Basic InfoEdit

Name: Varanus the Komodo Dragon

Full name: Varanus Black

Species: Komodo Dragon

Gender: Female

Occupation: Scientist

Hobbies: cooking, shopping, and collecting

Height: 3’3

Ability Type: Power

Birthdate: August 14

Age: 20 (chronological 61)

Alignment: Evil

Eye color: Purple

Attire: (Coming Soon)

Likes: anything that’s cute, warm and or hot climates

Dislikes: Old people, cold climates

Enemies: Judas the wolf, Eureka the hedgehog, Tyson the Echidna

Varunas dislikes:

Friends: (Looking)

Rival: (Looking)

Loves: Currently Byoki ^^

Favorite Food: All kinds of sweats and meats

Least Favorite Food:' Vegetables

Weakness: Ice (it will case her body to slow down and her blows will become less powerful (well she is a lizard)

Strength: fire (The heat will increase her speed and her blows will become more powerful (again she’s a lizard))

Blood powers: Edit

Varanus can use her black blood to bend into spikes of blood from droplets, develop missiles and perhaps most impressively, harden the blood to protect herself from harm, whether by clotting an open wound or simply increasing his stamina. She can also form weapon from her blood like a scythe or a sword. When she is about to form a weapon she has a habit of saying black before saying what the weapon is Ex: Black Gatling, Black Sword, Black Scythe. Varanus has a special move Black Eraser, she forms a sphere as large a basketball and shots it at her foes this black sphere contain large amounts of antibodies that are design to destroy anything it touches but she can only use this move once per day.

Blood Forms: These forms give her an advantage in battle when needed.

(Coming Soon)


Weapon of choice: Black Scythe

Theme Song: (Coming Soon)


Varanus love cut thing and love kids. She sometime go out of her way to save a kids life some sometimes she eats them, she specialty like kids around the age of 10. Anything she deemed cut runs the rick of her eating them. Varunuse sometime talk to herself and sometimes talk in third person but she never relies she does in the first place. She like to flirt sometimes sometimes when she's board and has a certain fascination with blood.

Back Story: Edit

(An epic story can’t be rushed)

Quotes: Edit

Character By Onup147

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