Information on Yājaka The wolfEdit

Fake Name: Priest

Real Name: Yājaka

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Species: Shadow wolf

Alignment: Lawful good (Only to his goddess)

Personality: Doesn't show much feelings.

Colors: Black and crimson Red with red eyes. (The color choices -w-)

Outfit: White trench coat, with black crosses on it. He wears a cross necklace. (This isn't to make fun of any beliefs. I just couldn't think of anything that looked better on him then this .w.)

Weapons: duel long swords and duel pistols

Powers: Fire (I know, over used -w-) and being able to change into a wolf of shadows

Likes and Dislikes: He likes reading, being alone and ignoring anything but the dangers on the world.

He doesn't like being bother, being around people, and cities.

Beliefs of Yājaka The Shadow WolfEdit

He follows a goddess of balance and death (By death, killing the undead.)

He carries a sword of balance and a sword of death. (The sword of death doesn't kill people right away. Too over powering.)


(He doesn't have a very interesting backstory. But, I'll see what I can do to make it interesting!)

Yājaka used to be a young wolf who was pretty normal and didn't follow any goddess, he was with his parents at a fair before running too far ahead to where his parents couldn't see him. He was kidnapped by some people that work in a secret base that does experiments that break pretty much any law. When priest gotten older, he heard a female voice in his head, and due to all the experiments done on him- he fight he way in destroying the whole base and he pretty much done that. He listen to the voice in his head and gone to an abandon church of Magus(The goddess of Balance and death in my world really) and ever since then he obey the words of the goddess.


"One is not restless an lest bother to be restless."

"May Magus claim your soul"

"You are fighting the priest of Magus, goddess of balance and death..."

"You are unbalance, I shall clean your taint from this world."




(He no longer remembers)

Love interestEdit

  • Magus The White panther (In a different realm)
  • (he doesn't have anymore love interests)

Pictures of YājakaEdit

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