Age: 18

Gender: Female

Species: Fox. though is called Moon Fox

R. Interest: Awai the Fennec Fox


Sister: Taiyou the Sun Fox- Older Sister




Tsuki is capable of using Photokinetics, though a special variant of the gift. She is able to form and generate Moonlight to use as she pleases, this power can increase and decrease in power as daytime and nighttime passes.


Tsuki has silver fur with no visible markings anywhere on her body. She has hair that reachs to her hips, though she wears this hair in a ponytail. She has two bangs parted to reveal her steel grey eyes. Speaking of which, she has steel grey irises with black pupils and her sclera are glossy white. Her muzzle is pale grey with her ears and the tip of her tail.

Tsuki wears a black dress with silver trim that cuts at her knees, she has black kneesocks and shorts. She also wears a silver jacket that she sometimes takes off.

When she goes swimming Tsuki will wear a white one-piece bathing suit.


Unlike her sister, Tsuki is someone who doesn't take humor very lightly. While most can view her as cold, she's just simply a shy girl.

However, under this shy exterior is someone who is dominant and will not back down from a relationship.

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