???:*He sighed, standing up* I am sorry for having stolen your Son, Kyros and Krissi. But, It was the only way I could meet you two. *He points to one of his guards*Give them back the boy, the boy does belong to them. *He looks to Krissi and Kyros.* Now, Tell me... Krissi, who was your mother?

Krissi:*Confuse* I don't know much of my mother, she died trying to protect me from hunters when I was young...

???:*He sighed*I see... *He sits back down as Krissi gotten Aidan back.*

Kyros: Is that all, if so let us go

???: No, it is not all. A vampire that isn't clan nor outcast scented that also isn't royal is not normal... And you, Kyros... *He narrowed his eyes a little*I fail to see why my clan memebers haven't got on youe scent. Not even Adon. *He glance to Adon* Adon, tell me what you smell of this male *Points to Kyros.*

Krissi:*Hugging Aidan, worry.*

Abon: He smells like a wolf but he's very skill at martial art and Fire elemented atttacks. Its surprising that someone so young is this skilled.

???: That's cause He isn't young, Adon. The smell of wolf is normal, but the fact he knows all he has means he is the same age I am. *looks to Kyros* You are Lycan, aren't you Kyros. *He had stood up as he had a spear next to the chair*?

Krissi:*Look at ???* -Mind- what does he mean his the same age as the cheif? *Seem confuse.*

Kyros: So you know.... I am Kyros warrior of Sparta

???: Yes, Your name can't be forgotten by me, Kyros... After all, I am a Warrior of Athens. Through, I could never get pass nor get even close to your power. I respect you on that, Kyros... But, now, I have to figure out if Krissi is my daughter... My lover was a outcast vampire, and she vanished years ago...

Krissi:*looks to Kyros, worry as she holds Aidan.*

Kyrose: What if Krissi isn't your daughter will you let us go?

???:*He sighed* Yes, even through I do not like the marry between a Lycan and a vampire, it would be none of my business... I've just been searching for my lover and a daughter... I knew my lover was going to have a girl, but I never gotten to know what my own daughter would look like... *He frown a bit, but looks to Kyros*But, if your wife isn't my daughter, than you two along with your son will leave. If she is my daughter, however, I will duel you for the rights to see if she stays with you or she comes and lives with me. Will that be fair, Kyros? Only if she does end up being my daughter.

Kyros: Agreed. So tell me Warrior of Athens what is your name?

Tyrone: Tyrone is my name, Kyros warrior of Sparta.

Krissi:*Just watching the two talk.*

Kyros: So how will you be able to tell if my wife is your daughter a DNA test?

Tyrone: That is a very good question, Kyros. A DNA test only works if I had my lover's DNA...

Krissi: Do you have a name of your Lover?

Tyrone:Hm? Yes, I do... Acantha was her name.

Krissi:*Seem confuse, she looks at Kyros* What does it mean if I remember that name?... I mean, I've heard of it, but I can't remember where...

Kyros: You might have heard the name but its possible it could of ben another woman name Acantha. there are alot of people with the same name.

Krissi: Kinda hard to say that when it was around my younger ages... The city me and my mother ended up being in was pretty far from here...

Tyrone:*Lift an eyebrow*Hm... Kyros does have a point, there are many who have the same names... Do you know what age you were when your mother had died?

Krissi: Around six, maybe seven... *she looks to Kyros.*

Kyros: How long ago did your lover died?

Tyrone: That's the issue, I don't know if she had died... But, I know she has been missing for years... *He closed his eyes*She would be the same age as me, at lest 2,000 years. *he open his eyes* She when missing for 760 years ago, and was never heard of again... How old is your wife, Kyros?

Kyros: She's 560

Tyone: Hm... 560 years old... That's teens for a vampire.


Tyone: Are you not a bit young to be married and have a child?

Krissi: I am allow to do what I want!

Tyone:*sweatdrop*and what is that necklace for anyway?

Krissi:*Blushes, a bit pissed about his question of her being young to be married.*

Kyros: What does a necklace have anything to do with proving my wife is your daughter?

Tyone: It's magical, that's why it has something. I can tell magical things, Kyros.


Kyros: There are still people to this day that can use magic and enchant object. What makes my wife necklace so important to you?

Tyone: Tell me, Kyros. What kind of magic do you see from the Necklace, if you can see it? The necklace's magic stores energy I am not familiar with, and energy I know... Clan vampire power can be seen inside the gem of her necklace, but the magics of the necklace itself is... Rare... Only centern type of beings can have items of that power, but even I don't know who.

Kyros: If you can't tell who then whats the point. So its rare but you have know idea who made it or where it come from. The way i see it the only connection is that necklace has clan energy in it. there's no concrete proof that Krissi is your. daughter

Tyone:*Frowns a bit*... I knew my lover have a necklace, she didn't wear it through...

Krissi: Why would that be the case?

Tyone: She never told me, truthfully, she said it was only for her to know and me to never find out. *He closed his eyes*Adon, retell me the smells you know.


Abon: Krissi's sense was weak but it has the same sense a us but mixed with outcast. Kyros smelled like a wolf and the kid smelled like....a mixture of dog and wolf.

Tyone: Tell me, Abon, since the energy is mix of ours and outcast, has any of the members of the clan been in love with an outcast?

Abon: Not that i know of

Tyone:*He sighed* She has the clan's energy mixed in, and I'm the only one who loves an Outcast...

Kyros: So Krissi is your daughter and Aidan is your grandson.

Tyone:*He sighed*It seems to be. I like to slightly wron so you two can have your happiness.

Krissi:*Frowns, looking between the two, hugging Aidan.*

Kyros: I won't lose

Tyone:*He stands, taking his spear. He smiles at Kyros* I don't doubt you for one second, Kyros. After all, you are a warrior of Sparta.


Kyros:*looks at Krissi and grins* Don't worry I won't lose, we will leave together.

Krissi:*smiles*O-Okay! *hugging Aidan*

Aidan:*Starts to wake up*Mmm... Mama! *hugs Krissi*

Krissi:*hugs Aidan, smiling.*

Kyros:*while he slowly walks up to Tyone* Lets get this over with

Tyone:*snapes his fingers*Abon, get the fighting area ready. *He looks to Kyros.*

Krissi:*Hugging Aidan, watching.*

The Decisive BattleEdit

Abon: Alright the arena is set ^_^ good luck boss

Kyros: *Walks to the middle of the arena*

Tyone:*Walks into the middle of the Arena as well, but starts taking off his armour before standing in. He just wore pants.* Hmph... *Has his large speak, before standing in a stance that only a weapon master has mix with materal arts* You go first, Kyros.

Kyros: A spear wont help you in close combat *He runs strait forward toward Tyone*

Tyone:*stays still, waiting for Kyros to attack*.... *He doesn't move even the slightest.*

Kyros:*when he came just within reach of Tyone spear he runs even fast (due to the fact he's not carrying his half ton axe) and send a powerful punch at him*

Tyone:*Even with Kyros' speed, he seem to catch this and suddenly lifted his spear up close to him and swirl out of the way in a dance-style dodge. He then spin the spear and use the but end of it at Kyros.*Hmph

Kyros:*Using his Legendary Strike (martial art style)to try knock the spear out of Tyone's hand*

Tyone:*Smirks, moving his spear out of the way, making it hit the ground instead*Heh *He then spin his spear away and goes back into a defending stances*

Kyros: Are you going to play deference all day, I'm sure you want to get this over with as much as me.

Tyone:I truly want to study your attacks, to know that if I lose my daughter is still in safe hands... *He smiles*Your doing good so far, even if your a lycan, my respect is towards you as a person of heart, a warrior of sparta, not that your a lycan...

Kyros:I have respect for you warrior of Athen. Athens and Spartan have different view, different way to become strong. I'm not the kind of person who relies on power, I perffer to fight without resorting to transform.

Tyone:*He grins*We agree on the same thing, Kyros. I, too, perffer to fight without resorting to Transform. It is nice to know someone for once that agree, my clan members wouldn't agree on such thing.

Kyros: Now I'll let you take the next move.*took a defensive stance*

Tyone:*It was noticeable when his stances became an attacking stances as he started to a hand stand and then fliped to where he was suddenly crouch lower than Kyros, aiming to do a feet trip under Kyros (you can change it to the real name, Onup ^^; )

Kyros:*he quickly jumped over Tyone, soon as he land he did a sweep kick to try to knock Tyone down*

Tyone:*he jump over the kick, but lost his spear as he land on kyros's leg before leaping in the air to land in front of Kyros with no weapon*

Kyros: You're mine *Runs up to Tyone extremely fast sending many powerful blow*

Typone:*tenses, but also speed in, avoiding most of the attacks as gives Kyros some of his powerful blows*

Kyros:*Took the hits and srugs it off* Fortunately i had a big meal *he continued with the assault not letting Tyone out off his sight*

Tyone:*keeps dodging, but Kyros get one clean hit on him as he was almost sent flying. He dig his hand into the ground as he was draged away from Kyros by the force of the hit. The husky shook it off a bit as he stands up fully.*

Kyros:*Runs at full sped at Tyone then did a side step followed with one powerful uppercut, he put all of his strength into one attack*

Tyone:*He only tenses the moment he saw the fist before being uppercutted.*Ugh! *cough some blood up.*

Kyros:*halts for a moment* Yield

Tyone:*wipping the blood a bit, standing up fully but smiles*Nice hit.

Kyros: I don't want to pummel you to a pulp yield

Tyone:*He raises his hand*I Yield. *He smiles.* That was a very nice fight, Kyros... If only I get fights like this.

Kyros: It was a pleasure fighting you, one day lets meet again under friendlier circumstances.

Tyone: Agree. *he smiles*I would like that. Now, go one and live to the fullness of both your and my daughter's happiness, I'm sure it'll be endless.

Kyros: I will *runs off to see Krissi and Aidan*

The ReunionEdit

Kyros: Krissi I've won *hugs Krissi*

Krissi:*smiles happily while she still hold Aidan, she return the hug*I'm so Glad!

Aidan:*Giggles happily*Papa is awesome! *hugs Kyros*

Kyros:We can all go home now *rubs the top of Aidan's head*


Krissi:*she smiles sweetly* That's good to hear, Kyros.

[Krissi, Kyros, and Aidon can hear Tyone yelling, it was quiet for a moment then Abon appeared]

Abon: Guess who *evil smile*

Krissi:*She gasped*You didn't- You didn't kill him, did you!?

Aidan:*whimpers, hugging Kyros and Krissi.*

Abon: Naa that's agents the rules, I would be marked as a traitor.

Krissi:*She hugs Aidan, looking to Kyros*Kyros... *She was worry.*

Kyros: So what now that you're cheif

Abon:*evil grin* I will do what Tyone should of done from the very beigning *points at Kyros* Killing you and that freak of a son

Krissi:*Tenses, hugging Aidan* My Son isn't a freak! *she snapped at Abon* If your going to kill them, might as well kill me! Which will be hard to do, you freak! *she snapped at Abon.*

Abon: We don't like weakling, we don't like lycans ether *snaps his fingers and 20 clan-vaps appears* Especaly Spartan Lycans

Kyros: We have leave take Aidan and run I'll hold them *Starts to change into his Lycan form* I will find you again

Krissi:*she frown, but nodded as she hold Aidan close and starts running away* *-Mind- Be safe Kyros.* *She starts running even faster with Aidan in her arms.*

Abon: Do you really think she can get away in OUR city, we're everywhere and we know this city like the back of our hand.

Kyrose:*creates 10 shadow duplicates* Then i better make this quick *Blue flames surrounds his hands* Now taste Hades's Flame


Krissi:*running down a hallway, she spots Tyone's wounded body*Tyone! *she gotten to him, still holding Aidan*

Tyone:*He sighed a bit*I at lest gotten to you first, where is Kyros?

Krissi:F-Fighting them off.

Tyone:*He stood up, using his large spear as a support* We must hurry then, I can help you leave the city, Krissi.

Krissi: T-Thank you... Father...

Tyone:*he smiles*Let us go, I can help with defending whoever bothers to come for you and your son.


[The two started to walk through the alleyways like shortcuts.]

The long wait (?)Edit

[Thanks to Tyone Krissi and her son Aidan manege to leave the city. they haven't seen Kyros for a few day]

Krissi:*She frowns, hugging Aidan. She had bandaged up Tyone.*...

Tyone:*waiting quietly, he then looks to Krissi*Krissi... As my daughter, do you want some training while we wait for Kyros to return?

Krissi:Huh?*looks to Tyone* T-Training?

Tyone: It will help you with controling your mix vampire energies much more easier, and you won't have to wear the necklace forever.



[Krissi should be able to smell blood as someone bags on the door]



Krissi:*starts going over to the door, sniffing*

Aidan:*Sitting next to Tyone*Grandpa?

Tyone:*He looks down and smiles at Aidan*I'll be your grandpa from now on. *Pet's Aidan's head.*

[you hear someone collapse outside the door]

Krissi:*eyes widen as she open the door to see who had collapse*

Tyone:Huh!? *looks*

Aidan:*Worry as he hugs Tyone*

[you see Kyrose laying on the floor covered in blood]

Krissi: Kyros! *Goes to Kyross, hugging him gently and close as she sniffles*Oh Kyros... *She frown, but her ears twitched.*

Tyone:*Tenses, holding Aidan to him as he has his spear ready*Krissi, take Kyros inside.

Krissi:*Gently and carefully pull Kyros back into the room.*

Tyone:*Stands protectively at the door.*

Kyros:*he said weakly* No one followed me

Tyone:*Puts his spear down, closing the door*Good to hear... *goes to Kyros, he sighed*

Krissi:*gots a wet clothe and started to wet down the wounds, having bandages ready so she can wrap Kyros' wounds*Kyros...

Aidan:*Holding onto Tyone*P-Papa... *his ears flatten.*

Kyros:*he said weakly* Got anything to eat?

Tyone:*Smiles in a friendly way* What would you like to Eat Kyros?

Aidan:*He was put down, so he when over to KYros*Papa...

Kyros:*weakly* I could eat two cows and a horse.*looks at Aidan* Don't worry they can't kill a warrior of Sparta.

Tyone:*Chuckles*I'll see what I can order. I'm sure a lot of hamburgers will do, am I corrcet?

Aidan:*Smiles happily, his tail wags*

Krissi:*She bandaged up the wounds, smiling at Kyros.*

Kyros:*weakly chuckled* I might be easier carrying a cow but hamburgers will do.

Tyone: They would need the cow for milk. *He goes and order about three cow fill of Hamburgers(Pretty much the amouyth of hamburgers that could fix in three cows.)*


Krissi:*She hugs Kyros gently.*

Kyros: Thanks you *puts his hand on Krissi's face* I told you I'll find you ^_^

Krissi:*She smiles, nodding* I didn't doubt you for one second, Kyros. *she nuzzles gently against his hand.*

Aidan:*Smiles happily*

Tyone:*Smiles at the sight.*

Kyros:*he close his eyes and went to sleep in krissi's arms smiling*

Tyone:*Finished the order, sitting on the bed as he watched Krissi and Kyros.*

Krissi:*she smiles, gently hugging Kyros*

Aidan:*Tries to get in between the two so he could curl up and sleep between them happily.*

[Kyros sleep for 5 hours He notice that Krissi and Aidon are curl up to him]

Kyros:*said quietly to himself* I love you so much

Krissi:*Sleeping next to Kyros, smiling*

Aidan:*Sleeping on Kyros, smiling happily*

Tyone:*Leaning against a wall, his eyes close.*

[Sudenly there was a loud growling noise]

Tyone:*His eyes open, his ears perked as he listen at the sound*... *He ready his spear*

Kyros:*whispers* Sorry that was my stomach

Tyone:*Sighs, but relaxes*Food should be coming soon.

Kyros: Thank you for taking care of them

Tyone:*He smiles*Your welcome... They are, after all, part of my family too. *He closed his eyes*I was lucky to have gotten to Krissi once she left, I feard others would have gotten to her before I did...

Kyros: I was afraid...afraid of what will happen, did they make it, are they safe. I couldn't live with myself if they died...

Tyone:*He smiles a little*I fully understand that feeling, Kyros...

Kyros:*stomach growls* Those burger must be jumbo sized if they're taking this long -_-

Tyone:*Chuckles before hearing a knock on the door*

Kyros: Finally ^_^

Tyone:*opens the door, smiling*

Kyros: So are they here?

Tyone:Yea. *Got toke the tray as he closed the door, it have lots of hamburgers as he goes to Kyros with the tray.*Here ya go.

Kyros:*carfully move without disterbing Krissi and Aidan to grab a burger and eats it* ^_^

Tyone:*Smiles as he leaves the try there and sits on the bed a bit.*

Krissi:*sleeping peacefully*

Aidan:*Yawns, having smell food*

Kyros: These are good *eats another 7 burgers*


Tyone:*Chuckles lightly.*

Kyros: You want some ^_^

Aidan:*Nods, his tail wags.*

Kyros:*gave Aidan 4 jumbo size burgers*

Aidan:*Takes them and starts eating happily*

Tyone:*Grims, watching.*

Kyrose:*Ate the last 40 burgers* Man that was good so what now?

Aidan:*finished his 4 Burgers, smiling happily*

Tyone: I Plan to Train Krissi so she can use her clan vampire powers, it'll help her in the long run and she won't have to be forced to wear the necklace forever.

Kyros: I know of a place near Mt Olympus where she can train in peace

Tyone:*He nodded*Yea, that will work perfectly. *He smiles*

Aidan: *Yawns once more.*

Kyrose: Its isolated so we have to pack as much blood as you and Krissi needs.

Tyone:*He nodded*She'll need more blood than me, since it'll be endless training.

Kyros: Know a blood bank we can rob?

Tyone:*Grins* Near by, about four blocks from this hotel is a blood bank we could rob.



Kyros: So you know the layout of the building and where the blood is?

Tyone: Not really, I mean. It isn't on Athen's lands. But, I can judge that the blood would be in the basement of the building.

Kyros: Ok how long is the training?

Tyone: Takes at lest four mouths up to a year for the training.

Kyros:*sigh* this is going to be one big robbery.

Tyone: Indeed.

Kros: When do they close?

Tyone:*looking for a clock*If I am right, the close around 9:30 P.M

Kyros: Ok tomorrow we will rob the blood bank

Tyone: Alright. *He nods in agreement.*

Aidan:*Was just listening to everything in confusion*?

Escape to Mt OlympusEdit

[Kyros and Tyone are at the blood bank around 9:30 P.M]

Kyros: Ready

Tyone:*nodded* Ready. *His eyes glow a little.*

Kyros:*starts scaling the walls*

Tyone:*Scaling the walls as well, before getting to a window. He peeks inside.*Hm... We're going to need to cove up the cameras

Kyros: Any ideas?

Tyone:*glancing through the room.* There should be a room further in the corner from this window. The controls should be in there.

Kyros: Ok

Tyone:*Gets on the roof, lightly running across the roof to the other side to a air vent.* Ah, here we go. *Quietly open the air vent.*

Kyrod:*quickly follows Tyone* Lets go *quietly inter the air vents*

Tyone:*Follows after quietly, closing the vent.*

Kyros:*move thru the vent as quietly to the control room then he said quietly* We're here

Tyone:*whispers*anyone in the control room?

Kyros:*whispers* Just one but he's asleep.

Tyone:*nods, whispers* You go in and turn off the cameras, I'll make sure he stays asleep. *pulls out a sleeping herb that was in a glass bottle.*

Kyros:*quickly and quietly move to where the controls are and rest some of the wires, the screen buzz for one second before returning to normal*

Tyone:*Lands quietly and quickly to the sleeping guard before making sure he smell the herb, which makes him stay alive even to the loudest sounds* Let's go. *He whispered as he goes to the controls and make sure to turn off the alarms.*

Kyros:*He quikly double check his work before turning around and whispers* I loop the cameras and the alarms are off

Tyone:*nods* Okay, let's go *he whispered, opening the door quietly* The guard won't wake up to anything. *He whispered, doing a hand sign as he points off to his lift outside the door.* This way. *He whispered.*

Kyros:*he went lift outside the door, checking corner to make sure no one is around and whispers* Its clear

Tyone:*nods, going left as he gotten to a door, pushing in a password that he seem to have scan someone pushing. The door open.* Let's go. *He whispers*

Kyros:*silently run thru the door and that went strait to the basement, there was a big vault* Got any ideas *he whispers*

Tyone: I can see if I can't hack it... *He goes to the Big Vault, touch the handle as he close his eyes. Using his vampire energy to senses the numbers of the vault that was used recently.*

Kyros:*whispers* If that doesn't work i could always burn a hole threw it.

Tyone:*His eyes open*I believe I got the numbers. But, if it doesn't work burn a hole threw it. *He starts to do the numbers in the order they were for the vault.*

Kyros:*whispers* So did it work?

Tyone:*Grins as it cracks open a little*It did *he whisperes, opening the vault fully, he was shock at the sign*wow... *there was billions of Blood packs in the vault.*

Kyros: Ok lets do this *Creates 20 shadow duplicates, they grabs all the blood they can carry. in the end there was only a few pack left*

Tyone: That will do. *He whispered,  closing the vault and locking it.* Let's go.

[the 21 Kyros follow Tyone out of the blood bank withou anyone noticing. They return to the hideout where Aidan and Krissi are waiting for there return]

Kyros:We're back


Aidan:*giggles happily*

Tyone: Let us go.

[The intire family left Athens and move to a log cabin close to the bottem of Mt Olympus]

Kyros: We'll be safe here

Krissi: So, Father... How will we start the training

Kyros: With balance training first, then we'll see what you can do after the Balance training.

Krissi: O-Okay...

Aidan:*smiles happily.* Camping!

The TrainingEdit

[it has been many months and Krissi's training is going smoothly]

Kyros: So how's my warrior wife doing?*playing catch with Aidan*

Aidan:Yay ^_^ *throws ball at Kyros*

Krissi:*She smiles sweetly, able to resist the sun's harmful rays now* Doing well. How are you and Aidan, Kyros?

Tyone:*He smiles at the sight.*

Kyros:*catches the ball* We're doing fine, Adin go long *toss the ball far*

Aidan: Playing with daddy is fun *Transform into his little lycan state and quickly runs and catches it*

Krissi:*she smiles sweetly, she wasn't working the necklace anymore.* That's good to hear. *she smiles at Kyros.* The training is working, I don't need to wear my necklace for my life.

Kyros: That's good

Aidan:*run to Krissi with his ball in his hands* Do you wana play ^_^

Krissi:*she giggles, smiling* Sure thing Aidan dear. *Pets his head before taking the ball gently* Ready?

Aidan: Ready Mommy ^_^

Krissi:*smiles as she tosses the ball to Aidan.*

Aidan:*catches the ball the throw it back at Krissi* ^_^

Kyros:*watching and smiling*

Krissi:*Catches the ball and throws it back at Aidan.* ^^

Aidan:*catches the ball the throw it back at Krissi*

Krissi:*Catches the ball and throws it back at Aidan with a smile*

Tyone:*Goes and gently tap Krissi's shoulder*

Krissi:*looks to Tyone.*More Training?

Tyone:*He gives a small smile*All we need to do is work with your powers, and then give you some basic fighting moves.

Krissi:*Smiles at Tyone, before looking to Aidan.*

Aidan:*caches the ball then looks at Krissi with a little sad face* Mommy you'll come back soon right?

Kyros: Once mommy is done we can play some more ^_^

Krissi:*She smiles sweetly at Aidan* I'll come back soon, and like your father says, once Moomy is done we can play some more. *Pets Aidan's head before gently kisses his forehead* Mommy has to go now.

Tyone:*He smiles*

Aidan:*Gave Krissi a strong hug* Love you Mommy ^_^

Kyros: Lets go Aidan we can find some deer near the mountain.

Krissi:*she smiles, waving at Aidan*You and daddy have fun now! *she goes after Tyone for more training.*

Aidan: Deer Deer Deer!*he chanted while following Kyros into the woods*

Kyros: Lets hunt ^_^ *walks into the forest and disappears*

Krissi:*Balancing on a tree log with her lightsaber in hand.*

Tyone: Good, now slash!

Krissi:*She does a slash, keeping her balance*

Tyone and Krissi:*They keep training till night time comes.*

[Everyone is now in the log cabin eating at the table]

Kyros[He's eating 14 cooked deer steaks] Nothing like wild game

Aidan:[He's eating 7 raw deer steaks] Mmmmmm yumy ^_^

Krissi:*Eating some cooked deer steaks.*

Tyone:*eating the same number as Krissi.* She is almost finished with training, only two more days and we can teach Abon that he was wrong about her being 'weak'.

Kyros: I would like to spar with her before we go *takes a bite of meat*

Aidan: *continue to eat his meat*

Tyone: Of course, Kyros. You can spar with her.*Eating.*

Krissi:*She smiles, eating.*

Kyros: Abon will be sorry for messing with our family

Aidan: *eating*

Tyone:*He nodded.*Yes, and once his gone I'm sure a peaceful era will happen.


Kyros:*looks at Krissi* Are you nerves?

Aidan: *stops eating and looks at Krissi*

Krissi:*She stops eating, but smiles* A little Nerves, but if it's to protect those I love and care for, I'll do anything to protect them. *She smiles sweetly at Aidan, then at Kyros.*

Tyone:*He smiles.*

Kyros: Your goal is clear. your heart is strong. You won't lose to the likes of him.

Aidan:*Smile before resuming eating*

Krissi:*She smiles sweetly, nodding as she eats some more.*

Tyone:*He smiles, eating.*

[Two day later Krissi finaly completed her training]

Kyros: So today the day

Aidan:*playing in the snow*

Tyone:*He smiles*Yes, Today is the day...

Krissi:*walking to them, smiling sweetly.*

Kyros:*looks at Krissi* Are you ready?

Aidan:*starts building a snow man* ^_^

Krissi:*nods to Kyros*Ready.

Tyone:*Smiles, going over to Aidan*wanna build a snow man together, Aidan?

Aidan: Yay ^_^

Kyros: Don't hold back

Tyone:*Grins happily, helping Aidan make a snow man*

Krissi:*she smiles.* I won't, Kyros. *Something glow into her hand before forming a LightSaber in her hands.*

Kyros:*Create a Large battle axe out of fire* That's new

Krissi:*She smiles sweetly, before going into a defends stance with the lightsaber.*

Kyros:*Creates two shadow clones, they both attack while the original watch*

Krissi:*Her eyes glow slightly before suddenly vanishing and appear behind one shadow clone, slashing it before vanishing behind the other and stabing the other shadow clone. She smiles sweetly.*

Kyros: You're fast *Run up to Krissi with his fir axe* Lets see how fast

Krissi:*Ready herself as she used Solar armour, giving her light energy base armour like plate mail to give her better protection.*Heh. *She runs up to him with her light saber, ready to block his attacks.*

Kyros:*He throws his Fire axe with tremendous strength at Krissi, He's hands are now engulf in flames as he rushes in to use his legendary strike on Krissi*

Krissi:*She mutter something before she glow brightly, blinding light. Sliding under the Fire Axe and swirl to be on her hands as she does a upper kick at Kyros.*

Kyros:*Got hit by Krissi's upper kick* Nice *Quickly creates two shadow clones the original is attacking Krissi with Spirit thief while the other two are throwing exploding Fir spheres at her*

Krissi:*does a backflip,dodging the Exploding Fire spheres as best as she can as she is ready for the original Kyros to throw a hit at her.*

Kyros:*when Kyros hit Krissi he drains her energy without doing any physical damage, he use the new energy to create two more clones. The original once adai attack Krissi with spirit thief while the four Kyros throw exploding Fire spheres at Krissi*

Krissi:*She grunted, Before forming a light force-field around her, stopping Kyros in his tracks before charging with full force to slam into the Original Kyros, the Light saber ready.*

Kyrose:*creates two large fire axe and attacks her force-field*

Krissi:*It still stood, but waver a little. She leap into the air as she tackled Kyros, before leaping off of him and cuts through all four the shadow clones, not in one swing, but in two different swings. She pants heavily as she turn around and kept her eyes on KYros.*

Kyros: You have great stamina that's good

Krissi:*smiles a little, but not letting her guard down.*

Kyros: We're done, you did great

Krissi:*She smiles, having the lightsaber vanished.*


Kyros: Now lets see that snow man

Krissi: Agree!


Aidan: Done ^_^* Aidan and Tyone build Two snow men one looks like kyros the other looks like Krissi*

Krissi:Ah, how sweet!

Kyros: Nice work

Aidan:*has a big wide smile*

Tyone:*He smiles*

Krissi:*goes over and hugs Aidan, gently kisses his forehead*

Aidan:*hugs Krissi* Love you mommy ^_^

Kyros:*watch and smiles*

Krissi: *smiles* Love you too, Aidan dear. *hugging Aidan*


Kyros:*walks over to Tyoone* We'll have to form a game plan before we go

Tyone:*He smiles* Right, we don't want to go in without one, it wouldn't be smart of us.

Kyros: We should talk abou this back at the cabin

Tyone: Agree.

The planed assaultEdit

[everyone return to the cabin ti talk about their attack plan]

Kyros: Im sure they wont let me or Tyone near Abon

Tyone: No, they won't. But, we'll need to find a way for someone to get near. Once Krissi is out in the open without the necklace on, they'll notice her powers are over the roof. We don't want them to know right away, it's like a secret weapon,y don' you don't want your opponent to know what you have to take them down.


Kyros: Im sure Abon's servants are going to focus on me so it has to be you *looks at Tyone* to make sure to get Krissi to Abon.

Tyone:*He nods* I'll make sure of that, Abon still thinks I'm gone. *A smirks appear.* A plan of surpirse, to shock him in seeing me alive and the over powering energy that Krissi has. But, we'll need a Plan B just in case it doesn't go as plan.

Kyros: It's your den there must be some sort of secret passage only you know of? 

Tyone: There is a secret passage behind the throne, Abon nor anyone knows about it, because it can only be open from the underground passage outside of Althens. It was in case the clan was over run that anyone of my family blood or part of my family could go into the heart of the clan and destory the person controling the whole clan.


Kyros: Why don't we just take the secret passage. Abon will definitely be in the throne room we could hold off the guards until Krissi beat Abon.

Tyone:*He smiles, nodding* Right, we can do that.

Krissi:*She smiles.*

Kyros: Do you think Aidan will be safe here while we are gone? *looks slitly worried*

Tyone: That is a good question... *He frown*I don't want to leave the child alone-

Krissi: Kyros, maybe we can take Aidan to Juniper! Juniper will make sure he is protected while we're gone!


Krissi:*she smiles* A friend I made when I was younger.

Kyros: But Juniper lives far away and Abon will be still looking for use

Krissi: Not if I can get Juniper to get here. Abon wouldn't follow Juniper since she doesn't smell like Vampire nor Lycan, not even Demon. She is different from a normal wolf, Kyros, she's a Timber wolf. These places is her area of fighting!

Tyone: Ah, I see. It'll be a bit longer, but we can wait for Juniper to come here.


Kyros:But does she have the money to travel, sending her money will be risky. I do know someone who can give her a lift.

Krissi: I think money isn't the wises thing, who can you have to give her a lift?

Kyros:In there line of work traviling is necesary, Im sure Eureka won't mind troping her off. She does own a plane

Krissi:*she smiles happily*Alright!

Kyros: We should use a pay phone just to be sure. Its a good thing Juniper will be here in a few days.



[Krissi and Kyros made there phone call and waited for a few days. They can here a plane landing just ouside their cabin]

Krissi:*Gasps happily*Their here!

Juniper:*The gray timber wolf with dark purple hair nodded her head*Thanks for the lift. *She landed onto the ground.*

Eureka:No problem ^_^

[Judas and Tyson jumps out of the plan]


Tyson: Hello

Kyros: Why did you two come?

Judas: We need a reason to see a friend beside you ask one of MY teammates for help ^_^

Juniper:*Felt Kaede fall onto her back* And Kaede wanted to come because Judas came...

Kaede: Hi! *Giggles happily*

Krissi:*she smiles*Aidan, come on out here, Sweety.

Aidan:*walks to Krissi and looks at everyone slightly nerves*

Judas: Hi little guy I'm the great Judas

Tyson: Yo I'm Tyson

Eureka: And my name is Eureka ^_^

Juniper:*Sat Kaede down*I am Juniper, your aunt. *She smiles*

Kaede: And I'm Kaede, Juniper's little sister. *she smiles*

Krissi: No need to be shy, Aidan. These people will keep you safe and play with you while mommy and daddy take care of business.

Aidan: Ok mommy *walk up to the group* My name is Aidan

Judas: I'll teach you loads of stuff

Kyros: Judas

Judas: Ok ok

Eureka: *sarcastically* Can you be any more intimidating


Eureka: -_-

Kaede:*Blinks, confuse* Snow ball fight?

Juniper: It's where people throw snow balls at each other.

Kaede: Doesn't that harm others?

Juniper: Only a light brusing...


Judas: Kaede why don't you join my team ^_^

Tyson:Yes join the winning side ^_^

Eureka: It always a competition with you two

Judas: I like winning

Kaede:*Giggles as she hugs Judas*

Juniper: Hmph, I'll be the loner team then.


Eureka: As they say all for one and one for all

Kyros: We should get going... i do feel sorry for Juniper

Krissi:*smiles* Juniper will be fine, let's go.

On the AttackEdit

[they're currently making their way through the secret passage]

Kyros: Are you ready?

Krissi: I'm ready

Tyone:*He nods.*

Kyros:*he remove the stone that was blocking the way*

[Kyros,Tyone, and Krissi has entered the throne room, as expected Abon was there]

Abon: So you came back *evil grin*

Tyone:Hmph. Of course. *Looks to Kyros, nodding*Let's do this.

Krissi:*touchs the necklace on her, before moving her hand to the back of her necklaces*Let's end this, Abon... *She undo the clip of her necklace, letting it fall down before it was noticeable her energies were far from being weak.*

Abon:*shocked* I didn't know you had such power but i wont be don in by a beginner like you *evil grin* Your not as skilled as your father and he was helpless before my power.

Kyros: You'll be surprise what Krissi can do.

Tyone:*Grins*Teach him a lesson, my girl.

Krissi:*Glares at Abon*I'll make you pay for trying to hunt my family down! *Her hands glow as a lightsaber appear, before suddenly vanishing and appear in fronoet of Abon as light energy plate was all over her body*Hmph! *she did a spin slash at Abon, before ducking down and doing a powerfully uppercut leap, aiming Abon's jaw.*

Abon:*Forms a fore-field out of light energy Blocking Krissi's attacks but it took alot out of him* So you have light powers to....the think you won *starts to get angry* I've ben honing my powers for century i wont be don in so easily *ben the light around his body to become completely invisible* lets see you fight something you can't see

Krissi:I don't need my eyes. *She close her eyes, her ears perked, picking up all sounds as their were very acute*I just need to listen... *She mutter softly as four light spears suddenly appear around her, she was honing in on where Abon was by sound.*

Abon: AAAaaa * Got severely damage by Krissi's attacks* I wont die just yet *He charged a tremendous amount of light to both of his hands* TAKE THIS SOLAR BEAM *he quickly position himself if Krissi doge it would hit Tyone, he put both hand together forming a powerful solar beam and fire*

Krissi:*Glares at Abon* Light Force-field! *Suddenly a light energy force-field was form around her as she charged at Abon with the lightsaber*GRAHHH! *the Light force-field toke the solar Bean damage, once it vainshed the solar plate toke the rest of the solar beam, vanishing as well as she was suddenly infront of Abon, stabbing the lightsaber into his gut*I will end this. *Her eyes glow as she narrowed them.*

Abon:Darn you win for now*cough up blood but there are other sooner or later some will take my place *his eye are getting heavy* and I'll see your family in hell.

Krissi: *She mutter something before light started to form inside of Abon*I'll make sure others like you fear me and my family. *She hissed, her eyes glow* Piercing Light

Tyone:*Watching in silences.*

[Abon's body burned to ashes]

Kyros: So its over

Krissi:*She smiles*Till the next moron tries and mess with us.


Kyros:*grins*Until then lets celebrate

Krissi:*The lightsaber vanished from her hands, going over and hugging KYros*how do you want to celebrate~

Tyone:*Sweatdrop*I feel this is going to involve you two in a while different room.

Kyros: What a great idea I hope you don't mine me steeling it *grins and hugging Krissi*

Tyone: I don't have a lover, so it doesn't count as stealing ^^;

Krissi:*Hugging Kyros, smiling.*

Kyros: Tyone could you do me a favor and tell everyone we will be back a bit late.

Tyone: Erm, sure. I will tell them. *He leaves rather quickly.*

Krissi:*Giggles softly.*

[while Kyros and Krissi are alone somewhere Tyone tolled everyone at the cabin what happend and that they will be late coming back. Everyone got the meaning except Aidan and Kaede, Judas rushed in and definitely whispered what it meant. When Krissi and Kyros finally returned a bid party was waiting for them, everyone had fun.]

                               The End (or not -_^)

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