Characters Edit

Nexus the Hedgehog (DUBSTEPxSonic)

Rosemarie (Sweetie lips) the red panda

Chapter 1 Edit

Nexus: *sitting at a restaurant*

Rosemarie:*Walks into the restaurant, everyone that sees her starts 'oh'ing at her.*...Mm...*She brush her long, blonde hair with one hand, waiting for a table.*

Nexus: *looks at her in awe*

Rosemarie:*Looking at her painted nails, waiting till.*Gosh, what man keeps a lady waiting.*she mutters in disappointment, scanning around.*

Nexus: *walks up to her* hello miss.

Rosemarie:*Looks at Nexus*Mm, hello. You wouldn't know where I may sit, would you? These people seem to not know how to care for a guest like me.

Nexus: Sure! *leads her the seat*

Rosemarie:*smiles.*Thank you sweetheart.*She goes and sits down.* May you tell the restaurant I'm here, I'm sure their busy.*she smiles a bit.*

Nexus: ok *he does so*

Rosemarie:*She waits till a waiter comes up. She orders her food.*Thank you kindly.

Nexus: your welcome *he said nicely*

Rosemarie:*She smiles a bit*So, what is your name?

Nexus: my name is nexus, and you name miss?

Rosemaroe:Mm... My singer name is Sweetie lips...*she does a hand motion to have him closer.*

Nexus: *comes closer* nice "singer" name!

Rosemarie:*She whispers to him*My Real name is Rosemarie, don't say that out loud through.*she smirks a bit.*

Nexus: ok *he whispered back*

Rosemarie:*She smiles, her food coming to her as she starts eating*

Nexus: *thinks to himself* man she is hot!

Rosemarie:Do you want to sit with me? It is sure lonely eating by myself.

Nexus: *blushes* uh sure. *sits next to her*

Rosemarie:So, what a hot guy like you doing here by yourself~?

Nexus: *blushes* huh, just to hang you know

Rosemarie:Mm.. Alright

Nexus: *sees someone* oh no, not my friend, he always ruins everything for me.

Rosemarie:*she sighs, having finished eating and sipping her drink*...Mm...*she smirks a bit.*

Nexus: hey mind if you come to my house?

Rosemarie: I was going to ask if you wanted to come to my place.*she smirks, putting the empty drink down.*

Nexus: that's fine.

Rosemarie:*She smirks*Then let's go to my place.*she stands up, stretching.*

Nexus: *gets up from his chair* lead the way

Rosemarie:*she smirks as she starts leaving.*

-They get into a very nice looking house for a Star-

Rosemarie:My home

Nexus: nice house!

Rosemarie:*she smirks*Thanks.

Nexus: *sits down* I really think this might work for me.

Rosemarie:*she smirks*So, what do you want to do~?

Nexus: I really don't know, why don't you choose, sense you brought me here.

Rosemarie:Mmm....*she smirks, leading him to her crouch.*I can think of many things.

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