Putting all the characters' names and pictures[if any] here. These are characters that don't have pages ^^

Ace S.J Zen

Akane Honda (Base on an anime called something Zero, I think night Zero...)

Amber The Hedgehog

Angelic the ice fairy hedgehog

Aynlie Ice Wolf [Has a page]

Banshee The Expreiment (Yeeeep.)

Beta the Ice Hedgehog

Blouse the Angel Ice Fox (Base on an anime known as Panties and Stockings XD )

Cabi the fox

Cassy The Cat (Part of the Wonderland thing, she's cheshire Cat.)

Cyra the Fox

DarkLove the Hedgehog

Deathbane the hedgehog (Base off oblivion :D)


Flare the hedgehog (His nothing like Shadow, trust me ^^;)

Fosur the Fox-sprit (Not many good pictures of him...)

Hail the Arctic fox

Hanel -Succbus goddess slave- [Has a page]

Holy the Hedgehog

IceFire the fox

Jasquaes Cartier The Echidna

Jelly the cat (will give away soon)

Joseph The Bat

Kage the Afircan wild dog

Kizato The Clone (Clone from a made up race, I'll scan and post all that later ^^; )

Kukki the dog.

Kumo(Cloud) The Fox

Laptop DJ Wolf (This character was base off a song XD)

Love-Onna (She's pretty much like Y-Tiger)

Mars (His a human)

Mardia the spotted wolf

Magius the echidna

Maria the Hedgehog(Not the Maria)

Melina the hybrid-dragon

Moonstone the Moon fox

Niki the leopard (Not just any leopard, those really fuffy ones allt he way up in the cold areas ^^; )

Noble the Hedgehog (Base off Halo, someone else drew this character for me as a request)

Ongaku(Beats) The Fenne Fox

Ren Zone the echidna

Ribbon The Cat

Rin the Hedgebat

Ruby the wolf

S.A.M (Likes M.I.A, an A.I)

Sakura the Posson

Sen the Rabbit

Sparkburn the Hedgehog/(pokemon type)

Spice the dog (She's a witch)

Sohn the fox

Unknown the Hedgehog

Venja -A human with part computer in her, so she can still be a human [not joking] (Slave?)- [Has a page]

Ying the fox

[A demon cat baby...]

(The list may keep going, I haven't found all of them.)

Gallery of all these characters that are listed.

(Still adding pictures.)

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