'In order to love someone close, you need to love your Enemies first' This was reminded by a female Hedgemink, a grim and angry expression shown on her face, disgusted by those words she was given once before. Who had the right to earn her love anyway? Not everyone follow those beliefs anyway.


Victoria was just walking through the woods that surrounds her home, but what would happen if she ended up in a new world from her own?

Unexpected VisitEdit

Victoria, a female vampire that is the daughter of Baine and Bisk, was walking in the deeper parts of the woods. "Mm..."

The wind starts to blow.

"Mm?" Victoria glance around when she stops. "That is a bit strange... It isn't windy..." She hisses a bit.

It starts to blow harder, it appears as if the wind is pushing her.

"!! What the-!" She try to hold her ground, but the wind was stronger than her as she was being pushed. "Arg!"

Parts of the ground start getting pulled out as a small red portal starts to open not too far from her.

Victoria hisses, trying to grip onto something, but nothing was near as she fallen into the Red portal. "!!" Her vampire wings form from her back in case she was going to fall.

It spits her out into a courtyard being assaulted by a heavy downpour of rain, the portal vanishes.

Victoria land perfectly on the ground since she had her wings out, they cover her from the heavy downpour of the rain. "Where the heck am I?" She stands up, glancing around before her ear twitched and she vanished into a bush nearby, as if she heard someone coming close to her area.

A male hedgehog with black fur, purple highlights, and blood red eyes with slit pupils comes over to where Victoria was, it appears that he's steaming as the rain touches him. "Ugh..another portal opened up. I wonder what unfortunate sucker got snt here this time.."

The female Hedgemink's eyes stares right at the male hedgehog, still hiding in the bush. "..." She notice how late it was since she was thristing for blood. Not right now, Victoria... Not with this strange here... She stays quiet.

He's about to walk away before he stops, he turns around and starts sniffing the air. "That's the scent of a vampire.."

Victoria tenses in her hidding spot, sniffing quietly and noticing he was a demon. "!!" A Demon!? This is the rare moments I get to see one, wherever I am, this isn't a good sign. Her eyes glance for a place she can leave quickly too, noticing a spot that goes outside, she uses her vampire speed to quickly get out of the place and hoping the male hedgeog not noticing. Her vampire wings are gone. I need to find some type of woods or something I can easily loss someone in. She thought, searching the unknown area she is in, her eyes close as she reads the timeline of what may happen, but got nothing.

"I can smell you vampire."

Victoria stays quiet, noticing a forest and zooms right into the woods. "Heh." She hisses a bit, hopping to have her scent loss in the forest. She stops next to a giant tree, panting heavily from all the running. She is soak from the rain before sniffing a bit. "Ugh..."

The sounds of footsteps are heard not too far away. "You smell like my mother, only not as nice as my father and I normally think." His voice is heard.

Victoria looks behind her, shocked. "!!" I didn't loss him!? Normally I can loss anyone in- Damn it, I forgot, I am not where I normally live. She faceplam, sighing as she glance behind her. "Fine, you caught me." She spoke coldly, her hands holded up to show she wasn't holding anything.

She gets turned aroun to look directly into his red eyes. "Who are you? Did you get sucked into the portal?"

Victoria hisses at him. "Back up, Demon. Why the hell would it better to you if I did?" Her fangs slightly shown. "You don't scare me."

He growls and her hands are suddenly restrained. "Don't test me woman. I'm not in the best of moods." His hair are slicked down from the rain.

Victoria hisses at him. "I'm not in the best of moods either!" She snapped at him, her eyes going vampric-like, having sharpen.

"Well, we're certainly not going to get anything done while in the storm." He picks her up. "And maybe I can tell why you smell like my mother."

"Hey! Let Me DOWN!" She hisses and shouts, kicking.

"No." He starts walking towards the castle in which the courtyard belongs to.

Victoria couldn't struggle anymore, feeling weak from lack of blood as she hisses and breathes heavily.

"We've got blood at the castle. Replenish your strength there."

Victoria seem a bit confuse, her eyes glance towards the male.

"I'm not as hateful to vampires as my father. I apologize for the hostility, but you smell like my mother and that worries me."

Victoria seem to slightly buff her cheek a bit. "Well, I won't tell you anything!" She growl a little. "I rather stay quiet, since your a demon." Her eyes narrowed a bit. "My mother told me I can't trust demons."

"Your mother..? Does she look like mine?"

"I don't know what your mother looks like!" Victoria snaps a bit, a bit angry that he even asked that.

"Black fur, sinlge blue bang."

Victoria seem confuse. "My mother has dark gray, close to black fur with blue bangs..." She suddenly stated. "Blue eyes with really long, curly hair..."

"..." He now walks in silence.

Victoria stays quiet since she got nothing in reply, grunting. "I doubt it means anything." She suddenly said. "Your mother could just haven't to look like mine and not be connected what-so-ever."

"That's not we have to keep you safe until we can get you back to wherever you came from."

Victoria was confuse by the statment of 'not possible'. "sure, whatever..." She glance away.

He turns into smoke, her included, and enters a window. He reforms their bodies and sets her down. "Sorry for the sudden change."

Victoria was confuse. "I never knew a demon of doing such thing. Let alone be kind enough to wait till the time to return me home." She slightly glare at him. "Most stories of Demons I hear are either they are rapiest, murders or kidnappers."

"From your parnets no doubt. I can't blame them." He looks at her. "My name is Malachite. Yours?"

Victoria glance away, as if thinking on it before sighing. "Victoria... Just call me Vic." She spoke coldly, looking at him.

"Very well, Vic."

Victoria closes her eyes in thought before muttering something she knew too well. "In order to love someone close, you need to love your Enemies first... Dumb advice, mother..." She open her eyes once she finished muttering.


"Nothing..." She said, glancing away.

"Fine. So you need some blood?"

Victoria sighs, looking to him. "Yes..."

"..." He holds out hsi wrist to her. "If not this then I'll go get some blood."

Victoria was confuse in why he would give her his blood, but she sighs. "Any blood will do..." She said before her fangs grown and bits into his wrist rather hard to get the blood.

"You did that on purpose didn't you? Cause that hurt."

Victoria only open one eye, which was vampric sharpen, before closing it and feeding.

He waits patiently.

She finishes and pulls her fangs out, cleaning and heal the wound, she sighs. "I only bite rather hard because I couldn't control myself for a bit." She had a small hint of blush due to the fact she hated admitting something like that.

"Huh." The mark on his hand vanishes. 

Victoria leans back a bit. "As a vampire who is still controling over their powers and know what they can do, we still lost control if we haven't learn to control such lust for blood." She closes her eyes. " But, only those that are born as vampires have that problem."

"I'm sorry for your predicament."

"Hmph, don't be sorry." Her eyes close, their a extremely light blue. "It is a way for me to get stronger, I don't see it as an issue." She looks at him, her eyes narrowed slightly and her emotions are nothing of sadness, regert or depression.

"..Wow, if you had two upbeat parents you're the most emotionless girl I've ever met."

"Simple because I don't care for outsiders." She hiss a little, looking away. "My parents are emotional, but no outsider has gain my trust beside my Aunt..." She close her eyes.

"Well then, how are you gonna make any sort of emotional attachment once it's time to leave your parents?"

"Who said I was leaving them?" She glance to him. "Anyone can say they will leave their parents... But, they will soon be drawn back to them when they get older..." She close her eyes. "My mother is moral, I won't be able to leave for years til my father dies over the lost of my mother..." She glance up to the ceiling. "when that time comes, I may end up living in that very place they live... It is a very free roaming and lovely place anyway... Nicer for a vampire than a city or town."

"Huh. I've never lived anywhere but in a castle."

"I only live in a cottage in some woods, but there was a town nearby for mother to buy foods and other suppiles that were needed."

"Cool. Better t-" He looks at her. "Hide!" Footsteps are head in the hallway outside his room.

Victoria was quick and gotten under the bed and grip the bed from underneath, staying quiet and making her scent not noticeable.

A grown Scar bursts through the door. "Malachite! What have you been doing in here?! Talking to girls?"

"N-No Dad. Noone's in here but me!"

Victoria stays perfectly silence and ensuring she can't be found. "..."

Sounds of them arguing are heard, with Scar talking about how Malachite should be finding a suitable mate and Malachite saying how he wants to choose who he loves.

Victoria listens in while keeping herself hidden and staying quiet, yet she blushes since she felt this was a bad thing to do, but she had to listen in.

"Maybe I don't want to marry a demon woman! Maybe I like vampire girls!"

"Absolutely not! Vampires are the worst kind of species you could possibly think of."

"You only say that because of your rivalry with Bisk!"

Victoria's eyes widen, but was quick to ensure she didn't lose her powers in cloaking herself. She blushes at the statements, and stays completely quiet and stops listening into the arguement. "..."

"You never mention his name. Never. Any word of that vampiric scum and his fool of a wife and I'll make sure you never mention their names ever again."

Victoria's eyes gone vampric-like, but she was trying to hold herself back, keep herself hidden and try to keep herself quiet. This is hard... she thought deeply to herself.

"I said do you hear me?" Scar sounds angry.

"Yes..." Malachite sounds upset.

"Good." Scar walks out and Malachite closes his door. "Vic, you can come outnow.."

Victoria gotten out from under the bed slowly. "Your lucky he is your father, or I would have done something really bad." She spoke rather coldly, it was normally of a slightly small dark aura around her.

"You know what? I appreciate the notion but he's also king of the kingdom. Plus, my mother's absolutey devoted to him so she wouldn't be proud of you doing that."

"He insulted my mother and father. I think i don't hugely care if the king and queen of this place wants me dead." Her eyes narrowed coldly. "My mother isn't some stupid fool and my father is a scum." She spoke coldly and quietly.

He sighs. "Anyway, you should probably get some rest and get cleaned up. That storm and running must have you beat and dirty."

Victoria blushes, crossing her arms. "I doubt that would be a safe thing to do...." She glance away

"Bathroom next to my bed." He points at a door opposite his room's exit and entrance door.

"And clothes?" She looks to him.

"I'll wash those, the demons here use me as their laundry boy. And a demon woman has similar clothes to yours." He clears his throat. "And I won't walk in while you're using it."

"Good, and alright." She goes into the bathroom.and strips while getting ready to shower."

He stands up and walks out of the room with her clothes, he comes back with a pair of clean clothes similar to hers. "And why does she even wear a skirt this short will forever be beyond me.."

Victoria finished showering and was wrapped in a towel. "It allows more.motivement to kick and other stuff without a care."

"Ok, I understand that. But aren't you worried about scumbags trying to get a look?" He hands her the outfit.

"If they were trying to get a look, then it is their fault when they end up in the Hospital. I also need something to boost of my charming when I need it."

"..Right." He hands the clothes to Victoria.

She takes the clothes and go back into the bathroom, closing the door and changing.

"So. How was the blood I gave ya?"

Victoria blushes a tiny bit. "Good..." She said softly.

"That's nice to hear. Never knew my blood was good to vampires." He checks his wrist. "Anyway, if you're tired then you'll..." He trails off. "Huh, I don't know what to do so you can sleep."

Victoria blinks. "Mmm... I can sleep under your bed." She stated.

"You sure? Cause I could do that if you want."

"I'm sure, don't want one of your family memebers seeing me in your bed." She said.

"True.." He sighs. "Fine, but only as long as you have to."

Victoria had a sweatdrop. "I believe that everyday is a 'must' for me."

"True..and since you're the daughter of my father's foes he won't take kindly to your being here..How about this, I help you make a residence here where he won't find you?"

"Um... I guess that can work." She said, blinking.

"What's worse? Living where pretty much everyone, besides me, could turn you into the man who hates your parents with unbridled fury. Or living somewhere that's similar to where you like to live, with only one person knowing?"

"I rather had the later." She blinks.

"The forest? Good idea, I'll try to help you build it. For now, you should get some rest." He pulls the blanket and pillow of his bed and hand them to her. "So you don't have to sleep on only the hard floor."

She nods, going under his bed and sleeping with the pillow and blanket.

"Goodnight Vic..." He falls asleep, leaving only the sound of the rain the only audible noise.

Victoria sleeps.

Silent morning.Edit

The rain has stopped, when Victoria awakes she should find a plate of food, as well as a two glasses of blood and juice, respectively on the floor next to the foot of the bed.

Victoria looks over, quietly eating and drinking. "..."

A group of voices is heard outside.

"?" She listens in, blending a bit to her surroundings.

As she gets closer to the window she'll notice Scar's voice, as well as many others.

She hides so no one can notice her, listening into the speaking of the voices. "..."

"As you all know, Malachite will be reaching the age of eighteen, which we all know is the proper age for one to marry. However, due to some..difficulties Malachite will be marrying females of the vampire species." The tone of disgust in his voic is clear to anyone in the crowd and Victoria.

Victoria blinks, shocked by the words. "..." She sighs to herself, blushing a bit. I think I notice that I have a strange feeling toward such male... Maybe because I did drink his blood first... To marry to a vampire female.. I would never be such female, after all, I am the daughter of Baine and Bisk... She thought deeply to herself, listening more to it.

"He will however, marry a woman of my choosing." The crowd murmer some words, if Victoria looked through the window she'd notice that some of the girls in the crowd stare at Malachite longingly, while others turn their heads away in shame.

Victoria tenses, narrowing her eyes. No... I can't... She was having a hard time but her eyes flash a icy blue. Time travel... Sent me back in time, to before we ever sleep... Allow me these memories, to warn him... I don't want him to be force against his will. Her eyes close, hoping she be right back to where she was before she when to sleep in 'yesterday'

IF she awoke, she'd notice that she had succeeded. As the rain from last night was still pouring down the windows, a flash of lightning and the rumbling of thunder are seen and heard.

She sighs to herself. "Time travling can be a really hard thing..." Her eyes were still glowing a soft, icy blue as she was looking for Malachite.

Malachite was sitting on his bed, oddly enough he had not gone to sleep yet.

"Malachite..." Victoria said softly, her eyes the same blood before she used time travel.

"?!" He falls off his bed as he wasn't expecting her to speak since he thought she was awake.

She slightly crawl from under his bed, looking to him. "Did I easily shock you like that?" She sighs, but it was a rather sigh as she gotten out from under his bed and looking to the window of rain. "... There is something I need to tell you, Malachite... Of tomorrow..."

"Sorry, just thought you were asleep." He stands up. "So, what is it you need to tell me?"

Victoria frown a little as she looks to him. "Do you know what will happen tomorrow?... What your father will do...?"

"Well, my birthday is tomorrow. I'll be turning eighteen, and he'll probably try to marry me off. I don't know the rest of it though."

Victoria sighs. "This may be confusing... And I will explain to you how I know... Tomorrow, your father will allow you to marry a vampire female, but of his own choice..." She looks at him. "And how I know this... Is hard for me to explain..."

"..Huh. He's actually going to force me to marry a vampire..I said I'd marry a vampire, but I won't marry one he chooses! Most of those girls are only interested in making sure they stay safe!"

"But, that is what he will due tomorrow... I couldn't stand there and watch such suffering..." Victoria sighs. "I'm just like my mother... But, I used time travel to tell you this..." She looks straight at him. "And be happy it worked... Time travel.... Is hard to fix."

"Huh..Well, thank you." He hesitates before he hugs Victoria. "Please don't hurt me."

Victoria blushes. "Why would I want to hurt you..." She mutter a bit, blushing a slightly deeper shade of red.

"Well, cause I'M hugging you, and you aren't too fond of me." He let's go, not having noticed the blush on her face.

"I said I didn't fond demons..." She glance away, blushing. "You can't even tell a female emotions well." She crossed her arms, her eyes slightly narrowed and looking off the side. Why did you think I told you the future?... I do like you... She thought deeply.

"Thank you Victoria." He kisses her cheek as a thank you. "Now I have a plan."

Victoria blushes at him having kiss her cheek. "Your... Erm... Welcome..." She said, trying to hide her blush.

"How about this, he won't know who you are if you disguise your smell.." HE starts whispering the plan into her ear. It would describe a comptetition, her disguising her scent and her participating in the competition to avoid his forced marriage.

Her ear twitched. "Mm... How about my Appearances, the markings might give away some hints." She looks to him, but thought. "Mmm... If my father can hide what markings he might have, I might beable to hide mine... While also hiding my scent..." She nods. "Alright."

"Thanks! And when you win, I can help you get back home!" He smiles.

Victoria blushes a bit. "O-Okay..." Her eyes close and the light blue markings of her fur and cheeks vanished, making her just a light gray, her eyes were still an icy blue, vampire-like. "So... How do I enter this... eRm... Comptetition?"

"Well, if you know about this then you can join the crowd that'll happen tomorrow."

"So, pretty much stand with the crowd is how I get into this, correct?" She thinks. "I might have to just use my first name for all of this." She glance to Malachite. "Will Vic do well for that?"

"Well yeah. I mean he doesn't know who you are after all. Just don't use Youngblood. He might recognize your parentage."

"I know." She said. "Youngblood was my grandfather's name... I believe he would know who I belong to right away if I said it. Victoria shall be it, nothing more and nothing last. She looks to him. "I guess, we got to be ready..."

"Yeah..Goodnight." He smiles.

"Night..." She said, going back under his bed, closing her eyes but not asleep. "..."

Malachite is fast asleep.

Victoria hides her scent and made sure it stay that way so she didn't have to keep it up with her own powers, she close her eyes and goes into a light sleep.

A new Dawn and a Comptetition of fateEdit

Victoria wakes up rather early, listening for anything since she was under Malachite's bed.

IF she looks out the window, a few people have started to go outside, Scar nor Malachite, nor his mother have appeared.

Victoria had lookd. Good, I can get there... She stated in her mind before using one of her vampire powers ot ensure she wasn't like Malachite and had acted like she just gotten out of the building, walking towards the few people in silences. She glance away quietly to understand who is around, her very scent still being cover well.

Some of them give her odd glances, but they don't pay her any mind as Scar and his family arrives. "Welcome my loyal subjects."

Victoria stays quiet, lsitening in the crowd. "..."

"As you all know, Malachite will be reaching the age of eighteen, which we all know is the proper age for one to marry. However, due to some..difficulties Malachite will be marrying females of the vampire species." She should remember what Scar plans to say next.

She keeps listening. He will be marrying a vampire girl of your choice, is what your going to say... She thought deeply, before looking at them from the crowd.

"He will however, marry a w-" Scar is interrupted by Malachite. "A woman who is able to win a competition that we have set up! The one woman to come out on top will be my bride." Malachite looks around at the crowd,  some of the girls whispering to each other.

Victoria seem to smirk under her muzzles. Smooth move, Malachite... She blushes a tiny bit at that thought, but it gone away as she looks at the crowd before looking up at Scar and Malachite.

Malachite stares right at her, smiling. Scar is glaring at him. "Yes..A competition, whoever wins will be my son's wife."

Victoria look straight at her, smirking a bit. "Heh..." I wonder what kind of competition it is, Malachite. She thought with a small smirk.

"It will be a series of physical competitions, combined with vampiric ability endurance trials. Whoever wins, will be the woman to take my son's hand in marriage, and may ask one thing of the king."

Victoria seem to be complex on the later comment. Ask one thing of the king... That part isn't going to go well... She thought to herself, but her eyes narrow a bit. However, I won't lose to a much of lowlife vampires that are around me right now... She thought even more to herself.

Malachite looks at her and mouths something. He then makes the gesture that he wants to speak to her later.

She glance to Malachite and nods a little. He wants to tell me something, so I better get ready for what he will say. She thought.

"Ahem. That is, all.." Scar says and walks off, bringing his wife with him. Once everyone leaves Malachite points to his room's window.

She nods, looking to his room window and close her eyes to do the same she did this morning.

Malachite walks in, closing the door and locking it. "Phew."

Victoria was already in his room, sighing a bit. "Just doing all of that made me thristy..."

"Need some blood?"

She sighs, but nods. "Yes."

He holds out his wrist. "Here you go."

Victoria blushes a bit, put takes his wrist and gently bites into it, feeding.

He blushes from her bite. "Someone's been tsking care not to bite too hard. How sweet of you."

Victoria blushes a slightly deep red from the comment, trying really hard not to bite deeply into his wrist for that comment as she feeds.

He sighs. "Hey when you're done I gotta tell you something."

I finished feeding and licks the bite mark on your wrist before glancing to you. "What is it you got to tell me...?"

"My dad's able to make a portal. If you win, then he can make the portal for you to go home with. Won't that be nice?" He says this with a hint of sadness in his voice.

Victoria frown a bit. "But, if he knows I don't belong in this place, and finds out where I do live, he will know who Daughter I am and he will be extremely upset, if not try to kill me right then and there." She seem rather dull in emotional, but it seem like she didn't really want to leave as she glance away and blushes a tiny bit. "That is the only issue with that plan... I can't ask him to make a protal to my home..."

"But..don;t you want to go home? I mean, i-it's your home." He holds her hands.

Victoria blushes. "I know somewhere inside of me I want to go home... But, mother has always told me that going home doesn't make anything come towards me..." She sighs a bit. "My mother was always so saying things that at first never made sense till the events that need those words happen..."

"Your m-mother must be nice.."

"My mother is the thing people would call innocent and pure." Her eyes close. "My mother once told me... In order to love someone close, you need to love your enemies first... At first, I didn't understand and I had refuse to understand it..." She blushes a bit.

"I..don't get it." He ponders the statement.

"In order to love someone close, you need to forgive your enemies... " She glance down. "To forgive your enemies mean you have no hate in your heart, and therefore, you can put all your emotions into one feeling inside of two." She looks to him.

"...Ah." He looks at her. "Do you hate me?"

"No, I don't hate you..." She blushes a bit, Glancing down. Do you really think I hate you..? She thought to herself. "If I hated someone, I wouldn't have gone all the things I did today..."

"True.." He looks at her. "Thanks Vic. I mean it." He hugs her.

Victoria blushes, but gently return the hug. "No.. Problem..."

"Anything I can do to help repay the favor?"

"Mm..." She blushes a tiny bit, thinking. "..."

"Anything at all."

"Do you have a harp, violin or Cello? If not, do you at lest have something I can paint with?" She suddenly ask, looking to him., but blushes. "If I plan to be your mate, and I win... I want at lest something you can enjoy from me, that I can give to you... Of course..." She blushes a deep crimson when saying that, glancing away now.

"Oh um. Hangon." He walks into a closet and comes out with a violin. "I like to practice.." He blushes and hands her the violin. "A-And you don't have to be my mate either if you don't want to."

She blushes, but put the violin on her right shoulder, in the playing position, it was noticeable her fingers were used to strings mostly a harp, Violin and Cello. "Mm... One violin song I know, I played with my mother... My mother played the piano..." Her eyes close a bit, sighing as she took the violin out of playing position. "I... Can always help you with some tips to play a violin..."

"Well, thanks." He smiles.

She smiles a bit, blushing slightly. "Your welcome... I'm unsure if I want to play right now..." She gently touches the violin, her eyes glazing at it.

"They'll think I'm practicing." He places his hand on her shoulder. "Go ahead."

She blushes a bit. "Very well..." Her eyes close, putting the violin into playing position. She then tap her foot a bit, as if she was remembing her time of her mother's piano keys before she started playing.

Sad violin music - sad song funeral song money drama of life03:01

Sad violin music - sad song funeral song money drama of life

This is what she is playing, and the piano playing in the background will be in Victoria's mind ^^;

Malachite listens quietly.

Victoria keeps playing, her eyes close as the notes blend perfectly with each other till she ends it softly. "..." Her eyes open and she takes the violin out of playing position. "There."

"Victoria, that was amazing."

Victoria blushes. "Th-Thanks..."

"Welcome." Malachite hugs her again. "The competition starts tomorrow you know. He's still gotta get it together."

"What should I be ready for tomorrow?" She glance to him.

"Well, charming. Physical endurances for vampires, and how fast you can drink blood."

Victoria blushes. "Why does it matter about how fast I can drink!?" She sighs a bit. "I understand endurances and Charm, but how fast you can drink blood? Wow... I never drank anyones blood but yours." She looksd to him. "I normally drink blood bags..."

"Relax silly. It's my dad. He knows next to nothing about vampires. I'm gonna ask one to help him."

She sighs. "How fast blodo can be drfain from a victim shouldn't be one to be put up." She had a sweatdrop. "That is just... like how someone die from too much water... Mmm..." She starts thinking. "Psyhcial strength of a Female vampire can be amazing. However, some Vampires enjoy their talents of music. I say some, not all."

"Besides. The blood wasn't going to come from someone, it was gonna be a couple cups of blood."

"Still, a Vampire can die or lose control when having too much blood... I don't really want that too happen." She had a sweatdrop.

"Why do you think I'm asking a vampire to help him?"

"To ensure that those events don't happen."

"Exactly." He pats her head.

She blushes a bit.

He blushes.

"So... Um... How should I get ready...?"

"Well um..Work on your vampirism?"

"Haha, funny." She sighs. "One can't work on their Vampirism... Beside, if I do, I lose the control over blocking my Scent... However, that won't slow me down."

"True. But the blood thing's going to change. No doubt about it." He hugs her, nuzzling her softly.

Victoria blushes a bright red at him nuzzling her. "Go-Good to hear."

He stops nuzzling and looks at her, still hugging her.

Victoria blushes, looking at him, her arms gently hugging him.


"Er-Erm..." Victoria blushes and glance away.

Malachite blushes and he leans in, nuzzling her cheek.

Victoria blushes even more, glancing at him a bit.

His face is a bit closer than it was before.

Victoria blushes extremely red at how close it was, her eyes looking into his.

He leans in more slowly, his lips close to touching hers.

Victoria blushes uncontrollable, unable to think of what to do.

He's about to kiss her before a loud bang on his door is heard. "Why is this locked?! Malachite what have I told you about locking the door?" Scar is heard. Malachite pulls away quickly.

He whispers into Victoria's ear. "Hide in the bathroom."

Victoria nods and was super quick to hide in the bathroom, yet silent so to not have Scar question. "..." She hides somewhere in the bathroom and stays quiet while listening.

They start to talk about the competition, or in other words, Scar is attempting to get Malachite to change his mind about the vampire choice. Malachite refuses.

Victoria blushes in her hiding space. You can't change Malachite's choice... Because he is really in love with a vampire... And that vampire... Is me, isn't it... She thought deeply to herself, gently touches her lips that Malachite had almsot kissed. "..."

They keep talking, with Scar growing ever more persistent. Malachite keeps refusing and soon enough Scar caves in. "Fine, but keep an eye out. I hear talk about someone not wanted here bein here.." He walks off and Malachite closes the door, soon enough he comes into the bathroom. "So, you hear all that Vic?"

"I sure did..." She sighs, getting out of her hiding spot. "I wonder who this person is that he meant by 'not wanted'... Mm... No matter, he assumed he can just change your mind by demanding..."

He shrugs. "He's not gonna win that easily." He comes closer to her. "Hey um, sorry bout what happened before he came in.

Victoria blushes. "It is fine, Malachite..."

"But hey um.."

"Mm?" She looks to him.

He presses his lips against hers.

Victoria blushes bright red, completely shock, but she gives into the kiss slowly.

He holds the kiss closing the door so noone unwanted comes in and sees them.

Victoria closes her eyes, blushing as she returns the kiss fully.

He hugs her close.

Victoria blushes as she leans more into him.

He pulls away, nuzzling her neck.

Victoria blushes even more, breathing softly as she was speechless.

"Wonderful kiss Vic."

Victoria blushes. "Y-Yea.." She was really speechless and shuttering, a new side to her really.

"Well, this is a new side to you I've never seen before. I like it."

Victoria blushes even more when he said that.

"..." He hugs her again. "Victoria..if you win, would you go back home?"

Victoria blushes, hugging him. "Not if I can't bring you..." She whisperes slightly, blushing bright red. "But... I wonder if we can live in the woods one day... That would be..." She smiles a bit.

"Yeah..hey, there's a house my parents went to go to for their honeymoon."

"Mm? Really?" Victoria said, looking at Malachite.

"We could go there."

"Sure. I just want to be somewhere that I don't have to hide my scent anymore." She blushes a bit. "Father much be upset a bit, but mother will be happy for us both."


Victoria blushes. "I guess I will have to get ready for tomorrow soon."

"Yeah. I pray that you win. I love you."

Victoria blushes. "I-I love you too." She had some trouble on saying it, but it was full of emotions she never shown before. She blushes even more.

He smiles, the rumble of thunder occurs outside. "Again? It's been storming all this week."

"Agree..." Victoria blinks, glancing to the window.

It's also nighttime. "Huh. Time to sleep."

"Yea..." Victoria looks to Malachite. "I do hope that the last part of the compteition involves music talents... I would happy to play you a song from the harp." She said, blushing before going to his bed and going under it.

"I'll see what I can do."

Victoria smiles. "okay... Night." She close her eyes to sleep, yet a light sleep so she is ready for the compteition.

Malachite is asleep.

The Day of the ComptetitionEdit

Victoria wokes up, her ears twitching. She woke up rather early.

Malachite is waiting. "Hey, it's today."

Victoria gotten out of the bed. "I know." She streches a bit, looking to him. "So..."

He kisses her passionately, before breaking the kiss. "Goodluck."

Victoria blushes, but nods. "Th-Thanks." She sighs. "where is this taking place, so I can get there with my teleporting..."


"Like normal. I'll be there." She close her eyes and she seem to just proof in thin air. She appears in a place no one would notice and walks out in the courtyard.

He smiles and goes outside. Many of the female vampires are talking to each other, one though, is looking at Victoria. 

Victoria glance around quietly, her icy blue eyes scan over the female vampires, but stares right back at the one looking at her. "..." Why is she looking at me? Victoria thought before glancing away and blinking once or twice.

She walks over to her. "So, you here for Malachite too?"

Victoria glance to her. "And why does that matter to you?" She asked. "Yes, I am here for Malachite, but I have a different reason over money and fame..." She glance away, closing her eyes. "But, I'm sure you don't think I'm telling the truth, do you." She looks at the female Vampire.

"I understand what you're doin this for. Although yours is probably more reason than theirs. Just wanna let you know I support ya."

Victoria seem a bit shocked. "Um... Thank you for the support." She smiles a little. "So, when does this start?"

"Eh, starts when King Brat and the Prince and Queen show up." She looks her up and down. "Hm. You know, if he takes a likin to you then he didn't choose wrong. You're a pretty one for sure."

Victoria blushes a bit, glancing away and place a hand behind her head as she rubs the back of her head a bit. "..." I normally don't comments like that... She thought deeply to herself.

"Don't take that the wrong way. Name's Gaierra. Yours?"

"Name's Victoria, you can call me Vic." She said, blinking.

"Nice name." She looks around. "Listen, some of these girls think you're dangerous. Some of them plan to hinder you to win too."

"Let them try... But, thank you for the heads up..." She looks to her.

She nods and walks back. Malachite and his mother, Abaddon, walk up. "My apologies, but my father could not be here as he felt..uncomfortable around so many vampires. So, my mother and I are here to describe the rules of the competition and the events."

Victoria looks up at Malachite, but notice Abaddon. She... Does look like my mother, so Malachite was right... It couldn't be possible for his mother to not be related to mine... She thought, but stays quiet.

Abaddon nods, staying quiet. "..."

"Here are the rules of the competition. There is no cheating, no rough-housing(unless necessary), and any and all bribes can not and WILL not be accepted. You must follow the rules of each event. To break any of these rules mean you are disqualified and are to be removed from the competition immediately." As he says this, he looks at the female vampires that were talking.

Victoria blushes a tiny bit at the sounds of those words, but her blush hides and she smirks.

Abaddon nods. "Yes, furthermore, Those that are Disqualified will leave the couryard as to not be in the way of the competition, if you fail to meet the following of leaving, then you will be deal with." Her eyes narrowed a bit. "Do I and my son make ourselves clear?"

Victoria had a small sweatdrop. He wasn't kidding about his mother... She thought deeply, but keeps a strong appearances to herself.

They all nod hesitantly, many even shivering at her gaze.

Victoria nods her head, not hesitantly, through she knew better than to go against Abaddon's words.

"Good, You may keep going with your speech, Son." Abaddon says as she glance to Malachite.

"Thank you Mother." Malachite takes a deep breath. "The events of this competiton are meant to prove who of you is eligible to be my bride, as well as the most suitable to be my mate. The first event will consist of a race where you must use your vampiric speed. The start is there." He points at a brown patch of ground. "You will start there, and you will run across the courtyard and end there. Whoever gets there first will win this event."

Victoria sighs a bit, but smirks a bit, but nods quietly. Be ready Victoria, but a mix of Royal and common Vampire, you might be able to sweep some of these vampires... But, that doesn't mean they can't be smart about how to win. She thought deeply.

They all walk to the line, Terrea however sits on the floor, her arms crossed.

Victoria walks to the line, strenghing a bit then waits. Her stance was ready for running, her eyes looking ahead of her yet keeping tone of her sides. "..."

Gaierra stands up and walks in front of the race. "Alright, everyone. Go!" She jumps out of the way. Malachite watches the race.

Victoria was quick, running in her line as she was breathing calming to keep her blood calm as she runs, her ears keep listening for the others or anything outside that shouldn't be there and her eyes sight stays right in front of her, but keeping look out for anything that may try to come up from her blind spots as she runs pretty fast. This isn't my fastest. She smirks a bit to herself.

Malachite tries to hide the smile on his face, as Victoria is ahead of her fellow competitors, with only a few trailing behind her.

Victoria smirks, she was already gainning more speed and getting even more ahead of her fellow competitors as she keeps her breathing calm and aware of her surroundings.

Abaddon watches. "Mm...." She seem to note something. "Her running is affected like a royal Vampire's run..." She mutter, watching.

Malachite looks at his mother nervously before continuing to watch the race.

Gaierra is following the race on a pedastal of rock. "Annnd, the grey furred vampire is making a strong position for herself as she's almost to the finish line."

Abaddon seem to grin a little. "A good female mate if she wins... Even if she is a vampire, a Royal Vampire is very nice to mix with." She says in a whisper.

Victoria was as fast as any Royal Vampire fastest run, she keeps her breathing clam as she sees the Finish line, but keeps herself aware of her surrounds.

"Oh right." Malachite watches the race with happiness in his eyes.

"Aaand she's pretty much got this race in the bag." Gaierra yawns.

Victoria crosses the finished line and perfectly slides herself to a stop. She sighs a bit, but smirks, only small notice of having little sweat.

Abaddon claps softly. "She proven herself to be a truly blooded Royal Vampire." She close her eyes. "Your eyes are set on her, are they not, son?" She glance to him after opening her eyes.

"U-Uh.." He taps his two fingers together.

Abaddon chuckles a little. "I caught you there.. Well, Son, the first event has been finished.

Victoria sighs once the other competitors has reach the line, She was letting the sun dry her of her sweat. "Heh, only broke out small amount of sweat..." She mutters to herself. "Of course, this means I am a huge target now due to how fast I ran that race."

"Hey don't sweat it. They can't attack if they wanna stay for their chance to marry the Prince of this kingdom." Gaierra lands in front of her.

"True." He stands up and starts walking over to the group.

Victoria sighs, but smirks. "Very true, I am glade he set that rule up." She blushes a bit. "However, I need to be ready for anything in case they somehow find a way." She smirks a bit. "Through, I did enjoy showing them how hit it might be to hit me." She notice Malachite and Abaddon coming. "I assume the next event is going to be explain."

Abaddon walks with her son.

"Yup. Anyways, good luck for the next one." She walks off.

"Well now, congratulations to the winner of this event. Now for the next event, vampiric strength. To be the wife of a prince, you must be able to defend yourself as you will face many targets. Though not as many as the king and queen."

Victoria smiles. Another close strong spot of mine She thought deeply.

Malachite looks at his mother. "And, my mother will provide the event. Won't you mother?"

"Of course Son." Her eyes slightly narrowed at the all the other vampires females but Victoria. Victoria seem a bit confuse why she didn't get the coldest glare in the world. "?"

"Thank you." He looks at everyone. "Now, this will require some force. However, any force that will cause a fatal injury, or death, will cause whomever committed that force to be disqualified."

Victoria nods quietly. Gently, Victoria... Gently, through most of her powers involve time travel and quick speeds to fool a being... But, nothing too bad. She thought deeply before nodding even more.

Abaddon glares at the female vampires. "Follow these rules and no deaths will happen." She spoke coldly.

"Now then, are you prepared for the event?" Malachite asks them. they all nod, though frightened of Abaddon.

Victoria nods, not showing fear, but she knew better than break the rules.

Abaddon grins a bit. "Alright, then the Secound Event rules are known well."

"You see, my mother is known as the Warrior Queen. One of the strongest women in the kingdom. If you're able to last the longest against her in a hand-to-hand trial, you'll win."

Victoria was a bit shocked. Wow... The Warrior Queen, she does live up to that name. Hana-to-hand may not be my strongest suit, but I can last pretty good. She nods quietly.

Abaddon smirks, going to a good part of the Courtyard, taking the trench coat off and in her fighting outfit. "Hmph." She smirks.

The vampires look at each other nervously, before scrambling to rush her all at once.

"..Idiots." Malachite mumbles thi sunder his breath.

Victoria, however, stood back. "Hmph, don't just run at your enemy like idiots..." She mutters to herself, watching to see what Abaddon got.

Abaddon smirks evilly. "Oh, poor choice." She suddenly gone to hand-to-hand moves on them without causing bodily harm to them, but enough to not make them stand. She notice Victoria and smirks. "Heh, smart female Vampire."

Victoria nods quietly, keeping watch till all the female vampires have fail.

"..." Malachite and Gaierra watch. The vampires all groan in pain.

Victoria slowly walks up, before bowing a bit. "I take this as an honor to do this event."

Abaddon looks to Victoria, smirking. "I hope you prove this fun, as you weren't stupid to run straight forward at me."

Victoria nods. "running head first into a battle normally results in having your head cut off." She looks at Abaddon, getting into a fighting Stance.

Abaddon smirks, throwing punches and kicks at Victoria as She blocks and throw some hits in, carefully aim to not harm Abaddon badly. The two were at it for a lot longer with blocking and hand-to-hand combat.

Malachite smiles. "Yeah, she's won this one."

Victoria was bruised a bit, but smirks. "That was nice..." She breathes heavily. Abaddon was a little bruise, but grinning. "Not bad for a vampire." Victoria had a small sweatdrop and Abaddon strengthes.

"And, she is the winner of the event." He claps. "The contest isn't over however, but due to the bruises on the competitors a reprieve may be allowed. For them to rest and heal."

Victoria smirks, strenghing before groaning a little due to some of the bruises.

Abaddon nods. "Yes, let them heal and rest, want them ready for the next event."

Gaierra starts helping some up, before picking up one in particular. She carries her off. "And you wanted safety..feh."

Victoria had a small sweatdrop after hearing that word. "Wow...."

Abaddon sighs, shaking her head a bit before putting on her trench coat and going to her song. "Nice fight that was. She stood pretty good and didn't even fall."

"Yeah..I know."

Victoria licked some of her bruises, which heal up.

Abaddon looks to Malachite. "You have sights on a female who proven worthy in vampire standards, your father might even be impress even if she is a Vampire."

"I hope he is. There's two more events before this is done."

Abaddon nods. "Very true, and Your father is hurt to impress."

Victoria finishes licking up the bruises that were on her arm. "There."

The others finish healing, as Gaierra walks out without the vampire. "Sorry, she's not gonna be able to participate."

Victoria glance over. "I do hope she is well." She said that to Gaierra, blinking a bit.

"Yeah she'll be fine. Besides, can't let my girl get hurt too bad." Gaierra walks off whistling.

Victoria chuckles a little, smiling.

Abaddon looks to Malachite. "Everyone is healed up, son."

"I can see mother, thanks anyway. Though it looks like Gaierra took her girlfriend out of the competition."

"I wonder why her girlfriend even join the competition..." Abaddon said with a sweatdrop.

He shrugs. "Ok, third event's all me." He stands up and walks to the crowd as they get up.

Victoria looks at Malachite, ready to listen.

"Alright girls, halfway done. And there's two left to go.This one is a special game of hide and seek."

Victoria seem confuse. "!?"

"Senses. You'll have to find me by scent. Same as the last two, whoever finds me first wins."

I've been around him so much, I can detail his scent very well.. Victoria nods quietly. This was to make me an easy winner, Malachite? I can never tell... She thought deeply, nodding once more as she looks at Malachite.

He closes his eyes and his scent is detectable, many of the girls giggle and are entranced by it. Gaierra rolls her eyes.

Victoria blushes a bit, but wasn't entranced by it yet she did enjoy his scent. "..." She looks at him. I know your scent far too well for it to entrance me like the other girls. She thought deeply.

He crosses his arms. "IT begins now." He vanishes, his scent going off in many directions, each stronger than the others.

Victoria's eyes close, smelling for the most place the scent is mostly hovering at. "...." She stay quiet.

If she noticed, she'd notice a different scent trailing off to the forest, most of the scents leading into the castle.

"?" She was quick to go into the forest, once she was inside the forest and can't be seen by the others, she walks calmldy through the forest and following the scent trail in the forest. "..."

The scent gets stronger as she gets closer.

She walks even more, getting closer to the scent source.

A cabin is revealed, Malachite is sitting on the porch. "Well, you found me."

She was amazed, but nods. "Well, I am not foolish like those other vampire girls." She blushes a bit. "So, that is why you made this hide and seek thing, I knew there was a reason behind it. A good Reason too." She blushes but smiles, walkjing up to the porch.

"Yeah. You were smart enough to notice this scent. You weren't entranced enough by mine so you weren't focused only on the one. You win this event Victoria." He hugs her.

Victoria blushes, hugging him. "I am smarter than to follow my desires to know whose scent I need to find." She nuzzles him a little. "Beside, I don't want any other female finding this place, who knows what they would do." She had a small sweatdrop.

"Well, let's go back. This'll be your new home if you so choose to stay." He starts walking back.

Victoria smiles, following him. "Thank you, Malachite."

"So, you've only gotta win one more time."

Victoria nods. "Yes, I do... I am glad you set up those rules for the competition, I was warn that the females were going to do anything to hinder my chances to win."

"Actually my mother set it up. She wanted to make sure noone got out of line." 

"Heh, well, I guess thanks to her then. I am glad either way." She glance. "But, you are right... Your mother looks somewhat like mine, yet she doesn't act anything like my mother..."

"Because apparently, my mom is what yours would've been like if she wasn't as innocent and pure like yours. She still loves me and my father, but she's pretty aggressive regardless."

"I could tell from just simply the event of lasting with her." She thinks. "Through, your mother seem to have taken an interest in me, which is a strange thing to me... Why is that?"

He shrugs. "Maybe because you're better than most of those obsessive fangirls that you're goin against?"

"True." Victoria smiles. "After all, my mother and father did help me control my vampire powers more than most would."

"Hey we're almost there." He kisses her cheek before he walks out into the courtyard, where Gaierra is dragging most of the vampires out, while the one she carried away after the second trial is watching.

Victoria was hiding her blush, but smiles a bit.

Gaierra sets the group together and sits next to her girlfriend, she wraps her arm around her.

Malachite stands in front of the group. "Alright, all of you. This is the last and final event."  Many of the girls give Victoria a dirty look.

Victoria crosses her arms, not caring for the dirty looks as she looks at Malachite.

"Now, for those of you who knew, my father originally planned for this one to be a blood drinking contest. But we all know what happens when a vampire drinks too much blood. So, we had a special vampire come and help out with this one. Gaierra?" She lets go of her girlfriend and walks up. "Hello everyone." Gaierra looks at the crowd.

Victoria smiles as she looks at Gaierra.

"Like Malachite said, Scar had planned for this to be a blood-drinking contest. But if we remember, the last time we had that much to drink, I hit on everyone. Literally and physically, but before we get off track I had helped make a new event to ensure something of that caliber does NOT happen again. This last and final event, dictates that everyone must hide their scent. Prince Malachite and I will then attempt to find you all. Whoever is found last, is the victor, and will become Malachite's lover, bride, and mate."

Victoria was a bit shocked. I am already hiding part of my scent, so I most hide all of my scent... Very well... She nods, recovering from her shock.

The vampires are all gone. "Better run sweetie" Gaierra motions for Victoria to hide.

Victoria vanished quickly, using her teleport version of Time tavel to speed up the secounds, she ended up in the forest since she knew it to be the only hiding place and she goes into the giant tree she had stop at in the rain storm, she hides her scent completely and blend herself with the leaves. "..." I can't believe I came back here.. But, this place called out to me in my quick thinking, funny huh?... She thought deeply, closing her eyes and fouscing completely on hiding her scent and hiding in the leaves of the tree that cover it the most.

Footsteps are heard. Gaierra walks past, unaware of Victoria's presence. "Hm. Noone's here."

Victoria stays perfectly quiet and blends perfectly with the leaves of the giant tree as she hides her scent well. "..."

"Aha! Found you!" Gaierra runs off.

Victoria stays perfectly quietly and hidden in the leaves, not moving or even breathing while hiding her scent fully. Her right eye open a little as she watched Gaierra run off. "..." She close her right again once more.

Victoria could then hear Gaierra and a female vampire talking, before they kiss and go their separate ways.

Mmm... Wonder what that was about... Victoria thought deeply, her eyes not openning and she stays hidden in the giant tree's leaves and hiding her scent.

-An hour later-

She should feel a tap on her nose.

Victoria open her eyes a bit, confused by the tap on her nose. "?" She glance to whom just tap her nose.

"Hey there. Honey." Malachite smiles, blushing.

Victoria's cheeks suddenly became rosey as she was a bit shocked. "!" She sighs, but smiles as she carefully sits up. "  So, I won Huh."


Victoria blushes red. "I-I'm glad to hear."

"Need any assistance getting back?"

Victoria nods a bit. "Yea..." She blushes. "My legs fallen asleep"

He picks her up bridal style. "How's this?"

Victoria blushes, hugging him. "Go-Good."

He starts carrying her back to the castle. "You won the competition. I knew you would."

She blushes and hugging him. "Thanks, Malachite."

"You're welcome Victoria." He kisses her cheek. "We're almost there."

Victoria blushes as she nods, hugging him. "Yea."

"Sorry I didn't make the last event a music one.."

"It's fine, Malachite." She hugs closer to him.

"You can play at the wedding if you want one." He reaches the courtyard.

Victoria blushes. "After the vows, that would nice. Or before the wedding start."

"How about after the vows?"

"Yea, After the vows if you want." She smiles a bit.

"Cool." He nuzzles her.

She blushes and nuzzle him in return.

"Well, mother went to tell my dad bout your victory."

Victoria had a sweatdrop. "Hehe... I hope it goes over well..." She knew how Scar gets about Vampire now, even from the stories that she sometimes hear from Bisk.

"He didn't have a choice. All of the contestants were vampires." He looks around. "Gaierra probably went back to her room with her girlfriend, the others went back after they got caught."

"Hehe, Good to hear." Hugging closer to him. "Mm... I still don't know what to what to do with the asking that your father openingly put out, an lest he took his words back." She looks to him.

"He can't. He'd lose popularity if he tried to break a royal promise."

"Huh... Well, I don't know what to ask for, Really..." Victoria said, thinking as she hugs him.

"He's able to make portals."

"And I'm not going home." She looks at him.

"Y-You're not??" He hugs her tight.

Victoria blushes. "I'm not going home, I won't be able to stay with you if I do go home. Beside, I-I am Sure Father can take care of mother fine without me there." She blushes extremely red as she hugs him.

He smiles. "Good to hear."

Victoria blushes, but smiles at him.

"Come on." He starts carrying her to the room.

Victoria blushes, hugging close to Malachite.

He opens the door and sets her down.

Victoria smiles at him as she stands, going into his room.

He walks in. "You won now, so they know you're here."

Victoria nods. "Yea."

"Which means no hiding under my bed. Feel free to use it."

Victoria blushes. "Y-You are sleeping in the bed with me, ri-right?"

"I-I suppose."

Victoria smiles as she blushes. "I-I didn't want you to sleep on the hide floor, an-and we're going to be mates so..." She blushes. "J-Just wanted to get used to sharing a bed with someone."

"R-Right." He blushes.

She blushes but smiles at him.

"You hid pretty well."

She blushes. "Th-Thanks."

He hugs her.

Victoria hugs him in return, smiling.

"How long do you want the wedding to happen from now?"

Victoria blushes. "Ma-Maybe one or two days from this day, if your okay with it." She keeps hugging him.


Victoria smiles at him.

"Two days. So you can get your dress ready."

Victoria nods. "Yea." She smiles.

"Hey, it's dark. Wanna sleep now?"

Victoria smiles, blushing as she nods. "Yea." She goes into the bed, making room for Malachite.

He crawls in after her, hu hugs her.

Victoria blushes, nuzzling him as she hugs close to him.


"Night." She says as she sleeps.

Dawning morning.Edit

Malachite let's go of Victoria and sits up, yawning.

Victoria keeps sleeping, but wraps her arms around his waist as to try and stop him from moving. "Zz..."

"..." He blushes and tries to get up again.

"No... Zz..." She hugs closer to him in her sleep and trying to keep him from getting up.

"V-Victoria?" He tries again.

"Mm..." Victoria groan a little in her sleep, trying to keep him from getting up, but she finally lets go and sleeps on the bed. "...Zzz..."

He pats her head. "Thank you." He kisses her cheek.

Victoria keeps sleeping, hugging the blanket close. "Zz..."

He sighs and sits back in the bed. He hugs her tightly.

Victoria nuzzles him in her sleep.

"Vic, wake up..." He whispers in her ear.

"Mm..." Victoria started to wake up a bit, but was sleepy.

He kisses her.

Victoria blushes and kisses him in return in her somewhat sleepy state of mind.


"A bit more awake than I was easiler." She said, yawning.

"Cool." A knock on the door is heard.

"Mm?" Her head lays on Malachite's chest a bit, glancing to the door. "Who is it?" She whispered a bit, looking up at Malachite.

"Oh come on you two. You seriously couldn't have waited til after you married to do that?" Gaierra's voice is heard from behind the door. Malachite blushes deeply.

Victoria blushes extremely bright red, she sits straight up and glares at the door a bit. "W-We didn't do anything Naughty!!" She snapped, blushing extremely bright red.

"Okok sheesh. Can't blame me considering there's only one bed in these rooms. Now open up, we have to get you a wedding dress."

Victoria blushes red, looking to Malachite.

"Go on Vic." He kisses her passionately once more.

Victoria blushes, returning the kiss before getting out of the bed. "Ka-Kay."

"Go on." He smiles.

Victoria nods and goes to the door, opening it. "I-I'm coming."

Gaierra looks at her. "Huh, even if you didn't do naughty with him you still look like you did. Come here."

"Th-That is only because you brought it up." She blushes, but nods.

She starts fixing Victoria's hair, til it looks like it normally does. "There."

"Oh, thanks... I am still sleepy..." Victoria sighs a bit.

"Well, today'll get you woken up completely. After all, you've gotta look wonderful for your future husband."

Victoria blushes, nodding. "Ye-Yea."

"Come on, we'll go to the best dress shop in town." Gaierra starts walking.

"R-Right!" Victoria follows quickly.

Gaierra keeps walking.

Victoria walks with her.

"This place is great. My ex showed it to me."

"Oh..." Victoria said, glancing around.

"Eh, don't let that go past ya. It's still a pretty good place to go for dresses."

"Oh, I understand. " Victoria smiles. "Beside, you have someone anyway."

"Actually. She's my ex." Gaierra sweatdrops.

Victoria seem confuse. "What happen?"

"Eh..rather not get into it."

Victoria blinks. "Does it have to do about the forest?" She suddenly asked. "Just say yes or no, don't need to explain."

"How did you..? No it's not about the forest, more like somethin goin on about her crush on Malachite. We ended it on a good note though."

"Well, she can't have Malachite." Victoria buff her cheek a bit. "But, I know about the forest since because I was hidden in the gaint Tree you passed."

"She knows. She just said that she had a crush, so she was into guys more. Not my problem though." She sweatdrops. "Oh. Why am I surprised?"

Victoria nods. "Maybe because you thought no one was there... But, I only said you leave when you found the female vampire and return to where I was hiding, both of you kiss and walk off to your own ways." She had a small sweatdrop. "I can hide my scent well, only Malachite seem to know where I am."

"Ohhh. Got it." She stops. "Well, we're here."

Victoria nods. "Alright. "she stops as well.

"Let's go get you your wedding dress." She walks inside.

Victoria nods and follows after Gaierra, but remember something. "Um... G-Ga-Gaierra... I got something to say... Um... Mainly about my appearances..."

"What is it?"

"I have markings that I have been hiding..." She looks to Gaierra. "I don't know if it matters now, but hiding my markings does use up some of my power... Are you okay with me showing my markings so I can last how long I can do without blood?"

"Yeah go ahead."

She close her eyes and her blood markings appear, she then open her eyes as the markings gain their light blue to them.

"You look cooler with them." Gaierra crosses her arms. "Now come on in ma'am."

"R-Right..." Victoria goes to Gaierra.

"By the way, what is your name?"

"Its Victoria, I thought I already told you at the events." She looks at Gaierra. "Or just simple Vic for short."

"Right, my bad."

Victoria smiles. "It's okay."

"Welp. Wedding dress section's this way." She starts walking to an aisle with various white dresses.

Victoria follows after her, looking at the dresses.

"Anything you like?"

Victoria was looking through the Wedding dresses. "Mm... No... Not that one... I don't like that one... Erm..." She keeps searching.

"Go on, keep searchin. Not gonna rush ya."

"Mmm..." She thinks deeply as she pulls out one dress and another dress. "Either one or the other..." She had a sweatdrop.

"How about the one with the long sleeve? You might be more comfortable in it since you seem to favor long sleeve shirts."

"A-Alright." Victoria said, smiling as she out the other dress away and holds onto the long sleeve wedding dress.

She smiles. "You'll look great in it I bet."

Victoria smiles, nodding. "Yea."

"Come on. Let's go see you wear it hm?"

Victoria nods. "Yea."

She leads Victoria to the dressing area.

Victoria follows her.

She sits down. "Feel free."

Victoria goes into a free dressing room and gets into the wedding dress, she comes out, blushing.

She gasps. "Ahh you look great! I'm sure he'll love it."

"I-I really hope so, Th-Thanks." She says as she blushes.

"I hope he will, now, he'd better look the part for you."

Victoria blushes, nodding.

"Come on, let's go buy it."

Victoria nods as she goes back into the changing room to change back to her normal clothes with the wedding dress in her arms carefully, following.

Gaiera stops at the counter and waits patiently for Victoria.

Victoria goes tp Gaierra with the wedding dress.

She buys it for Victoria. "There."

"Thanks Gaierra." She says while smiling.


"So... What else should I need for the wedding?"

"Only if you want somethin else."

"Do we already own a harp?" She asks.

"Of course."

"Oh, just making sure." Victoria says.

"Ok. You play?"

"I do" Victoria says.

"Cool. Maybe yo could show us durin the wedding."

"After the wedding, me and Malachite agree." She smiles.

"Cool. And after that you get to commemorate your marriage. If you know what I mean." She nudges her with a smirk on her face.

Victoria blushes, glancing away quickly.

"I'm messin with ya silly." She starts walking out with the dress. "by the way, might wanna keep your dress safe for the wedding."

"Right!" She follows after Gaierra.

She hands it to Victoria.

She nods, holds her dress into her arms as she keeps it nice.

"You can leave it in my room if you want." Gaierra looks at her.

Victoria nods. "It would be better in their for its safety.

She nods. "I'll make sure it stays safe."

Victoria nods, smiling. "Thanks, Gaierra."

"You're welcome." She smiles back.

Victoria smiles happily, thinking. "Now what..."

"Mmm.. I don't know."

Victoria thinks. "Mmm..."

"I'm hungry..."

"Yea...." Victoria said.

"There's a good place to eat around here. Let me just go put your dressin my room first ok?"

"Okay!" She said happily.

Gaierra smiles before walking off.

Victoria waits for Gaierra, glancing around.

Gaierra comes back. "There."

Victoria smiles at Gaierra.

"Come on. I know this great place."

"Alright." She smiles,

She starts walking.

Victoria folows Gaierra.

She opens the door. "Come on."

Victoria nods and get to Gaierra, walking in.

She walks in, there are tables with various people eating. "Well, tables?"

Victoria nods, smiling.

She sits down at an empty one.

Victoria sits down at the table as well.

She hands her a menu. "Waiter left it for people who sit here."

Victoria smiles a little, taking the Menu. "Alright."

"Hm.." She starts reading her own menu.

Victoria reads her own menu, looking at what to eat.

"What're you having?"

"Mm... I think I'll have..." She was thinking over it. "I think I'll have chicken and rice." She had a small sweatdrop. "I can't think of anything else."

"Ok. I'm havin some soup."

"Okay." Victoria says with a smile.

She orders their meals. "Well, they'll come soon."

"Okay." She says with a smile.

"So, what'd you think of that dress?"

"I-It's really nice. I'm just wondering what Malachite would think of it..."She looks down at the table.

"I'm sure he'll like it."

Victoria smiles. "Y-Yea."

Their food comes. "Here we are." She hands Victoria the chicken and rice. "You know, we should probably thank the fact that Scar and Abaddon constantly had to be at events for Malachite's being so kind to vampires."

Victoria nods. "Yea." She smiles.

"I mean, with them not around he had to be raised by vampires, most demons were too busy fighting or sleeping. Though Abaddon tried her best to be around for him as much as possible, still does too."

"Yea, Seem like Abaddon doesn't hate vampires as much as Scar." She blinks, thinking. "I mean, still devoted towards him greatly, but doesn't have a huge hatred towards them."

"Well, that's because she didn't go through what Scar did." She looks around before leaning and whispering. "Apparently, Abaddon is a clone of a girl known as Baine the Hedgehog. Well, woman round this time since she'd be at least be thirty-four. Apparently Baine's father was involved with Scar's father's death."

Victoria frowns, knowing Baine's father was her very own grandfather. However, she stays extremely quiet. Grandfather didn't do that... He didn't murder anyone for no reason... Mother told me so.... She thought deeply.

"Scar believes that her father killed him, but truth be told I think noone but her father knows what truly happened that day. Though I guess we'll never know since I heard that some werewolf killed her parents."

"Oh dear..." Victoria said, sounding shock through deeply inside she knew this already. "Mm... Maybe a journel was left behind..."Thinking a bit.

"All I can say is, maybe if whatever happened then didn't happen. I can't help but feel that maybe Scar wouldn't be so hateful towards vampires. Cause, I'm pretty sure that's where he got that hatred."

"Mm... Sound reasonable..." She was thinking. "Mm... I just wished we got a hold of one of the jounerls rather from his father or from this female's father..."

"Hm..Maybe we could get something from Scar's father. He had them sealed into a vault since they caused alot of bad memories for him."

"Yea." Victoria smiles a bit. "I do like to read about the history, so this will be helpful."

"Won't be easy. Scar's the only one with the key to go in there. And he always keeps it on his person, except when he's showering, sleeping, or sleeping with his wife."

"I already know his wife isn't one to mess with, so I don't want to try and get the key while his wife is around, which is most likely everyday..." Victoria sighs, but remember something. "Ah... But, I do have one thing... It is very dangerous to work with if not done correctly..."

"What is it?"

She whispers to her. "I can do time travel." She blushes a tiny bit.

"Woah. Yeah, let's do that!"

"Shhh" She said quickly, glancing around, then sighs. "We'll have to see about the time. I might be able to go as far back as to the event that happen to cause Scar to hate vampires."

"Sorry. Let's go."

"Very well."

"..Somewhere after we find somewhere private."

Shes nods. "Yes, a private place."

"For now, let's just eat."

"Agree" Victoria says with a smile.

She continues eating.

Victoria keeps eating.

"So, how is it?"

"It's good." She smiles.


Victoria smiles, nodding.

She finishes. "Yummy soup."

"The food was really good." She said once she was finish.

"Yeah this place is pretty good."

Victoria smiles, nodding.

"So, wanna get to it?"

Victoria nods. "Yes, our timeline will be paused, so no one knows we have gone back in time... Another interesting thing about me."


Victoria nods.

"So, shall we go?"

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