Its Jinbei and Suien's 5th birthday and White, Ivory and a few friends are trying to get the celebration into action but the birthday twins are missing!?

Chapter 1: Lost Foxes

Jinbei: *walking around int the forest during winter holding Suien's hand* Sis, it seams we got lost

Suien: *looking around* Sure seem like it. *sniffs the air*

Jinbei: I hope Mama and Papa won't gt mad at us....

Suien: They won't get mad brother.

*At the shrine

White: *looking everywhere for his children (White is a bit of an overprotective parent)* W-Where are they? *looks furiously with emence speed*

Sovash: *standing outside with Ivory helping set the decorations* Is he always like this? I mean, I know I'm a bit overprotective of my belongings but this is kinda scary (since technically we are both the same person).

Cloud: *setting up tables* Yea, every time I come over White always have them sit in his or Ivory's lap. I swear you two spoil your kids -_-. Don't get me wrong, you two are amazing parents but when you can't find the kids *points to White looking frantically* This happens -_-

Ivory: *she sighs* Love, I last saw then go into the forest. *she frowns a bit* Mmm...

White: Really!? *runs to Ivory and kisses her* Love you! *takes his borad and heads into the forest to search*

Sovash: -_- Wow, I hope I never become that.

Cloud: Yea, but he's a good guy and a great father. He'd do anything for those kids.

Ivory: *A bit flustered, but slightly annoyed* Meep! *she sighs* I could easily find the kids... Oh well.

Sovash: *sighs* Well they'll be fine. They are the children of a shrine demon and a demon slayer

*back to the children ^^

Jinbei: *looks at the tress and at a nearby creek*, which way was it again? Left or right? *looks confused and pouts but looks at Suien and tries to act brave* D-Don't worry Suien, we'll get back home.

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