Idk just start the sexuality of the rp :3


Xenia: So Shadren are you nerviness? They're three vampires that might bite you tonight.

Shadren: Don't remind me. -.- 

Xenia: Don't worry we won't take too much blood plus if we do there's always a blood transfusion ^^

Shadren: Then I won't let any of you bite me next time. -.-

Ester: *Just staying close to Xenia* I won't bit you to the point of bleeding Shadren, so no worries about me.

Xenia: But you'll let me right you blood is unique and tasty

Shadren: It's an iffy on both of you. Xenia maybe, but I don't know about Ester.

Ester: I just said you don't need to worry about me biting you, Shadren. *Frowns*

Xenia: Don't worry *hugs Ester* you'll be biting me * lick her face* anywhere you want ^^

Shadren: Sorry. Where's Iruna I'm getting antsy. 

Ester:*Blushes a little, smiling as she nodded* Of course.

Shadren: -.- *scoots closer to the two*

Ester:*smiles at Shadren*

Shadren:*looks at Shinda then back at the two* He's a spoilsport.*she scoots even closer*

Shinda:*Leaning on a wall far from the three*... *Not paying attention*

Xenia:*looks at Shadren while hugging Ester* Feeling left out?

Shinda:*His ears twitched, confuse as he glance over at the three*? *He wasn't wearing his awesome bright pink shirt.*

Shadren: Yes I am.*she stands up and looks at Shinda* Hey where's your Pink shirt?

Shinda: I just figure I wouldn't wear it today. *Only has his jean pants on, his muscles slightly showing as he was still leaning on the wall.*

Shadren: *gulps* Well you certainly look better without it. *shakes her head* what?

Shinda: *Also confuse at what she said*Huh?

Xenia: Definitely more noticeable ^^ why don't you com over here -_^

Shadren:*looks at Xenia* You need to spend more time with Ester.

Ester:*hugs Xenia*

Shinda:*Blushes* I... Think I'll just... Stay over here... After all, like Shadren says, you need to spend more time with Ester...

Xenia: But I need you to spend some time with Shadren. She feeling left out and i know you could show a girl a good time ^^

Shinda:*Blushes bright red*I-I was in a trace at that time, o-okay!

Ester:*giggles a little*

Shadren: H-hey not funny. *looks away*

Xenia: Thanks Shinda I owe you -_^

Shinda: Wait wha-!! I didn't-! *Blushes bright red*


Xenia: Come Ester lets leave them alone ^^ *walks off*

Shadren: *blushing* Oh.

Ester:*follows after Xenia, smiling*


Shadren: s-so we're alone...*looks around nervously*

Shinda: Yea.... *Staring at the ground*...

Shadren: Do you wanna?

Shinda: I... Um...

Shadren: Come on don't be shy,  promise I'll go easy on you.

Shinda:*Blushes bright red*Um... Erm... Fine...

Shadren:*walks over and wraps her arms around his neck* Promise to go easy on me?

Shinda:*Blushes, wrapping one arm around her waist* I Promise...

Shadren: That's good. *kisses him*

Shinda: *Return the kiss, having one hand gently stroke her hair.*

Shadren: *pulls away* Should I take my shirt off? *she runs a finger along his chest* It's only fair.

Shinda:*Blushes*If... That's what you want...

Shadren:*let's go and takes her jacket and shirt off, exposing her red bra* Well? *kisses him*

Shinda:*Blushes a little, returning the kiss* You... Look lovely...

Shadren: Well thank you. *she kisses him again and slides her tongue into his mouth*

Shinda:*Deepening the kiss, pulling her closer to him in the hug as his other hand pets her head.*

Shadren:*rubs her bra against his chest and tilts her head* Mmm...

Shinda:*runs his fingures through her hair*Mmm...

Shadren: *pulls away and puts her hand into his pants* Ooh shinda you're a man down there!

Shinda:*Blushes at the comment, but has his free hand press on one of Shadren's breast* Hmph.

Shadren: Take that as a compliment. *she starts to pull his pants down* Cause I really mean it.

Shinda:*smirks at her* I toke that as a compliment~ *nuzzles her cheek, as he squeeze Shadren's breast*

Shadren: Mmm...that feels good. *she pulls his pants down and licks his lips* Now you take my pants off.

Shinda: Alright~ *His other hand goes to her pants, undoing the button of her pants as he squeezes her breasts.*

Shadren:*steps out of them, now only in her underwear. She blushes immensely and lays on the bed* Come and get me, or are you too scared?

Shinda:*smirks a little*I'm not scared of anything~ *Goes to the bed, landed over her, but not on her.*

Shadren:*rolls over on top of him and kisses him*

Shinda:*kisses her in return, hugging her close to him*

Shadren: *licks his tongue and deepens the kiss*

Shinda:*Deepening the kiss even more, his right hand on the back of Shadren's head as the other grab her ass and squeezes*Mmmm...

Shadren:*moans in surprise as she wrestles with his tongue*

Shinda: *Wrestles with her tongue in return as his right hand goes to her Breasts and squeezes while he also squeezes her ass*

Shadren:*starts to pant as she puts her hand into his underwear and grasps his part down there*

Shinda:*Gasps softly, before moaning a little. He pants as he looks into her eyes while squeezing her breast even more with both of his hands*

Shadren: *pulls her hand out and fiddles with her bra strap, moaning as he squeezes her breasts* Wanna know a sweet-spot for me?

Shinda: Mmm~? I like to know~ *looking at her as he squeezes her breasts even more*

Shadren: My neck for one.*she takes her strap off and drops her bra onto the floor* MY breasts too. It feels great when you kiss them.

Shinda:*smirks a little, before leaning down and planting kisses on one of her breasts while his left hand squeezes her other breast*~

Shadren:*moans and rubs his back*

Shinda:*keeps kissing her breast before his lips meet the nipple of her breast, he starts kissing it before letting his tongue gently touch it.*

Shadren: A-ahhhh...don't stop...

Shinda:*His tongue starts to twist around her nipple, before he took the nipple into his mouth and he starts to suck on it, still squeezing the other breast.*~

Shadren:*starts moaning loudly, panting as well and holding his head against her chest* 

Shinda:*keeps sucking on her breast, while squeezing the other*~

Shadren:*brings his head up* My neck. Kiss it there please?

Shinda:*panting a little, but smirks* Alright~ *Kisses all over her neck, slightly nibbling her neck a little as his hands squeezes her breasts once more*~

Shadren:*moans loudly* Ahh...

Shinda:*He licks her neck before biting roughly on her neck, but not enough to cause her to bleed*Mmm~ *Do butterfly kisses on her Neck.*~

Shadren: ooh that one felt good.*she smirks and rubs the back of his head, moaning*

Shinda:*Growls softly before biting the other side of her neck more roughly than the first*~

Shadren: Oh Shinda...*moans*

Shinda:*keeps biting her neck, licking her neck at the same time*~

Shadren: *moaning* That feels good.

Shinda:*keeps biting and licking her neck as both of his hands grab her ass and squeezes rather hard*~

Shadren:*screams in excitement* Whoops sorry. Got me a little too happy Shinda.

Shinda:*Chuckles against her neck* And we haven't gotten to the main part~

Shadren: So...ready to go a little further?

Shinda:*smirks, panting a tiny bit*I'm ready~

Shadren:*pulls his underwear down slowly* You sure?

Shinda:*smirks even more* I'm sure~ Or are you too frighten?

Shadren: Oh no I don't think so. In fact.*she pulls it off and licks his man part*

Shinda:*Lays his head back as he moans*~

Shadren:*starts sucking on it*

Shinda:*Growls a little as he moans, one hand gripping the sheets of the bed as the other place on the back of her head.*Mmm~

Shadren:*while sucking she licks it*

Shinda:*hisses softly, growling and moaning as he pets her head*Mmmm~ So good~

Shadren: *stops* Then how about you put that inside me?*she pulls her underwear down* I want it.

Shinda:*smirks.* Then get in place~

Shadren:*lays on the bed and opens her legs* Come on. 

Shinda:*Gets on top of her, pinning her hands down as he licked his lips a little, he nibbles on her neck as he put himself inside her*~ *Starts thrusting inside her, slowly picking up the pace*~

Shadren: Oh oh OH*moans loudly, she smiles*

Shinda:*Growls against her neck, biting her neck as he picks up the pace faster, thrusting her even harder*~ *His hands goes and grab her hips, keeping her hips in place*~

Shadren: You''re so exciting. *she kisses his neck* Does it feel good when I kiss your neck?

Shinda:*Pants slightly when he stop biting her*It does~ *licks her neck as he thrusts even more harder and faster into her*

Shadren: Oh yes oh yes. *pants and moans, and starts biting his neck*

Shinda:*Grunts against her neck as he thrusts deeper into her*Mmmm~

Shadren: Keep going keep going. I'm almost there.

Shinda:*Pants, going faster, harder and deeper*Mmmm~

Shadren: Just a little more...Oh god I can feel it.

Shinda:M-Mmmmm~ *blushing a little as he goes as faster and as hard as he can inside* I can feel it too~ *moans, panting*

Shadren:*kisses him and puts her hands on his cheeks*

Shinda:*Kisses her in return as his hands move from her hips to one being more ahead of her head and the other massaging her breasts as he keeps thrusting into her at full speed and hardest*~

Shadren: Aahhhh....Ahhhh...AHHHHHH!!*cums* Ah...That felt so good....*sighs in happiness* I like your hands on my breasts that feels good too.

Shinda:*Grunts a little as he had released inside, he smirks at her*Heh~ I'm glad. I like the feel of your breasts~

Shadren: Well, if you want to we can continue again next time. What do you say?

Shinda:*smirks a bit* I like the sound of that~

Shadren: We can even do it anywhere you want. What do you say?

Shinda:*Grins* I like that very much.

Shadren: Good...tired?

Shinda: A bit. You? *looks down at her, panting softly.*

Shadren: I guess. I invite you to sleep with me in my bed if you get too tired.

Shinda: *Chuckles softly* I'll take that offer if I'm too tired.

Shadren: Until then. Wanna kiss?

Shinda: Sure. *Leans towards her*

Shadren:*kisses him*

Shinda:*Kisses her, one hand gently touches her cheek*

Shadren: *wraps her arms around his neck and presses her breast against his chest*

Shinda:*Wraps his left arm around her waist as his right hand strokes her cheek.*

Shadren: *pulls away* Did you hear Iruna?

Shinda:*His ear twitched*No... Hm...

Shadren: You know I think she'd be jealous of all of us getting our funtime in. *she kisses him*

Shinda:*Return the kiss* That would make sense. *smiling a little*

Shadren:*continues kissing him, she wraps her arms around his back*

Shinda: *Continues kissing her, stroking her cheek as he deepening the kiss*

Iruna then walks to the living room,rubbing her eyes

Iruna looks at Shinda and Shadren.She smiles as she walks out of the house.She closes the door.

Shadren: That was Iruna! Think we should go after her?

Shinda:Mmm... I think Xenia is already trying to look for her... *looks to Shadren* Do you still want to go find her?

Shadren: I think she's lonely...I feel bad for her.

Shinda:*He frown* I wouldn't blame her, I was somewhat in her shoes for a while.

Shadren: Should we go after her?

Shinda: That is up to you, Shadren. I hardly know anything about her...

Shadren: *sits up, pulling the sheets over her chest* Hm...She's a nice person.

Shinda:*looks to her* Then it's either yes, we go after her or no, we don't.

Shadren: I hope Xenia finds her...I guess it's a no.

Shinda: If that is what you want, Shadren... *Frown a little, gently stroking Shadren's cheek before nuzzling her head a little*

Shadren:*hugs him*

Shinda:*hugs her in return, petting her head gently.*

Shadren: *let's go fo him and smiles*

Shinda:*Gives a soft smile to her*

Shadren:*kisses him*

Shinda:*Return the kiss*

Shadren:*wraps her arms around his neck* Mmm...

Shinda:*Wrap his arms around her waist* Mmmm...

Shadren:*deepens the kiss and lays down, bringing him down with her*

Xenia and Ester aloneEdit

Xenia: Ester i want to thank you ^^

Ester:*smiles*Your welcome, Xenia.

Xenia: You've been faithfully with me 24/7 *Kisses Ester* Cater to my every need

Ester:*Blushes a little, returning the kiss* I am yours, after all Xenia. I could not let my master go unsatisfied.

Xenia: That's a servants responsibility *Press her body closer to ester* Now to for-fill my obligation to you. *kisses Ester's neck*

Ester:*Blushes at the feeling, nibbling on Xenia's neck*

Xenia: Continue to always be by my side *removes Esters outfit*

Ester: As long as you wish it, Xenia~ *Blushes*

Xenia:Good girl*takes off her outfit Hugging Ester* remember anywhere you want ^^ *nuzzle Ester*

Ester:*nodded, smling*Of course *nuzzles*

Xenia: What a cute tail *starts stroking Ester's tail* nice figur too ^^ *Rubbing Ester's legs*

Ester: Mmmm~ *Blushing a little* I'm glad you like them, Xenia~

Xenia: I like everything about you *Grabs Ester's Breast* Quite a hand full ^^

Ester:*Blushes a little, panting as she hugs Xenia.*

Xenia:Now to be more acquainted with you body*grabbing Ester's ass* don't be shy *Lick Ester's cheeks*

Ester:*Nuzzles her* I'm not shy at all~

Xenia:Good~ *Puts her legs between Esters legs* So cute *Kisses Ester*

Ester:*Return the kiss, blushing*

Xenia:*genitally rubs her pussy against Ester's pussy while squeezing her breasts* Touch me any way you want -_^

Ester:*Gasps a little at the feeling, moaning a little as she grabs Xenia's ass, squeeze*Mmmm~

Xenia: AA~a*rubbing her pussy a litttle faster against Ester's pussy, Licking her breasts*

Ester: O-oooo~ *blushing as she squeezes Xenia's ass even more, nibbling on Xenia's left ear*

Xenia:*Continues to grind against Ester's pussy as she twist Esters nipples* Like that * Kisses Ester*

Ester:*moans in the kiss, starting to grind with her*Mmmm~

Xenia:lets see they they taste *Starts sucking on Ester's breast while grinding her pussy, squeezing the other breast, making milk come out*

Ester:O-oooo~ *Blushing, still grinding with her as she squeezes Xenia's breasts*

Xenia: Mmm tasty *lick the milk off the other breast, still grinding* How does mr breast feels *kisses Ester's neck*

Ester: Gooood~ *blushing as she keeps squeezing Xenia's breasts*

Xenia:*pressing her pussy harder against Ester's pussy, begins to nibble on Ester's neck while Massaging her breasts*

Ester:*moans, leaning her head back, exposing her neck more to Xenia*

Xenia:*Bits Ester's neck feeding off her blood, still grinding hard against her pussy*

Ester:Oooo~ *blushing, grinding with her once more as she wrap her legs around Xenia's waist to pull her more against her pussy*Oooo~

Xenia:Mmm~Tasty*Licks Esters wounds close, Grinding faster against Ester's pussy* I think I'll bite you here* Starts Licking Esters nipples*

Ester:*Moans even more, arching her back a bit*M-Mmmm~

Xenia: Mmm~*Bits Esters Breast sucking blood and milk from Ester's breasts, grinding faster against Ester's pussy*

Ester:*blushing*A-Aaaa~ *holds onto Xenia*MMmm~

Xenia:*continues to feed on Ester's breasts, Grinding violently against Ester's pussy*

Ester: Oooo~ X-Xenia~ *Moaning loudly, holding onto Xenia*

Xenia:*Suddenly Kisses Ester, the taste of the bloody milk still in her mouth, sticking her tong in Ester's mouth while Grinding violently against Ester's pussy*

Ester:*Return the kiss, blushing a little*

Xenia:*Holding Ester closer to her body* Must be hungry by now *Rubbing against Ester's neck while Grinding violently against Ester's pussy*

Ester:a-aaaa~ *She nodded a little, panting*

Xenia: Then go ahead*Rubbing against Ester's neck while Grinding violently against Ester's pussy* Bite me

Ester:*Panting as she bits down on Xenia's neck, feeding*~

Xenia: AAA~a *Grabbing Ester's breasts squeezing them together, Grinding faster and more Violently the ever before*

Ester:*blushing as she bites even harder while feeding*~

Xenia: T-That's it *feeling pure pleasure, grinding against Ester's pussy like never before squeezing her breast violently* [I'm going to cum!]

Ester:*Bites as hard as she can as she feeds, blushing* [Me two!] *Blushing.*

Xenia: AAaaa~*Cums all over Ester's pussy holding her tightly* so good ^^

Ester:*Stops biting Xenia's neck, panting heavily*Y-Yea~

Xenia:*panting heavily* Glad you enjoyed it *nuzzle Ester* ^^

Ester:*Smiles, panting as she nuzzles her*

Xenia:*Painting* Done feeding you can have more if you want ^^

Ester:*Panting* I'm done...

Xenia:*Panting* Ok lets clean ourselves up and go check on them ^^

Ester: *nods.* Right.

[Ester and Xenia takes a shower together]

Xenia: Could you scrub my back ^^

Ester: Of course, Xenia. *Scrubs her back*

Xenia: AAAa ^^ thanx... Ester would you like to tell me some of your dreams?

Ester: Which dreams? *Scrubbing her back*

Xenia: Any that you want to tell me ^^

Ester:*Blushing a tiny bit* Well... I strangely had one where all of us were in bed... Shadren, You, me, Iruna, and Shinda... All in the same bed, it was a rather big bed...

Xenia: *giggles* That sounded like one of my dreams ^^

Ester: Really? *Blinks, still scrubing Xenia's back*

Xenia: Ya we were all having fun *space out a bit* It was amazing ^^

Ester: *she nodded* Yea...

Xenia: So what were we all doing in bed?

Ester:*she blushes* A lot of things... I couldn't keep track of all of it... Mainly fun stuff... Nothing like pillow fighting or anything...

Xenia: Maybe we should try some of those "fun stuff" when we have the chance ^^

Ester:*blushes* A-Alright.

Xenia: Ok now I'll scrub your back^^*scrubing Ester's back*

Ester:*smiles, but caught the smell of faint blood*?

Xenia:? what is it Ester *rinsing Ester's back off*

Ester: faint smell of animal blood... It vanished through...

Xenia: Most likely Iruna ^^ *steps out of the shower* lets go see her

Ester: You go see her, Xenia. I'll follow behind, but she may only want to see you.

Iruna goes outsideEdit

Iruna sighs as she looks at the sky.She starts walking deep in the forest.She stands still as she raises her hand."Blood Aura!"A huge mass of blood aura rages through the forest,killing every animal in its way.She then lowers her hand and the aura vanishes.She sits down and asorbs all the blood around her.The blood soaks inside her body as she gives out a small "ahh~".She looks around and looks at a tree branch above her.She smiles and jumps up to the branch."She lays down against the bark and looks at the trees around her.A glimpse of a flower seems to caught her sight.She jumps down,walking toward the flower.She picks it up,gazing it.Petals seems to fly off the flower.She looks at the petals flowing through the air.She holds onto the flower,running after the petals.They lead her to the outside of the city.The sun shines at Iruna's face.Iruna hisses and steps back into the shade.She takes out a hat and puts it on.She then walks outside of the forest,amazed at the city with mobians.She smiles and walks past them,trying to resist their blood.She succeeded in resisting the blood.Iruna walks around,happily.Mobians seems to greet her as she greeted back.

Xenia: Irunaaaa *she called * where are  you? ^^

Ester:*pretty much Xenia's shadow, really. Gazing at everything else*...

Iruna walks past the mobians,happily.

Xenia: Iruna ?! Where are you *walking around* [where is she.... Iruna gotta be around here somewhere?]

Xenia:*continues to search for Iruna* Iruna...... Hey are you there...*continues searching*

Ester:*Frowning* Maybe she is in the city... Just a thought...

Xenia: Ok lets go... *walks to the city to search for Iruna*

Ester:*Is worry for Xenia*...

Xenia:*continues to search the city for Iruna*[She can't be far someone must have seen her]

Iruna is seen with her white dress and a white hat.She bows down to a Mobian."It's nice to meet you."She stands straight up and waves to the mobian."I have to go bye."She walks off.

Xenia: Iruna ^^ *She cry as she runs up to Iruna* I've been looking for you.

Iruna sees Xenia and Ester,smiling."I'm sorry to worry you...I decided to leave everyone alone.I need time to myself as well."She smiles warmly

Xenia: It's ok, Im glad you're safe.... Promise me that you'll come back.

"Soon Xenia...Just go back to the house.I'll be there soon...maybe the next day or so..."

Xenia:*sounded sad* You have a place to return to *hugs Iruna* See you in a day or so *trys to say it in a cheerful way* can't wait to hear about your tripe ^^

Iruna nodded slowly,smiling.She hugs Xenia and lets go of her."...bye."She waves and walks away.

Xenia: Take care see ya later *waves*

Iruna vanishes in the crowd of Mobians

The Next DayEdit

Xenia:*just siting on the couch*

Iruna seems to not return that time.

Xenia: She will return *drinking a glass of blood* Iruna promised me.

No presence of Iruna's return.Then a door slammed open."Hi! I'm back but i have to go!"Iruna then runs to her room and slams the door close.

Ester: *Watches Iruna, but stops what she is doing* I am going to talk to her... *About to go to Iruna's room, with a rather concern look on her face.*

There seems to be voices inside the room,Iruna's voice and a male's voice

Ester:*Her ears twitched, pressing her right ear gently on the door*

"Who shall be erased?"The male asks."Shinda,Xenia,Shadren,and Ester.Make them erase from my memories and make them erase their memories of my presence."Iruna says."Wish granted."The male says."It shall happen at midnight.Good day."Then the male's voice vanishes

Ester:*Suddenly kicked the door open* I won't let you do it, Iruna! *She growled, narrowing eyes*

Iruna smiles to Ester."Well hello Ester."Blood was splatter on the walls.But Iruna looks fine."Nice day today hm?"She tilts her head smiling.

Ester:*Narrowed her eyes* You can't fool me Iruna. *Goes to her.* Why, Why do you want to be forgotten!?

Iruna smiles."That was my wish.It cannot be stopped unless you figure out something.Sexuality wont work anymore.Nor apologizing words.Slave wasnt my thing anymore.So i decided to become a random stranger.It will be normal again."

Ester: Then why didn't you just tell Xenia, is can be reason be with. If nothing worked, then she'll just let you go; you don't need to force it on her. *Narrowed her eyes* Shinda doesn't even know much about you, all he would forget is your name and Shadren thinks of you nicely. She believes your a very nice person. No apologizies nor sexs can say what Shadren has thought of you... *Her eyes suddenly dim* If Black widow was here, you wouldn't even have to go down this path.... Black widow... *she suddenly whispered, closing her eyes*

Iruna blinks."I will reason with her.If i dont get let go by midnight,the shadow will have to erase you guys."

Ester:*open her eyes* You can't make me forget, Iruna... But, please reason with her... Xenia just wants you to be happy.

Iruna tilts her head."I'm already happy with what i have."Her eyes turn white.

Ester: Don't lie to me, Iruna. Your not happy, not if your doing this. Your not happy at all with what you have now.

"I am.I was meant to leave everything alone.Even when I'm here,I leave everything alone.Even you,Ester.I'm fine with that."

Ester: I am never more than a pet, Iruna. I'm like a dog, I'm not truly a real person. You need to learn that part, Iruna. I whine like a dog, I wimper like one to. The only things I can do is have sex and do everyday tasks. I can't talk to others, not because Xenia said it or anything, but because my lips won't move. The only reason why I can speak to you, Shinda, and shadren is because Xenia knows you... And I know you. What would kill me if I had no master is my collar, or slavers... I'm never meant to have a real life.

Iruna smiles again."I was never meant to be a slave.I was meant to be chained around in the shadow's temple,because i was a beast since i killed my family and friends.I was on a killing rage until they caught me but I ran away.Now I realized,I was suppose to be locked up,looking at my own shadow,dying...I was also never ment to have a real life as well."

Ester: But your not a beast, Iruna. You have proved that, haven't you? Don't you long to be with someone so dear? Xenia wasn't my first master... Xenia is only second to my first master... *She frown, gripping the front of her tanktop* Black widow was the only master I had bonded fully with... I'm just a toy to Xenia, even if she doesn't think that wait. I can't be Xenia's lover... You still have a chance to make a sweet relationship, may it involve sexs or not is up to you Iruna, I'm sure Xenia would be reason with. I just be consider her sex toy... My heart had belong to someone dead long ago...

Iruna then sighs."I had my love to someone who i killed during my killing spree.I decided that if I dont love anymore,I would be fine.I rather be a heartless one."

Ester: Don't be heartless, Iruna... One can not be happy withone ones comfort and feelings... Happiness is so few and little, yet others waste that chance of being happy till they die... Being heartless won't solve your problems Iruna... It won't...

Iruna seems to nod a bit."I know..But still,I rather be the third person and respect other's relationship.I rather spend time myself than with you guys if you're in a relationship.Even if you consider yourself a pet,i would still leave you alone.I dont like to interup with anyone."

Ester: Iruna, I could never make Xenia extremely happy. My heart belongs to Black Widow. Don't you see that? *Tears form* I would never be able to show feelings to Xenia like I did for Black widow. You have a far better chance in loving Xenia, because you can tell her you love her... I can't expect that love, that love belongs to only Black widow... *she close her eyes.* My love for Black widow is far greater than anyone elses love I have face... I never want to betray Black widow, but I don't want Xenia to think I don't like her... *She looks to Iruna* You have a a chance to be happy, Xenia and me aren't really a couple, it is a slave and a master, they don't normally have relationships with each other. She cares, I fully understand, but she also cares about you. A servant, you are better than a slave, you can do what you want while I have to follow orders... *she touchesa the collar* You can show Xenia love that matches the love I have for Black widow... I'm just Xenia's toy, if she sees that or not. I can never truly love Xenia like a parnter of love, that place is for Black widow... And always will be.

"..I can see that...I think its time to end this conversation.."She lingers to the door."Good day."She walks out of her room.

Ester:*she frowns* Why is it no one listens to me... *she mutters coldly to herself*

Xenia:*sees Iruna walking out her room* Iruna how was your tripe? ^^

"It was alright.."Blood drips a little on the tip of Iruna's finger."I'm out again..."She opens the door again and exits out of the house.

Xenia:*chased after Iruna* I'll come with you ^^

Iruna doesnt seem to mind.She runs to the city,quickly putting her hat on.She looks around before going in the crowd

Xenia:*while walking With Iruna* Thank you for coming back

"No problem Xenia.."She then walks in a slower pace.

Xenia: *walking*Its nice to spend some time together^^. Tell me what happened on your trip

"I walked around then start throwing stuff at my shadow,getting scars.Then some Mobians hit on me and then some invited me to their house and I refused to..."Then she walked to an ally.She stared at the walls which there was blood on it.She raises her hand,making a symbolic sign on the walls.She puts it down and walks through it.

Xenia:*follows Iruna through the wall* Why where you throwing stuff at your shadow, getting scars?

It lead them to a white empty room."Because it felt good."

Xenia: Oo didn't know your into those kind of things.*looks around the room*What is this place?

"Just an empty room..."Then Iruna's shadow raise up,turning into a shadow of a boy."Hello Xenia..."He bows formally to Xenia."The wall will still have the symbol for your other slaves to come in if they want to.

Xenia:*looking at the shadow boy* Thank you ^^*looking at Iruna* I didn't know you could do that ^^ you're full of surprises today.

Iruna sweatdrops.The shadow boy made two chairs appear."Have a seat Miss.Xenia"

Xenia: Thanks *takes a seat*

"There is something I need to tell you.It is something about Iruna.Care to hear?"

Xenia: Yes ^^

The shadow boy glances at Iruna and Xenia."Miss.Iruna here says she's not perfect for a role of your slave.She decided to quit being a slave and brought you here for the discussion of that.She also says that if you do not let her go,her wish to erase her memories of your and your slaves presences will happen.She also said that you and your slaves memories of her presence shall be erased.Unless she comes to this room alone and talk to me,I will undo her wish.However,you need to do something to make her come here and undo her wish.Sexuality will not work with her.She however needs to understand more of your careness.It is now taken care of Black Widow.I also agree with Miss.Iruna,Odds are worse in a relationship.So,have anything to say,Miss.Xenia?"

Xenia:... where to begin? I don't wont to lose you or my memories of you but i do want you to be happy... i couldn't force you to stay. I don't know why you think you're not fit to serve me, you've always been great i depend on you. I don't have anyone i truly love... not anymore. I care i really do, I'll always look out for you. Why do you wish to be forgotten? Why do you feel that you could no longer serve me? I admit I'm not perfect i have some problem but... we can make it work.

"Its about numbers Xenia.You have five people including yourself.After Iruna seeing Shinda and Shadren together and me feeling your presence in the room,she felt wierd and have thoughts of her lover who died because of her.I think she felt somewhat lefted out,im not positive but heres the thing.If Iruna undo her wish,she can either live with you or herself.Its her choice,but i must say,Iruna's difficult to talk or take care of her.Even when it means,making her happy.Again,sexual activities wont help.I will hold the wish until tomorrow at ten at night.Her wish will happen at twelve.So I would like you to discuss this with your other slaves.After that,Iruna will come here and discuss it with me.Good day Miss.Xenia."He then sinks into the ground,turning into Iruna's shadow on the ground.

Iruna leaves out of the room back into the ally.

Xenia*Fallows Iruna having a sad look on her face*

Iruna walks back to Xenia's house and opens the door.She walks inside and holds the door fo Xenia."..."

Xenia:*walks through and inters the house* Thank you

Back HomeEdit

Ester:*just cleaning some dishes, not very cheerful*... *Doesn't seem to notice the two at all as she just scrubs the dishes*

Then the shadow of Iruna raises up again,being a shadow of a boy."Good day Ester."He bows down.

Ester looks to the shadow. "Oh... Hi..." She slightly mutter, had stopped cleaning the dishes as she just frowns

"Where is all of the slaves Ms.Ester?"The shadow boy glances at Xenia."Ms.Xenia would like to discuss something with everyone.Including you Ms.Ester."

Ester frowns. "I don't know where Shinda is, he doesn't cound as a slave, his just a male that hangs out. I don't know where everyone is, I was busy cleaning the house." She frowns, her ears flatten. "It's not like you'll listen to me either, Iruna didn't listen to me..." She mutter, finishing the dishes and putting them away. "You might be able to find Shadren in her bedroom, if she is there. But, that's all I can help you with... I'm not in the most happiness mood..." She slightly mutter that she hasn't been for a while now.

"Ah,Ms.Ester,I have a different personality from Iruna.Wish granters has to be loyal to those around them.We can discuss this after everyone comes.You should be thankful I'm holding on the wish till tomorrow ten o'clock pm.I can maybe give you a two day hold of the wish."

Ester:*she frowns* That is if the others come... Shinda should be outside doing something... Or just standing there gazing at the sky, never knew why he did that...

"I see..."

Xenia: Angau off training he won't be back for a while and Eva is in a very deep meditative trance. If we can't find Shadren then It'll be just me, Ester, Iruna, and you...

"I know..."The shadow boy crosses his arms,huffing a bit.

Shadren:*comes down wearing a dress shirt and blue jeans. Her fur's slightly more brown and her eyes are more purple* Hi you guys, the wonders make-up can do for you, even if you are a shadow.

The shadow boy seems to be shocked."M-make-up? Uhh no thank you.."

Xenia: Hi Shadren....


Shadren: Don't ask why...just don't.

"Let me ask,why?"

Shadren: Because I don't want to tell you.

"Ok..I'm sorry for asking."

Xenia: Everyone's here.....

"Xenia,would you mind discuss this now?"

Xenia: I'm fine with it...

Ester: *waiting*...

"I would like to hear your decisions about Iruna's wish.Would you want this to happen?"The shadow boy asks

Xenia: I do not this wish to happen even if I do forget Iruna I'll always remember her here *place her hand over her heart*

Ester: I don't want anyone to forget and be sad...

Shadren: She's a wonderful friend and I will miss her dearly. I can't stop her from leaving but I want to remain with my memories of her intact.

"Hm,How do you feel about Iruna leaving her job as a slave?"

Shadren: As long as I can still remember my friend I'll be fine.

Xenia: I don't want here to leave but i won't force her to stay, I want Iruna to be happy...

Ester: I only want her to be happy...

"How would you feel if it ends up her staying with you?"

Shadren: What?!

Ester:*Gives a soft smile* If she does stay, I know Xenia will try to spend more time with Iruna, I'll try to help her understand what the differences between a slave and a servant... I... Don't want her to be sad... I know what the feeling of being lefted out, but I rather it be me and not her.

Shadren: I'll be one of the best friends she could ever want.

"Would you like for her to stay here or leave?"

Ester: I would like her to stay, not leave. But, that is me.

Shadren: I'd love for her to stay.

Shadow boy looks at them."Is that your final decision? If you're not sure about your answer,i'll give you a day or so."

Ester close her eyes. "I want Iruna to be happy here, that is my decision." She open her eyes.

Shadren: Pretty much what Ester said.

Shadow boy seems to nod slightly.He then turns around,seeing the door open widely."Iruna left..."

Ester:*frowns, looking to the ground before she started to walk to her bedroom*... She may never listen to us... *She whispered, feeling tears form.*

Shadow boy seems to stare at the door."..."He then felt a scratch on his arm."Crap..."

Ester:*She suddenly starts crying loudly like a little child as she fallen down to the ground on her knees as she just cry*W-WAAAHHH! *Tears just pouring down her cheeks*

Shinda:*Seem to hear this and walked into the house* What is Ester- *notice the shadow boy* This has to do with Iruna, doesn't it... *He whispered.*

Shadow boy nods as another scratch appears on Shadow boy's arm."Damnit!"He grunts.He then heared a cry from outside."Shit.."

Shinda: What is she doing!? *glancing towards the crying*

Ester:*Crying loudly still, completely ignoring everything*

Shadow boy seems to have scars all over his body."SHITTY ASSHOLE!"He heard that outside as more crying continues.

Shinda:*Runs to where Iruna, tenses*

Ester:*Crying* I-I want B-Black Widow! *weeping to herself as she curled into a corner, crying*

Shadren: Sh...don't cry Ester. Don't cry.

Ester:*she sniffles, but pull away from Shadren* I have to stop her... *She turns to the front door before running pass Shinda in a faster speed to get to Iruna*


Shadren:*tears form* Why won't Iruna listen to us...

Ester:*Gets to wherew Iruna is* Stop it!

"Whats the whole fucking point with me here?!"She was already bloody.Shadow boy almost cut in half."Its over..."Shadow boy sadly says.

Ester:*she grabs the weapon Iruna has, grabbing it by the blade, causing her own hand to bleed before having it point to her neck.* Because we Love you in our own way, Iruna! We want you to be happy! We want you to understand our Fucking feelings! *She was yelling at this point, crying* But you keep ignoring our words! How our hearts shatters as we hear you wanting us to forget you! How you simple want to vanished! Why can't you open your ears and hear us cry!? WHY!? *She glared at Iruna with teary eyes as she stabs the very weapon into her right shoulder, digging it deep into her right shoulder.* Why Don't You Kill Me Here!? I Want To Be With Black Widow! *She started to cry heavily, not from pain, but from the sorrow and how badly she wanted to be with the one she loves.* I just want *sniffs* To be with the one I love. *sniffs, hics* And we want you to be happy, to enjoy the happines with us *Hics, sniffs.* Why don't you ever listen to any of us... *fully stab the weapon into her right shoulder, the blood just leaking out the wound*

???:*Watching from the bushes and trees, but seem startled at the sight*... *Blinks her dark blue eyes*Why... *she whispered*

Iruna growls and yells back."I dont fucking care about everyone's love anymore! It was my fault that i did this! I never knew this affects everyone!I was suppose to die in hell! I was the asshole,Ester! Besides,I didnt want anyone to care anymore! Even if it includes me dieing!"Shadow boy then gets up,scars everywhere.

Black Widow: Then me trying to help you understand feelings would go to waste, Iruna. *Her dark blue eyes were noticeable* Not caring about those who were your friends isn't the way to understand ones emotions.

Ester:*suddenly tenses at the voice, tears forming*B-B-Black Widow?

Black Widow:*a slight giggle came from her, before appearing from the bushes*

Iruna growls and raises hand."Should've kept this to myself..."A symbolic sighs appears behind her.She turns and walks through the sign,angrily.Shadow boy watches her leave.Then the sign disappears.

Black widow: She can think of hiding, I can sense her emotions... *she sighed* If this all fails, then I'll just vanish once more...

Ester:*tears form* D-Don't go Black Widow! Don't go! *Crying, hugging Black widow tightly*

Black Widow:*PEts Ester's head* Still a little child... *She smiles a little* I just got to see you again as a real being... That what makes me happy.. But, I will have to go, to teach Iruna about the emotions; if she likes it or not.

Ester: Black widow... *Her ears flatten before Black widow just vanishes into the woods* *Sniffs, then cries.*

Shadow Boy kneels next to Ester,patting her."Dont worry..She'll come back.I granted her wish already so she'll come back for you."

Ester:*she sniffles*She won't return to me if she fail... *she whispered* She'll vanish again... She won't come back, may her wish be granted now or not... It was like time, she told me that time she would return, she promise me yet she never return... *Crying* She won't return if Iruna doesn't want to be with us, if Iruna doesn't want to understand the emotions... I'll lose Black widow again...

Shadow boy seems slightly confuse."Why would she be gone when she fails?"

Ester: Because the time we were at, failures weren't alone to go home... *Tears form* Black widow still follows those rules, if she fails... She goes to a new place, and I don't know what happens to her... Nor where she is...

Shadow boy frowns a bit."I'm sorry to hear that...We can help Black Widow if you want."

Ester:*she frowns* Iruna won't hear my broken words, she won't even listen to me... Why does she not care? All we want to do is be her friends...  *Grabbing at the collar* She at lest knew she had a family, and what kind of family she had... My family was never there for me, I was taken in by the slavers who laughted about how my family coward as they slaughter them... *She closed her eyes, a tear form* Only Black widow cared... She only cared about me being in the world... I just wanted to die before she came...

"The only people who cares for you is Black Widow and your friends.Iruna seems depressed after becoming Xenia's slave.I can tell she was thinking of her family and her friends...I was there to witness the whole thing.They chained her up as punishment for killing her kind.I helped her escaped but it seems like she wants to be chained up again..."

Ester: She shouldn't look at the past... *she looks to the shadow* She should look to the future... Is that why we keep living?... I had looked to the future ever since I was with Black widow, not because that is what it felt, but because I knew that I needed to...

Shinda:*Goes to Shadren, frowning a bit*

Shadren: Yes Shinda?

Shinda:*He sighs* She lefted... *He mutter, frowning* Why is it Iruna refuse to be with us? As a friend...

Shadren: She saw us. She saw you and me in bed. It was weird for her...Now she just doesn't care anymore...

Shadow Boy suddenly heard Iruna in his mind."I know why now!"

Shinda: Mmm? *looks at the shadow* What...

Shadren: What???

Shadow Boy copies Iruna's sayong."I nevered wanted to disturb them...nor affect them...I didnt want to bother them nor affect them so much..That is why I spent time alone...I barely hang out with the others..."

Shadren: She wouldn't bother us...not at all.

"Really? Shockers.And i can tell,things are going to be alright."The shadow boy says.

Shadren: They are? Oh thank goodness.

Shadow Boy smiles."She's going to stay with sure of that."

Shadren: Thank goodness.

Ester:*Staying quiet*...

Where Iruna isEdit

Black widow: *Has walk up behind Iruna after her vanishing from the woods, suddenly hugging Iruna from behind with a family hug* Why do you hate them so much? no, not hate... Why do you want them to be so distances?...

Iruna's eyes turn gray,almost black."I nevered wanted to disturb them...nor affect them...I didnt want to bother them nor affect them so much..That is why I spent time alone...I barely hang out with the others..."

Black widow: A waste of having great friends... *Her eyes dim a tiny bit* Why did you agree to be Xenua's servant if you never wanted that in the first place? They great friends, they care for you... Ester would have loved to have that start... *she whispered, closing her eyes* You need to let go of the past, Iruna, that is what chaining you down.

"I seem to get excited after seeing a vampire alive...I was distracted...the past is chaining me down i know...but i'm worried about my future..."She sighs.

Black widow:*Gently pet Iruna* You sound so much like Ester. *she whispered a little* Ester used to try and hide from me, fearing her future of being with me. *she open her plam, a flower suddenly in it* Iruna, let yourself bloom and embrace what the future gives you. Don't be scared, if you have great friends that you can count on, the future will be kind no matter the outcome... *gently place the flower against Iruna* You need to look forward to the Future and drop your past behind. The world will be a lot brighter if you do all that.

Iruna smiles warmly."I guess it will work..but i feel like an asshole to everyone about what i done.."

Black widow:*smiles* You can clean that up, they still care about you Iruna. Just return to them, and embrace then.

Iruna looks at the ground and frowns a bit."What if they dont forgive me..."Tears form and stream across her face.

Black Widow:*wip her tears away* They'll forgive you, trust me.

Iruna looks at Black Widow and then back looking at white walls."I'll stay here for a while then come out..You can go now.."

Black Widow: I'm not going til I see this through, a member of the spider clan always make sure they did their job right... *She frowns*

Iruna looks at Black Widow,curiously."Through??"

Black widow:*smiles* I have to see this and see the ending, in another word. If I fail, I won't return to them... *she frowns*

Iruna sighs and has no choice but to go.She then gets up and put her hand through the wall.She pulls it away and looks at Black Widow."Its ok to go..."

Black widow shakes her head a little. "I'm not forcing you to go, Iruna. It is just a reminder, I want you to think on it as much as you can."

Iruna seems to shrug."I'm just gonna go...theres really nothing to do here anyways.."She then walks through the walls leading her back to the ally.

Black widow:*Follows*

It lead the two to the ally,where everyone is at.

Black Widow:*Smiles a little*

Iruna looks at Black Widow."What are you smiling at?"

Black Widow: I'm not smiling at anything, I am smiling at my own thoughts. It is normal for mobains to do such things.

Iruna sweatdrops."Wierd things in the mind.Sometime I wonder what people are thinking.."Her hand accidently hit the ally's wall

Black Widow: Eh, I just think of the happy times....

"Like what?"She really doesnt notice people behind her."..."Shadow boy watches them.

Black widow:*smiles a little* That would be for another time, Iruna. *glance behind them*

Iruna shrugs and sees Shadow Boy and everyone else."Hi."Shadow boy waves


Black Widow:*notice Ester is not there*... Hmmm....

Shadow Boy looks at Black Widow."I can follow her and give you the report..if that is what you want.I can feel her presence"

Black Widow: Don't, the master seems to feel at danger by me being here... *She blinks* To be so rude to Ester is a bit too much, but it is between the two only.

"I see...I can also see that you and Ester have a bonding relationship more than Xenia's relationship with Ester..."Shadow Boy says.Iruna leans against the wall,tail swaying

Black Widow:*Smiles* Of course, cause our bond has been there since the mediaevil times, were I lived underground and Save Ester from the Slavers. *Her ears twitched.*

"Hm...very well.I respect your relationship and your bonding with Ester.It seems a strong relationship,anyone can ever had."His shadow ear twitches.Iruna twitches as well.

Black Widow:*Goes to the door* Xenia can't respect that through... *she frowns a tiny bit, before grinning as a whip appear in her hand*

"I feel like this isnt a good idea anymore staying..."Iruna sits down next to Shadow Boy."What are you going to do with the whip Ms.Black Widow?"

Black Widow: Saving my Little Ester from killing herself. *she growls, kicking the door down*

Iruna and Shadow Boy gets up."We can help if you want."

Xenia talkEdit

Xenia: Ester can a speak with you?

Ester:*She frowns a little bit*sure... *She whispered, going to Xenia*

Xenia: If black Widow comes back what will you do?

Ester: If your talking about me switching masters, then I won't change anything, I'll still be your slave. However, I will spend time with black Widow if you are spending time with the others. *she frowns* I feel you would still not like the answer...

Xenia:*with a strait face* Your right i don't when black widow return you'll be serving her. I don't need a servant who think of other more important than me.

Ester: I won't be serving her. How can I serve someone else who isn't my Master!? I would killed if I did that. *She frowns, tears forming* Why do you hate her so much!?

Xenia: *said coldly*I don't hate her but but i can't have a servant who i can't put 100% of my faith in. We both know you perfer to be with black widow and you can be replace.

Ester: You don't even know what Blakc Widow did for me! *She sniffles* You no different than those slavers I was forced to be with in my younger years! Putting on a sweet mask to the masters, but are rude to the slaves, beating them and even raping them! *Tears fall down her cheeks*

Xenia: *said coldly*That right I'm evil, I want to sleep with everyone i met, i can't love anyone and deep down I'm a heartless bitch. You not worth killing, I'm just throwing you away.

Ester: *She glares at Xenia* You can't sleep with everyone! *Suddenly slap Xenia* Trying to keep Iruna with us is pointless with that personality of yours. You don't care for her, nor Shadren. *She turn her back to Xenia* Black widow is evil and she has more of a heart than you. *Tears drop to the ground, hugging herself*

Xenia: Now you know you should return to black widow. I'm no longer your master do whatever yo want really. It was fun messing with you but know i'm bored with you. Run back to your master for all i care.

Ester: *She glares at Xenia* .... *She looks away, looking to the ground before staring at her shoulder blade with the knife still in it*... *She took it out, letting te blood leak*...

Xenia:*coldly*Whats stopping you GO i don't need you. Its better this way go on...

Ester: I can't go back to Black Widow... *she whispered.* Because the Slavers pick who is my master, not the masters themselves... *she pull the collar and put the knife between her neck and the collar, digging into the collar* I can't go back to Black widow... *she whispered, tears form as she cut the collar till she gotten to a string inside the color*

Xenia: Then I'll get the slavers to change my perches so Back widow can be your master, I'm sure i can convene them, have to much money anyways

Ester: Thay can't be convene when it is me... They know my bond with Black Widow. *she sniffs a little, closing her eyes*

Xenia: Everyone has a price even friends would betray each other if the offer is good enough. I'll give them an offer they can't refuse so i can get you off my back.

Ester: They care too much for the deaths of their slaves. Black widow was only able to save me because she wa scariest person of the ground... *The knife almost cutting the string* Once I cute this string, no one has to worry about me....

Xenia: You won't do it Black Widow finally retuned and you want to leave your poor master alone HA. I can be VERY convincing you'll be with your true master soon.

Ester: They won't fall for the trick, Xenia... They don't care about the money, they don't need it... *she whispered, about to cut the string*

  • Suddenly the door was kicked open as Black widow stood there with a rather cold expression on her face*

Black Widow:*pulls Ester into a hug* Now now, don't do that. *glares at Xenia* This is part of your fault, Xenia. You need to read up on these time traveling Slavers who are riched no matter what.

Xenia: What you think money is my only other method of convincing people? I will force them if necessary, you should be on my side you'll be getting your precious Ester back.

Black Widow: Forcing them will only work if your in their time zone. They slaughter their slaves that can't be sold. I'm against trying to convince them, because their backstabbers and they'll just do what they without doing what they were convince to do. *Hugging Ester close*

Ester:*Crying in Black widow's arms*

Black widow: What your trying to get is a pointless cause. Once they know I'm alive, they will just slaughter Ester before anything.

Xenia: Then I'll make a wish, If that doesn't work I'll convene a time travailer to do my dirty work ether way you will be Ester's master.

Black Widow:*Just laughs* No time travelier want to mess with that lot, and a wish is what they destory. *Glares* I know them far more than you, Vampire. Even the heartless of villains knows the lot better than you. *She said coldly, hugging Ester closer* They turn even kingdoms against themselves, and destory the kingdoms inside out. Even heartless Villains can't deal with them. *Picks Ester up* Your fighting a lost cause. Iruna is already questioning the rest in being with you, Xenia. Love is the strongest emotions that a mobain need, there is no wars without love, there is no danger without love. Love is the balance of the world, and you picked the wrong world to live. *Takes the knife out of Ester's hand, and throws it in front of Xenia's feet* Even black widows know what love is and where love needs to be. *Gently kisses Ester's forehead.* My little vampire, Let us find a meadow, I know how much you love flowers. *she smiles sweetly at Ester*

Ester:*Sniffles and hics*

Shadow Boy and Iruna sees Xenia,Black Widow,and Ester through the door."..."

Xenia: Well sense Ester have to do whatever i say I ordering you to live with black widow and to take care of her. So go and live happy lives...

Ester:*she frowns a tiny bit*

Black Widow: Come on Ester, it is not like she needs anyone that can clear a house spotless~ I taught you very well. *Nuzzles Ester's cheek, carrying Ester out of the room* Well, Iruna, I shall be leaving; you can come and learn more things if you want. *She smiles* I'm going to go search for a meadow me and Ester can relax in.

Ester:*leaning against Black Widow*

Xenia:*turns her back*....

Iruna smiles and walks over to Black Widow.Shadow Boy looks at Xenia,hearing her wish."What a wish to grant..."He turns to Iruna and walks over to Black Widow."If you need a place to stay,I can offer you a room."

Black Widow: Maybe we'll take up that offer after I find a meadow. *she smiles* I need to repair Ester's collar. *goes outside of Xenia's house, pulling out a strange statue of jade that shape like a Black widow.*

Xenia:*showing her back to everyone not showing her face* I wish for Black Widow to be Ester's master again...

Shadow Boy once turns to Xenia again."Why so? Got bored of your own servant?"

Xenia:*still turning her back* Does it really mater?

"It does to a wish granter and Ester...There is always a reason for a wish to happen."

Xenia:*still turning her back* Black Widow can can do a better job at making Ester happy... Ester doesn't need me, It's better if she returns to Black Widows side.

"I can see that but this might be familiar...why would you have her as a servant anyways?"

Xenia:*still turning her back* She was cute, that's why i pick her no special reason. There was a certain look in her eye like she needs someone to hold on to but know she has Black Widow. It was fun for a time she like to be around me and its nice to feel needed.

"...It doesnt matter about looks Ms.Xenia...Sure Black Widow completes her soul but she still has friends like you..the only fun time is when someone is happy...doesnt that make you happy too?"He however heard fighting noises.He turns around and walks towards to the noise,saying his last words."I want you to decide whats good for you and your slaves and friends.I wont grant this wish of yours...until you decide whats best.."He vanishes to the noise


Black widow:*About to appear the Black widow, but stops* Their here... Those damn slavers. *she growls in angry*


Iruna looked at them confused.

Black Widow:*appears a huge black widow with a saddle, setting Ester on it* Iruna, you and Shadow boy hop on Sylen and get out of here. I'll deal with the Slavers, to give them a 'warm' welcome gift of me returning.

Iruna seems worry."But whats going to happen to you.."

Black Widow:*smirks* I'll teach them a lesson, I won't die from them. Just get Ester out of her. *glares at the trees as figures were floating as maskes seem to fall on the ground*

"Alright...I'll leave Shadow Boy here with you.Don't worry he wont die.."She gets on the widow.

Black Widow: Alright. Sylen! Go!

Sylen:*Did a spider call to Black Widow before vanishing into the woods with Iruna and Ester, going far away.*

Black Widow:*Fighting with the Slavers as she use her whip, suddenly sending a Slaver into the building*Oops. *ends up killing a slaver as it crashed into a tree. Lots of noises could be heard from her fighting* Damn Slavers!

Shadow Boy is seen on a tree,putting a Slaver in a headlock."Hello Ms.Black Widow."He looks at a Slaver."Destroying wishes? Not on my watch."He quickly moves his hand and twist its head

Black Widow:*Grins* Hello Shadow Boy, good thing that one is killable. *whips another Slaver, kicking it in the face* Their after Ester, but both Ester and Iruna are out of the area. Through, you would already know that. *smirks*

Slavers: *trying to attack Black widow, but one of them pulls out an katna*

Black Widow: Damn it, one born in the past. I thought I killed all of them! *She cursed to herself, glaring*

Shadow Boy jumps down on the ground,sinking his hands and arm in the ground.His hand and arm flow on the ground,sprouting up on a Slaver's feet,grabbing them.

Slaver:*notice it was grab on it's floating feet*!?

Black Widow:*Knee a Slaver into the Slaver that was being grounded*

His hand then moves his away onto the next Slaver's foot.

Black widow:*doing some whiping on the Slavers* shadow Boy, there should be one inside the house, I kinda threw it in without a thought. *she had a sweatdrop*

"Thats a lesson for today."He sweatdrops and sinks into the ground,flowing inside the house.He then raises up and looks around the house.

Black Widow:*Panting as the ones outside were running*...

Hunting down a slaver!Edit

Slaver:*roaming in the shadows of the house, searching for something or someone*

Shadow Boy seems to sence the Slaver's presence.He then sinks back into the ground,blending in with the shadows.

Slaver:*Floating and searching through things* Where is it... The Slave?... *It hissed.*

A shadow-like figure raises up infront of the Slaver.It looked a bit like Ester but its really Shadow Boy."What slave?"He seems to try to trick the Slaver thinking its Ester instead.He stood inside the dark,not showing his half of the body

Slaver:*seem confuse* You don't smell like Vampire...

"Shit.."He thought to himself as he twitches."W-what makes you say that?"

Xenia: *Walking around her house*...

Slaver: Your smell is different- *smells Xenia* I smell Vampire.... *Starts floating it's way to Xenia's path.*

Xenia:*walking and notice the Slaver*!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!!

Slaver:*looks to Xenia* You not slave, but you make a pretty mask. *it smiles a emotionless smile* Slavers will be please when I bring your face for them! *He chuckled sickly.*

Shadow Boy sinks down and flows to Xenia quickly."Get out of here Ms.Xenia!"He stands in a defensive mode infront of Xenia

Slaver: Being in the way. A wish Granter, I shall fight you. *it's claws glow and grow.*

"Hmph..I will not allow you to destroy people's wishes!"He then raises his hand up,shadows raising behind him.

Slaver:*Starts spinning like a whirlwing, cutting the shadows behind it*

  • Suddenly a poison bolt found itself in the Slaver, as it falls over*

Black Widow: I say, Shadow boy. You need to be more creative with that. *she sighed, having a sweatdrop.*

Xenia: I can do this for you *Use healing aura to heal shadow boy's wounds*

Black Widow:*looks to Xenia* Are you alright? *she sighed quietly* Stupid Slavers...

Xenia:You shouldn't be so nice to me not after what i said

Shadow Boy seems to sweatdrop."I tried...I was just distracted with Xenia's wish.."

Black Widow: That's just knowledge you knew nothing about. Be glad I even stop the slavers from trying to kill you. *she blinks* Ester isn't in the happiness shape right now through... *she then sighed by the wording of Shadow boy* Being distracted is fine, It is not like I am blaming you. You did slow the slaver down, that is good enough.

Xenia: *still healing*Thank you sorry you got hurt

Black Widow:*looks to Xenia* You know, Me and Ester can still be your friends. still want to be friend after everything i said, I almost made Ester kill herself.

His ear seems to twitch a bit.

Xenia: I don't think Ester really wants to be my friend...

Blakc widow:*She smiles* You were trying to make Ester happy, even through she was happy with you as well. She didn't want to lose either of us, so her choice was to kill herself so that neither was a lost. If you understand what I mean.

His whole body seems to twitch a bit more.

Xenia:*sigh* Must be losing my touch if you actually notice.

"Shit..."He shakes a whole lot more

Xenia: Im healing as fast as i can hold on.

"Its not that.."

Xenia: Then what ?

He looks at Black Widow."Wheres Iruna and Ester?"

Blakc Widow: With Sylen, she said they are an a meadow, but she hasn't said anything else... I am concern...

Xenia: Do you know where in the meadow I can telleport us there.

Black Widow: I sense that... *Closes her eyes* In the far right corner of the Meadow.

Xenia: Alright *use her power to telleport herself black widow and shadow boy to the Meadow*

In the MeadowEdit

Xenia: Ok we are here...

"Its almost time! Where is she?!"

Black Widow:*looking around* Where is Slyen.

Xenia: I thought you know where they are but i don't see them anywhere

"I somehow dont feel Iruna's presence nor Ester's...I'm probably worn out.."

Xenia:*worried* Where could they be don't tell me those Slaver to to them?!?

Black widow:*loads bolt, fires at a tree, suddenly a slaver fallen before a black widow gone to her with a passed on her back* Sylen, where is Iruna? Did she hide!? *concern*

"If she did around here,I would've felt her presence...maybe I dont know,I'm worn out."

Black widow: Sylen, find Iruna *grabs Ester*

Xenia: She has to be around here somewhere

Shadow Boy falls down,tired.

Xenia: I got you *picks shadow boy up and carrys him *

Sylen:*came back with Iruna on her back*

Black Widow:*sighs*

Iruna waves."Sorry,I was hiding somewhere."

Black Widow:*smiles* That's good to hear. So, everyone is safe...

Xenia: We need to so to go to a safe place to recuperate.

Black widow: Where?

"We really need to undo the wish now..."

Xenia: There's a safe house for emergency's like this, I can telleport all of use there, its the only way in unless you can move through walls.

"I can move through walls and Iruna can too.But i dont know about you."

Xenia: Sorry when i said telleport us there i meant inside the safe house.

"Oh.We can do that too."

Black widow: Teleport us, then we need to stop the wish.

Xenia: Ok *telleport everyone*

Safe HouseEdit

Xenia: Now to stop that wish.

"There better be no Slavers here."He murmurs as Iruna and himself face each other.Iruna starts chanting something which Shadow Boy can understand.This happens when they want to undo wishes.He seems to listen closely.1 wrong move can mess up undoing a wish.

Black widow:*silences*

Xenia:*walks to the safe house kitchen and gets a glass of blood*

Some red shadow-liked sprouts up around them.They are like Slavers but are known as Bad Wishers.(Hey cant think of a good name -n-) When a wish interest them,they will try to not make them undo it by making the wish granter do the wrong move.Five sprout up,shaping into a figure of a boy and a girl.Shadow Boy can hear them but tries to listen to Iruna.

Black widow:*concern* That isn't good...

They both starts haunting Shadow Boy as they walked up to him,a sword in their hand.Shadow Boy tries hard to ignore Bad Wishers.More kept sprouting up

Xenia: We are getting out of here *walks over to shadow boy and Iruna and Turn herself shadow boy and Iruna inadvisable*

Bad Wishers looks around for Shadow Boy.They turn to Black Widow,grinning.

Xenia:*turn herself visable and runs over to Black Widow* Now's your turn*turn herself and Black Widow invisible*

Black Window:*sighs*

Bad Wishers seems to sense their presence and sinks to the ground,disappearing.No sign of them around the house.

Xenia:*creates an Illusion of shadow boy and Iruna while remaining invisible*

Bad Wishers seems to stay in the ground,knowing they're not going to be fooled.

Xeni:*Made the Illusion disappear and then create another illusion of Iruna, shadow boy, black widow and herself. the illusion of Xenia says* I think they're gone ^^

No sign of them are around the room.

Black widow:*Mutters* You should have let me just attack them...

Xenia:*ended the illusion and everyone become visible* I need a drink -_-

Black Widow: Go get one. I'll protect the two here. *The whip comes out*

Bad Wishers then sprout up,whips and weapons in their hand."If Slavers come,it would've been a great help."Bad Wishers then jets toward Shadow Boy.He was the target

Xenia: I can't leave now *creates a flame ring Illusion around Shadow Boy and Iruna*

Black Widow snap her fingers as a strange web was protecting Shadow Boy and Iruna, before she whip one of the Bad wishes, slamming him into another* I won't let you. *She hisses, kicking another Bad Wisher* I fight you and Slavers as if you two are nothing!

A female Bad Wisher dashes toward to Black Widow,her arm as a katana

Black Widow:*whistles and a black widow baby spider suddenly appear and leap onto the Bad wisher, she pulls out a cross bow and shoots the Bad wisher with a poison bolt before the whip grab her neck, tightening it.*Hmph

Xenia: I hate uninvited guests *Throws Illusion fireballs that feels like the real thing at the Bad Wishers*

Bad Wishers seems to die as more sprout up.Iruna and Shadow Boy are almost done with the chanting but more noises makes Shadow Boy wanna turn around,but he needs to focus.

Black Widow:*Panting, growling a little* I guess I gotta do it. *Suddeanly leap into the air and turn into a giant Black widow spider, hissing at the Bad wishers, before birting into one.*

Bad Wishers seems to be increasing.Shadow Boy then chants something.

Black widow:*Still in her spider form as she starts webbing the Bad wisher.*

Then Shadow Boy chants his last words,a white flash happens around the room.Bad Wishers seems to try to cover themselves from the flash,but disappears after the room turn white.It then turns back to normal.

Black Widow:*changes back to her mobain form, sighing to herself* So not cool.

Ester:*Starts waking up*...

Black widow:Ah! My sweet little Ester. *hugs Ester close to her.*

"It worked!"Iruna smiles as both of them falls to the ground exhausted.

Black Widow: We all should get some sleep.

Ester:*Nuzzles Black widow, going back to sleep.*

The two is already asleep,Shadow Boy's arm under Iruna's head.They looked like siblings sleeping together.

Black Widow:*smiles, putting a blanket over the two before nuzzling up to Ester and putting a different blanket over her and Ester*

Iruna seems to whisper something in her sleep."Maybe I have someone here with me when I'm alone.."

Black Widow:*Smiles at the whisper, hugging Ester.*

Xenia:*sleeping alone hugging herself feeling sad and happy and tired all at the same time*

Black Widow: Xenia, you know being alone could be chilly. *She glance over.*

Ester:*sleeping peacefully.*

Xenia: I can't face her yet not after what i've said...

Black widow: Now come over here, she is sleeping. She won't mind." Still looking to Xenia.*

Xenia:*she seems hesitant* Is it really alright? I'm not sure she'll forgive me...

Black widow: She isn't truly one to blame and hate others, you know. If anyone was consider in blame to her, it would be herself.

Xenia: Ok *Gets up and walks over to Black Widow and Ester*Are you sure she won't mind?

black widow:*she smiles* Positive.

Xenia:*curl up next to Ester smiling falling asleep*

Black Widow:*nuzzles Ester and goes to sleep as well.*

The next dayEdit

Xenia:*Hugging Ester in her sleep*

Black widow:*Hugging Both Xenia and Ester, waking up a little*

Ester:*sleeping peacefully.*

Shadow Boy wakes up and sits up straight.He yawns and stands up.He moves away from Iruna and to the kitchen.

Xenia:*mumbles something in her sleep while hugging Ester Tightly*

Ester:*Sleeping peacefully*

Black Widow:*Pets Ester's head and then pets Xenia's head*

Xenia:*For some unknown reason She blushes when Black widow pets her, she nuzzle with Ester in her sleep*

Black Widow:*she smirks, hugging both.*

Iruna wakes up and rubs her eyes.

Xenia:*starts to wake up a little*

Black Widow:*Smiles.*


Iruna gets up and walks around the safe house.(Lets get on with the rp -3-;)

Xenia:*woke up and notice Black Widow hugging her, looking at Black Widow and whispers* Morning 

Black Widow:*smiles* Morning.

Iruna heads to the kitchen and a big crash is heard."Owww..."Two voices was heard together.

Xenia:*she got up and head towards the kitchen*!!!

Iruna and Shadow Boy are seen piling up on each other.Shadow Boy was under Iruna."Hi.."They both sweatdrop

Xenia:*sigh* You two gave me a heart attack, i thought there was more intruders or something.


Xenia:[I need a drink -_-] Its ok

Ester:*Starts waking up.*

Black widow:*smiles* Hello my little vampire~

The two tries to get up but ends up being in the pile

Xenia:*Looking thru the fridge*[blood and what else?]

Ester:*Yawns, sitting up*

Black widow: How did you sleep my little vampire~?

Ester: Good...

Black widow:*hugs Ester, petting her head.*

Xenia:*walks back to see Black widow petting Ester*...morning


Black Widow:*Yawns a tiny bit, getting up* Hmm... I'm hungry.

Ester:*looks to Black Widow*

Xenia:[O what should i say, I have to I'm sorry but she might still hate me] What are you craving?

Black widow: Anytihng, I'm not picky.

Ester:I'm thristy... *She whispered*

Xenia:Ok *walks to the kitchen and starts cooking*[Ok..-_- that's all i can say? why do i still get the feeling like she hates me... of course she does after what i said to her.]

Ester:*she frowns when looking to Black Widow*

Black Widow: *smirks* You can hear her, can't you...

Ester:*nodded quietly*

Xenia:*coking^[yes i said some horrible thing but i didn't want her to worry about me... i was scared i was being replaced. I thought deep down she would chose her over me, and the last thing i want is to be betrayed again]*Made some pancakes and brought then over to Black Widow* I hope you like him [Mines diffidently not as good as Ester's -_-]

Black Widow:*she smiles* Thank you. *She starts eating the pancakes.*

Ester:*Watches them*...

Xenia:*looks at Ester*[.......great know I'm just staring at her. Say something you ideot dont just look say something] want something? [........*facepalm*]

Ester:*She shook her head no.*

Black Widow:*Pets her head*Your thristy for blood, you shouldn't lie.

Ester:*she frown*

"Help?"They both sighs.

Xenia:[She doesn't want my blood anymore...]There's some blood in the fridge...

Ester:*she shook her head no*

Black widow: I'll help the two out of the pile of each other *she smirks as she goes help Iruna and Shadow boy.*

Xenia:Who's blood do you want? [Most likely Black Widow's T_T]

Ester:Either is fine... *she slightly whispered.*

Xenia:?? [ I didn't hear -_-]

"Thanks."They both stands up and Shadow Boy opens the fridge.Iruna gave him a little power push and it made Shadow Boy knocked a glass of blood.It spills on him and the glass lands ontop of his head."Iruna..."He sighs as Iruna laugh

Black Widow:*Has a sweatdrop* That is a waste of blood...

Ester:I said... Either is fine...

Xenia: ether what? [ I'm not a mind reader-_-]

Ester:*she sighed* It doesn't take a mind reader to guess what I'm talking. Your too negative to youself.

Iruna kept laughing."Shut up Iruna..."He takes the glass off his head and finds a towel

Xenia:!!! *Blushes bright red*Y- You heard everything i was thinking about? [ I can't belive i forgot]

Ester:You forgot to cap your thoughts, so I did hear everything when I'm awake.

Xenia: I still have to say it out lout so *takes a big breath and bows* IM SORRY

Ester: I forgive you.

Xenia:*tears pour from her face as she rushes over hugging Ester*Thauk you

Ester:*she smiles, petting Xenia's head as she hugs her.* I can't replace anyone, Xenia. Black widow wouldn't mind sharing at bed with you anyway.

Xenia: I'm sorry for ever doubting you *she wail*

Ester: It's fine, Xenia. *she smiles, hugging Xenia* We should get home...

Black widow:*smiles*

Xenia: OK *slowly stops crying hugging Ester*

Ester: Shhh, it's okay Xenia. *Petting her head, hugging her.*

Black Widow:*Watches*

Xenia:*holds Ester tightly exposing her neck*

"H-hey! Watch the hair Iruna!"Shadow Boy then runs past Ester,Xenia,and Black Widow,being chased by Iruna

Black Widow:*Gently grabs Iruna* Please give the male a break.

Ester:*hugs Xenia, biting her neck to feed,*

Xenia: *hugging Ester sweetly as Ester feeds off her blood*

Iruna pouts."Fine.."She giggles as she looks at Shadow Boy who was sitting down,tired and panting."No more girls ganging up on me anymore."He sweatdrops."Including Iruna.."

Back HomeEdit

Xenia: Have anyone seen Shadren or Shinda?

Shadren:*sitting down in the living room, wearing a towel on her head and a red t-shirt* In here! You're all home??

Iruna sighs and lays on the ground."I feel tired already.."

Shadren: You obviously had a lot of reason too be. *she gets up and kneels next to Iruna* Welcome home Iruna.

Xenia: It's good to be home *stretches* we need a vacation

Shadren: And welcome home to you too Xenia. *she sits next to her*

Xenia: *Hugs Shadren* Thank you for the warm welcome ^^

Shadren:*nuzzles her* You're very much welcome. So what'd you have in mind for a vacation?

Xexia: *Nuzzles her back*Maybe a trip to japan to soak in the hot springs ^^

Shadow Boy is seen standing beside the door."Guess who's here Iruna."He opens it to reveal a gray male wolf."Manyo!!"

Shadren: Whose Manyo? Ahh it doesn't matter, at least people are becoming happy.

Xenia:?? just one surprise after another

Shadren: Hm....

Xenia:... I'm not going to randomly hit on Manyo -_-

Shadren: Xenia.

Xenia:........what !?!

Shadren:*kisses Xenia*

Manyo hugs Iruna and smiles."Manyo!"Iruna smiles happily as her tail sways

Xenia:*hugging and Kissing Shadren*

"....should I leave?"Manyo looks at Xenia and Shadren."If you want...I'll come though!"Iruna hugs Manyo's arm."Alright.."He smiles and walks outside with Iruna

Shadren:*rubs her back gently*

Xenia:*Kisses down her neck, playing with Shadren's fox tail*

Shadren:*moans a bit* H-hold on Xenia. People might see us. The door is wide open.

Xenia:Who cares this way anyone can join *kisses her*

Manyo and Iruna sits together,kissing.

Shadren:*pushes Xenia onto a chair and sits on top of her, she closes the door and kisses her*

Xenia:little rough are we *Kissing Shadren putting her arms around Shadren*

Shadren:*pulls away* You like rough. Don't you?*kisses Xenia's neck*

Xenia:I'm into all kind of things -_^*Kisses Shadren, massages her shoulders*

Shadren:*licks Xenia's neck and slides her hands into Xenia's underwear*

Xenia:*Moves her hand underneath the collared of Shadren's shirt, undoing Shadren's bra straps, kissing Shadren sweetly*

Shadren:*holds the kiss and fingers Xenia*

Xenia:*moans into the kiss, pulling Shadren's bra from her shirt then starts to rub her ass*

Shadren:*moans and swirls her finger around*

Xenia:*Moaning and kisses her neck, fond and removes Shadren's panties, move her hand underneath her cloth to squeeze Shadren's breasts*

Shadren:*moans loudly and pulls her shirt off, she steps out of her pants and kisses Xenia*

Xenia:*Removes her shirt showing her re bra, using both hands to rub between Shadren's legs while licking her breasts*

Shadren:*moans* Copying my underwear colors? Nice touch *kisses her neck*

Xenia: *giggles*So you're the only one allowed to where a red bra* Starts to nibble on Shadrens neck, massaging Shadren's breasts*

Shadren:*moaning, undoes her bra straps and pulls her bra*

Xenia:*rubbing her cheek against her neck* I need this ^^* Bites her neck, rubbing her breasts against Shadren's breasts, squeezing Shadren's ass*

Shadren: Feed if you want. *kisses her neck*

Xenia:*Lick Shadren's bit marks close* Thank you*Starts sucking Shadren's breasts, finger banging her pussy*

Shadren: *moans loudly, moving around for her finger to have a better effect. she holds Xenia's head to her chest and squeezes her butt*

Xenia:*moans loudly into Shadren's breasts as she bites into them, feeding on them while using an additional finger to bang her pussy*

Shadren: A~Ahh.*uses both hands to squeeze her butt while moaning immensely*

Xenia:*sucking the blood and milk from Shadren's Breast,Licking her nipples while finger banging faster and deeper into Shadren's pussy*

Shadren: *grabs her hands and pulls them away she starts grinding against Xenia*

Xenia:*continues to feed on Shadren's breast, grabs Shadren's ass Violently grinding her pussy against Shadren's pussy*

Shadren:*gets rougher and rubs her butt and back, lifting Xenia's head up and kissing her neck*

Xenia:*Bites Shadren's neck, feeding on her blood, grinding faster against Shadren's pussy, moaning into the bite*

Shadren: *stops her* Hanghang on. Sure we can't have this go to the bed?

Xenia: Why so picky if you going to kiss me you should know i can't stop *kisses Shadren* Its my one true weakness*squeeze her ass* No one will mind pulse its my house *licks her neck*

Shadren:*moans and grabs her shoulders* Then don't stop.*she moves down and kisses between Xenia's breasts*

Xenia:AA~a*hold Shadren tightly against her breasts, Rubbing her back*

Shadren:*keeps kissing and licks*

Xenia:*Hugging her smothering Shadren with her breasts, wrapping her legs around Shadren*

Shadren:*sucks on one breast and licks it*

Xenia:You like them*Petting Shadren's head, massaging her breasts*

Shadren:*licks her nipples*

Xenia: *sqeeze Shadren's breasts causes some of the milk and blood to come out, using her hand to rub Shadren's pussy*

Shadren:*shivers in excitement, she sits up and rubs her breasts against Xenia's* You know the couch looks good right now. Wanna? It's right next to the chair.

Xenia: As-long as we can do it going there*kisses Shadrem some more* I just can't stop *roughly press her breasts against Shadren's*

Shadren: Then shut up and kiss me. And let me carry you there.*she kisses Xenia and picks her up*

Xenia:*kisses Shadren squeezing her breasts as Shadren carries her*

Shadren:*walks over to the couch and falls with Xenia being on the couch, she kisses down her stomach*

Xenia:*moans holding Shadren to her stomach*

Shadren:*licks her stomach and squishes her tongue into Xenia's belly-button*

Xenia:*Moans, Rubs Sharen's head*

Shadren:*moves down and licks her thigh, she kisses it*

Xenia:MMmm~*Wraps her legs around Shadren*

Shadren:*puts her head between her legs and kisses*

Xenia:*moans Rubbing her feet against Shadren's back*

Shadren*pushes her tongue in, swirling it around*

Xenia:AAaaa~*moans loudly*

Shadren: *grips her butt with both hands as she shoves her tongue deeper in*

Xenia: AAaa~yes*Moans even louder*

Iruna then walks inside the house and closes the door.She notices Xenia and Shadren and smiles.She scoots over to her room and closes the door gently.She walks over to her bed and sits on it,knee covering half of her face."Hmm..."


Xenia: AAa feeling refresh and recharged ^^ [Hey Ester ready for a vacation ^^]

Iruna still sits down,knees covering half of her face.She smiles as she stares at her door

Xenia:*knocks on Iruns door* Its me ^^

Iruna gets up and opens the door."Hi Xenia."

Xenia: How would you like to go on a vaca ^^

"Vacation? I want to go!"Iruna jumps around,happily

Xenia: Great ^^ we need one and I'm planing for everyone to come. You can bring that friend of yours -_^

Black Widow:*Yawns, hugging Ester* If it's too bright I don't wanna go...

Ester: Black widow...

"Cant bring Manyo...he's always busy and he barely can see me..thats what he said."

Xenia: That's a shame...

Eva:*woke up from her meditation*[Feel great to move again wonder how Xenia doing]*exit her room and walks down stairs*{[Hmmm what should i eat?]

Black Widow:*Yawns once more, falling asleep on Ester*

Ester:!! Black widow!

Eva:!?![who's that?]*goes to check it out*

Black Widow:*Laying on Ester, snoring*

Ester:*Has a sweatdrop, sighing.*

Eva:*notic black Widow and Ester*......Hi? [who are they? I'm out for a few months and everything changes -_-]

Iruna plops back onto bed,about to sleep

Xenia: May I join you?

Iruna looks at Xenia."Of what?"

Xenia: In bed

Iruna shrugs and lays her head on her pillow.She then falls asleep.

Xenia:*lay next to Iruna, hugging her as she falls asleep*

Iruna sleeps peacefully as Xenia hugs her.

Eva:......*belly growling*[I'm starve I'll find out who they are later...they're most likely Xenia's clients or something]*starts to walk towards the kitchen*

Shadow Boy sits in the kitchen,resting his head on his arms.

Eva:*notice shadow boy*....who are you?

He looks up and sees Eva."Shadow Boy the wish granter.."

Eva: A wish granter? So you'll grant any wish?

"Any but for a reason..."

Eva: There's always a catch and here i thought i could just wish for a sandwich.*looks through the fridge*[there's blood and what else ?]

He sweatdrops as he gets up and kneels down,sinking into the ground.He still looks the same but as a shadow.

Eva:*made herself a turkey sandwich*[Shadow boy's gone?]*takes a bite*[Who else is in this house?]*Walks around with her sandwich*

Shadren: *walks past, yawning*

Iruna wakes up and gets out of her bed,leaving Xenia there.She rubs her eyes and walks to the living room

Shadren: Good morning Iruna.

Iruna waves slightly."Hi Shadren.."

Shadren: Sleep well?


Eva:*walking, Takes a bite oh her sandwich*Good sandwich ^^*notice Shadren and Iruna* Hi....

Shadren: Hello

Eva: My name is Eva

Iruna rubs her eyes before going back into her room.

Shadren: My name is Shadren. And the girl who just went inside was named Iruna.

Eva: Nice to meat you. So are you here for business?

Shadren: and her are here cause we met Xenia.

Eva: O so you're here for Xenia That's nice. Do you know where she is?

Shadren: No, not at the moment. Are you here for her too?

Eva: Ya, I've been with her for a long time *yawns* I've been in a meditate trance for a month, Its a pain.

Shadren: That explains why we've never heard of you before. Think I'm gonna go find her. Wanna come along?

Eva: Sure ^_^ *fallows Shadren*

Shadren: *looks in various room, saying Xenia's name* Xenia? Where are you?

Xenia:*wakes up* Who's calling me?*rubs her eyes and walks out f Iruna's room* I'm here!!

Shadren: Hi Xenia, someone's here to say hi. *she motions to Eva*

Xenina: EVA!!*runs up and hugs her* You're finally awake ^_^

Eva: It's nice to see you too ^_^

Shadren: Hi Xenia. Something go on with you and Iruna?

Xenia: We just sleep together ^_^

Eva: You sure haven't changed

Shadren: Eva looks like someone you look knew Xenia. She a member?

Xenia: Yep the worry wort who can hardly bring herself to leave me alone ^_^

Eva: *blushes* You practically beg me to stay.

Shadren: I *hugs them both* Now now no arguing.

Xenia: Ok *hugs both tighter*

Eva: I'm looking forward to get to know you better*hugs Tighter*

Shadren: Well good luck. *hugs them both very tightly*

Eva:*responds by hugging even tighter* Glad we'er so close ^_^

Xenia:*responds by hugging even tighter* Together forever ^_^

Shadren: You two thinking something?

Xenia: I'm planning to take everyone on vacation ^_^

Eva: Where?

Xenia: To the hot spring in japan we need a vaca after what happened

Xenia:*looks at Shadren* what happened?

Shadren: I'm just saying since you two are getting close together you might be getting a know what I mean. Don't you Xenia?

Xenia: Ya i admit I'm clingy,

Eva: I already know that. Aren't you hugging with us you're a part of this too

Shadren: *hugs them both*

Eva: Is there anyone else in this house i should know of?

Xenia:You know that new servant i told you i was going to get?

Eva: Ya

Xenia: Her name is Ester and she can read minds but only surface thoughts

Eva:............-_-; I wish that i known that sooner

Xenia: There's Shadow boy he's a wish granter

Eva: I met him in the kitchen

Xenia: There's a great friend name Shinda

Eva: A friend now that's rare ^_^

Xenia: I can make lots of friends

Eva: I know you prefer servants

Shadren: She was gonna call us slaves but if she did, I'd be gone -.-

Eva: I'm not surprised knowing her history I'm surprised she has any faith in friends.^_^

Xenia: That's was long time ago...

Eva: Sorry still taboo ^_^;

Shadren: *pats their heads* Well don't worry, Ooh and Xenia, Japan is a wonderful place.

Xenia: I'll be soak all day ^_^ I should ask Black widow to Join us

Eva: Who's Black Widow?

Xenia: Another friend of mine ^_^

Shadren: You can ask Ester about her. She's nice though. We should all go!

Xenia: Yes we should [Hey Ester are you and Black Widow awake yet?]

Iruna walks past everyone,walking to the couch.She sits down.

Shadren: Oh Eva this is Iruna. 

Eva: Hi Iruna ^_^ my name is Eva

Shadren: Miss Eva so what're you? A bat right?

Eva: Ya that's right.

Shadren: Cool. I'm bored -.-

Eva: then lets pack up and go ^^

Xenia: Not spring here we come ^^

Shadren: Mhmm. ^^


[everyone soon packed up their bags and using Xenia's connections traveled across the ocean to japan ^^]

Shadren: This is gonna be fun!

Eva: There some great food here ^^

Xenia: I've always wanted to got to one of those mix genders hot springs ^^

Shadren: I've never been to those before but yeah eva's right the food here is great. You

Xenia: I heard there a place where you can eat food off of cute girls *drools*

Eva: Only you would know that -_-

Shadren: *Sweatdrops* Yeah I don't think so.

Xenia: I did haerd they get payed well, they lay there perfectly still. The more you eat of her the more you see her naked body*looks at Eva* How come you never let me eat stuff off of you

Eva: I have SOME dignity -_- you sometimes have some weird fetishes.

Shadren: Erm...if you wanted that why not ask us at home? Eva excluded of course.

Xenia: I guess with all the excitement I kinda forgot to ask ^^; but do't worry we can get a privet room and i can let you eat off of me -_^

Shadren: Let's just focus on getting everyone into a hotel.

Xenia: We'll get the most expensive hotel around ^^

Eva: We can look around to find a hotel that we like ^^ Xenia not picky

Shadren: It's not just us so don't forget. We have to find a room for the others.

Xenia: I know why don't i just buy a big house over here ^^ That way we all have a place to stay

Shadren: Sure! ^^

Xenia: All thos centuries of hard work paied off *tear drop* I love having a ridiculously large amount of money

Eva: Lets find the biggest house around ^^!

Shadren: I wonder why everyone's so silent.

Xenia: I had a little to much fun with Iruna and Ester ^^; Black Widow is looking out for them while we get a place to stay.

Shadren: Oh. Why'd you sleep with them on the trip?

Xenia: I need a reason?

Shadren: No. Anyway let's keep going. ^^

Xenia & Eva: OK ^^

Eva:*as they where walking* Do you think a beach house will be nice ^^

Shadren: Mmm..I don't know.

Xenia: How about a house close to the food market ^^ who know who we'll meet~

Shadren: Hmmm...

Eva: We should buy a house close to the people and the cutler ^^

Shadren: Ok.

Xenia: Then it settled ^^ One big house where the people are.

Eva: We'll have to pick some lovely furniture for the house too ^^

Shadren: Guess that means shopping trip?

Xenia & Eva: Yep ^^ *hugs Shadren*

Shadren: Alright. *hugs them back*

Xenia: It's so nice we're together ^^

Eva: Hey Shadren are you good at picking furniture?

Shadren: Only when my ex was too busy looking at prices. I have no idea if I still can though >.>;;

Xenia:There's no price limit ^^

Eva: We can pick some out together ^^

Shadren: Ok. ^^

[later on Xenia perches the house and Eva and Shadrin picked out the furniture. The new home was fully furnished.]

Xenia: Ok who wants a room next to me ^^

Shadren: Mmm...

Eva: Shadren I think you should have that room ^^

Iruna was busy chasing Shadow Boy."Iruna!!!"Shadow Boy pants as he runs

Shadren: I think we should wait for Iruna and Ester's decision.

Shadow Boy sat on the ground,panting and trying to catch his breathe.Iruna laughs at Shadow Boy then turns to Shadren."Huh?"

Shadren: We're trying to decide who should get the room next to Xenia's.

Xenia: How about some just share a room with me ^^

Shadren: o.o *hesitates and raises her hand*

Iruna was about to until she saw Shadren raises her hand.She giggles."I'll get a room myself!"She smiles.

Xenia: O goody *hugs Shadren* :3

Eva:Hope you know what you've gotten yourself into

Xenia: Don't say it like that *nuzzles Shadren* she knows i get lonely sometime. You know what I've been through.

Shadren: I've spent the night with her before. *she hugs Xenia back*

Iruna giggles."I see! I'll live in a room myself!"She turns to Shadow Boy,staring at him."I'll be living down there!!"Shadow Boy sweats as he sinks into the ground.

Shadren: *looks at her* You seem ecstatic.

Xenia: You could at least pretend to be a little disappointed. You know you can come to -_^

Shadren: Yeah.

Iruna looks at the two."I rather stay happy when I'm disappointed or mad!!"She smiles,two fangs showing.

Shadren: Oh come on Iruna. It'll be fun, it'll be like a sleepover ^^

Xenia: And i'll be able to give you much needed attention -_^

Shadren: Yeah.

Iruna shakes her head."It's ok!! Privacy is needed for the two of you! I'll sleep by myself tonight!"She began jumping.

Shadren: Ok, but Iruna, Xenia thinks that sometimes three is better than two.

Iruna tilts her head."Why?"

Xenia: Privacy!? I don't want privacy *pouts lips* I want you with me...but if that what you want *looks a little sad*

Iruna sweatdrops."So you want strangers looking at you naked and having sex?"

Shadren: You're not a stranger. And trust me, either you'd be with her by yourself or she'll have us both do it with her.

Iruna looks around before changing the subject."When's dinner or lunch?"

Xenia: How could you say such a thing *hugs Iruna* your not a stranger your very dear to me, i want you to be close to me

Shadren: Hm...Ramen can be for lunch, and I don't know what you'd like for dinner.

Xenia: Iruna your not getting off that easly I'll b making you something special for you to eat and to eat off of ^_^

"You don't have to make it special,Xenia."She sweatdrops."I can eat ramen instead.."

Shadren: *Sweatdrops* Iruna she's not gonna give up.

Xenia: You got that right ^_^ I can't wait for lunch

Iruna nods."Yeah!"

Shadren: I'll start making it.

Eva:*Whipers to Shadren* do you have an idea on what Xenia going to make for her?

Xenia: I better get started to ^^*walks off*

Iruna smiles before running around."I'll make something!"

Shadren: *whispers to Eva* Probably something that'll help Xenia seduce her.

Iruna creeps up behind Eva and Shadren and then shouted."What are you talking about!?"She smiles.

Shadren: *jumps and she turns around* Oh nothing. *she pats her head*

Iruna looks at Shadren before smiling."Ok!"She continues jumping around before stopping.She rubs her stomach as it growls."I'm hungry.."

Eva: Hey Iruna  Xenia is done making hr special luch for you and its waiting in her room.

"Ok!"Iruna skips to Xenia's room happily."I hope it's ramen or something delicious!"She smiles as she makes it to Xenia's room."Xenia!"She shouted for her.

Xenia: Come and get it ^^

[Xenia is laying on the table naked with variety of food covering her body]

Shadren: *makes noodles* Hey Eva here.

Eva: Hi Shadren ^^ Iruna should be enjoying her lunch right about now ^^

Shadren: *hands Eva a cup of ramen*

Eva:*takes the cup* Thanks ^^ *Starts eating*

Shadren: You're welcome. Say what's your abilities?

Eva: I'm an enchantress so I'm awesome with supports spells and i can summon familiars to do my biding ^^

Shadren: Cool. So you've stuck with Xenia a long time right? How'd you keep yourself looking so cute?

Eva: Draining the youth from my enemies, in extreme cases i can move my soul to another body.^^

Iruna gazes at Xenia,drooling."Xenia..."She slowly walks over to Xenia.

Xenia:*laying perfectly still,smiling* All for you eat up

Shadren: Well I guess it helps.

Iruna got close to Xenia and began eating the food on her body.

Xenia:*laying perfectly still* Yes eat until it's all gone ^^

Eva: I know but i never had my soul transferred to another body yet. There's alot of preparations for the ritual. If i had to pick a body it have to be cuter and sexier then my body but i like my original body. ^^

Shadren: You have a nice one too ^^

Iruna ate everything off Xenia's body and began licking Xenia's pussy.

Xenia:Mmm~ so you want desert~

Eva: Thank your's nice to but i won't take it from you or anything.

Shadren: Thanks. Think Xenia got her?

Eva: Xenia has a nice body to ^^ she still quite energetic for her age but of course i wouldn't steel a body of a friend.

Shadren: Well, for a vacation I'm kinda bored.

Eva: That's becuse we haven't gone anywhere yet

Iruna looks at Xenia,nodding.

Xenia: How about you eat some ice cream of my pussy ^^

Shadren: True. *She looks at her* We're gonna have to wait for Iruna and Xenia to finish.

Iruna smiles and then starts eating/licking her pussy.

Xenia:want wip cream on top ^^

Eva: They might be in there for a while

Shadren: What do you wanna do then?

Eva: Wanna talk to the natives?

Shadren: Mmm....I guess. Either that or we find someone to help beat our boredom.

Eva: There's the arcade with Dance Dance Revolution ^^

Shadren: *mumbles* I meant what iruna and xenia are doing...*out loud* Ok.

Eva: Lets go ^^*grabs Shadrens hand*

Shadren: *stands up* Ok. ^^ Lead the way.

Eva:*leads her to the basement where there's a indoors arcade, she stops in front of the Japanese style Dance Dance Revolution machine* Do you wanna go first ^^

Shadren: You can.

Eva:Ok ^^ *starts to dance on the machine missed alot of the steps, end up failing horribly* Good thing we're not playing strip strip revolution ^^;

Shadren: know Xenia would love that game.

Eva: Ya she got me to play that with her *blush* she crushed me

Shadren: Hehe. That's funny. Not that I'd participate in that.

Eva: It was still fun ^^ I shouldn't let her talk me into stuff -_-;

Shadren: Anyway it's my turn. *she steps onto the machine, she starts to dance and misses only a few steps, she passes*

Eva: Wow your good at this ^^ there no way i could keep up

Shadren: I practiced.

Eva:There's alot of games here ^^ there has to be one game that I'm good at.

Shadren: Let's find out. 

Eva: Ok lets try that one next ^^ *points to the Pacman game*

Shadren: Sure. *she walks over to the pacman game, she nearly finishes but dies* Aw come on!

Eva: My turn ^^*she walks over to the pacman game, she mad pacman eat all the power pellets early in the game* AAaa can't eat ghost anymore T_T*dies* not my game T^T

Shadren: It's neither of our game honestly. New game?

Eva: How about "Mortal Combat" ^^

Shadren: Sure. This'll ne fun. *she walks over to the game*

Eva:*she walks over to the game* Oo he's cute ^^ *pick Johnny Cage* who are you going to pick?

Shadren: *picks Sub-Zero* This guy.

Eva: Do you know how to play?

Shadrem: Yes. do you?

Eva: Nope -_-;

Shadren: I can help you. *she takes her hands and puts them on the proper controls* This is for jumping, this is for hitting and ducking, and when you press the buttons like that it let's you do a combo move.

Eva: Cool ^^ I think i got the hang of it

shadren: Cool. ^^ Let's play.

Eva: Ok sexy man don't fail me now ^^*Pressing buttons*

Shadren: Come on Sub-Zero don't let me down! *she presses buttons rapidly*

Eva: Go speed kick ^^*Uses Johny Cage signature move on sub-Zero ^^*

Shadren: Dangit! *sub-zero is beaten*

Eva: Ya i won ^^

Shadren: You got lucky. *she has a jealous look on her face*

Eva: Wanna play again?

Shadren: Sure. *She scoots closer and picks her controller back up, as she threw it near Eva*

Eva: Alright ^^ *Pick up her controller* you pick first ^^

Shadren: *picks Scorpion* Now your turn.

Eva: Ok ^^*picks Sub-Zero*

Shadren: Ooh I've heard from the games that these two are rivals! *she starts playing*

Eva: O really why?*Playing, sends ice blast at Scorpion*

Shadren: Because apparently sub-zero killed scorpion. *ducks and shoots a harpoon at Sub-Zero*

Eva: A crud!*sees Sub-Zero being pulled in by the harpoon*

Shadren: *Performs a uppercut and an aerial combo on Sub-Zero*

Eva:*roles back sends another ice blast at Scorpion*

Shadren: *uses his teleport powers to get Sub-Zero from behind*

Eva: A shit!!*pressing the punch button rapidly*

Shadren: *ducks and uses uppercut*

Eva: Take that*roles back and sent another ice blast*

Shadren: Oh dang! *she teleports againa nd hits sub-zero from behind* Come on come on...

Eva:No no noo*Hears Finish him* You got me T_T

Shadren: Hey relax. *punches Sub-Zero* There.

Eva: I can't win every time ^^. Do you think Iruna and Xenia are getting along?

Shadren: This is Xenia we're talking about, they're probably getting it on by now. Now what do you wanna do? There's nothin else to do.

Eva: Wanna make out?

Shadren: Sure. *She kisses Eva*

Eva:*kisses Shadren, rubbing her back*

Shadren: *wraps her arms around Eva's neck*

Eva:*kisses her neck rubbing her waist*

Shadren: *blushes, she rubs her back and kisses her neck*

Eva:*blushes, plays with her fox tail as she lick her checks*

Shadren: *licks her neck and rubs her back faster*

Eva:*her wings flutters,kissing her, arms around her*

Shadren: *deepens the kiss and slides her hand under Eva's shirt*

Eva:*Her tongue plays with Shadren's, slide her hand into Shadren's pants*

Shadren: *blushes, and she meshes her tongue with Eva's she starts to pull Eva's shirt off*

Eva:*moans into the kiss, pulls down Shadren's pants reveling her panties, her pink bra is now showing*

Shadren: *Steps out of her pants and she leans forward, she starts kissing Eva's neck*

Eva:*throws her shirt to the other side of the room,Holding Shadren closer her bra is pressing against Shadren's body as she licks her checks*

Shadren: *she kisses Eva and rubs her hands down her waist*

Eva:*deepens the kiss as she rubs the bottom of Shadren's shirt*

Shadren: *grabs the fringes of her shirt and she takes it off, exposing her blue bra, she kisses down Eva's neck and starts to unbuckle Eva's pants*

Eva: *She pull down and steps out of her pants exposing her pink panties, Holing Shadren tightly as she stats to unbuckle her bra straps*

Shadren: *she climbs down and kisses Eva's throat, she puts her hands in Eva's panties and rubs quickly, she keeps kissing her throat*

Eva:Aaa~*moans as she removes her bra, blushing greabing her breasts twisting Shadren's nipples*

Iruna and Xenia's thing c:Edit

Iruna keeps licking Xenia's pussy,delighted by the taste of it."Mmmm~"

Xenia: Aa~Yess*she moans as Iruna licks her pussy*

Iruna moves her tounge deeper in her pussy,licking it.

Xenia:Aa Y~You're g~good at this *moan ,panting a little*

Iruna keeps licking the pussy."~"

Xenia: Aa~ r~right there*Moan from pleasure* I~I gonna

Iruna licks her pussy faster,trying to make Xenia cum.

Xenia: Aaa~*cums into Iruna's face panting*S~So good ^^

Iruna licks the cum and smiles."Yummy!"She frowns a bit."I want more!"She smiles again."More!"She then crawls ontop of Xenia."More!"She smiles.

Xenia:*looks at Iruna a cry a little* O yes Iruna!!*kises her* You can have lots more

Iruna smiles and kisses back."Yay!!"

Xenia:I wanted this for a long time*kissing her, starts to remove her top*

Iruna blushes,kissing Xenia.

Xenia: You can bite me anywhere you want~*Pulls down Iruna's pants sees her Panties*

Iruna moves to Xenia's neck,gently nibbling on it.Her pink panties was exposing a bit of Iruna's pussy.

Xenia: I hope you like the taste~*pull down her pink panties, she rubs her pussy against Iruna's pussy* You like it?~

She nods before moaning a little."F~Faster Xenia~"

Xenia:*rubs her pussy faster against hers, moans*Oo Iruna~

Iruna moans louder,rubbing her pussy against Xenia's.

Xenia:*rubs her pussy faster against Iruna's* I'll take good care of you*grabs on Iruna's breasts*

Iruna keeps moaning."X~Xenia~"

Xenia:*grinding her pussy against Iruna's ,panting*I wanted to do this with you for so long*nuzzles her while twisting her nipples*

She moans and pants.She grinds her pussy along with Xenia's,her pussy slime spreading around Xenia's.

Xenia:*Moans her pussy get wetter while grinding against Iruna's*Play with me more*griping on Iruna's breasts, flicking her nipples*

Iruna kisses Xenia,her pussy getting wetter and wetter."~"She grinds her pussy against Xenia's."I~ I think I~I'm gonna cum~!"

Xenia: I~I'll D~Do it w~with you*Cums with Iruna Kissing her*

Iruna's cum splatters around Xenia's pussy,Iruna kissing Xenia."~"She pants a little.

Xenia:*Panting*Want more *grinds her pussy more against Iruna's* I'll give you as much as you want*Kisses her*

Iruna moans as she grinds her pussy against Xenia's pussy.She rubs faster.

Xenia: Don't hold back*place Iruna's hand on her own breasts while grinding with her*

Iruna moans as she began to squeeze Xenia's breast.

Xenia:Oo Yes*Panting, rubbing her pussy faster against Iruna's*

Iruna rubs her pussy against Xenia's pussy faster,starting to suck onto Xenia's breast.

Xenia: T~That's it*panting, stroking her hair while rubbing with you* as much as you want~

Iruna keeps sucking as she starts cumming on Xenia's pussy.

Xexia: Aa~*Cun's all over Iruna's pussy, panting* S~So good *stroking her hair*

Iruna's finger then moves to Xenia's pussy,putting her finger inside.She then thrusts with her finger.

Xenia:Aa~*Her fang poped out, nuzzling Iruna's neck as she inserts her Finger into Iruna's pussy*

Shadren and Eva's fun-time >.>Edit

Shadren: *gasps and she moans as she sticks one finger from each hand into Eva, she licks her throat and kisses her*

Eva:*panting she put her other hand in Shadren's panties and rubs her pussy while squeezing her breasts*

Shadren: *moans and pants, she unstraps Eva's bra and pulls it off, she kisses down her chest and sucks on her breasts*

Eva: Mmm~*panting, holding Shadren's head close to her breasts, Rubbing her pussy faster as she squeezes her breasts together*

Shadren: *She leans further, kissing between Eva's breasts and pushing her fingers in deeper*

Eva:*Moaning, pushing her finger into Shaden's pussy, pinching her nipples*

Shadren: *moans and blushes, she kisses Eva and starts swirling her fingers around*

Eva:*Moans into the kiss, inserting her finger deeper into Shadren's pussy while Squeezing her nipples*

Shadren: *she pulls her fingers off, panting she grabs Eva's panties*

Eva:*panting, Kisses her neck while pulling down her panties*

Shadren: *moans and she pulls down Eva's panties, she kisses her breasts*

Eva: *Moaning while finger banging with two finger in Shadren's pussy, playing with he fov tail*

Shadren: *she kisses down Eva's chest and licks her nipple*

Eva:Mmm~*Nuzzles her neck, squeezing her ass*

Shadren: A-ahhhh...*she kisses down her stomach and gently pushes Eva down flat, she fondles her breasts*

Eva:*holding onto Shadren, wrapping her legs and arms around her*

Shadren: Think Xenia would mind us doing this?*She kisses down further and nibbles between her legs*

Eva:*giggles* She would be overjoyed * petting her head* it shows how we care about each others, to her it's the best way to show trust and how we'll care for each other.

Shadren crawls up and kisses her.

Eva:*returns the kiss* O know Xenia trust you so I trust you to *rubbing her ass,playing with her fox tail* Take good care off her *nuzzles her neck*

Shadren: We all will. *she kisses her neck*

Eva:we only got each other* holds her closer to her body* a group that loves each other * rubbing her back panting*

Shadren: *kisses her throat, rubbing Eva's thigh*

Eva:Mmmm~*nuzzling her hair, rubbing her rib cage*

Shadren: *grips Eva's thigh and sucks on Eva's breast* Mmmm~

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