" Everything will go up in flames." ~ Violent

Violent The Rabbit InformationEdit

  • Name: Violent
  • Real Name: Violet Lyle
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Rabbit
  • powers: Fire
  • Alignment: Evil
  • Fur color: Purple
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eyes color: Dark Blue


Violent wasn't happy in her childhood. She was pushed to be the best of the best, yet her family hated her with a passion. She wonder off after school, never wanting to go home. she, really, she ran away. She found out she could control fire under with her hands, making her smirk with hate in her eyes. She set out to hunt down anyone who is happy, or is making a better life than her. She wants them all to suffer her pain.


  • Water
  • Happiness


Violent isn't a cheerful person, she hates and never loves. Her angry is all she knows.

Likes and dislikesEdit

She doesn't like anything but watching everything burn and she hates everything but burning others hopes and dreams.




Everyone who is living a happy life.


She doesn't care

  • Mother: Dead after Violent killed her
  • Father: Alive and Violent doesn't know here he is.(He isn't a happy person)
  • Sisters/Brothers: Only child

Love interestEdit

  • (working on)

Pictures of ViolentEdit

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