Zero the Overlord

Aynlie The Ice Wolf (and her human form)

Faven The Demon

Viper the up-coming Overlord?

Ketty the Angel

Tahen -Demon overlord of his own Netherworld-

Kenta Aoven -Working on-

Joey the Demon Thief

Tilen Aoven -Working on-


Ch1 At the Overords's castleEdit

Zero: Muahahahaha everyone fear me the great Overlors Zero *stands there all high and mighty in front of his throne*

Aynlie: That is very much true. *glance to Zero, she was slightly cover in blood since she had slaughter 12 flat chested females. She blinks with a dull look, as normal*

Zero: Its good to be king ^_^ *Sits on his throne* Hey Prinny

[A little gut runs up]

Prinny: Im here Overlord Zero Dood

Zero: I want to throw another party to celebrate ^^

Prinny: Should i invite the usual guest Dood!

Zero: Ya sure why not now go spreed the word

Prinny: Ok Dood *runs Off*

Zero:*Looks at Aynlie* So do you know what you're wearing to the party?

Aynlie: Anything you desire for me to wear. *She blinks dully.* I can go in my room to check in what clothing I have, after cleaning myself.

Zero: Go and clean your self off when your done I'll be in my room Looking at this handsome face ^^

Aynlie:Very well. *Goes into her room [which also has a mirror], cleaning up. She then goes to the wardore to pick out one of the dresses. She picked out the third dress [her outfit #3]. While her back is to the mirror, a soft whimper could be heard.*

Zero:*He's in his room admiring his looks in the Mirror* Best looking Overlord around ^^

Aynlie:*looks to the mirror of her room, staring dully at another figure of the mirror* You know whimpering won't help you... *She spoke coldly before setting the clothes ready.* I think I should take a nap... *she mutter.* I feel sleepy... *goes to her bed and fallen on it, passing out suddenly*

Aynlie's spirit:*her sound of crying grown a bit louder, since her body had fallen asleep.*Waaah!

Zero: That enough of self admiration for one day...what am i saying its never enough ^^ but i should check up on Aynle. I could feel her up ^^

Aynlie:*Sleeping on her bed, completely knocked out since she couldn't even hear te cries.*

Aynlie's Spirit:*Crying, sniffling*W-What can I do, I-I can't get any contract to my body... I-I don't know what is going on in the real world either... *She cries even more, hugging herself.*I'm scared of the dark here... It's so cold... *Her ears perked, hearing footsteps*!?

Zero: *walks into her room* Oo Aynlie ^^ your Overlord is here.

Aynlie:*sleeping, has if she didn't even hear him*zzz...

Aynlie's spirit:*The mirror was oddly magical, since it was to show aynlie's body reflect- but it didn't. The spirit of herself suddenly try to hide in the darkness, hiding her face in fear as she didn't know who or what it was that just spoke. A whimper seem to escape from the mirror*

Zero: *Walks up to the sleeping Aynlie* ^^ You really work hard hard for me ^^ I'm glad your my vassal*genitally stroke her hair* I should leave you to rest you deserved it *starts to walk out of the room*

Aynlie's spirit:*crying was suddenly heard from the mirror.*W-Waaah... *sniffles*

Zero: What the how there...*irritated* Come out so i can kill you, die like a demon!!

Aynlie's Spirit:*Whimpers in sound of fear, coming from the mirror as soft cries were heard*...

Zero: Ha there's no escape from the great Zero *inters the room with the mirror*

Aynlie's Spirit:*squeakes, she was behind bars as she was trying to hide in a corner, wearing. She was rather seeable now, her hair messy, her dress tore and ripped in many different places, as if something or somethings had try to grab her.*D-Don't hurt me... *she sniffles, crying, hiding her face.*

Zero: Man what are you doing in my castle anyway... got a death wish or something -_- why do you look like Aynlie?

Aynlie:T-This... isn't your castle... *she sniffles, peaking from her eyes as her bright blue eyes weren't lifeless.*I-I'm the soul... trap... *She shivers, hugging herself as she let her messy bangs hide her face* The Aynlie you speak to... Is only a body...

Zero: This is the Overlords castle and I'm the Overlord...Why are you trapped in MY mirror, i certainly didn't put you there and from what my vassal told me she's like that on her own free will

Aynlie:That's only because that is a memory of the spirits that used the body. *she looks to Zero.* I am the emotions, the spirit of the aynlie you so far know. The only reason why she is still able to do what she does is because I'm alive... Otherwise... She be an empty shell... *looking down at the ground, sniffling* an ageless, empty shell...

Zero: She been a great Vassal but I'm curious I can't just take your word on it. We do live in the netherworld I'll ask you body about your story.

Aynlie:The true story of Aynlie... The ice wolf, and princess of a forgotten kingdom... 30 years ago... *she closes her eyes* Aynlie was to be marry to a prince of another kingdom... Rarely did she ever seen this prince, due to his 'busy' works, but in truth... He never liked Aynlie, and she never truly liked the prince back. *she open her eyes* The princess worked at a cafe, hidden so no one knew she was the princess of the lands, there she fallen in love with a male who worked there... The princess never lied to anyone, and therefore told the prince that she loved this man... The prince was angry, and declear war on the princess' kingdom... *she close her eyes, tears form. * The princess didn't want this war, and therefore seek out a way to end up, her own people even hated her- thrown rocks at her as she ran pass. There, in an alleyway, all along, set a spriti... Aynlie didn't know this spirit was truly a demon, and asked the spirit what was wrong... Once the spirit told her, Aynlie made a deal that is the spirit could end the war, that she would let the spirit travel with her till the spirit gotten to it's goal... That's how the posses was able to be made, after finding where the spirit's goal was. Aynlie passed out, waking up three years later to find news that the war was over- with the death of two people that she cared about and didn't want dead... The prince and her lover. That was when her spirit and body spilt into two... The pass 26 years then was slowly tearing the soul further from the body with ever possess... And that is where I am now... Aynlie's body, when reflect on the mirror, shows the dark and cold room that your in now... It doesn't have to be your own mirrors... *she sniffles* And it was too late to notice the damage....

Zero: Low level demon always take advantage of the weak how could they even call themselves a demon. Is there a way to at least restore some of the distance between you and your body?

Aynlie:I... don't know how... But, there should be some way... *she frowns* I just... Don't know how, and when I do try, I was grabbed out... *She hugs her knees* to the point of being scared of being eaten... *she sniffles a little*

Zero: You're body has served me greatly so as a reward I'll consider helping you but you must agree to be my vassal.

Aynlie:*Her eyes shine a little, standing up carefully as she goes to the bars, nodding.* I agree. I'll be your vassal and do anything you tell me to do, by the letter of your words, as long as I am able to bring emotions back to my body, and be who I once was... As close as I can be, that is...

Zero: Aa music to my ears now your my vassal both in body and soul. HEY PRINNY!!!

Prinny:*runs in* Yess overlord Dood!!

Zero: Contact that shinigami she own me a favor

Prinny: Ok Overlord Dood *runs off*

Zero: Its good to be the king ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes a tiny bit*...

Ch2 A deal with the ShihigsmiEdit

[ A few hours later]

Zero: WHEN THE HELL IS SHE, I'm tired of waiting!!!

[Later a shinigami inter the throne room]

Zoy: Number one shinigami Zoy at your service -_^

Zero: You'r late -_-

Zoy: I cant help it do you know how many humans die in the human world. Someone has to decide whether or not they go to Celetia or here.

Zero: Ya ya ya save your excuses, when i summon you i expect you to drop everything and come here.

Zoy: -_-; So what did you want me for?

Xero: You're going to help me restore my vassal's soul

Zoy: I told you i can't do dead people -_-

Zero: SHE NOT DEAD YOU IDIOT...she right beside me *point to Aynlle*

Zoy:*looks at Aynlie* OUCH >_< sucks to be her you must have a lot of fun with her body ^^

Zero: I din't go that far -_-; So can you help her?

Zoy: Help? Why overlord when did you become so caring ^^

Zero: Don't get the wrong idea she just a tool and I'm just making her beater. With her soul no other demon could control her and she already agreed to be my vassal.

Zoy: Cold as always ^^

Zoy: Alright I'll see what i can do *walks up to Aynlie* Can you bring me a mirror

Zero: Get the Prinny to do it I'm not fetching anything

Zoy: *sigh* Yes Overlord -_- Hey prinny

Prinny:*runs in* Yes mam Dood

Zoy: Get me a mirror

Prinny: YES DOOD!! *runs off and returns with a small mirror*

Zoy: Ok Aynle ready for this -_^

Aynlie's body:*blinks dully, but nodded. She just stood there.*

Zoy: Hey say something I know you can hear me in that mirror -_-

Aynlie's spirit:*looking through the Mirror*I-I'm here...

Zoy:*sigh* should you be a little.. happier at the very lest you know you ARE his vassal

Aynlie spiri: I'll be happier once I have contraction with my body... It's really cold here, so I can't say i'm a little happy right now. Trust me, I'm glad this is happening...

Zoy: Ok *her dody starts to glow as the room suddenly became darker*

[Aynlie spirit flots out of the mirror]

Zoy: Just go to your body and we're done

Aynlie's spirit:*nods, going over to her body. She gives a small, sweet smile.*

Zoy: Ok we're even don't call me again *walks away*

Zero: So welcome how does it feel to walk around in your own body ^^

Aynlie:*Blinking her bright, emotional eyes since she was getting used to being in a body again.* Much better... *she looks to him* What do you want me to do? The deal is I do whatever you tell me to do, since I am back with my body as much as I can be.

Zero: First you'll have to get ready for the party after that celebrate with me.

Aynlie:*she nods*Okay! *Gives a sweet smile.* I'll get ready then.

Zero:Ok I'll be siting here when your done.

Aynlie:Okay. *Goes into her room, picking up the dress that was laying on the drawers, getting dressed into it. She spins around, blushing a tiny bit as she started to do her hair. After brushing it and putting on a flower-style clip on, she put on another flower looking hair piece before coming out of her room*.

Zero: You look nice ^^ everyone will be shocked when they see you

Aynlie:*blushes a tiny bit* T-Thank you.

Zero: O i should warn you just in case you didn't know every flat chested girl in the netherworld hates us.

Aynlie: I gather that info from the memories stoke in the body. It was one of your orders that no flat chest female was ever allow to even step foot on your land. *She smiles a little* I can change to the emotionless side if ever need to kill those girls.

Zero: They will try to kill especially when you have breasts like that. Don't give them the chance every demon knows where the castle ground is. Remember they are demons so watch yourself.

Aynlie:*nods* I'm sure just letting my emotionless side do the work will be fine. *smiles sweetly* She seem to be trained in killing demons, including flat chested females. *Has a sweatdrop*

Zero: Good that what i like to hear now that you have an opinion tell me what you like to eat?

Aynlie: Oh goodness, it has been so long since I knew what food had taste like. Um... *thinking* I think I remember I liked sweets, sweet tasting foods. I also believe i liked grilled chicken and even some fish.... *thinking even harder*Mmmm...

Zero: This is a nice change, So tell me do you like your mobian form better or your human form?

Aynlie:*she smiles*either is perfectly fine, one has something I like. In Mobian form, I love my gray fur, as well as my wolf ears and tails. In human form, I love my icy blue hair and how long it is, along with my pale skin.

Zero: You do look nice in both forms. I really need to get you a vassal of your own

Aynlie:*Seems confuse*Why do you say that?

Zero: Easy to lighten your work load, your vassal will do all the tedious work for you. Its also a sign of power, even tho i have one Vassal she quite powerful witch makes me look good. You can have a bunch of vassals but you'll have to think you want quality or quantity.

Aynlie:Oh... So that's how it works down here, huh... *slightly amazed, thinking*I think I get it. *she smiles.*

Zero: That and felonies which you have alot of.

Aynlie:*confuse* Felonies?

Zero: I did only tell your body so you don't know about 125 felonies? There all the same thing.

Aynlie:*she shook her head no* I don't know anything about the 125 Felonies...

Zero: *clears throat* getting a felony is like getting a badge of honor for demons. The more felonies you have the more respect you receive and of course there's benefits. The felony you keep receive is called "To many murders". that's one of my faves.

Aynlie:Oh... Wow, that's pretty nice. *she smiles.* A way to keep demons in check, huh.

Zero: You do know that this is pretty much praising you for your deeds, you're being recognize as a demon

Aynlie:I know. It's better than being recognize as food. *has a sweatdrop*

Zero: You do look tasty in a sexy kind of way but seriously no demon would DARE cross your path, they're terrified of you.

Aynlie:*Blushes at Zero's comment* Oh, hehe... *Has a sweatdrop* I never saw myself as being scared of, but I guess that's due to my emotionless side.

Zero: *sarcastically* O ya and the 125 "To many murders" felonies you have got nothing to do about it.

Aynlie:*Giggles at his sarcasm.*

Zero: I think i like it when you giggle...its a nice change. Do you want to change your reputation?

Aynlie:*A bit confuse* What could be reputation be changed to?

Zero: You use to be cold 24/7, you have a reputation of always being cold...colder than ice, this side of you will surprise everyone.

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly* That is true. I don't know to be known for being cold 24/7. Even if I contorl ice, that isn't very suiting reputation for me anymore, is it?

Zero: Nope... It might creep a few demons out.

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop* I'm sure many demons would be creeped out, since it's a sudden change and all... *thinking*

Zero: Ok be careful during the party, it'll start soon.

Aynlie:*she nods*I'm not much of a talker... So, I think I'll stay quiet during the party.

Zero: Then stick by my side like you always have

Aynlie:*she smiles, nodding* I will.

Ch3 Party crushersEdit

[A hour later the castle was prepared for the party and everything that was remotely valuable was safely in the vault]

Zero: The guest will be here any minute now ^^

Aynlie:*she nodded, blushing a tiny bit as she still stay by Zero's side*Yea..

[The door open and bunch of different types of demons and monster came though]

Zero: Welcome to MY party as you know this is MY vassal Aynlie

Aynlie:*Has a tiny smile, so it wasn't all that noticeable.*...

[all the demon and monster looks at Aynlie's eyes there where some who where puzzeled some just plain out left the other just stared]

Zero: Yep It's the side of her you never knew ^^ so don't tick her off

Aynlie:*Has a small sweatdrop since she saw some just leaving, but scan the crowd* *mind to herself, in the deepest,safetest place that can't be read: This is rather big... Not even my parties at my castle were this big...*

Zero: Let the party begin ^^

[the crowed of demons and monsters began to talk among est themselves there was an occasional gun shot but nobody cared]

Aynlie:*she noted the gun shots, but didn't do anything as she stay right beside Zero*...

Zero: Is this your first time being at a demon party? Aynlie:*she blushes a tiny bit.* Spirit wise, yes. I'm pretty sure body wise, no. I-I've never seen such a big party either, demon or not...

Zero: You'r safe with me here just be here when i need you its been 24 hour sense someone send as assassin to kill me. The next one is overdue I'm expecting it to happen anytime know.

Aynlie:*She smiles, nodding* I'll be here by your side. *She scan the crowd, through she notice she had a sixth senses due to her emotionaless side*...

[there was a big explosion at the entrance standing there was a human in a space suit]


Aynlie:!! *standing close to Zero, her eyes narrowed.*... *she whisper* Do you believe that's the assassin?

Zero:*whispers* Nope most likely a hero who's trying to kill me. *Stands up and Shouts* It is I Overlourd Zero why did you come to my castle puny human!!

(Human): I'm the 66th Defender of Earth and i come to strike the root of evil *points at Zero*

Aynlie:*Mind: A Hero that will most likely fail...*... *Her eyes narrowed.*

Zero: Yu think you can kill me the Overlord dont make me laugh. The last one couldn't beat be and the one after at begged for mercy.

(66 D.O.E): Evil must be stopped at all coast and i found out your true weakness!!

Aynlie:*Mind: This isn't good, I got to get ready.* *Her sword appear on her hip out of ice, gripping the handle as she glares.*

Zro: O really I'm curious what do you think is my weakness

(66 D.O.E): A cup womens...for some strange reason *an small army of girls appeared behind him* These wonderful ladt gave up there body for justice. Now go cyborg girls show that Overlord who's boss

Aynlie:*suddenly become emotionaless, standing in front of Zero* They'll have to get through me. *Her clothing had changed to her fighting outfit, her eyes dull as suddenly an ice field was around Zero.* Hmph* Her right hand hold her ice sword as her other hand form an ice spear.* None shall harm him.

(girl1): Crud She's the overlord's vassal

(gril2): But there 1 of here and 100 of us ^^

(Girl3): I don't know normal when a overlord has a few it means they strong

(girl2): We have the power of team work cybernetics and justice on our side we can beat one vassal!!

[the monsters and demon move so they can fight]

Zero: *look at Aylie* I support you in this fight

Aynlie:*looks back at him with emotionaless eyes, but they had small hints of emotions* I'll prove them wrong. *She glares at the 100 females* You better Pray as I rip all of you into icy pieces!! *she suddenly rushed, having shove her icy sword into one of their chests, pulling it out and spinning, cutting that female's head off completely, she then thrown her ice spear further in the back and mutter someting before a ice storm suddenly rain on them, slamming some of the females with hail stones as big as their heads while the ground was also slipper. Only one who can move smoothly on the icy ground seem to be Aynlie as she starts cutting through them with her icy blade like nothing.*

[the cyborg girls starts to figure skates there hand turns to lasers shooting at Aynlie from a far]

Aynlie:*dodges, turning into her mobian since she was shorter in that form, silding on her back as she forms an ice machine gun, firing shots into the Cyborge girls before swirling onto her feet as she pulls out her ice sword and stabs the ground, muttering some words before the air around her when int negative, freezing the ground around her and anything close to her. Suddenly, out of thin air, giant, icy hands came out and reach for the cyborg females, with the simaplest touch they would freeze.*

[in mere moment 100 girle army perished the only one left was the 66 D.O.E]

Aynlie:*pulls her sword out of the ground and matches toward the 66 D.O.E* I will not let you leave... *An ice spear appear in her hand, she glares at the male*

(66 D.O.E): I won't lose to a beast like you!!

Aynlie:A beast? *A sly smirk appear as she turn into her human form, suddenly the spear fround itself into his left shoulder, freezing that whole left shoulder, arm and hand.* Hmph. *she appear and shove her icy sword into his right shoulder, before kicking him into the ground. she form two ice blades.* Your five secounds will be watching your life slip away. *she glares at him as she made sure her ice sword was shrove into the guy's right shoulder really go so he can't use it.* Embrace death. *she hiss, the blade cross each other, so the tips were at the side of his neck.*

(66 D.O.E): I may die but more hero will come and J-Justic will prevail

Aynlie: That is a lie. *she spoke boldly before suddenly cutting through his neck, causing his head to fly before it landed on the ground. She then crushed it under her left shoe.* Hmph. *She stabs the ice blades into the body before pulling out her ice sword, she then shatter the bodies into tiny pieces. The ice that was laying on the floor and other objects vanished like it was never there. She clean her sword as she started walking back to Zero, she put the sword away once she got to him, making the ice field vanished*

Zero: I expect nothing less from my vassal and your definitely getting a vassal of your own.

Aynlie:*Her eyes turn back to emotional, the fighting outfit had vanished and she was back into the outfit she had wore for the party. She smiles*

[all the demon and monsters grabs the frozen corpse and run out of the castle]

Zero: Should have guessed it -_-

Aynlie:*she had a sweatdrop*Heh...

Ch4 ???Edit

[Later the castle was restored to its original state]

Zero: Today you'll get your own vassal ^^

Aynlie:R-Really? *blinks, amazed a little.*

Zero: Everything is already set up, I even bribe the court all you have to do is choose ^^

Aynlie:Oh,and what am I choosing? *smiles*

Zero: Anyone on this list

Aynlie: Archer sounds good, since I'm mainly melee and mix with magic, a rang type would be nice to have. *Smiles*

Zero: ?!?! Are you sure you want her?

Aynlie:*confuse*Is something wrong? I need at lest a rang type person, I have mix of magic and melee. Seeing as control ice, which is a magic type and I am also counted as a swordman. Either I need a healer or a rang type. *she had a sweatdrop*

Zero:The reason why i don't want you to pick the archer is because she's flat chested -_-. If you want someone who's good with rang then why not a Scout or a Skull ^_^.

Aynlie:That is true... Skull is the male version of mage, and I'm already a magic user so it's kinda pointless to get another magic user. I guess I'll go with scout. I would say healer, but um... The female one is flat chested as well and the male isn't really something I want around me. *Has a sweatdrop* Remind me too much of the prince, if you ask me... But, the scout will work. *she smiles*

Zero: Scout is a fine choice and of course you'll pick Genius. Do you do know i can heal?

Aynlie:Oh, I never knew you could heal. *she smiles sweetly* It's nice to know you can, I didn't really know what you could do- only that you must be very powerful to be a overlord. *she smiles brightly and sweetly.*

Zero: Then its a good chance to look at my stats and learn more about your Overlord.

Aynlie:*she nods* I will when I get the chance. *she smiles sweetly.*

Zero: You can even Name your own Vassal ^^ so what's the scout's name?

Aynlie:*thinking*.... *smiles* Hm... How about.... Zyn. I couldn't really think of anything else better. But, the scout reminds me of my father, and that's the only small piece of his middle name I remember.

Zero: All we have to do is submit you request to the Dark Court and you'll have your own Vassal ^_^

Aynlie:*smiles as she nods* Okay!

[the submit there request surprisingly 51% of the cort denied his request]


[With rage Zero beat up the 51% of the court that denied Aynlies request]


Zero: Much better ^^

Aynlie:*Gives a soft giggles, smiling as she glance around.*

Zero: Now that you have your own vassal i feel safer incarnating ^^

Aynlie:*she smiles, nodding* Glad to hear. ^^ *she seem to spot something n far corner*? [Ever badass person has to have a piano, even if they don't use it ^^ Aynlie loves pianos.0 *She seem amazed*

Zero: You did use to work at a cafe but did you hear me I am reincarnating.

Aynlie:*she snapped out of it a bit*I-I'm sorry, yea, I heard you. U-Um... *blushes a tiny bit* I-I didn't notice you had a piano before.

Zero: You want it you can have it just so you know your Overlord will be vulnerable for a few days.

Aynlie:*she nods* I just want to play the piano for today, but my work comes first before anything else.

Zero: You can't think of playing now you gata train you new vassal plus looking after me I'm reincarnating.


Zero: Do you know the reincarnation process -_-

Aynlie:Um, no... I've been away from the world for about 28 years, I am pretty stupid about what is going on. *Has a sweatdrop*

Zero: Let me enplane It involves taking a character and "reincarnating" them as same one. This allows them to start again at level 1, but with increased stats, weapon mastery and some abilities from their old class. In this way, the character can reincarnate over and over again, becoming progressively stronger.

Aynlie:Oh... *nodding.*

Zero: So my 792 lvl will return to 1 i will be a vulnerable until I'm at least a decent lvl, your also going to train your vassal

Aynlie:*she nods*Okay...

Zero: Its aly for a day or two then you can train your vassal any way you want and I'll just lvl grind myself...I would like to hear some music before i go.

Aynlie:*she smiles a little* R-Really? I'll be glad to play you some music.

Zero: I'm just in the mood for some music that's it. Play something nice

Aynlie:*she smiles, nodding as she goes to the piano, siting down before she started to play a melody on the piano from memory."

Zero: That's nice... what a lovely sad melody

Aynlie:*blushes a little*Thanks... My mother taught me that... Before she passed away when I was seven.

Zero: I'm sure she's reincarnated by now. If you mother was good enough she might be an angel.

Aynlie:She most likely is... *she smiles a little*She was very kind in her life. *she gently move her hands on the piano without making any sounds*

Zero: Then let pay Celestia a visit, I wanna meet her in person.

Aynlie:*looks to Zero, a bit shocked* S-Sure... But, isn't celestia full of flat chested females? I mean, from just what I think I've been hearing and all...

Zero: Why the hell do you think you're there for? I belive in your strength plus we're not attacking just requesting to see your mother.

Aynlie:Okay *has a small sweatdrop* I think my mother would very well stand out...

Zero: Why is that?

Aynlie:My mother will always be a D cup, she told me that. It's like, burnt into her DNA that she be forever D cup no matter what ^^;

Zero: Yours are bigger than your moms. So ready to go we might as well train your new Vassal along the way.

Aynlie:*She nods.*

Zyn:*seem confuse, but jump a little at the word 'train'*!

Aynlie:*she nods to Zyn*

Ch5 Time in CelestiaEdit

[Zero, Aynlie, and Zyn are standing in fron of the gate to Celestia]

Zero: Here we are

Aynlie:*she nodded* Yea....

Zyn:*standing close to Aynlie*

Zero: You should make the request you are her daughter.

Aynlie:I don't even know her name-

Zyn:*points towards someone walking over*

Aynlie:? *glance and sees her mother*!

Meyhan: Hi sweetie ^^

Aynlie: Hey mother... Um... That was quick...

Zero:*stars at Meyhan tits* So you'r may vassals mother.

Meyhan:*she had her D cup breasts* Yep ^^ Name Meyhan!

Aynlie:Heh... *Has a sweatdrop*

Meyhan:*gasps happily*Oh, Aynlie! Your chest is bigger than mine ^^

Aynlie:*blushes*T-That's the first thing you want to point out!?

Zero: Alot if girls will kill to have a chest like yours

Meyhan: Heh, so very true~

Aynlie:*blushes* Well, i-isn't that the same issue with you mother?

Meyhan: Who do you think you got your ice powers from, sweetie? ^^

Aynlie:I'm assuming, right now, you.

Meyhan: Yep ^^

Zero: The thing is your mother live in Celectia she doesn't have to worry about being attacked for her breasts.

Meyhan: Yep, Pretty much ^^

Aynlie:Oh... *frowns a little, blushing*


Zero: Congrats on becoming an angel. Aim high

Meyhan:I'll try to, but it's boring without my lover. *she sighed a bit.*

Aynlie:So, father isn't an angel, huh...

Meyhan:Nope, doesn't look like it.

Zero: He might be a prinny

Meyhan: That would suck...

Zero: If he is a prinny its better to be in Celestia

Meyhan:Yea... Hm, Zero, right? Can I speak to you privatly?

Zero: Why?

Meyhan:I just want to ask questions about my daughter, through I don't want her to listen in. She may always tell the turth, but I like to hear your side of things. *she smiles*

Aynlie:*keeping Zyn entertained

Zero: You do know I'm a demon right? Lying is second nature to me I'm not very honest as an angle like you should know that.

Meyhan:*She chuckles* I know that very well, any being lies. You know, even angels can lie sometimes. *she smirks* I use to be a lair in my past life. I just wanted Aynlie to never be like me, through, always telling the truth never slove things either. We all have to lie at some point, Zero. I know that very well.

Zero: Ok ask away, Its your fault trusting my words.

Meyhan:It's not trust, it's how I see you as a bring *she smirks.* What is my daughter to you beside being a vassal? *Lift an eyebrow*

Zero: A tool

Meyhan:*smirks* A tool is another word for Vassal, Zero.

Zero: What more do you want me to say?

Meyhan:I want to know what else you think she is to you. Mind you, I said think, not truly how you feel. *smirks* And you can't use tool since it means Vassal.

Zero: Meat sheild

Meyhan:*Giggles before her giggles turn to a chuckle* That's funny.

Zero: Hey you asked are would you perfer i call her sex toy

Meyhan: I would know if you had sex with her, so she can't be your sex toy if you didn't make love to her *smirks* I'll let you go with the whole 'meat shield' thing. *smirks*

Zero: That's because I'm not planing to have any kids but i did feel her up multiple times. Her breasts are very nice in both forms.

Meyhan:*chuckles* For a demon, you lack the need for sexual contact beside the whole feeling her -w-

Zero:*sigh* If i rap every girl i see next thing you know an army of Kids are after my throne. I would like to avoid that scenario -_- that how i became overlord anyway

Meyhan:*She giggles* Your not like other demons, I like you ^^ Anyway, next question. This is for my need, really, been worry about her. How has she beed doing? You know...Being traped for 30 years in a dark place behind bars, kind of thing... *she frowns a bit* I just want to know if she doing well after that whole ordeal...

Zero: You should ask her yourself but her body and soul is recently connected so only her body when through that ordeal.

Meyhan: That's not what I mean... How does she feel, emotional wise? Is she happy, sad, greatful... She can easily fool on with the emotions on her face... *she close her eyes* Even if I ask her, she would tell the truth, but her expression wouldn't show if she is in pain, upset or depress...

Zero: First i don't care second why do you think she would even tell me in the first place? Whould yo rather get the truth from her than a demon?

Meyhan: Your the only 'friend' she has, even if your a demon. *she looks to Zero* Who else could she turn to? I'm up here in cloud land, and rarely do I ever have anyone to speak to. *She close her eyes* I understand if you don't care, but there is something about you that points that you do slightly care for her- even if she is your vassal. *Open her eyes* You can say whatever you want, but I am telling the turth.

Zero: Its called pride, I show her off like a trophy. She an object a valuable object so of course i take good care of here. It's simple maintenance nothing more. If she dies then it's my lost... I'll get another one.

Meyhan:You may thing that, but it's something deeper. *she close her eyes*

Aynlie:*petting Zyn's head a little, before going over to them* Can we leave?... *she whispered a little*

Meyhan:*looks to Aynlie, her eyes seem to frown, but she smiled instead*

Zero:Unless you'r mom has any more question for me...I'm out of here.

Meyhan:*she shook her head no* no more... Bye.

Aynlie: Bye... *She gives a small smile, turning her back towards Meyhan as Zyn stays close to her.*

Zero: You do know you can come back and an angle can invite anyone to Celestia.

Aynlie:but that would mean leaving your side... *she whipered a little*

Zero: What do you think Vassals are for...When it not so dangerous go on vacation and let you vassal handle the small stuff. I think it great training keeping all those flat chested girls away.

Aynlie:*she nodded, patting Zyn's head* I wouldn't know what to speak with mother anyway... And just the thought of being surrounded by Flat chested angel females don't really... Um... Feel nice to me...

Zero: I'm giving you the choice if you don't take it then its on you.

Aynlie: I think I need to still figure out everything... So a Vacation right away doesn't feel right for me for now... *She was in a slight deep through, but was still paying attention to Zero.*

Zero: Good so now I can reincarnate.

Aynlie:*she nods*and I can train my vassal....


Ch6 Surprised AttackEdit

[Zero has reincarnated back to lzl 1]

Zero: Being lvl 1 sucks -_-

Aynlie:*she had a small sweatdrop, patting Zyn's head gently*

Zyn: *smiles.*

Zero: Thank you ridiculously powerful equipment ^^

Aynlie:*she gives a small smile, but seem to have a lot on her mind at the moment, she looks to Zyn* Guess it's time for training for you, huh Zyn.

Zyn: *nods*

Zero: I'm coming to and we'll be going a high lvl area

Aynlie:*she nods* Okay.

Zero: There are to typs of XP there's the one you get for killing and the one you get for clearing the stage. Aylie you Weaken the monster them me and Zyn can finish them off. We'll lvl up like crazy ^^

Aynlie:*she nods* Okay. *smiles* Most weaken type of magic I have is my ice wave. It slow monsters down and lower their HP over time.

Zyn:*Amazed, smiling*

Zero: Just be careful I don't want us to be jumped

Aynlie:I'll try to be careful, and if we jumped, I'll make sure neither you nor Zyn gets hurt.

[They whent to a stage to find it alredy cleared there apeared to be one demon there]


Aynlie:!! *tenses*?

Zyn: *confuse*?

[A fallen angel appeared]

Flonne Please Etna forgive Laharl, we can solve anything with the power of love.

Zero: So flat o_O

Aynlie: She's an... um... *confuse*

Zyn: *double confuse*??

Eta: Why should i tho sweet where really expensive !!

Flonne: I'm sure it wasn't Laharl he wouldn't do something like this!!

Zero: What Are those fatties talking about?

Aynlie: I think something about sweets being stolen. Other then that, no clue...



Zero: I think they heard me -_-

Aynlie:*Tenses*I believe so. *gets ready to defend Zero*

Zyn:*Tenses up as well*

Etna: *in a cold threatening voice* You know it not nice to call a girl flat.

Flonne: If you don't take that back we'll have to show you the power of love

Etna: -_-; You really are a love freak

Zero: Stay FAR away from me, I don't know who you are or why you com to MY netherworld but I"LL NEVER TAKE IT BACK FATTIES

Aynlie: *she stand in front of zero, glarimg at them*

Zyn: *stand beside Aynlie, ready*

Etna: Laharl can wait I"LL MOP THE FLOOR WITH YOU!!*pull out her spear*

Flonne: I'll support you with my love! ^^ *pull out staff*

Zero: BRING IT !! *Pulls out twin katanas*

Aynlie:*suddenly her eyes goes dull, pulling out her icy long sword* I shall freeze you fat chested females.

Zyn:*pulls out his gun[Cause I did read a little saying they were gun type people, so yea...], glaring.*

[The battle rage on Zero (who power are reduce to to his weakenes) use his healing magic to heal Aynlie and attack Flonne and Etna afar. Enta and Flonne are much stronger than normal demon Etna is almost as strong as a Overlord, It dosen't heal that Floone knows Strong Healing magic]

Zero: Man there Tough

Enta: Hurry up and die already!!

Aynlie:*Growls, her icy duel swords slam against Enta's spear* I'll never die. *she growls, haven't gone into mobian form since she feel it wasn't needed at the time* Grrr!!! *She glares at Enta* (Hint: If you read Aynlie's Extra, her blood is Liquid nitrogen when she is cut into, so her blood could leave cold burns on people) *Her feet dig into the ground, she then glares* Ice Wave. *suddenly a brust of cold wave blasted from her, suddenly slowling Enta down with frost as Aynlie spins for a duel slash on Enta*GRRR!

Etna:*She uses her spear to Block Aynie's attack, she block the first one but was to slow to block the second attak* Why you little!!

Flonne:Let's go LOOOOOOOVE *Use Omega heal on Etna fully recovering her*

(???): Why are you having such a hard time beating these guy!?!

Zero: Are you kidding me !!

Aynlie:*Growls, panting heavily*... *mind: This doesn't look good, I need to defeat the healer, but I can't let this spear woman get to Zero either... How could I forget...* *a sly smirk appear on her lips, going into a defending stances as she heard another person.* *mind: Damn it...*

Enta: There you are desert thief

Flonne: O hi Laharl

[A yong demon boy who looks 14 jumps down]

Laharl: So who are you guys!?!

Zero: Hell you can in My netherworld without knowing WHO I am... I'm Overlord Zero ruler of this Netherworld

Eyna & Flonne: Overlord!!!

Laharl: No wonder they're having a hard time *chuckles to himself* I'm Overlord Laharl ruler of my own netherworld

Aynlie:*looking at Anta and Flonne* *mind: No wonder they were hate to defeat... Damn flat chested girls...* *she still tenses, standing close to Zero*...

Zyn:*Staying close to Aynlie, concern for Aynlie*

Zero: So why did you cam here Overlord?

Laharl: I heard the previous Overlord was overthrown and i wanted to know who it was.

Zero: Ya i killed my old man so what?!?

Laharl: Don't act all high ans mighty with me especially in you current state.

Aynlie:*Tenses at those words, glaring at Laharl*...

Laharl:*glaring at Aynllie* Don't glare at me with that sexy body of yours!

Zero: Don't mind her... So what are you going to do now?

Laharl: I was going to defeat you but not in your current state. I want to beat you at your strongest so know one will challenge my rule. Maybe if your strong enough I'll make you my vassal Muahahahaha ^^

Aynlie:*Glares even more* *mind: I'll make sure Zero wins when he is at his strongest, I don't want to him to be this idiots Vassal.*

Zero: Sorry but I'm not going to be anyone's vassal. I'mm make sure to surpass your expectation and crush you !!!

Laharl: Muahaha what i expect to here from an Overlord! Etna, Flonne time to go!!

Etna: Not until you pat for eating my sweets!!!

Flone: You still remember after all that?!

Etna: They where grad A sweets too!!!

Laharl: Alright alright I swat as an Overlord to get you any sweets you want but just ONE sweet.

Etna: That good

[Etna, Flonne, and Laharle left the field]

Zero: Being an Overlord is tough -_-

Aynlie:*Relaxes, her emotions came back*T-That was a really tough fight... *she frowns*

Zyn:*concern, holding onto Aynlie's slevee*...

Aynlie:*looks to Zero.* Let's get you level. *blushes a tiny bit*

Zero: We also need to lvl up our equipment while we're at it. *said really quiet whisper* thanks

Aynlie:*she nods.* Yea... My ice bladed sword almost broke in the fight. *She looks to Zero*I... I want you to be really strong. *she suddenly said.*

Zero: Have a little more faith in your Overlord. Next time I'll crush him.

Aynlie: I have faith in you, Zero, but I am concern about the outcome... *she frowns a little* I believe in you, so I shouldn't worry as much as I am...

Zero: *Rubs Aynlie's hair* I'll win

Aynlie:*Blushes from him rubbing her hair, letting her bangs hide her face, but she nods*I believe you...

Zer: Good let's return to the castle.

Aynlie: If that is what you want to do, then alright...

Zyn:*stays close to Aynlie*

Ch7 The Item WorldEdit

[Zero, Aynlie and Zyn returned to the castle]

Zero: Today we'll be lvling up your ice sword. Ever been to the item world befor?

Aynlie:N-No. *she blinks, looking to him*


Zero: Within all item contain its own world each world has different floors. Rar items has more floor meaning they can lvl up more, for each floor we clear the item gains a lvl.

Aynlie:Oh! That makes a lot of senses! *she smiles*

Zyn:*smiles, happy that Aynlie understood.*

Zero: Yoday we're lvling up your Ice sword but you can't use it the item world.

Aynlie:Okay, understood.

Zero: The way we inter the item world is through a item gate keeper. There one right here in this castle ^^

Aynlie:*smiles*Cool ^^

Zero: We can lvl grind along the way ^^ It's a good thing you have a rare sword but off course It'll be tough so you'll be wearing my armor.

Aynlie:*blushes a tiny bit when hearing about wearing his armour*A-Are you okay with that? N-Not that I am refusing...

Zero: My armor is already on a high lvl plus you'll need it. The better the item the stronger the monsters and they get tougher for every floor you complete. You're going to be in the front so naturally you'll need some great armor to protect you. I'll keep a safe distance and heal you from afar.

Aynlie:*relax, smiling*Oh, okay.

Zero: We'll be exiting on floor 30. If we're luck we might meet some pirates.

Aynlie: Pirates? *confuse a little* Are those a type of monster?

Zero: No there thief who appear on random floor steeling equipment. When we beat them we can get there stuff, they normally have rare items.

Aynlie:Oh! *smiles*Okay!

Zero: I'm counting on you. *rubs her hair*

Aynlie:*Blushes a tiny bit, but smiles happily.* I'll do more than my best! *she had high hopes.*

[Zero Anylnie and Zyn when into the Item Gate keeper]

Zero: Aynlie your sword.

Aynlie:*she pulls out her ice sword*

Item Gate keeper: Have fun ^^

[Zero Anylnie and Zyn interred the item you see a wide floor full of low lvl monsters]

Zero: Cut them down ^^

Aynlie:*Her eyes change to mix of emotion and emotionless.* As you wish. *Starts cutting down the monsters in quick slashes*

[They quikly cleard the first 20 floors on th 21 floor there was a ship on the far side of the floor]

Zero: O lucky us ^^

Aynlie: Those are the pirates? *Glaring at the ship, sword ready* I'm ready to cut them down.

Zero: We have to beat them all before they get back to their shipe. You should use my sword.

Aynlie:*Glance to Zero* Very well, I shall get the job down.* Her eyes goes fully emotionless.*

[With Zero's sword Aylie easily overpowered all the pirates]

Zero: Sweet look at all the HL ^^

Aynlie:*Her eyes changed back to mix emotion and emotionless.* Yea. *she nodded*

Zero:??? Wow did expect to find this ,'=/

Aynlie:*Confuse*Hm? *walks over to Zero*

Zero: It incredibly cheep Demon Truth Syrume

Aynlie: Demon truth syrume? I assume it does just what it names says... *she blinks.* *mind to self: Maybe that will help me answer my question... What he truly feels for me... But, now I'm scared to think he might not feel like I feel for him...*

Zero: This stuff can have some wired side effects, it differs from demon to demon. Some demon drink it as a dare at some party, tried it once never again -_-;.

Aynlie:*Confuse, slightly worry now* W-What kind of side effects? Like, most common side effects...

Zero: Its completely random and different for every demon but nothing life threatening. What happened to me... that I'll keep to myself.

Aynlie:A-As long as it isn't life threatening, I don't mind you keeping personal things to yourself.

Zero: You want it?

Aynlie:Um.... Sure. *she blinks, looking at him* I'll take it off your hands.

Zero: You can have it *Gives bottle to Aynlie* have fun with it

Aynlie:*nods, taking the bottle.* *mind to self: My key to knowing how Zero feels... I hope it doesn't do anything too weird to him...* *she then looks to him as she puts the bottle away.* Shall we keep going?

Zero: Just 9 more floors then where done ^^ then we can celebrate

Aynlie:*she nods*Okay.

Ch8 The TruthEdit

[They exited at the 30th floor and returned back to the castle]

Zero: Aynlie are you hungry ^^

Aynlie:*she nodded, blushing when her stomach growled a little*Y-Yea.

Zero: What would you like to eat ^^

Aynlie:Hmm... I'm thinking of Grilled chicken, something with Grilled chicken. Maybe rice? Rice and grilled chicken?

Zero: Rice and Grilled chicken it is ^^ Go get the drinks anything is good.

Aynlie:Okay! *goes to get the drinks, when she got him a drink. She secretly pour in the Demon Truth Syrume into his drink, making sure it is mixed well so it wasn't noticeable. she smiles as she got herself some ice water and he got something she thought was close to soda [yes, something to soda -w- related to soda in another word]. She gotten back to Zero* I got the drinks. *she smiles sweetly.*

Zero: Yes ^^ *holds the cup in his hand* the food is ready company make food taste better.

Aynlie:*she nods, smiling happily*Yea. *she hold her cup of Ice water.*

Zero: I guess a toast is in order ^^ *holds up cup* listen very carefully I'm only going to say this once... you can't be replaced

Aynlie:*blushes a tiny bit, smiling at those words that he said as she nodded, holding up her cup for the toast.*

Zero: *starts drinking* A that's refreshing ^^ now let eat

Aynlie:*she had sip her ice water, nodding*Agree.

Zero: Man is it hot in here *pulls of his shirt*

Aynlie:*Confuse a little, blushing a little.* N-Not to me, should I get you something to cool you down?

Zero: Don't know i feel..strange *he voice suddenly became more feminine* Aynlie !? What did you give me?

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop.* *mind to self: Damn it, he just asked.. Strangely, i'm not replying...* *she seem highly confuse now.*

Zero:*his body began to change, he gained more feminine curves and forms breasts* You gave me that Demon Truth Syrume!!!

Aynlie:*if she had ears of her wolf form, they be flatten right now. Of course, she suddenly change to her mobian form and did just that*... Yes... I did, but you wouldn't understand why. *she frowns, feeling rather hurt now.*

Zero: *bit angry*So you where that curious to know, you just had to find out...are you happy now I'm a chick.

Aynlie:It's not what I wanted... And I wasn't curious about what it would do to you. I was more worry about how you felt about me! *she frowns.*

Zero: What did you expect me to hate you or something right know I'm feeling betrayed, my own vassal slip something IN MY DRINK!!

Aynlie: How was I to know if was going to do that!? Huh!? *Tears form* I'm just some stupid vassal anyway, right!? *she just started running to her room, slamming the door and locked it.* How was I to know it was going to do that. *she suddenly lay on her bed, crying in her pillow* I should have been better off in that stupid mirror...

Zero:*shout* DAMT IT why do you make me feel like the dad guy the reason i feel betrayed in the first place is because i trust you! If anything you should hat me for forcing you to be my vassal!

Aynlie:*She heard him, still being in mobian form*How could I hate him... *She whispered, tears forming*How can I hate someone I seem to love so much... *she hug her pillow close to her, she gotten up, the pillow falling to the ground*Stupid curse... Always having to tell the truth... It's all my fault... *Whimpers, crying. She stop crying and sniffling as she starts to hum a melody before singing a song without thinking through all her emotions.*

Zero:*walks and bangs on the door* Hey are you even listening!? You want the truth so much now you're just hiding in your room!

Aynlie:*she stops, glancing to the door*I have been listening... *she spoke in a pain voiced*But, I'm ashamed of myself... I can't do anything but hide... *she had lean her back against the door* Hide because I say nothing but the truth...

Zero: So what's the truth?! What did you want to know from me?!

Aynlie:I just wanted to know what you really felt about me. Yet I didn't mean it to do what it did... *she started to sob softly*

Zero:...You are someone who I've grown accustomed to i like you but I'm a demon and you hate demon especially sense i force you to be my vassal... do you hate me?

Aynlie:I don't hate you Zero...  *She unlock the door.* I could never hate you... *she blushes, tears still in her eyes*No matter what I've heard, painful or helpful, never in the world could bring me to hate you, ever...

Zero: After everything said the the way i treated how can you not hate me... I even called you a meat shield...

Aynlie:I know... Strange, how I still like and care for you so much... *Tears form* I believe it is because, even how you spoke and treated me... I felt safe... I felt needed for once... It was why I didn't feel being a vassal was bad... That... You were the only one teaching me about things for once... No one has every truly taught me anything...

Zero: What am i to you? I only taught you those things because you didn't. I'm just using you, i rely on you and

Aynlie:*She blushes*Your... *She blushes bright red.* Your more than a master to me... *Tears form*Someone I care a lot about, someone that I... R-Really want to protect with my life...  I feel more than just a vassal whenever I get to fight for you... *she blushes extremely red* A-And my heart race every time you pat my head...

Zero: Aynlie... *blushes* Do you love me... a guy like me? I feel the same way...bout you

Aynlie:*she blushes* I... Do love you, Zero... *She smiles, blushing extremely red.*

Zero: I want you *place her hand on Aynle's cheeks* for some time now...

Aynlie:*she blushes, looking into his eyes with her, she was in her human form now*Zero...

Zero:*Zero Kissed Aynlie there breasts meshed together(ya he still a woman ^^)*

Aynlie:*Blushes at the feel of their breasts meshed together, she return Zero's kiss as she close her eyes and wrap her arms around her neck* (Heh, small amount of Yuri -w- Aynlie still sees Zero as a male, funny enough.)

Zero: It's a little weird ^^*wrap her arms around her neck*

Aynlie:*Blushes a little, nodding*Y-Yea...

Zero: I'm willing to take a shot *kisses her rubbing her breasts against hers*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she return the kiss as soft moans escape her lips in the kiss*

Zero:*Bushing, deepens the kiss as she leads Aynlie to her bed*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she keeps kissing her, deepening the kiss as well.*

Zero:*Starts to grab Aynlie's big breasts and pulling down her panties, kissing her*

Aynlie:*Blushing red as she moans in the kiss, kissing Zero*Mmm~

Zero:*Start to rip open Aynlie's cloths, kissing down her neck*

Aynlie:*Gasps, blushing bright red*Aaa~

Zero:*Removes Aynlie's bra as she rubs between Aynlie's legs*

Aynlie:*Blushing, moaning.* A-Aaa~

Zero:*She pulled down her own pants While rubbing her hand against Aynlie's pussy*

Aynlie:*Blushing extremely red, moaning loudly*Aaaa~!

Zero:*Bushing pressing her breasts against Aynlie, griping her ass rubbing her pussy against her's*

Aynlie:*Gasps, blushing as she hugs Zero, moaning*A-Aaah~! M-Mmm~!

Zero:*Continue to rub her pusst against Aynlie's pussy, painting griping her breasts*

Aynlie:*Panting and moaning as she grip onto Zero's shoulders*

Zero: Are you going to me *kisses Aynlie grinding her pussy faster as she strok her hair*

Aynlie:*return the kiss, blushing as she moans softly in the kiss, her legs tremble a little as her arms wrapped around Zero's neck.*~

Zero: You can do better then that *grinding her pussy twisting Aynlie's nipples*

Aynlie:*Gasps, blushing and moaning loudly before nibbling on Zero's neck as she started to grind against her pussy in return*Mmmm~!

Zero: You should take more advantage while I'm in this form * grinding her pussy faster squeezing Aylie's breasts* I wanna know how it feels

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing* M-Mmm~ I-It's H-Hard if I-I never done s-something like t-this~ *blushing extremely as she moans*

Zero: I wan to experience it for myself *moves Aynlie's hand to her breasts as he continues to grind* this is my first time especially as a women *blushes*

Aynlie:*Blushes, nodding as she moans a little before she starts to message Zerno's breasts, squeezing them*aa~

Zero:* moans when Aynlie squeezed her breasts, grinding while kissing her and massaging Aynlie's Breasts*

Aynlie:*Moan in the kiss softly, blushing as she keeps squeezing and massaging Zero's breasts*Mmm~

Zero:F~Feels so good *moans into the kiss pressing Aynlie's breasts together*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss as well, squeezing even more on Zero's breasts, she pants heavily*Aaa~

Zero:Mmm~*panting heavily, reach down and starts finger banging Aynlie*

Aynlie:*Blushes, moaning at the feeling as she keeps squeezing Zero's breasts, but starts rubbing her head against her breasts*M-Mmm~!

Zero:*Blushing, panting* you can suck on them *finger bang faster into Aynlie's pussy*

Aynlie:*Maons, blushing as she sucks on one of Zero's breasts while her left hand squeezes the other breasts*Mmm~!

Zero:Aaaa~*Finger bang using 3 fingers griping on Aynlie's ass while she moans*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she moans while sucking on Zero's breasts, her tongue licks the nipple of her breasts as she sucks even more*Mmmm~ *Squeezing the other breasts.*

Zero:*moans getting wet* I~It's so good *finger bangs faster while squeezing Aynlie's breasts*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she starts sucking on the other breast*Mmm~ *Feeling herself get wet as she blushes even more*

Zero:Aaa~*Finger bang using 4 fingers while squeezing Aynlies breast from the bass to her nipples* I~I think I'm gonna

Aynlie:Mmmm~! *Blushing, having to stop sucking on Zero's breasts to breathe, she pants heavily and moansas she lick her nipples*A-Aaa~

Zero:Aaa~!*Cums finger bangs Aynlie faster than ever squeezing her breasts harder*

Aynlie:*Moans loudly, hugging Zero as her head press into her breasts, moaning as she felt herself ready to cum*Aaaaah~!

Zero:*finger bangs Aynlie faster and deeper into her pussy stroking her hair*

Aynlie:Aaaah~! *Pants heavily as she cums on Zero's fingers, she nuzzles Zero's breasts*...

Zero:That was nice *hugs Aynlie deeper into her breasts*

Aynlie:*Panting and blushing.* It was... *nuzzles Zero's breasts*

Zero:Enjoy them while you still can *hugs Aylie closer* I'm not planing on drinking it again.

Aynlie: I understand *she nuzzles Zero* You won't have to ever drink it, ever...

Zero: What do you think will happen know? *nuzzles Aynlie*

Aynlie:*Nuzzles Zero* I don't know... *Hugging Zero, blushing a little as she smiles.*

Zero: Now thing are different between us... There only one thing bothering me

Aynlie:*Confuse, looking up at Zero* What is that one thing, Zero?

Zero: Can you really never lie?

Aynlie:*She nods* It's a curse that has been on me for all my life... I may pause to think of a lie, but I can never say that lie, and instead say the truth. Any question you ask me I have to answer truthfully, and I am most likely force to answer it truthfully. The only way I could 'lie' is hiding types of emotions, but if I am asked how I am, I will tell how I truly feel no matter what emotion is shown... I can't even point at someone and blame them, it is consider lieing....

Zero: Ya I'm going to fix that soon you'll be able to lie like any other demon.

Aynlie:Well, since you are the overlord. You might be able to make it to where I only tell you the truth... *she blinks, hugging Zero* I don't want to ever lie to you...

Zero: Do you know who place this curse on you *rubs her hair*

Aynlie:Not really, but I believe it was my mother... I was really young when I got this curse.... My mother called it a blessing,but it has been only a curse to me, I can't tell if others are telling the truth or are lieing to me. *She nuzzles Zero* So, I've called it a curse my whole life...

Zero: We'll get your mother to remove it ^^ O is it possible for you to just not answer the question?

Aynlie: Rarely, no. Rare moments I don't answer the question, but I am most likely force to answer because being quiet sometimes count as a lie... And my mother doesn't seem to know how to remove it. i demanded her to remove it once before she died....

Zero: *sigh* I was afraid of that... i won't be able to tell you any secrets until we get this curse off of you -_-

Aynlie:True... *she was thinking*Hm.... Father wasn't alive when I was born, but he might know how to remove it... If we could find him. *Has a sweatdrop*Otherwise, I don't know anyone who might be able to remove this curse...

Zero: Um... don't take this the wrong way but was your father a bad person?

Aynlie:I don't know, mother never spoke of him very much to me. All I know he died in a war before I was born.

Zero: Then i looks like we'll have to ask your mother... It'll be hard to find him -_-

Aynlie:Yea... *she sighed quietly.*

Zero: As soon as I'm back to normal we'll go talk with your mother.

Aynlie: Okay... *she smiles, before noticing something*I think I'm thirsty....

Zero: Ya that's right we never eaten that rice and grille chicken to... Let's go ^^

Aynlie:*she nods* I'll have to get you something different to drink. *she smiles*

Zero:Ok *get's out of bed* Lets go eat ^^

Aynlie:Okay ^^ *She gets out of the bed, leaving to the living room. She stare at the cups, figuring out which one was the syrum drink and the other was the ice water*.... *She picked up the right one and toke a sip, she had a sweatdrop*... *She sighed* That's what i get for drink testing... *She goes and takes that cup to the sink, dumping it out, putting the cup in the sink as she gets Zero a nice, clear cup filled with ice water.* [Her change will take longer ^^; ]

Zero: The food is hot only thing missing now is company and drinks ^^

Aynlie:*she smiles, having return with a cup with ice water in it.* Here you go Zero ^^; I have to ask... Is something bad going to happen if I had toke a sip of that mix drink? *Has a sweatdrop stated that she did in fact sip the liquid with the turth syrum in it.*

Zero; Yep under normal circumstance you'll be telling the truth for a minut or two but no mater how much of the stuff you drink the side will effect last.

Aynlie:Huh, well, that would be hard to tell since I'm always telling the truth. *Has a sweatdrop, but smiles* But, I hope it stays just that.

Zero: Feel any different? The side side effects can get really weird.

Aynlie:*she shook her head*Not at the moment... Maybe it's taking a long time to affect... *seem a bit concern.*

Zero: Maybe you might be the lucky few to get some cool power or something ^^

Aynlie:*smiles* Maybe ^^

Zero: Nothing we can do know let's eat.

Aynlie: Agree *she smiles, eating her own food.*

Zero:*digs in eating happily*

Ch9 Memorys PassedEdit

Aynlie:*Eyes open, blinking them as she yawn.* Huh? *blinks, confuse by the rather male sound voice from her.*? *sitting, glancing to the mirror before he blushed*AH!!! *hides under his covers.*

Zero:*jumps out of bed rushed to Aynlie's Room* AlRIGHT WHO'S THERE?!

Aynlie:*crying under the covers*I'm a guy!

Zero: O ...i'm sure It'l where off...eventually...

Aynlie:*He moved the covers off, frowning* Eventually....

Zero: It differs, you can turn back any second now ^^

Aynlie:Maybe, *looks to Zero.* I'm just really shocked that it turn me into a guy... *Has a sweatdrop, thinking*

Zero: Now you know... Do you still want to go?

Aynlie:*thinking* Well, erm... I'm sure I can deal with it...

Zero: Want me to loan you my cloths?

Aynlie:*blushes a tiny bit* For the time being, yea.

Zero: Ok *gave Aynlie some spar cloths* these will suit you perfectly

Aynlie:Thanks. *Goes behind something to change, now wearing the spar clothes as he walks out*Yea, that's better.

Zero: Lets see your mother * walks off*

Aynlie:*nods, he follows after Zero.*

[Zero and Aynlie are standing in front of the gate to Celestia]

Aynlie:*He glance*Here she come...

Meyhan:*Walks over to the gate* Hello Again, did my little Aynlie drink something she shouldn't have ^^

Aynlie:*light blush*Mother. *He groan.*

Meyhan: Anyhow, what is you need?

Zero: We want to know what kind of person your husband is?

Meyhan: My husband, Rorack? *She blinks*

Aynlie:That's his name?

Meyhan: Yep Rorack Zynah Kthen, used to be a wild man before he met me. When he met me he was all about making sure I was please as well as making sure he had money for food and other things that were needed.

Zero: *sigh* So he was a good honest hard working man -_-

Meyhan: When he met me, but he was a rude man in his younger years. *Smirks* A sly snake he was at his youth, stealing and cheating. Strange he didn't cheat on me like all the other woman he had love~

Aynlie:I was born from a strange family -_-;

Zero: In the end did the people see him as a good man?

Meyhan:*shrugs* The kingdom was builded after the war, he die in the war. The kingdom saw him as a hero, everyone else saw him as cheating, lieing bastard. And I saw him as an honest lover. *Smirks*


Zero-_-; This is tough... is there a way to identify him a certain words he say?

Meyhan:*Thinking* His must favor phase when telling people to leave him be is 'Back off' or 'Fuck off' And he uses it a lot when he wants to be alone. You can easily tell him since he does that to everyone, all but me that is. *smiles*

Aynlie: Oh, that's lovely...

Zero: Ever met a prinny who says those kind of thing in Celetia by any chance?

Meyhan: Nope, or I would say he is here. *Has a sweatdrop*

Aynlie: *He sighed*

Zero: Thanks for the Info

Meyhan: No problem. Oh, and tell him Meyhan has send you, he'll listen more if my name is said.

Aynlie:*nods quietly.*

Zero: O I've been meaning to ask you where did you learn that curse?

Meyhan: what curse- Ooooh, the truth blessing.


Meyhan: I've learn it from some magic guy, I wanted to make my daughter as pure as possble~ But, now that it seems useless as she is out of time and she is your vassal. You might be able to easily remove it with a remove curse spell or something along those lines.

Aynlie:*shocked* It's that easy?

Meyhan: Well, it wasn't when the magic guy was alive, but his dead, so yea.

Zero: what kind of teacher never taught a removal spell -_-

Meyhan: Since when did I sat the magic guy was my teacher? *Lifted an eyebrow*I pay him to teach me the spell, never was I truly a student of his.

Aynlie:*she sighed*

Zero: I wonder if he was a demon... most likely charged you alot -_-

Meyhan:*she smirks* And I payed whgat he charged, I was a queen.

Aynlie:*he sighed*

Zero: Yep it was a demon... why should some bother to put a cures on some if some they love would put the curse on them for you AND GET PAID.

Aynlie:*he sighed once more*I had stop questioning these things a long time ago...

Meyhan:*She blinks*I called it a blessing, kept my daughter from lieing.

Zero: I should make that demon my vassal... So long next time you see him *points at Aynlie* he'll be a curse free.

Meyhan:*Grins* You can just call him as she, after all, she won't stay as a boy forever ^^

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop*Love to be curse free for sure.

Zero: Alright let's go *walks off*

Aynlie:He follows after Zero*

Ch10 The searchEdit

[Zero and Anylie went back to the castle]

Zero: We will have to cheek every prinny -_-

Aynlie:*He sighed*Just... Lovely...

Zero: They all look the same to... or we can find that demon your mom paid.

Aynlie:I don't know. *He strech a bit* The demon could be anywhere and well, the prinny all look the same... *He sighed.*

Zero: We'll have to check other Overlords prinny as well -_- that if he's a prinny.

Aynlie:Yea.... *thinking.*

Zero: We should star off with the prinny we have here

Aynlie:Agree- *Her voice was back to being female sounding as she seem to be back with her big breasts and small figure, she blushes as she hasn't notice till now.* You know, this thing needs to give me heads up when it happens...

Zero: My shirt is to small on you *blush*

Aynlie:*she glance, blushing*It is...

Zero: You still look good in it ^///^

Aynlie:*blushes, smiling at Zero*T-Thank you, Zero.

Zero: You go ahead and change I'll go line up the prinnies.

Aynlie:O-Okay. *goes into her room, changing into one of her dresses and put her hair up in a ponytail.* There.

[Zero has lines up all the prinny that where in the castle]

Zero: Hi Aynlie do you think your father would recognize you?

Aynlie:No, my father died before I was born. He wouldn't even know I existed... *She stands by Zero's side, wearing one of her special dresses.*

Zero: You do look like your mother except you breasts are bigger.

Aynlie: He might mistake me for Meyhan, so that should be the first thing...

Zero: Do you remember any of the prinny acting strange around you?

Aynlie: Not that I recall....

Zero: You should check the prinnys, there lined up over there.

Aynlie:Alright. *she started looking at each prinny, scanning for a reacting*....

[all of the Prinnys stares at Aynlie]

Aynlie: None of them are acting strange... *looks to Zero* So he isn't in the prinnys of your castle...

Zero: *sigh* This won't be easy...we should go to prinny land.

Aynlie:Alright. *She looks to Zero.*

Zero: Demons aren't welcome there... Its the place where all the run away Prinny from Celetia and the netherworld goes to.

Aynlie:*She frowns*Oh....

Zero It's better than searching other Overlords prinnys. Don't worry they're not tough...we'll find your father.

Aynlie:*she nods.* Okay.

Zero: Lets go *rubs her hair*

Aynlie:*Blushes, but smiles.*

[Zero and Aynlie left the castle to go to Prinny land.]

Zero: From here on out its Prinny territory.

Aynlie:*she nods*Alright.

[ A group of prinnies walks up to Zero and Aynli]

Prinny1: Hey what are you doing here doods!

Aynlie:*Tenses, ready quietly*...

Zero:We are here just to talk

Prinny2: Ya that what you all say before you force us back to work Doods!

Aynlie:We're just looking for someone by the name of Rorack, we only want to ask him something of great importants. *She blink her bright blue eyes.*


Prinny2: All demon treat us horribly and we're not even get paid well doods!

Aynlie:*she frowns.*... *She looks to Zero* Their not willing to listen... *she whispered.*....

Zero:As my word as Overlord I'll pay 1,000,000,000 HL to however bring Rorack to me

Aynlie:*A bit shocked at how much Zero was willingly to pay, but smiles a little as she looks at the Prinnys.*

Prinny1: Prinny huddle doods!

[the prinnies huddle up, you can here many whispers and the word dood]

Prinny2: What do You what with him dood?

Aynlie:We just want to speak to him. He is my father... *she frowns a little*

[All the prinny glared at Zero and Aynlie]

Prinny: We'll give him the message Dood.

Aynlie:Thank you, Me and Zero will wait here for him. *she smiles*

[The prinnies left. A few days the prinnies returns]

Prinny1:We're back doods

Aynlie: I-Is he with you?

Prinny Rorack: I'm here, so what you so important people want- *notice Aynlie* You look like Meyhan...

Aynlie:That's cause... um... I'm Meyhan's daughter....

Zero: We want to know if you cab remove this cures off of her.

Prinny Rorack: I'm assume Meyhan put a truth curse on her?


Prinny Rorack: Meyhan was always wanting a daughter to never be like her, but to go that far- she must have been insane... Sadly, how I am right now, I can't. But, I can tell you who can. Most likely the one Meyhan had pay for the curse isn't in your netherworld, but his daughter is. She will have a to remove the curse off of her. She goes by the name of Faven, and no worry overlord, she isn't flat chested. I know better than to send you to anyone flat chested. *He sighed.*

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop, but smiles.* Thanks... Father.

Prinny Rorack: no need to thank me, and please, just call me a Prinny.

Aynlie:*she frowns*...

Zero:...Why would you think I'll have a problem with any woman's chest, we just met?

Prinny Rorack: It's a thing that's always spoke around her, do you think we don't talk about the most common thing? Your overlord Zero. How else would I know? *sounded a bit annoyed, but he let out a sigh* Trust me, I make sure I hear about these things before I even speak to anyone. It is how we stay safe and know another overlords.

Aynlie:Highly advance if you ask me...

Prinny Rorack: Advance for us Prinnies, that's about it.

Aynlie:Oh, mother does say hi...

Zero: Do you know where we can find Meyhan?

Prinny Rorack: I assume you would already know where Meyhan is, she is all the way up with the angels. Even if she doesn't know where I am, I know where she is. I'm just glad she isn't a prinny like me. But, again, it is sad we can't meet.

Aynlie:Hm.... And this Faven person?

Prinny Rorack: Somewhere away from crowded places, She doesn't go to the human world nor the cesetial place. So she shouldn't be too hard to find, she is a demon.

Zero: I'll look into it.

Aynlie:*looks to Zero, nodding.*

Prinny Rorcak: Is that all you want to know?

Zero: Nope we can find Faven

Prinny Rorcak:*nodded* Here's a hint, she's the pink hair demon who wears nothing but pink and light purple, and if you see empty bottles of Turth syrum. You found her.

Aynlie:*confuse*What does she do with those things?

Prinny Rorcak: Drink them, she is highly addicted to those things, and no one knows why...

Zero: It'll be easy to get the truth from her

Prinny Rorcak: Highly easy.

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop*

Zero: Thanks for the tip

Prinny Rorack: Your welcome. Now, I did my part of the deal.

Aynlie:*looks to Zero*

Zero: I'll keep my word as Overlord so who should i give the HL to?

Prinny Rorack: You can give it to me and I'll give each Prinny an equal share. We do have our own system here. I'll make sure each Prinny get the share of the HL.

Aynlie:*smiles a little*

Zero: *sigh* Parting is so hard *gives 1,000,000,000 HL to Prinny Rorack*

Aynlie: I understand. *smiles at Zero*

Prinny Rorack:*Takes the 1,000,000,000 HL* Thank you. Oh, and another tip since it's about the money. Faven is selling some things rather cheap, and no, it isn't the truth syrum. She won't ever give that up.

Zero: What's she selling?

Prinny Rorack: Anything she can't use or doesn't want. It also depends who she is selling it to. An overlord like you would get a very low disccount due to being an overlord.

Zero: I'll keep that in mind... where does she normally sell her items?

Prinny Rorack: Near an alleyway around the market, I believe.

Zero: Finding her became alot easier. Lets go

Aynlie:*nods* Agree. *looks to Prinny Rorack* Take good care, father. *she goes to Zero.*

Prinny Rorack:Right *Starts equally spilting it among the other prinnies.*

Zero: Hey before I go will you still be around? Even if you split all the HL with the prinnies here you'll still have more than enough to reincarnate.

Prinny Rorack: Of course I'll be staying around. I'm not planning to reincarnate. Not when run away Prinnies still need someone to help them around. I've taken this as my new life and will make it a new leaf from my past life.


Zero: Then i might see you around... lets go *turns around and walks away*

Aynlie: Alright! *she waves goodbye to the Prinnies before following after Zero*

Ch 11 The BazarEdit

[Zero and Aynlie want to the Demon Market to find Faven]

Zero: We have to watch our back while we're here.

Aynlie:Agree... *notice bright pink hair in the distances*Do you think that is her?

Faven:*has weapons, like gloves, swords and axes up for sell. They were costing only 10 HL, and were magical. She hums happily as she drinks a Demon syrume*Aaah~ *smiles* My lovely Demon Syrume~ *Suddenly, all the color that was pink on her turn orange and all the light purple on her turn yellow.*~♥

Aynlie:*Had a sweatdrop*She... Changed color...

Zero: What is she drinking to maker her hair change color?!.... I can sense it.

Aynlie: Rorack did say she drank Demon Truth syrumes. I think that is what she is drinking to make her hair change color... *Has a sweatdrop* He was right about this woman being highly addicted to the Turth syrumes...

Faven:*Humming happily as she drinks more of the Demon truth syrume, she was cleaning up her stand happily*Lalala~ *she put the empty bottle away.*

Zero: There big...just like yours.

Aynlie:*looks to Zero* Why are you look at her chest? *blushing bright red since he said that*

Faven:Hm? *she glance over, she smiles happily*Oh! *she goes over* And what would you like to buy, Sir? *she then notice who he was*Oh! *She smiles brightly* I didn't know you were coming to see me!


Zero: Ya i wanna know if you can remove curses.

Faven:*winks at Zero* You've come to the right place~!

Aynlie:*slightly annoyed at the fact Faven winked at Zero*

Faven: A remove curse cost only 1,000 HL for you, normally their 1,000,000 HL, since it's so improtant. But, for an overlord, you get a very special disccount~

Zero: How about you serve me as my vassal. A business woman like you should now how "well connected" Overlords are.

Faven: As long as you give me Demon truth syrumes and keep any angel away, then you have yourself a deal~

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop, standing closer to Zero.*

Zero: Perfect ^^ now remove the curse.

Faven:Let me have a closer look at you, sweetie~

Aynlie:Okay... *Get closer.*

Faven:*sighs in annoyance, her color scheme change completely to dark purple with light purple* That stupid father of mine, so easy to undo. *She sighed, before redrawing the curse symbol, then started to clear it off of Aynlie*There~! *Her colors change back to her happy state*All clean of curses~!

Aynlie:*She blinks.*Um... A lie... Hm...

Faven: You have such lovely hair ^^ *huzzling Aynlie's hair suddenly*

Aynlie:EEK! W-What the!?

Zero: She's quite friendly ^^ Hop you two will get along.

Aynlie:*blushing bright red*

Faven: How do you get such soft and lovely hair ^w^ *Nuzzling Aynlie's hair, before letting it go. *Well, I fixed up the curse for you, Overlord. And, being your vassal, you can call me whenever and I'll be there for ya. I am a magic user, but I can use bows and guns as well. *she gives one last wink* The demon truth syrume also gives me such amazing side effects~!

Aynlie:Like the change of colors?

Faven:Yep, easier to tell what mood I'm in ^^

Zero: You will be very useful to me

Faven:*bow a little*Glad to hear I'll be useful. I'll also be useful for gaining magic items. *she smiles brightly.*

Aynlie:*she nods, standing close to Zero.*

Zero: Let's return to the castle. Faven I'll show you to your new home

Faven: Alright! *Jumps up happily*


[Zero, Aynlie and Zero's new vassal Faven returns to the castle]

Zero: So what do you think about my castle

Faven: It's so amazing! Before for the wonderful Overlord Zero himself!

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop, standing close to Zero*

Faven:*she smiles* Sorry, it's just all so wonderful to be here!

Zero: Go explore the castle while i speak to Aynlie.

Faven: Alright~! *She goes and explore the castle happily.*

Aynlie:*looks to Zero*what is it you want to speak to me about?

Zero: I'm broke -_-

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop* Oh dear. Hm.... So, we'll have to find someway to make money, huh.

Zero: Yep -_-.... there was no way i could of paid Faven. It looks like well have to rob someone who's rich ^^

Aynlie:R-Rob!? *Blushes*I-I'm not a sneaker through. How are we going to rub someone?

Zero: Easy ^^ brake down the door and beat up everyone then take all of there stuff.

Aynlie:*she sighed, smiling.* Of course, this is the netherworld, so that stuff can happy. *Gives a sweet smile*We can do that.

Zero: Of course we're not petty thief so we are taking everything.

Aynlie:*smiles sweetly*Very well, so, who are we striking and when?

Zeron: Specifically Hogmister ^^ he LOVE HL, when... tomorrow sounds good.

Aynlie:*she smiles, nodding* Sounds good, Zero.

Zero: what do you think about Faven? Any concerns?

Aynlie:My concerns are any female concerns when it comes to being in love with a guy. Otherwise, she'll be very useful when we're fighting, and she seems perfectly fine otherwise. *She leans on Zero happily* But, don't expect me to warm up with her really quickly.

Zero: What are these female concerns of yours?

Aynlie:That she might try to challenge me to get to you in a love way. It's what happen when you have one guy and more than one girl. *she blinks, blushing* A silly concern, but it seems to come naturally for females...

Zero: I can definitely understand seeing I'm a demon who love big breasts. Faven breasts are as big as yours so you feel threaten. I will stare at them unless you want to distract me with yours ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes*T-Then i'll wear low cut dresses, so you can stare at my breasts. *Blushing bright red, hugging Zero's arm.*

Zero: Aa the only time a demon tell the truth is when they benefit. I'll be looking forward to looking at you all day ^^

Aynlie:*Blushing as she smiles sweetly.*

Zero: I'll be more distracted if i could squeeze them ^^

Aynlie:*she blushes, but looks into his eyes*Y-You may squeeze them whenever you w-want!

Zero: How about now *starts to fondle Aynlie's breasts*

Aynlie:*She gasps softly, letting him as she gives soft moans.*

Zero: I know that feels good ^^*squeezes her breasts*There so big, I have them all to myself

Aynlie:*Blushing, panting softly and moaning softly.*~

Zero:*stops* I'm good for know ^^...unless you feel live continuing?

Aynlie:*Blushing*T-That's up to you, I-I don't either way. *smiles sweetly.*

Zero: Aynlie It's important that i hear your opinions, there no guarantee I'll listen but i wanna hear it anyways.

Aynlie:*she blushes*I-I... I would like to continue... *She was blushing red as she had look down at the ground*

Zero: O so you where lieing before *smiles hugging Aynlie* That's good

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly, hugging Zero* Yea... I was hoping to have try it eailer, but Faven startled me with suddenly nuzzling my hair.

Zero: You also broke your word *rubs Aynlie's hair* You should be careful about that

Aynlie:*blushes*I-I'm sorry... It was just a test, no worry. I-I won't lie to you.

Zero: It's ok, I'm not mad. I know i can trust you *kisses her*

Aynlie:*she return the kiss happily*I... Did make one promise to myself... That I didn't told you, since I said it in my head...

Zero: O what is that if you don't mind me asking?

Aynlie:*she blushes a little*I porimse to myself that I would protect you no matter what happen, even if I am a vassal, and that's what vassal's do. I feel a stronge hope when I have those words in my mind. *She smiles sweetly*

Zero: O I should tell you that I don't want any kids

Aynlie:I'm fine with that. *She nuzzles him.* I don't think we would ever had time for kids if you ever wanted any. *she had a small sweatdrop.*

Zero: I don't know maybe you might change my mind. Do you know why i don't want any kids?

Aynlie:Due to the fact about the title of overlord. Otherwise, I don't really know. *She had a small sweatdrop* But, if I have to guess, it's mainly because the kid could try and fight you for the overlord title. But, that's only me guessing.

Zero: Your right I don't want to fight my kid over the tittle of overlord. I killed my father for the tittle so i don't want that to happen to me.

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly.* I understand fully, Zero. *Hugging him.*

Zero:*sigh* I do want to fuck you but I'm not risking it.*Hugs tighter* I still have you

Aynlie:*she blushes at his words, but smiles sweetly as she nuzzles him* You do.

Zero:O i really do, it is annoying how much i wan to fuck you so much.*nuzzles* I don't care if its in your human or mobian form.

Aynlie:*Blushes bright red at the comment, nuzzling him.*Mmm... *thinking as she hugs him* If I had some type of protection, then I won't have to be pregnant... But, something tells me I won't be able to find any...

Zero: Nope not for demons anyway. I think I've inherit my old man sex drive -_-;. I also inherit his ability to sense anyone with a sexy body.

Aynlie:*Blushes*So, that's what you meant by 'senses it' before we met Faven in person.

Zero: O you notice ^^ normally i woulds senses a breasts like that miles away but my mind sort of auto detect the closes and biggest pair of jugs around me ^^;

Aynlie: Yea, I've notice. *Had a sweatdrop, hugging him.*

Zero: Don't tell anyone *rubs her hair*

Aynlie:I will never tell anyone, your secret is safe with me, Zero. *Nuzzles him, blushing*

Zero: I know *nuzzles back* You are hard to reset *kisses Aynlie*

Aynlie:*Return the kiss, hugging him.*

Zero:*Kissing her rubbing Aynlie's ass*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she keeps kissing him*

Zero: I should stop *grabs Aynlies's breasts kissing down her neck*

Aynlie:*Blushing, panting as she moans softly*Aaa~

Zero:*goes underneath her dress and bra squeezing her breasts* I might not stop*Rubs her legs*

Aynlie:*Blushing extremely red, panting heavily as she softly moans even more*A-Aaa~ M-mmm~

Zero: I can' stop myself *pulling down her panties and starts to remove her dress* stop me

Aynlie:*blushing, grabbing his arms tightly since he told her to stop him. She pants, blushing*

Zero:*suddenly gives a passionate kiss rubbing his body against hers*

Aynlie:*Blushing, kissing him passionaly as she gives soft moans from his body rubbing against hers.* *mind:I-I'm not able to stop him fully*

Zero: Punch me or else I'll *Nuzzles into Aynlie's breast before he starts sucking on her nipples*

Aynlie:*Blushes bright red, gasping before moans.*I-I feel p-powerless a-against you Z-Zero- Aaaa~ *trying to gather of the strength to try and push him. Not wanting to hurt him.*

Zero: you have to*hugs Aynlie* It's to strong *grabs her breast,squeezing them* It's acting on it own *removes his pants his dick rubs against her pussy*

Aynlie:*Panting and moaning a bit; blushing as she suddenly, without thinking, punch him.*M-Mm...

Zero:*knockdown to the floor rubbing his face* Thank's Aynlie I needed that

Aynlie:*blushing as she nodded, making sure her dress was fully back up so Zero didn't go back into the trance*I-I'm sorry if I-I damaged anything...

Zero: No I ask for it, that punch is just what i needed.^^ *stands back up* I'm good

Aynlie:*Blushing a little*T-That's good to hear. *she stood back up once she had her panties back on.*

Zero:*put his pants on an carefully pull up the zipper* It always seem to get worse... sorry for putting you on the spot there*sweat-drop*

Aynlie:*Blushing*I-It's okay... *she look to the ground.*

Zero: No really I am... this is a first time i apologize for anything...

Aynlie:*blushing*I-I understand, Zero.

Zero: We should call it a day ^^; we're raiding a demon noble's castle


Ch 12 Home RaidEdit

[The next day at the Overlord's castle Zero called Aynlie and Faven for something]

Zero:Today we're robing a Demon Noble's home ^^ his name is Hogmister just so you know. We'll be taking evertthing.

Aynlie: Alright. *she was wearing a low cut blue dress, smiling.*

Faven:Yay! Let's go raid! *she pulls out her staff*

Zero: We'll have another party to celibate ^^*rasi his fist* Lets get some HL!!!

Aynlie and Faven: Yea!! *rasie their fist*

Faven: Let us go beat that rich guy!!!

Aynlie:*stand by Zero, smiling sweetly at him*

[They let the castle, as they where getting closer to Hogmister's home]

Zero:*walking whispers to Aynlie* There's going to be alot of bodyguards -_- more than what i expected

Aynlie: *she whispers back*We need to either distract them and take them out in singles or pairs; or, we need to take them out all at once...


Zero:*he whispers back* Um...there more than 500 bodyguards in that castle... I can sense them.

Aynlie:*whispers* That isn't good... Neither plan would work...

Faben: Huh? *she whispers* Does overlord Zero have idea?

Zero: *whispers* Ya there an 500 woman army of Kit Cat, Succubus, and Magic Knight in his castle ...didn't know he like sexy ladys that much.

Faven: *whispers*Maybe a sign of wealth. Guys that have many hot ladies are consider rich. Through, the tittle of Overlord beats even that.

Aynlie:hm.... *thinking*

Zero: *whipers* Even ifthere's alot of them i doubt they're all that strong. The stronger one should be where the HL is and of course Hogmister will be there counting it all.

Aynlie: *whispers* Yea, should we lay waste to them?

Faven:*smirks evilly* hehe. *she whisper* I want to kill them.

Zero: *whispers* Yep ^^ I bet alot of them will run when they find out that I'm raiding the castle.

[at a distance they can see a castle made of solid gold]

Aynlie:*shocked* *whisper* Huh...


Zero: *whimpers*I know he's just begging to be robed ^^

Aynlie:*nods as she whispers* He sure is


[then they reached the solid gold door Zero punched it open, you can see many Kit Cat and Succubus ready themselves for battle]

Zero: It is I Overlord Zero flee if you value your lives

Aynlie:*in her armour, her eyes half lifeless and standing in fighting stances next to Zero.

Faven:*behind Zero, her staff out and ready*

Succubus:*sarcastically* -O no its the Overlord Zero and his vassal-...ya right your the 12th Zero we've seen today -_-

Kit Cat: It's not very convincing *sigh* The last importer was much more intimidating... could you have tried a Little harder ,'=/

Aynlie:*her eyes goes emotionless* Shall I teah them a lesson, overlord Zero. *she draws her ice sword, walking forward* I shall freeze you morons in a snap.

Faven: *mutters a spell* Magic wall! *affects zero, her and Aynlie as she boost up the resistences. She then drinks a demon turth syrume*

Zero: Save some for me *jumps into the middle of the Kit Cat and Succubus group* Ground Zero *punches the ground causing the surrounding are to explode and burn*

Succubus: We won't fall that easy!! *healing Allys*

Kit Cat: Prepare to die!! *readies Delta strike*

Aynlie:*throws down an ice storm on the succbuses before going over and doing dull wielding as she cuts the kit cats' back* Pathice. Ice wave! *slows them down*

Faven: omega Fire! *aims it at one of the succbuses.*

[Zero, Aynlies and Faven was able to defat the group but as they so deeper the enemies where stronger. Zero has been unusual focus on fighting Killing his enenies at a faster rate. Soon they reach the valt where Hogmister was waiting]

Hogmister: So you came for my HL well to bad you're not getting any!!

Aynlie: *ready, glaring*

Faven:*has been doing healing and magic wall while doing same attack base spells*

[A bunch of Magice Knights Appeared along with Succubus and Kit Cat]

HogMister: These ladys are the most powerful that HL can buy!!

[One Magic knight appeared that stood out from the rest, she possessed a strong demonic aura]

M.K Leader: You three shall not pass!! Alright girls lets show them what we can do!!

Zero: *glares at the surrounding demons* We need to cut off the head soon...

[ The M.K use Brave on their allies to increase attack]

[Faven uses Magic wall on her allies to increase their resistances.]

Aynlie:*Her eyes glow lifeless* Either you or I, Zero. *Suddenly she mutters something, doing an ice wave to slow the enemy down.*

Zero: You should take down the M.K leader, I'll kill Hohmister. It dosen't matter who dies firts.

Aynlie: Alright*charges at M.K leader, doing ice wave to slow emenies down and then ice storm before fighting M.K leader, trying to do call shots for cutting the head.*

M.K Leader:*the leader has place some M.L and succubus out of rang of the ice storm* Comense counter !! *prevent herself from dies as the unfrozen succubus heals her and the unfrozen M.L use Brave and Magic wall to increase her stats*

[While Aynlie was trying to kill the M.L Leder Zero starts cuting down the succubas around Hogmister, whith each one he kills he became slightly stronger. Meanwhile M.L was boosting the stats of Kit cat around Hogmister]

Faven:*boosting the restisences state for Zero and Aynlie.*

Aynlie:*Growls, does freeze ray on M.K leader before trying to kill M.K leader, panting heavily.*

[A Kit Cat rushes in and block Aynlies attack, the succubus heals M.K leader and the Kit Cat as The M.L boosted there stats. Meanwhile Zero was rushing in Killing the M.K that where protecting Hogmister, he looks beaten up]

Faven:*does a giga heal on Zero, before doing a Omega fire on one of the Succbus*

Aynlie:*Growls as she stabs the ground with her ice sword, muttering before huge ice hands came out and reach for M.K leader, she then leaps sending down an ice wall to block the view of the succbus so they couldn't heal M.K leader.* GRRR!!! *does a spin with duel ice blade and ice sword at M.K Leader, cutting the front of M.K* DIE!! *does a call shot for M.K leader's throat.*

[Thank to the stats boost the M.L leader was able to withstand the attack. the other M.K use giga fire on the ice wall melting it then the succubus and Kit Cat surrounds Aynlie. Meanwhile Zero was now prepar to kill Hogmister]

Zero: Your deference has crumbled and thank to my evility my i can slay you with just one attack even with your stats boosted!!

Hogmister: Darn you!!! I still have these Kit Cat to protect me !!

Aynlie:*Panting heavily, her ice sword put away and form an ice machine gun.*Gr.... *Suddenly does a huge ice storm on the spot, her being the center. She then starts firing around her before forming ice clones of herself, one doing the shooting, Three firing the kit cats and the real Aynlie pulls out her ice sword and stabs the ground, muttering words as the air around her, in cluding the succbus, kit cats and M.K leader in the negative freezing air before the giant ice hands reach out to freeze monsters.* *mind: I can't be beat, I need to win!*

Faven: *does giga heal on Aynlie and magic wall, before doing Tera ice on the group near her.*

[the Boosted Kit Cats and succubus protected the M.K and M.K Leader]

M.K leader: Ha as long as we work together you can't stop us ^^!!

[The succubus use there omega heal on themselves and the Kit cats. Meanwhile with Zero]

Zero: Your puny line of defence wont stop me *Use sword skill Dimension Slash to slash through the Kit Cats and Kill Hogmister*

Kit Cats: Dam there goes our pay checks -_-

[All of the Kit Cats Succubus and M.L heard his screams, Aynlie will notice that Kit Cats and Succubas are aerguing with the M.L and M.L Leader]

Succubas: He's gon now so why not take his stuff for ouselves!!

Kit cats: Ya i worked my but off and my tail is STILL frozen!!

M.K: We gave our word plus we where paid in-advance we can't loot until next month!!

M.L Leader: Come on nows not the time to be fighting !!

Succubus: Wanna work together and spit ^^

Kit Cats: There's a reason why our kind work so well with each other ^^

[the succubus and Kit Cats attacks the M.L]

Aynlie:*Panting heavily, watching the groups fighting each other, she weakly walks over to Faven* That... sucked...

Faven:*Has a sweatdrop* What happen there, Aynlie, aren't you a powerful Vassal of Zero's?

Aynlie:I... Don't know what when wrong... But, I'm tired... I feel my body is weaker than I thought...

Faven:*she grins*I guess training for Aynlie. But, shouldn't we kill the two groups fighting each other?

Aynlie:I want Zero's opinion first... He is the one to make orders, not us...

Faven:Right! Let's go.

Aynlie:*Nods weakly.*

[Faven and Aynlie gotten to Zero]

Aynlie:The kit cats and succbus are fighting the M.Ks...


Zero: Ya there source of income just dies so they don't have a reason to fight together ^^ Lets just help ourselves then finishes the stragglers. So how was the fight against the M.K Leader?

Faven: Aynlie almost got herself one hell of a mess there.

Aynlie:My body is tired... I would have been beaten if you haven't killed the source... Nothing I did was doing any impact... I did try with all my all, but not even my best did anything... *she frowns*

Faven:Ah, it's okay Aynlie.

Aynlie: It's not okay, how am I to protect Zero if I am weaker than the enemy in numbers...

Zero: So did you try to kill the M.k Leader directly or did you kill her subordinates first?

Faven:Directly, which wasn't a smart move. But, we do have to state this was her emotionless side. I guess Aynlie's emotionless side takes an order to the core and tries to only do that order. *Has a sweatdrop*

Aynlie:*she only sighed, frowning.*

Zero: I should have known... I won't make the same mistake twice.*walks off* Lets see whats inside the safe.

Aynlie:*she frowns, watching Zero before nodding**Mind: I'll have to try and work with my emotionless side... Somehow I can get her to agree in letting me do the pointing out...* *she follows after Zero*

Faven: Right! *follows after Zero.*

Zero: *walking not looking back at Aynlie and Faven* Hey do you know why Hogmister got so rich ^^

Aynlie:Um... No, never know why... *following after.*

Faven:Hm... Is it cause he rob people? Or was it because he was consider a bully to people and threaten to take their money? Or, did he do scums and toke people money and gave them crap?

Zero: O so you don't know ^^ I'll tell how when we return to the castle ^^ *they reach a solid gold safe*

Aynlie:*she blinks*Hm...

Faven:Ah... Alright!

Zero: Show off... Its our now ^^ *cuts a big hole into the safe, you can see piles of HL* Help yourselves *walks inside of the safe*

Faven:*Gasps happily, grabbing some HL out of the piles* Come on Aynlie ^^

Aynlie:Hm... *she frowns a little, thinking before getting some HL.*

Faven: Aynlie, aren't you like, thrilling over the HL!?

Aynlie:I still have to get use to the netherworld and how it fully works, I can't be thrill if I don't have the full knowledge of the netherworld, but I can say it's nice.

Faven:At lest you agree on that ^^

Zero:*walks back from the deepest part of the safe he put what appeared to be a piece of paper into his pocket* I got what i wanted lets see if they have settled there differences ^^

Aynlie:*she nodded* Alright.

Faven:*Has pockets and a huge bag full of HL* X3

[ they returned to the battle feid to see nearally everyon dead, when they see Zero Aynlie and Faven they quickly ran]

Zero: It ours ^^ I'll get the prinnies to do the heavy lifting.



Zero: Lets go back to the castle ^^ I'll tell you what i got from that safe ^^


Faven:Yay! ^^

[ they returned to the castle, all the gold was sold and the pricey furniture was moved to the castle]

Zero: Hey Faven do you know who made the syrume you love so much ^^

Faven:Nope, I care lest about the person who made it. The syrume was a way to make my life happier!

Aynlie:*Listening in silences.*...

Zero: You should seeing we just killed the soul supplier ans maker of it ^^

Faven: Oh. *she shrugs* Okay. *Drinks a Syrume*

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop* *mind: She doesn't care...* do know that eventually there will be none left -_- unless someone could make it.

Favn:I know, but, isn't that like his most prize thing in the whole is the recipe of that syrume?

Zero: Yes and i have that recipe ^^ which means you'll be getting it from me

Faven:*she smiles* See? I didn't need to worry, cause Overlord Zero already had a plan about the syrumes ^^

Aynlie:*Smiles a little*...

Zero: I was looking forward to your shocked reaction but you're to sharp. I'm a little tired I'll be in my room if you need me*walks off*

Aynlie:I need to rest as well... *she whispered, going to her room.*

Faven:*She blinks*Well, I guess I'll get a demon nap~! *goes into her own room.*

Ch 13 uneasinessEdit

[Zero didn't have a party or stare at any ones breasts all day yesterday. He didn't even atempt to feel up Aynlie for some reason today Zero cant look directly at Aynlie or Faven]

Zero:*siting on his throne*

Faven:*confuse at Zero's strangeness, but also notice something was bothering Aynlie*what is with everyone today? *She had her normal pink colors and light purple color scheme to her. Her pink eyes glancing around.*

Aynlie:*She was at the piano, not playing anything, but it seem a bit away from the throne room, not far so that she could keep an eye on Zero. Aynlie had some training, and was taking a break. Her head laying on the surface of the piano since she didn't uncover the keys*... *she frown in thought, worry for Zero*...

Zero:* he's seems a little sad like he's missing something in his life. he sits there not knowing that Aynlie is watching him*

Aynlie:*She had glance over, noticing the slightly saddness.* *mind: I should be strong for Zero, he needs me by his side...* *she stood up quietly, making sure her hair was in a lovely down ponytail, where the big ribbon was at the botton close to the edge of her hair. She goes quietly over next to Zero's throne. Not saying anything, she didn't feel she need to.*

Faven:*she seem confuse, judging what she is going to do.*

Zero: O hay*notice Aynlie and quikly looks away* You needed some thing? Is there something you wanna talk about?

Aynlie:No... I don't need to talk about anything, or need anything... *she spoke rather softly, looking at the ground.* *mind: He refuse to even look at me... something must be bugging him...* *Seem to remember about the sex drive he had said about three days ago.* *mind:could that be the issue? Why he can't look at me or Faven?... Is he having such a hard time holding it back?...*

Zero: O Ok ^^*has a big smile on his face, looking like the happiest guy on the planet.* I have no idea what to do today ^^*still not looking at Aynlie or Faven*

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly, happy to see his smile*I don't know either... *She look down at her dress.**Mind: I just wish my dress, the style of my hair, didn't go to waste... If only he looked at me once more... His eyes...*

Zero: I think that I'm still sore from yesterday*gets up still smiling not looking at Aynlie or Faven* I'll take a nap in my room *starts to walk off*

Aynlie:*She frowns, watching him walk alway*Oh... Okay... *She frowns even more, her eyes look down at the ground*... *Mind:Zero...*

[Zero laying on his bead looking sad]

Zero:*Mind:I cant even bare to be around her.... i gotta find a way to fix it*

[Aynlie goes to the room with the piano, a tear fall down her cheek as she uncover the keys of the pianos.]

Aynlie:I need to soothe myself... I need to comfort myself before I ask him... *Her right hand lay on the keys.* I hope he doesn't mind... *she whispered, sitting down at the piano, both hands have their fingers lay on the keys. She sighed*... *She starts playing a song[Song: color blind by counting crow] to comfort herself.*

Zero:*laying in his room where nothing but his pants lessening to Aynlie playing the piano* ...

Aynlie:*she keeps playing the piano, humming the words to the song as it seem to soothe her, comforting her in her emotional state.*

Zero: What a lovely song... she's quite gifted...

Aynlie:*she kept playing, her eyes slightly open as she started to sing.* I am color-blind...  Coffee black and egg white... Pull me out from inside... I am ready, I am ready, I am ready I am... Taffy stuck and tongue tied... stutter shook and uptight... Pull me out from inside... *Her eyes close.* I am ready, I am ready, I am ready I am... Fine... I am covered in skin... No one gets to come in... Pull me out from inside...I am unfolded, and unfolded and unfolding I am... Color-blind... *She keeps singing [too lazy to type out the rest of the lyrics.]*

Zero:*his heart began to race* Just by hearing her voice....

Aynlie:*Keeps singing, but it becomes softer as the piano's sounds starts to die down. She then when to silence with the piano's notes dieing after her.*... *she open her eyes, staring at the keys*... *mind:Am I ready to speak to him now? To confront him... I don't want him to suffer anymore..."

Zero:*hear Aynlie stop playing*...

Aynlie:*she gives a soft sigh*... *mind: One more... Something cheerful... I don't want a sad song...* *The music started up, but it seem to have change the while sound of the piano almost as her eyes were close. * Maichiru yuki no ikitsuku basho [Little by Little, across the land.]  Sukoshizutsu heri nagara ima [The swirling snow retreats] iroazayakana sekai he to [Revealing a world of vivid colours.] *She keeps playing music, her eyes close and keeps singing in this different language.*

Zero: *His hearts starts racing again*...

Aynlie:*She keeps playing the piano and singing, her eyes close. She then finished the song. Sighing to herself.*... *mind:I think i'm ready... I-I'm unsure if I can do anything to help him... But... I don't want him to suffer.*

Zero: That was nice *laying on his dead waiting for the next song*

Aynlie:*She stands up, looking at herself*... *Mind:I should change dresses, and change my hair style.*... *she started to just sing[just image them all being one singer] as she walks to her room, still singing amazingly loud enough for Zero to hear as she was in her bedroom, changing the dress to one that cover up to her name. Pulling the big ribbon out of her hair and letting her hair flow down, putting the ribbon away while still singing.*

Zero:*mind: Maybe she going out somewhere?*

Aynlie:*she keeps singing as she put a flower hair piece in her hair.* *mind:I-I hope this will help Zero relax... I can't believe little shy me is doing this...* *she had stop singing, walking out of her room and has gotten to Zero's door as quietly as she could*... *blushing a little, feeling her heart race.* *mind: D-Don't back down, Aynlie, this is the only way you can get answers... Even if their lies...*

Zero: If only if i could look at her...

Aynlie:*She gluped quietly to herself, reaching towards his door to knock on it* *mind:Almost there... Almost...* *her hand, where was curl in a soft fist was only inches from the door. She blushes**mind:How will he reaction? Will he not answer the door?... Only way to find out is to... Knock, right?... Not too hard... So, why does it seem almost impossible for me... Maybe because he is someone I love... Someone I want to be happy...**She blushes, her heart racing even more.*....

Zero:*loudly turns his bach against the door way* Come in

Aynlie:! *she had jumped a little, having not even touch the door.* *mind: He might have senses me, for him that wouldn't be too hard.* O-okay... *she open the door a little, enough for her to come in.* *mind: I think this is the first time I've ever been in his room, ever*

Zero:*his back turned* Your voice is beautiful ... i ca hear it from my room...

Aynlie:*she blushes*O-Oh, t-thank you... I-I'm sorry if it woke you up... *she was trying to think of how to bring the topic up, most likely knowing that he would know why else she be here...*

Zero: *his back still turned*You smell nice to...come in...sit next to me

Aynlie:O-Okay.*blushing, her heart skipped a beat as she walked in, going over to his bed and gently sitting down*

Zero: *his back still turned*Who taught you how to play?

Aynlie:My mother... She only taught me the basics, I then kept training on my own, not wanting to deal with stuff normal princesses would deal... I really just wanted to live a life where I didn't have to make orders or even plan out, really... I wasn't happen with royal life compare to my mother... I just wanted to play the piano and sing, live with a happy family, even if it was just me and the person I love and no kids... I rather have that life than be royal blood...

Zero:*his back still turned* So you do want kids...

Aynlie:I guess... I mean... *she blushes*I really don't know, I never really thought about me having kids... but, I guess I was seeing the negatives that could happen to me if I did have kids... *she looked at herself, blushing* I wouldn't mind having kids... But, I would like it if the person that I was with want kids as well... That person I love, meaning you... It's... *blushing bright red*u-up to you as well if you want kids or not... I want to have a share thought on the topic and everything else... *blushing.*

Zero: I'm not sure if i have a choice...

Aynlie:*She frowns when she heard that* I wish you could have your own choice, Zero... *blushing a bit*I want to really help you.. It bothers me when I can't help you...

Zero: I'm not sure what to do... I don't want to end up like my father...

Aynlie:*She frowns, looking down.* There has to be something... Just has to be some way to help you...

Zero: I'm just afraid... I hated my father and... i don't know if i could be a good father... my own child could hate... I can't bar to love something to end up hating me... i didn't mean to push you away, even now i can't bar to look at you...

Aynlie:*She looks to Zero, before frowning* Zero... *She wanted to hold his hand, but her hand gently touches his.* I'm sure if you wanted to be very different from your father, then treat your child differen't from how your father treated you... *She smiles sweetly* I'm sure you can be a very good father, Zero... A child is made of two people's happiness, that is where a deep loving relationship can go to. Treat you child well, and they'll love you; even if they don't seem to, their hearts will say otherwise. And, I'll do my best to be the best mother for the child, Zero. Does that calm down your fears a bit?

Zero:*Suddenly grabs Aynlie's hand not letting go*....

Aynlie:*Hold Zero's hand, blushing a little.*

Zero:*pulls Aynlie closer to him then kissing her*

Aynlie:*blushes as she close her eyes and kissing him in return.*~

Zero:*Blushining, kissing rubbing his hand above her panties while pulling off her dress

Aynlie:*Blushing as she moans in the kiss, kissing him as her legs tremble a little from pleasue*Mmm~

Zero:*removes her panties and bra, pulling down his pants rubding his finger over her puss to make it wet while kissing down her neck*

Aynlie:Aaa~ *Blushing as she moans, hugging him as she pants. She starts getting wet from his finger rubbing.*A-Aaa~

Zero:*Kisses down her neck to her breasts, starts to flick her nipples with his as his dick rubs the outside of her pussy*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~ *Blushing and moaning, panting heavily as she got more wet, her legs trembling even more*A-Aaah~

Zero:*Sucks on her big breasts as he thrust his dick into her pussy, holding her tightly*

Aynlie:Aaaah~ *Blushing, moaning as she pants heavily, wrapping her legs around his waist.*M-Mmm~!

Zero:Looks into Aynlie's eye trying to say something when he starts to fuck steadily*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she looks into Zero's eyes, panting heavily. Moans softly.*

Zero:*fuck faster panting once again he tries to say something before he starts to suck on Aynlie's big breasts*

Aynlie:*Blushing, moaning loudly as she pants.* Aaah~ M-Mmm~ A-~aaa~

Zero:*thrust deeper into her pussy sucking hard on her nipples, squeezes her ass*

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing as she grip onto Zero, her legs still wrap around his waist as she blushing and drool a little*A-Aaaah~

Zero:*Looks up at Aynlie while sucking on her breasts he looks like he wanted to say something when starts to kiss her, twisting her nipples while fucking violently*

Aynlie:*Blushing bright red, moaning in the kiss as she hugs him*

Zero:*Cums deep inside her pussy, he stops moving looking into her eyes*...

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing bright red as she looks into his eyes lovingly.*

Zero*panting*... If it had to be with anyone I'm glad it was with you *hugs her tightly* It was going to happen sooner or later...

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing a little as she nuzzles him* Zero... *she smiles, hugging him*I'm glad to have been with you...

Zero: It doesn't mater now *hugs her tighter* next time I'll love you by my own choice *stroking her hair*

Aynlie:*blushes a little, smiling as she nuzzles Zero.*

Zero: Where going to have a family...*kisses her*

Aynlie:*Return the kiss, blushing*Yea... *smiles.*

Zero: *Rubs her belly* I hope...

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly, nuzzling into him and gently place a hand over his.* We'll just have to wait and see, Zero... I'll always be happy to carry your children, through. *blushing a little.*

Zero:You'll be sleeping with me from here on out *Blush*

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly*That's fine with me. *Nuzzles him*It's a lot warmer being here with you.

Zero: I'll be doing more perverted stuff to you and in front of everyone and anyone...

Aynlie:I'm fine with that. *she smiles sweetly at him* I'll enjoy every second of it.

Zero: There'a a possibility that I'll have sex with you in public...

Aynlie:*Blushing bright red.*R-Really?

Zero: Unless there something that's going to kill me i can't help it... It'll be sudden and without warning but only for you I will make love only to you and no one else...

Aynlie:*Blushes bright red, nuzzling him as she hugs him*Then I don't mind, Zero... *smiling sweetly, blushing still.*

Zero:That's good... next time it will be my own choice *nuzzles her*

Aynlie:*she smiles sweetly at those words, nuzzling him as she hugs him.* I'm feeling sleepy... *she whispered.*

Zero: I'll be right here when you wake *hold her closer*

Aynlie:Kay... I love you Zero... *She nuzzles him, closing her eyes and falling asleep in his arms*...zzz...

Zero: I love you to *Falls asleep next to Aynlie*

Ch14[Waking of Demon Aynlie?]Edit

[The next day]

Aynlie:*Sleeping in Zero's arms, but there was noticeable changes. A light blue tail sway peacefully as she had the same pointy ears as Zero and her breasts were two cups bigger than they were. She was sleepng peacefully*Zzzz...

Zero:*opens his eye only looks at Aynlie not yet noticing the tail ears or breasts different*

Aynlie:*Sleeping, hugging close to Zero in her sleep, her breasts press against Zero*Zzz.... Mmm.... *Nuzzles him a little in her sleep.*...

Zero:!?*Notice that Aynlie's breasts was bigger than normal* Is this a dream?*he feels her body and found out she has a demon tail*Yep a really sexy dream ^^

Aynlie:*Yawns as her demon tail twitched a little*Mmmm... *starts waking up*mmm?..

Zero: hello ^^ your a demon now and alot sexier *squeezes her huge breasts* Wow now you're a H cup

Aynlie:*Blushes as she gaspes from him squeezing her breasts, having now fully awake now*I-I'm a demon?! *A bit shocked, blushing bright red*I-I wonder how that happen...

Zero: It possible that i released a tremendous amount of magical energy into your body turning you into a demon.*touches her ears* there're cute ^^

Aynlie:*She blushes, her demon tail sway as nods.*O-Okay. *she smiles*

Zero:Wow you'r a demon ^^ We'll have a party to calibrate. I wonder If you have a evility?

Aynlie:*seem confuse*an evility?

Zero: Its short for evil ability i have one its called Overlords Pride ^^

Aynlie:Oh, well, I don't know if I have one...

Zero: You're a demon now so you'll get yours sooner or later ^_^*squeezes her breasts* Wow jumped two cups ^^


Zero: We should go somewhere *rubs her ass*

Aynlie:*Blushes a little, smiling*Yea!

Zero: There's a lovely Lava lake*plays with her demon tail* Alot of demons go there

Aynlie:*Blushing*I-It sounds interesting. *her tail sways.*

Zero: We could make it just the two of us *nuzzles her huge breasts*

Aynlie:*Blushes*I would like that.

Zero: Then it's setled we'll get ready O and pack a lunch for us to ^^*kisses her*

Aynlie:*She return the kiss, smiling*What would you like in the lunch?

Zero: Anything really as long as you're the one who mad it *lick her neck*

Aynlie:*blushes*I'll make some chickern sandwitches and some small sweets then. *smiles*

Zero:*rubs his chest against her huge breasts whisper into her ears* I'm looking forward to it~

Aynlie:*Blushes at the feel of his chest rubbing against her huge breasts*Mm~ *smiles.*

Zero:*he gets out of bed* This is going to be fun ^^

Aynlie:Yea. *she smiles, sitting up before standing up out of bed, her demon tail sway happily.*

Zero: Wanna take a shower with me ^^

Aynlie:Yea ^^ *streches as her tail curl.*

Zero:Then come *extends his hand*

Aynlie:*smiles, taking his hand as she walks over to him happily.*

Zero:*Leads her to a big shower room* I'm going to have so much fun with you~

Aynlie:*Blushes, but smiles sweetly at him.*

Zero:*walks inside the shower and turns it on* Now come here

Aynlie:*Blushes a little and goes into the shower with him.*

Zero:*starts to wash her back from behind* I really like your body~

Aynlie:*Blushes a little, smiling*T-Thanks.

Zero:*hugs her from behind, his hand is over her hug breasts* Do you wanna stay as a demon~?

Aynlie:*Blushes, looking at him*You mean.. I-I may not be a demon forever? *she frowns a little*I wanna stay as a demon.

Zero:Then I'll give more of my magic energy *insert his dick into her pussy* Like the first time *starts to thrust in and out*

Aynlie:*Blushes, moaning*Aaa~

Zero:*fucking deeper as he holds up her huge breasts* I'm glad you wanna stay as a know how much i like big breasts ^///^

Aynlie:*Blushes, moaning a bit*Y-Yea~

Zero:*Fuck faster, twisting her nipples* But i hope that's not the reason why you wanna stay as a demon

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing*I-It isn't~

Zero: *Fuck even faster squeezing her hug breasts to her nipples* Tell me why~

Aynlie:*Moans louderly, blushing*M-Mmm~ S-So I can enjoy my l-life with you, and t-to get used to life down here~

Zero:*fuck deeper with each thrust meshing her breasts together* I would have loved you whether if you're a demon or not..even if you became flat chested...

Aynlie:*Moans louder, blushing bright red*

Zero:*Fucks violently griping hard on her huge breasts* I-I will make a demon out of you~

Aynlie:*Moaning louder, blushing and panting*A-Aaah~

Zero:*cums alot inside her pussy, kissing her neck* How does your insides feel?

Aynlie:*Blushing, panting*G-Good~ M-Mmm. *Leaning into him, panting heavily*

Zero: *Hugging Aynlie from behind panting* We're going to have more fun

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing as she smiles, nodding.*Yea.

Zero:*panting* Do you think you'll be able to fit your cloth *fondle her breasts* with these

Aynlie:Doubt it *blushing, panting* An lest they magical change...

Zero: Didn't know they where magic but yet again i don't care all i care about right now is getting you something new ^^

Aynlie: Okay! *she smiles sweetly.*

Zero:*Stars to wash her shoulders and underneath her huge breasts* You're going to look so sexy in your new cloths ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes, smiling.*

Zero:Ok ^^ *rises Aynlie and himself off* Let's get dressed or are you coming in your mobian form ^^

Aynlie:I'll first see if any of my clothes fit, and if they don't, then I'll come in my mobian form. *smiles*

Zero:I doubt the'll fit *squeezes her huge breasts* There's just too much to contain ^_^

Aynlie:*Blushes, giving a soft moan from him squeezing her huge breasts*Yea.

Zero: I would love to watch your failed attempts on putting any of your old cloths on*twisting her nipples* Then i can get you new ones ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes even more, smiling*

Zero:I'll continue later *gets out of the shower* There so much more fun to have ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes, nodding*Yea. *walks out of the shower.*

Zero:You'll make a fine demon ^^*uses a towel to dry Aynlie off before himself* i'll get dressed and then i can watch you fail ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes, nodding*Kay.

[Zero quickly got dressed is now watching Aynlie puting on her old cloths]

Zero:It looks like it's readt to burst *stares at her hug breasts poping out of her dress* ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes*T-That, and it feels to tight.

Zero: Need help taking them off ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes, nodding*Yea.

Zero:*walks up to Aynlie and help her remove her dress*

Aynlie:That's better. *blushing*

Zero: *hugs her* Do you still wanna wear the other~?

Aynlie:*blushes*I'm pretty sure the others won't fit...

Zero: Then shall we get going

Aynlie:Yea, I'll turn into my mobian form. *she changes, the big breasts were still there, but her outfit changes to fit.* There...

Zero: You're very sexy in your mobian form i don't see this form often enough

Aynlie: *Blushes a little, smiling* Yea.

Zero: It's so nice *feel her hips* I'm not sure with tail i like best *stroke her tail*

Aynlie:*blushes, her fuffly wolf tail wags a little.*Heh.

Zero:Lets go to the lake ^^ We'll make it just the two of us

Aynlie:*nods* Right ^^

[Zero left Faven in charge of th castle while he's gone, he took Aynlie to a popular lava lake unortunetly Its over pact with Demons]

Zero: Muahaha as popular as ever ^^

Aynlie:That is a lot of demons...

Zero: Don't worry we can beat them ^^ there really weak, soon we'll have this place to ourselves.



[All the demon stares at Zero for a moment]

Random demon: AAA its zero run

[Everyon left for comedy resona tumble weed blows by]

Zero:That was easy I guess they like to live ^^

Aynlie:*smiles*They sure did ^^

Zero:*leads Aynlie to the lava lake* So tell me again what did you make? ^^

Aynlie:*she pulls out a basket.* I made chicken sandwitches and some small sweets. Little chocolate candy drops. *she smiles sweetly*

Zero: I swiped a box of chocolate stick ^^ do you know what I'm planing to do with them?

Aynlir:*Confuse* I have no clue.

Zero: I'll show you*pulls out a chocolate stick and stick a end of it in his mouth then put the other end in Aynlie's mouth. Zero then start chewing on his end getting closer to Aynlie's lips*

Aynlie:*Blushes as she starts chewing her end to meet his lips*~

Zero: Aa so swet ^^ want another one

Aynlie:*Blushing as she nods her head.* Yea.

Zero:*pulls another one out and place an end in Aynlie's mouth* here i come*he starts chewing the other end get closr to Aynlie's lips*

Aynlie:*Blushing a little as she starts chewing her end towards his lips*~

Zero:*chews until thire lips calide, now kissing her, his arms around her*Mmm~

Aynlie:*Hugs Zero, kissing him as she wrap her arms around his neck*Mmm~

Zero:*deepens the kiss Lean in a little closer as he feels her ass*

Aynlie:*blushing as she deepen the kiss, hugging him closer to him*~

Zero: I want you even more *starts to remove her cloths, kissing her*

Aynlie:*Blushing as she keeps kissing him*Mm~

Zero:*pulls down his pants his dick rubs against her pussy as he twist her nipples* You're mine now and forever!

Aynlie:*Blushing, panting and moaning softly*a-Aaa~

Zero:*thrust his dick inside her pussy* We'll be doing this alot*pressing his hand on her hug breasts kissing her neck*

Aynlie:*Blushing, moaning*Aaaa~ I-I'm fine with that~

Zero:*Fucks at a steady pace* I'l crave you even when you're pregnant, won't be able to stop *massages her huge breasts*

Aynlie:*Moaning, blushing as she arch her back in pleasure*Aaaa~

Zero:*fuck deeper into her pussy* I will make love to you and only you *Kisses her his chest pressed against her huge breasts*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss, kissing him as she hugs him close*Mmm~!

Zero:*Fucks faster panting, using his toung to lick the roof of her mouth as he play with her wolf tail*

Aynlie:Mmm~ *Kissing him, hugging him closer as her tongue plays with his*~

Zero:*Fuck violently inside her, meshing her huge breasts together continues to passionately kiss her*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss, wrapping her legs around his waist as she blushes, kissing him passionately*~

Zero: Cums deep inside her, filling her insides* I'll never get tired of this *nuzzles her neck*

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing*Neither will I. *Nuzzles him.*

Zero: Its not so bad*stroking her furr* Having a giant size sex drive ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes a little, nuzzling him.*

Zero: I wonder if they'll freak out when they find out that I turned you into a demon especially your mother ^^

Aynlie:I don't think my father cares as long as I'm happy with my life. But, my mother will sure to freak. *smiles*

Zero: I have a sudden strong urge to rub it into her face ^^ not only i remove your "blessing" but turned you into a demon. She must think of me as quite evil ^^. The knowledge of anyone truly loving someone is rare in the nether.

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop* Yea, I can kinda guess that. *she smiles*But, I'm happy the rarest of things can happen.

Zero: O i happens more than you think it's just that no one admits it. See everyone lies ^^ even about obvious stuff. If a demon sees us like this they'll think i love you for your body.

Aynlie:Then let them think that, I don't want them to know the truth~ *She nuzzles him happily*

Zero: and that's why demons lie about it*he nuzzles hr sweetly* Now for those sandwiches ^^

Aynlie:*she giggles, pulling out one of the sandwiches*Here you go ^^

Zero:*Takes one of the sandwiches abd bites into it* It's good ^^

Aynlie:i'm glad, I haven't cook for a while, so I hoped it was good ^^ *Starts eating another sandwitch happily*

Zero: I think I'll eat my chocolate from your mouth *eats more of the sandwich*

Aynlie:*blushes, smiling as she eats* Kay

Zero: I don't mind if you request the same*finishes eating the sandwich*

Aynlie:*she finishes eating, smiling. Nodding.*

Zero: I feel lazy so chew the chocolate for me

Aynlie:*blushes*O-Okay. *she takes one of the chocolates and chew it.*

Zero:*kisses her sucking the chocolate from her mouth*Mmm~


Zero: It taste sweeter knowing where it came from *takes one of the chocolates and chew it.*

Aynlie:*blushes, smiling.*

Zero:*still chewing appears to be waiting on something*

Aynlie:*blushes, but kisses him, sucking the chocolate from his mouth.*~

Zero:*feels the chocolate leave his mouth, kissing her longer*

Aynlie:*Kissing him, hugging him*Mmm~

Zero:*kissing her Grabing her hug breasts, his dick already hard against her pussy*

Aynlie:*Gasp in the kiss, kissing him*M-Mmm~

Zero:*thrust his dick inside of her, laying her down on the ground on top of her* YOUR JUST SO SEXY*presing hard against her huge breasts as he kisses her*

Aynlie:*Moans loudly, blushing as she kisses him.*

Zero:*fucks faster kissing aggressively squeezes her huge breasts harder and harder*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss, kissing him even more as she blushes.*~

Zero:*rapidly fucks Aynlie, his tongue licks everywhere in her mouth, squeezes her hug breasts until milk comes out*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~! *Moans in the kiss, kissing him as her tongue licks his.*

Zero:*Fuck violently inside her sucking hard on her nipples drinking her milk* Mmmm~

Aynlie:*Wrap her legs around Zero's waist, moaning loudly*

Zero:*cums alot inside her, his face in in her hug breasts still sucking on them* Mmm~

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing as she pants heavily*

Zero:*suddenly kisses her the taste of her milk is till on his lips*

Aynlie:*blushing as she kisses him.*

Zero: How does it taste *nuzzles her*

Aynlie:*blushing*O-Oddly good. *nuzzles him.*

Zero:*panting*i enjoy the taste...fresh from you *nuzzles her huge breasts* still have so much

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing*

Zero:*panting* Lets finish eating *Lick her nipples* there still so much to do ^^

Aynlie:*blushes.* R-Right.

Zero:*pulls his dick from her and carefully zip up his pants* How many of those sandwiches are left ^^

Aynlie:*put on her clothes*Two more.

Zero:Then I'll take one ^^*starts eating the sandwich*

Aynlie:*giggles, taking the last one and eats the sandwich.* ^^

Zero: This is nice *bite sandwich* Just us and a great view of the lake ^^

Aynlie:*she smiles, nodding* Yea, sure is ^^

Zero:*takes a few more bites* I'm not sure if i want to buy you cloths first or show your mother what I've done to you?

Aynlie:buy me clothes so I don't go up there naked in front of my mother ^^;

Zero: but your not naked, those cloths fit you perfectly plus your mom will hate me more if i did make you walk around naked. If you really want I'll take you shopping but we'll have to head back to the castle.

Aynlie: Okay, then I guess we'll go see mother, then go shopping.

Zero: Muahaha ^^ Perfect I can see the look on her face, It bring me joy*stands up* Are you ready ^^!?

Aynlie:*nods, standing up and carrying the basket.* I am ^^

Zero: Let's break your mother heart ^^

[Zero and Aynlie traveled to the gate to Celetia, Zero is standing there evily smiling]

Zero: This is going to be awesome ^^


Meyhan: What is funny? *Over there, looking at them once she gone over.*

Zero: Hey Vassal lie to your mother your master commands it ^^

Aynlie:Nothing is funny. *she blinks*

Meyhan:*A bit annoyed*That was a lie. I already know you can lie, so what is funny.

Zero:O so you know that i removes your "blessing"*walks over to Aynlie* I just wanna show you what I've done to improve my tool. *grads Aynlies huge breasts* I change her body to my liking they're bigger than before.

Meyhan:!! *looks at Zero, narrowing her eyes*and how did you do that!?

Aynlie:*blushing a little, smiling*

Zero: That's an Overlords secret *Squezzes her hugs breasts more* Look into you daughter's eye hehe not even a gimps of shame. You know I've also taken her innocents *lick lips* It was tasty.

Meyhan:That is highly rude of you, demon.

Aynlie:*blushing bright red at the comment Zero made, smiling happily.*

Zero: O that's right *sly smile* You cant tell sent she's still in her mobian form.*hugs her from behind foundling her breasts* Show her what i made you into *kissi her neck* that your proud of it.


Aynlie:*blushing as she moan softly, turning into her demon form*

Meyhan:*A bit annoyed*Figure... *Groans.*

Zero: That's right she's a demon*unzips his pants and stick his dick in her pussy* She's mine all mins, she exist to serve my every need*starts to fuck*This is what i made her to be.

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing*

Meyhan:*Cover her eyes*Lovely... *Groans in annoyances.*

Zero;:*fucking deeper* So tell me how you feel *twist her nipples* Are you proud of what your daughter has become? She's really happy like this *kisses her neck* she wants to serve me. Look at her... the true joy in her eyes they do not lie, she mine.

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing as she smiles a little*Mmm~

Meyhan: *a bit annoyed, her eyes covered* I'm not that proud. but, I can't change anything.

Zero:That's it *fucking faster*that's all you have to say *licks her neck* to the person who force your daughter to become this person you see before you?*kisses her passionately*

Meyhan:What else can I say? *she grunted in annoyances, not looking* It's not like you didn't like you before.

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero, blushing as she moans in the kiss*~

Zero: O well i though you might break down in tear seeing what I've done to your once pure daughter *Fucks violently* I'm even having sex right in front of you, some mother would have yelled hateful thing to me.*squeeze her huge breasts until milks comes out* I did this to your daughter, any mother would hat me, curs me or worse

Meyhan:Trust me, I hate you, but I am not allow to do anything else. *she seem annoyed*and I don't cry. *Still not looking*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~ *Moaning, blushing.*

Zero: Then stand there, hear your daughter moan in pleasure *fucks more aggressively* comply powerless. she's a demon now in body mind and soul,she'll serve me well. You can come to visit anytime you want you have my permission*cums deep inside of her* next time i hope you watch *kisses her*

Aynlie:*Kisses him, panting as she blushes*

Meyhan:Like I will ever watch. *annoyed.*

Zero:*panting* Your choice but she's still your daughter, you should still speak to her. *pulls it out and carefully zip up his pants* I love being me ^^

Meyhan:*had walked away*

Aynlie:*PAnting, blushing*Heh.

Zero: Now your mother hates me *rubs Aynlie's hair* Now she'll blame me for everything...she won't hate you.

Aynlie:*blushes* Zero. *Nuzzles him*

Zero: Aynlie *nuzzles her* let's go home

Aynlie:*blushes*W-What about my clothes, Zero? Are we getting them tomorrow?

Zero: Like i said it's to far to walk to we're taking the warp gate at the castle. You can change back into your mobian form if you want but I'm not complaining ^^.

Aynlie:Okay. *changes into her mobian form* For the time being, I'll Stay as a mobian.

Zero: I really like your mobian form ^^ I don'r get to see it often enough*extend hand* Let's go ^^

Aynlie:*nods, smiling as she takes Zero's hand.*

Ch 15 Sister?Edit

[Near the castle grounds Viper was waiting with Ketty to ambush the Overlord. She thought that the Overlord will return as soon as he left the lava lake. Right now she is thinking about how she somehow she missed her chance.]

Viper: I'm soooooooo board -_-

Ketty:*she sighed*Agree- *she blinks*Oh, Viper, I think someone is coming! *she whispered.* Sounds like two pair of footsteps.

VIper:*pants a little whisper* I can sense a really cute guy is coming *blush* He rally works out. I'll make him my next vassal ^^

Ketty:*Has a sweatdrop at that comment*Um, Viper. What is that really cute guy happen to be the overlord? *She whispered, before spotting Zero and Aynlie*!!! *whispers* Viper, don't look now, but I think you are going to have to fight that! *Quietly point at Aynlie*

Viper:*Completely didn't hear Ketty to focus on the cute guy* He's perfect *sees Ayblie* Darn it it's always the flab chested girls that get all the cute guys....Its time for a little kidnapping *evil grin as she pulls something from her pocket*

Aynlie:*hugging Zero's arm happily*

Zero: I'm glad you're with me ^^

Aynlie:Yea. *Her ears suddenly twitched* I don't think we're alone, Zero. *Her eyes suddenly narrowed.*

Ketty:!! *Whispers* Viper, I think she knows we're here.

Viper: Then lets get started!!*jumps out of the bushes* I'm here to steel you man!!

Zero:Wait is that a cross dressing guy....*looks at Viper's breasts are* DAM SHE"S FLAT!!!

Viper: He's so cute * So infatuated with Zero she didn't know what he said*

Aynlie:*gets in front of Zero* Stay behind me, Zero. *tenses*

Ketty:*Jumps out* I'm here too!

Aynlie:Their both flat... *protecting Zero, pulling out her ice swords* I won't let you hurt my overlord! *she growls at the two, in fighting stance as she had her armor on [which would be the new demon armor outfit] She had turn into her demon form, having clothes suddenly appear*Gr...

Ketty:*she gasped* That's the overlord!? Viper, Viper! *pulls on Viper's arm* That guy is the overlord!

Viper: He sooo cute *completely oblivious to what Aynlie and Ketty just said*

Zero: Is she nuts -_-;....she really starts to creep me out stop staring at me!!

Viper: Ketty new mission lets kidnap the hunk ^^

Ketty:But Viper, His the overlord! *Her wings flatter*

Aynlie:*growls*You'll have to get pass me!

Viper: I will *heard Aynlie but not Ketty* lets see how fast you can move with all that fat on your chest*pulls out two guns*

Zero: She's nuts!! That not fat its erotic flesh ^^ don't be hating

Viper:*stares at Zero drooling*


Aynlie:you'll be surpirse how fast I can move! *Blushes a little*

Faven: *suddenly slam open the castle doors* I am hearing a fight is about... to... *stares at Ketty, a bit shaky* IT'S AN ANGEL!!


Faven:*Glares* I will take the angel down!

Ketty: Eh! Viper, Behind us!

Viper: EAT LED FLABBY *points one of her guns at Faven and firs* He's mine !!

Faven: I'm sorry. *she smirks evilly, ducking under the bullet* I'm His vassal! *suddenly slam the staff into the ground* Tera Ice!!!

Ketty:!!! *she points her Staff at Faven* Omega Wind!!

Aynlie:*Her eyes goes emotional* Hmph! *Suddenly an ice wave gone out, before an ice storm. But, she stands in front of Zero* I will wait for your order, Overlord Zero.

Zero: Kill that crazy flatly!!

Viper: Don't underestimate me -_^*doges attack with extreme eas*


Faven:*dodges Ketty's attack, she drinks a demon turth syrume, but notice it was empty.* NO DEMON TURTH SYRUME!? *Suddenly goes into rage form, pulling out two pistols.* GRR! *does a Magic wall on Aynlie before firing at Viper and Ketty*GRRRRR!!

Ketty:AH! *dodges, doing braveheart on Viper*

Aynlie:As you wish, Overlord Zero. *suddenly charges at Viper* Let's see how well you are in melee! *she forms an ice blade in her off hand, both glowing with frost as she mutters, doing ice clones and she charges at Viper while her ice clones charges at Ketty*


Viper: Exploting Shot!!*with extreme speed moves infront of Ketty* Ketty fly!! *fire exploding rounds at the ground near Aynlie and her ice clone*

Ketty:*Flying in the air.*

Aynlie:*dodges the attack, suddenly thorws an ice spear at Ketty before coming down on Viper*

Faven:*watching Aynlie, having a giga heal ready.*

Viper: FIGHT ME!!*With great aim shot down her ice spear* HIDE *she manege to say before narrowly dodge Aynlie attack*

Zero: Wow she fast

Ketty:*Squeeks, vanishing into a hiding place*

Aynlie:*Growls at Viper, glaring* *mind: I have to slow her down!*

Faven:*feeling more relax, keeping her eyes on Viper*...

Viper:*mocking tone*What wrong all that flab slowing you down? You can't match my speed or aim if your not carfull I'll steel him *winks at Zero*

Zero:*shivers* -_-;

Aynlie:*suddenly in front of Zero* You are not allow to take Overlord Zero! *she growls* *mind:I'm a wolf, wolves are fast.* *a sly smirk appear, suddenly chaning to her wolf mobian form, making her faster.* Let's see you run away from a wolf! *she growls, speeds at Viper, doing an ice wave before doing a duel spin to cut at Viper*

Faven:*she jumps, landing in front of Zero* Don't worry Overlord Zero *smirks* I'll be in the way while Aynlie tries to fight her. *Glares at Viper* Hey Aynlie, kill that flatty already!!

Viper: Ha My father was the previous Overlord, Shine Shot!!*fires at the ground a bright light flashes, she vanishes*

Aynlie:*Leaps to Zero's side, tenses as she stays real close to Zero* She has to be lieing, since your the son of the pervious overlord, but again- he might had more kids...

Faven:*Tenses, staying close to Zero* I don't like the vanishing act...

[you can hear Viper's giggle from all over]

Zero: Dam my half sister is trying to rap me -_-

Aynlie:That is really fucked up. *Stays extremely close to Zero, in a fighting stance.* Faven, get the guns ready.  I'll cling onto Zero so she can't kidnap him.

Faven: Got it! *pulls out her guns*

Aynlie:*put the blades away, in her demon form with the armor still on, hugging Zero* I would like to fight, but I don't want you to be taken away by some flat chested psycho!

Zero:*hugging Aynlie*Dam why did he have to sleep with so many wemon

Viper:*hiding next to Ketty whispering*Man they'r guarding him -_- I don't think I'll be able get him

Ketty:*whispered*Viper, I've told you countless of times he is the overlord ^^;

Viper: *once again didn't hear* He's really popular two strong flab chested girls protecting him... I just want him more ^^. We will have to retreat for now T^T

Ketty:*Puffs her cheeks, not liking the fact viper isn't even listening to her.*

Zero:*suddenly hugs Aynlie tighter* Don't leave me

Aynlie:*Nuzzles Zero*I Won't leave you, ever, Zero. *Nuzzles*I will stay with you forever Zero.

Faven:*Blinks, but chuckles* So, you two are a thing, huh?

Aynlie:*glares at Faven.*

Faven:I'm jealous, but it makes me want to work hard in getting my own man -w- one that doesn't mind me drinking Demon Turth syrumes that is ^^

Zero: He must be a very open demon, you won't be able to keep secrets. Then yet again with a chest like that i shouldn't be too hard but i have Aynlie ^^

Viper: look at him clinging on to that that fat bimbo -_- *sigh* Why do guy like them so big anyway, at least my father wasn't picky in his 1000 girl herum.

Ketty:I can clearly see love between the two, Viper -_-; *Knowing Viper won't listen to her.*

Viper:*she heard Ketty XD* Grr then I'll break it and show him bigger isn't better, I'll take him by force.

Ketty: But Viper, His the Overlord! And overhearing, he is your half-brother!

Viper:*returns to her own little world XD* Now how do i make him mine, he certainly worth having *thinking*

Ketty:*she sighs, frowning*It's hopeless... *she mutter to herself, frowning as her wings seem to just limp*...

Faven:aah, that's sweet of you to say Zero. But, of course, you have Aynlie ^^ You two look lovely together, I say.

Aynlie:*Hugging Zero, nuzzling his shoulder happily*

Zero: I guess Its ok for you to one will belive you if they ask you.

Faven: Hehe ^^ My thoughts would be mainly on me Demon turth syrumes and finding me a hotty -w-

Aynlie:*Hugging Zero.*

Zero:Trust me 90% of the time they'll be thinking about your breasts 5% on the fact your addicted to truth syrume and the last 5% is random. It's a scientific fact for 80% of the male humanoid demon in every netherworld. It's a good thing we live so long ^^

Faven:Yep ^^ It is truly amazing~

Aynlie:*hugging Zero.*

Zero: Consider yourself lucky to have such a large chest. *hugs Aynlie* I'm lucky to be with someone who's a H cup ^^

Aynlie:*Nuzzles Zero happily*

Viper:*sigh* I've seen enough let's retreat for now -_-*starts to leave*

Ketty:right... *follows after.*

Zero:Thanks for protecting me *nuzzles her unaware that Viper and Ketty left* I'm only going to say it to you, thank you for everything ^^.

Aynlie:*smiles sweetly* Your welcome, Zero. Want to go inside your castle? ^^

Zero: They might be still around -_- i can't sense them. Are you sure its safe?

Aynlie:*she nods* I wouldn't lie to you if it wasn't. I don't smell them at all.

Zero: I trust you but flat chested girls are sneaky. If you say It's ok then I'll go, I do trust you with my life.

Aynlie:*smiles, nodding as she hugs Zero.* Then let's go.

Faven:You guys go do that, I got this shipment to take care of.

Zero: Ok o can you also sell some syrum for me thx*walks off with Aynlie*

Aynlie: *Walks with Zero, smiling happily*

Faven:*sighs*My poor babies... Fine... *she notice a name on the chart* Overlord Tahen? Who is this guy? *Confuse*I'll run it in to Overlord Zero when he is done... *walking to the shipment place, having a cart of Demon turth syrumes and other things*

[Later safe fully at the Overlord castle]

Zero: Aynlie where did you get that armor?

Aynlie:I... Don't really know. *she had a sweatdrop*I assume it kinda came from my mind since I was in a need for something to cover me while fighting. Otherwise, I'm not really sure where it came from.

Zero: Cool ^^. I'm sure that my half sister won't attack me in my castle but... If she inherit the same sensing ability from my old man...-_-

Aynlie:She must have since she wasn't listening to me or that angel girl. She wasn't even listening to you. *Had a sweatdrop.*

Zero: Sh can sense me anywhere but i can't sense her -_-, she'll come after me if i leave the castle. There's a way i can leave without her knowing but....i really don't want to

Aynlie:*she frowns*I know Zero... I don't want you to be force either... Maybe when Faven come back she may have something that can be a counterpart from you doing that, Zero. There maybe a guy somewhere out there that she can chase instead of you.

Zero: Ya someone less guarded for her to rape ^^. We still need to buy you some new cloths... i did promise.

Aynlie:*she nodded.* It shouldn't be long till Faven gets back.

Faven:*coming back*Hey, Overlord Zero. Do you know anyone by the name Tahen? It says on my chart his an overlord of a netherworld known as Hatred. *she came in, blinkig*

Zero: O another Overlord. I've never heard of Tahen before, there're many other Overlord ruling in there netherworld. Do you have a photo of him?

Faven:Nope, but I did hear from the people who give him stuff that his also known as a snow demon due to how cold Hatred is. Hatred is a winter wonderland, I'm surprise anyone can even live there. But, what is even stranger is that by rumors, Overlord Tahen is so strong, that he doesn't have any vassals. Or appear to have no vassals. Through, many demons believed he die but, the people who give him supplies knows he lives a rather peaceful life alone in his castle. Say, Overlord Zero, how about you try to invite him to one of your parties? The prinnies over at the place i give stuff to say Tahen is one who will visit any overlord's party if he hears about it or gets invited. A way to say 'I'm not dead' you know.


Zero: Another party sounds fun ^^ but i still need to get Aylnie some new cloths. I also have to get the prinnies to prep the castle for the castle. I'll send him a invitation to come tomorrow. Aynlie will you go shopping without me?

Aynlie:B-But that means I leave your side!

Faven:You can leave the shopping to me, Zero ^^ What clothes do you want me to buy for Aynlie, and what colors and I'll have them bought in no time. *smirks* I am a person who can deal with money very well~

Zero: Whatever Aynlie want, she know what she likes better then i do. Aynlie if you won't go without me then i might as well come. I can't just sit in the castle all day.

Faven:Well, Aynlie can tell me what she likes and I can simple buy things by that design, that makes her look sexy too.

Aynlie:You'll really do that Faven?

Faven:Yep ^^ You know I can't truly lie~

Aynlie:*nods, writing down what she wants dresses wise and hands it to Faven*There.

Faven:Oh~ The colors you wear normally, of course. I'll get the shopping done, you two have your fun ^^

Zero: Ok we will *waves at Faven* Aynlie what do you feel like doing while Faven's away?

Faven:*has lefted*

Aynlie:Hm... *thinking* I don't really know...

Zero: I hat being cooped up in the castle -_-. I guess we can talk more about our past and stuff.

Aynlie:If that is what you want. I would say i would play the piano, but you be watching, and that isn't fun.

Zero: So is there anything you want to know about me or is there something in your past you haven't tolled me yet?

Aynlie:Hmmm... *thinking.* My mother said I got my singing abillies from my grandmother on my mother side, said to have die from a fire. No one who started the fire, but mother think it was her brother- who later die from a bear. *Had a sweatdrop*I have a really broken family. Mother didn't know how to sing, so I ended up getting a singing teacher... I... was kinda mean to the singing teacher due to her insulting me. I mean, I told the turth of what I thought about her, but it was some pretty mean stuff I thought about her. *had a sweatdrop*

Zero:I know what's its like to have a broken family. My mother never like me becuse...I carry the blood of the man who raped her. My old man was a jerk having sex with anyone with a femal body. He wasn't satisfied with his 1000 girl herum they were all really sexy girls to. You wouldn't belive how many half sisters or brothers i have if they were still alive. Alot of them died trying to kill that basterd and he send assassins to kill the rest. Killing him wasn't easy *sivers*... I never did anything so daring. Do you wan to know how i got close to him?

Aynlie:*she nods*Yea, I want to know... Through, I don't like the way you shivered... *she frowns a little.*

Zero: You would to if your own father almost rape you *shivers*. I had to drink some truth syrum to change into a girl and offer myself to him -_-. He didn't see it coming, I glad that no one even liked him or they would have finished me off.

Aynlie:*frowns* That's terrible... I-i'm sorry you had to go through that... It's far worse than what i've been through...

Zero: That's my life...I honestly thought i was the last one but...dam why is she trying to rape me -_-;

Aynlie:*blushes a tiny bit* Well, You are very hot. *smiles sweetly* But, otherwise, I don't know why else she would try to rape you. But, by the sound from that angel that was with her. She could be trying to take your spot as overlord, and may not know your the overlord.

Zero: I takes a certain sex drive to be able to have sex with 1000 girls everyday. She might just want to find someone worthy to have her...someone to give herself to...

Aynlie:*hugs Zero*I'm sure she can find that someone, but I rather it be anyone than you. *lays her head on his shoulder*

Zero:I do to...she doesn't have long. I'm not surprised she didn't hear i was the overlord, her body and mind won't let her know.

Aynlie:Yea, I can tell just by looking at her when she ignore all that angel told her...

Zero:*hugs Aynlie* I'm glad that i have you...I'm happy that it was you*hugs tighter*that i did you and you love me, everything about me.

Aynlie:*She smiles sweetly, nuzzling Zero as she hugs him happily* I'm glad that your the one who did me. *blushes a little* And that you love me, Zero.

Zero: I do love you ^^*nuzzles her* Your so good to me, protecting me, loving me. You would do anything for me. I sorry i made you do all that stuff in front of your mother.

Aynlie:*blushes*It's fine, Zero. I-I love it. *she smiles sweetly, nuzzling him happily.*

Zero: Truly you do in front of your own mother. *kisses her*

Aynlie:*kisses him in return*Y-Yea. *blushes, smiling*

Zero: I really did make a demon out of you*nuzzles her* in body, mind and soul*grabs her ass*

Aynlie:*Blushes*Doesn't it take a bit of evil to form love? *Nuzzles him* A lustful desire to form something we call love...

Zero: Never thought of it that way *Kisses her* we have plenty of evil between us

Aynlie:*she smiles, blushing as she kisses him* Yet, it is our bliss as well. A loving bliss.

Zero:You've definitely changed*hugging her closer* You're no longer that scared women in that mirror *kisses her neck* but a proud demon that strikes fear in lesser demons hearts.

Aynlie:*blushes, a soft moan escapes her lips*Aaa~ *Hugging him.*

Zero:The Netherworld is your new home*squeezes her ass* with me *passionately kisses her, stroking her furr*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss as she kisses him passionately in return*Mmm~

Zero:*Kissing her, pulling down her top his chest now pressed against her breasts*

Aynlie:*Kissing him, moaning in the kiss*~

Zero:*His tongue plays with hers as he squeezes the base of her breasts to her nipples*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss, blushing as she kisses him even more, her tongue plays with his as she hugs him closer.*~

Zero:*Pulls her cloths further down, Kissing her neck down to her breasts, His hand rubs the outside of her pussy*

Aynlie:A-Aaaa~ *blushing, moaning as she feels her pussy starts getting wet*A-Aaaa~

Zero:*pulls his pants down the head of his dick rubs against the outside of her pussy* You want this don't you *stroking her fur, pinching her nipples*

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing as she grips onto his shoulder as she pants and looks into his eyes*Y-Yea~ A-Aaa~

Zero:Here it comes *his dick inters deep into her pussy* You love the feeling don't you*licking her neck befor he pulls and thrust his dick into her pussy again*

Aynlie:A-Aaaaah~ O-Oooh~ *blushing, gripping onto Zero* Y-Yeeesss~! A-Aaaa~!

Zero: Your so sensitive*Pulls and thrust hard while licking her niples* I'll make this long

Aynlie:* Moans loudly, holding onto him* A-Aaaa~

Zero:*Pulls and inserts slowly as he fondle her hug breasts* they're so full, I can drink them all day* Flick her nipples with his tong* I should suck it out

Aynlie:*moans loudly, blushing*Aaaa~

Zero:*Push his dick deeper into her pussy* How does it feel when i drink from you *starts sucking on her nipples drinking her breast milk*

Aynlie:I-It's goood~ *blushing as she moans.*

Zero: It does my body good*squeezes her huge breasts making it easier to drink her milk*There's so much of it~*Pulls and thrust faster*

Aynlie:Aaa~ *moans loudly, blushing.*

Zero:*switch to the other breast sucking the milk out*Mmmm~*Thrust multiples times into her pussy both deep and fast*

Aynlie:*Moans, hugging him*Aaaa~

Zero:*store some milk in his mouth the suddenly kissing her sending the milk in her mouth*You like it don't you*returns kissing thrusting faster and faster into hr wet pussy*

Aynlie:*kissing him, having swallowed the milk*Mmm~

Zero:*with one final thrust cums deep inside her pussy while kissing her* I love you so much, I want you just as much

Aynlie:*Panting, hugging you*I love you too, Zero.

Zero:*panting, nuzzling* It's amazing you have the strength to do this with me so many times

Aynlie:*blushing, hugging him* Maybe do to my love. *smiling.*

Zero: You also fight to protect me *nuzzles her*from all those flat girls, always watching over me...don't push yourself to hard.

Aynlie:*blushing* Zero.. Who else could protect you if I drop my guard?

Zero: The Overlord can't grow soft *nuzzles her* don't forget I kept myself alive these 1600 years before meeting your body. If anything you should belive in your Overlord's strength.

Aynlie: *blushes, smiling as she nuzzles*Right.

Zero:I'll grow stronger and protect you. you must be hungry after all the herd work i put you through.

Aynlie:*Blushing as she nods*a little...

Zero: What do you want to eat ^^

Aynlie: I don't know really.

Zero: How about stake you have to keep your strength up

Aynlie: *nods*Kay ^^

Zero: Go wash up and I'll cook the stake myself ^^

Aynlie:Kay ^^ *goes to wash up.*

[Later zero made a 10 large stakes for Aynlie]

Zero:Eat up they're the beast meat in the netherworld ^^

Aynlie:Kay *Smiles, eating.*

Zero: How is it? Want some stake sauce?

Aynlie:It's good ^^ Sure.

Zero:*Handed her the stake sauce watching her eat* ^_^

Aynlie:*eating as she add stake sauce.*

Zero:How come you have a human form?

Aynlie:*Confuse, she finished eating what she was eating*Maybe because the Netherworld knows I wasn't born as a demon. I don't really know... *starts eating again.*

Zero: I guess it doesn't matter anyways, It's a part of who you are... Do you belive in destiny?

Aynlie:I... Don't really know, I mean, I used to but now... *thinking*I don't know what to say... Do you?

Zero: Nope... no matter who you are or where your from you have freedom of choice. The ability to choice condemn people to freedom. What we choice influence the outcome we cant control it but we can change it. with the ability to change our future you control your own destiny.

Aynlie:*A smile form on her lips*That clears up my confusion...

Zero: Hey i had alot of time to think... I've come far

Aynlie:*she nods*Yea...

Zero: You've come far to...There are thing i still have to do

Aynlie:*looks to him, a bit confuse*

Zero: Just me thinking about the future... So want dessert?

Aynlie:*nods* Yea ^^

Zero: What kind do you want?^^ We have anything you can think of.

Aynlie:Hmmm.... *thinking* Chocolate Ice cream.

Zero: Coming right up *he stands up and leaves and came back with a bowl of chocolate ice cream* Here you go^^*place the bowl in front of Aynlie and takes a sit next to her*

Aynlie:*smiles happily*Thank you ^^ *eats.*

Zero:No problem *scoots closer*

Aynlie:*Eating happily, blushing a little*~

Zero:Your ears are cute, you have a beautiful fluffy tail *scoot closer*

Aynlie:*blushes, before taking another bite*T-Thank you...

Zero:*Leans on her a little* I feel so at peace when your around

Aynlie:*smiles brightly*I'm glad I can make you relax even on the most stressful things.

Zero:Well tomorrow will be one hell of a day. Hopefully everything will work out

Aynlie:*smiles, gently taking his hand in hers*I'm sure it will. ^^

Zero:*holds her hand* At the party tomorrow you shouldn't stand by me.

Aynlie:*Frowns*So that you don't do that with me all of sudden, am I right?...

Zero: Oo I wasn't thinking about that. An open party is a good way to sneak into the castle, she won't come out if you're near me. Pluse there the new Overlord that's coming to, if anything happen i don't want them to know your location if something goes wrong.

Aynlie:*blushes, having a sweatdrop* That is ture... Where do you want me to be?

Zero: In the crowed talking to other demons, who knows you might hear something interesting from one of them.

Aynlie:I don't know what to really say to other demons...

Zero: You can brag about your felonies ^^ or your experience killing people. May be a time when we rob Hogmister is a great story.

Aynlie:*She had a sweatdrop*

Zero: Aynle *grabs her huge breasts* I will take you anytime and in front of anyone. I'm not ashamed to, I won't push you away. You're my woman I don't care who watches. So don't forget, don't let there be any doubt in your mind.

Aynlie:*Gasps as she blushes, nodding*

Zero:*remove his hand* Good... I don't want you thinking that ever again. Know that i think about it I want to do it in front of my half sister, that'll wake her up

Aynlie:*Nods, blushing*Right.

Zero:You better eat alot. You have alot to do *rubs her belly*both of you need to eat well, don't push yourself to hard.

Aynlie:*Blushes bright red, but smiles as she nods*R-Right. *Starts eating once more*

Zero:We're going to have many more *stroke her hair* I'll continue to make love to you

Aynlie:*blushing, smiling happily as she nods, eating.*

Zero: Once you're done eating we'll go to bed*rub her checks*We got alot to do tomorrow

Aynlie:Kay! *finishes eating happily*

Zero: Good *stands up holding Aynlie's hand* We can go to bed

Aynlie:*she nods, yawning as she hugs Zero happily*

Zero:*hugs her back* Your Soft fur feels so good against my skin ^^

Aynlie:*Blushes a little, but smiles*I should be in this form more often then ^^

Zero: Ya...*kisses her* Let's go ^^

Aynlie:*nods* Yea ^^

[Zero and Aynlie whent to bed. They where naked next to each other XD. Zero enjoyed the touch of Aynlie's fur]

Ch 16 Chaos PartyEdit

[Its tomorrow morning, it's the day to the party]

Zero:*asleep, cuddling Aynlie in her mobian form* Zzz...

Aynlie:*sleeping, nuzzling Zero*

Faven:*awake, having Aynlie's clothes* Huh, they must be asleep, and it's the day for the party. *She goes and knocks on Zero's door*Overlord, you may not want to sleep in. I got Aynlie's clothe, and you have a party to go set up!

Zero:*was still fast asleep, having a dream where he was fucking Aynlie XD* Zzz...*Hold her closer his morning wood inters Aynlie's pussy ^^*

Aynlie:A-Aaa... *blushing, starting to wake up*M-Mmmm...

Zero:*pushes his morning wood deeper into her pussy while asleep*Zzz...*rubing her back and tail*

Aynlie:*Gasps, blushing as her pants and nuzzling into his neck*A-Aaaaa

Zero:*pulls and pushes his morning wood slowly as he sleeps*Mmm~ they gotten even bigger*stroking her hair*

Aynlie:A-Aaaaa~ *Blushing, moaning against his neck as she pants*A-Aaaaah~

Zero:They keep getting bigger *pulls and pushes his morning wood faster as he sleeps* so sexy don't worry Zzz...

Aynlie:A-Aaaa~ *moans, holding onto him*

Zero:*stops his morning wood still deep inside of her, still asleep* You like that, you're even hornier then i am*nuzzles her*

Aynlie:*Blushing, panting*A-aaaa...

Zero:*Asleep, Holding her close his morning wood still deep in her* Aynlie there's so much *sucks on her cheeks*

Aynlie:A-Aaaa~ *Blushing bright red, panting*

Zero:You're overflowing I need to milk you more *Licks and suck more on her check, his morning wood still deep in her*

Aynlie:A-Aaaa... *blushing*

Zero:*starts to wake up nuzzles Aynlie* So soft

Aynlie:*Blushing bright red, panting a little as she was only half awake.*

Zero:*notice her panting,rubs his hand on her check* Hello there *nuzzles her*

Aynlie: *Panting, blushing as she looks at Zero* H-Hello Z-Zero...

Zero: Why are you panting? *nuzzles her*

Aynlie:Z-Zero... Y-Your i-in me... *blushing, panting*

Zero:Yes and you're in me to ^^ *nuzzles her* That's love

Aynlie:*blushing, hugging Zero and panting* Z-Zero... I-I mean your inside o-of me... Y-Your dick... *Nuzzles him.*

Zero: Oo it looks like I've been doing you in my sleep ^^*pulls It out* Did you sleep well?

Aynlie:*Her breathing calms down, blushing* I slept nicely. *nuzzles Zero*

Zero:That's good ^^ We should get up Faven came by

Faven:*Outside the room, having a sweatdrop*I guess I'll try to set up the party... *she mutter, thinking*

Prinny: Hello Faven dood ^^

Faven:Ah, Prinny, I would like for you to set of the party stuff. The Overlord has to have his party today, however, the Overlord picked to sleep in so I am asking you to help me. *she smiles*

Priny: The overlord is having a party in the morning dood? He always have parties at night so he can sleep in dood. Everything is almost ready for the party, we worked all night dood.

Faven:I was making sure the party was ready for his normal night time cast, thanks for taking care of it, you Prinnies are amazing!

Prinny: Thanks dood ^^! Hey ever thought of dating a prinny dood?

Faven:Huh, no I never have. *smiles a little*But, there is no denying that I think Prinnies are the cutest thing~ Too bad in the netherworld you guys get treated so badly. *she kneel down to the Prinny, smiling*

Prinny: If i had enough HL i can reincarnate...maybe as one of those demon thiefs ^^

Faven:*she smiles sweetly* Maybe we can see about getting you enough HL! *Her demon tail curl.*

Prinny: Really dood!?! *eyes sparkle* That's awesome and i would be able to kiss you to ^^ Dood!

Faven:*she blushes a little, smiling* Yea, how much HL do you need? I may have enough of my own HL to give to you. *smiles sweetly.*

Prinny:To be a human only 1,000 HL to be a Demon or monster 10,000 HL Dood.

Faven:Well, you want to be a demon, huh. *looking into a purse.* I have more than enough *smiles sweetly, pulling out 10,000 HL* Here you go. *she gently kisses the Prinny's forehead*I'll be waiting for you.

Prinny: O thank you, thank you, thank you dood*Hugs her* I'll come back and love the the best way i can ^^ dood.

Faven:*blushes, returning the hug*Your welcome, like I said, i'll wait for you.

Prinny: I'll be back in time for the party dood ^^.

Faven:I'll wear a dress for you, I'll be happy to dance with you when you get to the party. *smiles sweetly*

Prinny: Ok I'm off dood ^^*skips happily away*

Faven:*smiles happily, blushing as she set Aynlie's dresses next to the door*I got to find the most perfect outfit for myself... *goes to her room, searching for a dress.*

[Zero and Aynlie emerges from his room]

Zero: Lets see the new dresses Faven got for you ^^

Aynlie:Oh, she set it right here. *puts up the bag* I guess she whent to her room or something. Let's see what dresses she got me!

Zero: It's going to be so sexy ^^

Aynlie:I-I'll try them on. *she took one of the dresses out, it was white with blue ribbons, it was really short on the bottom and would expose the chest. She blushes*wow... Faven knows what to get dress wise, huh.

Zero: I guess that dress is for me to enjoy ^^.

Aynlie:*blushes*Yea... *pulling out another one, same colors, but the bottom wasn't so short. But, her breasts were still exposeable.*

Zero:Look at that ^^

Aynlie:*blushes*I-It's a lovely dress. Something made for parties for sure, t-the first dress was made of silk... I just notice that.

Zero: Really!? Are you going to wear it?

Aynlie:*Blushes*N-Not for the party. but, I'll wear it when it is time for you and I to get in bed. *blushes.*

Zero: Ok what other dresses did she buy for you?

Aynlie: Hm... About four more dresses, a swim suit and... hm... *Blinks*Underwear. *blushing* All the dresses are low cut in the breasts area.

Zero:*sigh* Some thing you have to do yourself...It's my fault for not coming -_-

Aynlie:she figure you'll be able to buy the rest for yourself when the whole half sister clears up. *Sweatdrop, smiling*

Zero: What are you going to wear to the party? None of your old cloths fit.

Aynlie:I can wear one of the dresses Faven got me. Not all of them are silks.

Zero: But It's a low cut in the breast area -_-.

Aynlie:*Smiles*I can fix that. There is a shirt that isn't low cut in the bag as well.

Zero: That's good ^^ This will be an open party so anyone can come.

Aynlie:*nods, pulling out the shirt, which wasn't low cut.* Yea. *it was white, so it would go with the dress.*

Zero: Don't forget to have fun, it is a party after all ^^

Aynlie:*smiles*I'm sure me and Faven can find something fun.

Faven:*walked out of her room, in a lovely pink dress.* I wonder if this will work.

Aynlie:*blinks* Huh, Faven, why are you suddenly ready?

Faven:Personal reason. *smiles*

Zero: Personal reasons?... *Light bulb* Do you have a date or something?

Faven:Bingo~! *smiles*

Aynlie:*Amazed*wow Faven, that's amazing.

Zero:That didn't take long so what's his name? Are you going to let him feel?

Faven:*blushes* Z-Zero, it's not like he was a demon yet. He was a prinny, so I never got to know what his name was or anything.

Aynlie:*confuse* Huh?

Faven:Yep, a prinny ask me out, I had enough HL to give him for him to be reborn. He said he'll be back before the party starts. And Zero, I won't let him feel till I get to know him better. *Sweatdrop*

Aynlie:Is that normal, Zero?

Zero: Hey alot of guys like big chested women. It will be on his mind but he wouldn't risk it... not until there's a clear sign that you want him to touch you.

Aynlie:I mean for a prinny to like a demon *sweatdrop*

Faven:i'll wait till I get to know him better. *Smiles, blushing a little*But, I will wait for him.

Zero: It's not unheard off, in today's world there's alot of anime where demon and humans falling in love are quite popular. Demon do live alot longer than humans plus there's really isn't much physical appearance between humans and demons. All in all it can and have happened, I've heard a half demon even became overlord. I should worn you that he was a prinny so he was sent here for a reason, he might make a fine demon.

Faven:*she nods*Gave him enough HL to become a demon too *smiles*

Aynlie:That' Kind of you, Faven.

Zero: Really kind of you, most demon steel prinny's HL. Some search the netherworld to find their hidden stash.

Faven:That's demon's own needs, I drink lots of Turth syrumes. Beside, it isn't bad of me to get Jealous at you and Aynlie's moments.

Aynlie:*Blushes, smiling*

Faven:*smiles*I was happen to hear someone, a Prinny or not, say they love me with their heart and not their eyes... *her eyes close, smiling* Beside, Prinnies are cute, and I feel bad for them! *She looks to a painting*

Aynlie:*Had a sweatdrop, but smiles*

Zero: He might be lieing, just saying.

Faven:*Glares at Zero*Don't give me bad luck or I'll regert my whole life. *She sighed*

Zero: If you want to know for sure why not give him some of that syrum you love so much.

Faven:And see if he turn into a girl!? Nah, that truth syrume is mine, and the last thing I need is him to be pissed about being turn to a girl- if that is what happens.

Zero: I highly doubt he'll turn into a girl. If that's what you want then i won't stop you. Do you have some trick to tell if someone is lieing?

Faven:*she smiles, having a turth syrume* The look in their eyes. How their emotions show in their eyes. I've learn over the years of how to do it since I have been addicted to the Turth syrumes. The tone of their voice also, even Prinnies have a different tone when speaking a lie. *A soft blush blush appear*an lest they learn my way of telling a lie, I can't be lie to really... There are times where I am fooled through... It wouldn't be any different... *she sighed*And love have always been the topic that fooled me, but I gotten better... Now, I'm just sick of being empty of no love...

Zero: Good luck, I hope he's the one for you

Faven:*She sighed**mind: Doesn't help you had to point out the fact he could have lie... Now I feel hopless*Yea... *she only whispered, turning around and just going into her room*

Aynlie:*she frowns a little*Eh, I think her hoping has suddenly lower down to maybe 10% chance of her thinking he may come... *Sweatdrop*

Zero: If he comes then it'll be that more romantic. I'm the kind of guy who thinks love builds overtime, from what i heard you two don't know each other well. Maybe when he comes and after you get to know him he'll be the guy you're looking for.

Aynlie:that is true. *smiles at Zero, thinking*Hm... I guess I'll get ready, huh.

Zero: I said those thing so you would be prepared for the worst. I really do hope it works out...If he doesn't show I'll make sure he's a prinny again!


Faven:*sitting in her room on her bed, giving a small smile at those words*...Heh... You've always come through, don't you... Overlord Zero...

Aynlie:Hm? *spotting someone at the door way*Zero...

Zero: Yes Aynlei?

Aynlie:Someone is at the door way.

Zero: If it's no one i know tell him to come back when the party starts.

Aynlie:Very well *goes to the door way*!!

???: *He is in full on white with hints of red to his outfit. Wearing black glasses with white lens and his eyes are a rich dark red.* Ah, vassal of Overlord Zero I assume. *He had white hair and a white demon tail* Sorry for coming before the party, but I would like to speak to Overlord Zero.

Aynlie:*A bit startled* Z-Zero, I think the guy Faven was speaking about, the Tahen guy, his here.

Tahen:*gives a small smile*Ah, knowing my name ahead of time, how thoughtful of you.

Zero: So her date is here ^^ Come in Come in don't be shy she's waiting on you


Tahen:Who's date? *confuse, walks into the room, sighing*Must have mistaken me for someone that turn from a prinny. I am Overlord Tahen of the netherworld Hatred.

Zero: So you are that Overlord from that winter wonderland. Do you have a girlfriend by any chance?

Tahen:No, what female want to be trap in a castle for the rest of their lives due to how cold Hatred is for most demon? And no, I truly don't care what size their breasts are, cause I have a feeling you are going to ask me that next.

Aynlie:*Giggles softly.*

Zero: Na an overlord like you must be searching for a strong woman to bar a child. Who would love you over and over again.

Tahen: Truly, no not really. Not like i don't think about it, trust me, all overlords have to think about it at some point. But, what girl would want to stay in a frozen waste land? I hardly even go outside, since there isn't much. *He close his eyes*

Aynlie:Huh, must be lonely.

Tahen:Can be.

Zero: O did anyone tried to rap you on the way here? Some of the women in this netherworld are a little strange ^^;.

Tahen:*took his glasses off* Why should they? most stay away from me. *His left eye was suddenly black* I am the most unknown Overlord of all, any female doesn't know what I like or dislike. I'm too powerful for them anyway, I don't have any trouble defending myself- even against women.

Zero:No normal demon could possible give an Overlord any problems. By the way where's your vassal?

Tahen:Staying at my house. One vassal has to make sure shipments get to my castle and another one has to make sure it doesn't become frozen. I'm the overlord that is known to not bring his vassals. *He blinks*

Zero: I should introduce you to my vassals. The one who answered the door was Aynlie, she'a a ice wolf ^^. My other vassal is Faven and she'e quite the sales women.

Tahen:Ah, Faven. I heard she was the one who made sure i got the right shipment. A fellow Overlord like you has no problem getting into the trade path of the netherworlds.


Zero: I can sure pick-em hahaha ^^. You can stay in the castle until the party starts. Who knows you might find a girl who wants you.

Tahen:Maybe. You wouldn't mind me making my own drink, would you?

Zero: I wouldn't drug a guest but then again some women will do that... i don't mind.

Tahen:Oh, it is none of those reasons, Overlord Zero. I simple like Hot tea over any other drink. *goes and makes some hot tea.*


Zero: O... make sure you watch your cup at all times. I will be telling everyone who you are.

Tahen:Heh, you don't even need to simple tell, Zero. I know to clean my cup. *A sly smile appear*I am the snow demon.

Aynlie:He is very noticeable ^^;

Zero: I don't care if you clean your cup, i have prinnies to do those things. If you leave your cup for one minute don't drink it.

Tahen:Your telling someone who is much more older than you, Overlord Zero. *looks to him* I know the overlords of each netherworld. You don't need to remind me of what happens to demons at parties. *he sips his hot tea.*

Zero: Ok Ok just a friendly warning. Well i have to get ready for the party.

Tahen:*he nods*Yes, both of you should. *sips his cup of tea.*


[Later outside the castle]

Viper: Hey Kitty did you see that guy in white earlier?

Ketty:Yea, I sure did! I-I wonder what kind of a person is he. He looks all unknown like and stuff! *smiles*

Viper: He was definitely cute plus he came all by himself ^^

Ketty:Yea, that's strange, huh?

Viper: I wonder if he's a friend of the Overlord? He must be strong.

Ketty:He looks strong, but I don't know that he was friend with the overlord...

Viper: Then why would he be at his castle? It's not time for the party yet.

Ketty:Maybe to understand the Overlord, or maybe introductioning himself before the party starts! Wouldn't that be so nice of him ^^

Viper: I just want to know if he's strong. I need a strong and sexy guy to stand by me.

Ketty:Well, he at lest has one trait, right? ^^;

Viper:I feel hot just thinking about it~

Ketty:*Has a sweatdrop*W-What if that guy is also an overlord? The question pop in my head.

Viper: That would make him a man worthy of me *blushes hugging herself* Just thinking about it makes me *Pants a little*

Ketty: *Sweatdrop, sighing a bit.* *mind:I won't be able to find anyone of my own...*

Viper: So Ketty is there a guy you like?

Ketty:*Frowns*Not that I found yet... *she sighs*

Viper: What's your type, I'm sure we can snag you a man. Even force him if we have to ^^

Ketty:I-I don't know. *she frowns.* I-I mean, I always question if a demon could even love an angel like me...

Viper: There are also othr fallen angles to but if you want we can snag an angle for you to ^^.

Ketty:O-Oh no, no angel please ^^; Last thing I need is a whining angel as a lover, that is how the male angels are up there- that I've seen. Fallen angel or demon is fine... I... Just don't know if any of them would truly love me...

Viper: True love is overrated, all the guys down here only think of flab chested women -_-. I'm tired of always being looked over... I-I have needs to...

Ketty:V-Viper... *she frowns* How can you say that? There has to be a man who doesn't care for what size a girl's chest is. Maybe the white demon is that kind of male, doesn't care for how big a female's chest is! You have to had hope for at lest that, Viper!

Viper:*hugs Ketty* Ok... I hate that I'm desperate and I don't know what to say...what if i say the wrong things... I-I don't have long...

Ketty: Be yourself Viper! *smiles* If you want a man to love you, truly, then you act like yourself! You will be amazed at how love works. But, Always think of happiness, and maybe what they like. I would be sad if the demon did love flab woman... Your not the only one on the flat chest side, Viper. I'm here with you! *smiles*As your vassal and friend!

Viper: Thanks for looking out for me *hugs tighter* I'll try my best to be myself. I hope he loves me and i want to give myself only to the one i love. I will hang on as long as possible.

Ketty:*she smiles sweetly, hugging Viper* Your angel friend is where for you when you feel like you can't hang on any longer. I'll help you with anything, Viper. After all, isn't that what Vassals are for? As well as Friends? Now, go get him Viper! I believe in you ^^

Viper: Thanks Ketty thank you for being here for me. We should get dressed for the party ^^.

Ketty: Yep! Who knows, we may both be lucky. *smiles sweetly* But, I'll always be at your side, Viper.

[Much later in the Overlords castle the party was about to begin. As the last bit of the guest enters Zero stands alone in front of everyone]

Zero: Hey welcome to my party, today Overlord Tehan is my special guest. You can go willed if you want, if you lose your HL Its your fault. Now relax and enjoy the food and drinks

Ketty:*In the bend of the crowd*Wow... Another overlord... That's the guy Viper wants. *she whispers* I hope you win Viper, in winning a true and lovingly love. *she smiles sweetly, walking around*Mmm...

Aynlie:*sipping some ice water, thinking of whom she could speak to*...

Faven:*smiling a little, scanning for the demon she was waiting for*...

Tahen:*sipping his tea, sitting as his eyes are close*Mmmm... Warm tea... *Opens one eye*hm?

???:* A demon wearing black and red cloths looks los in the crowed he looked like he was looking for someone*

Viper:*In the crowed looking for Tahen*

Zero:*stands there looking at the crowed*

[Two more demons intered the room]

Laharl:Dam where is that love freak she has no sense of directions -_-

Etna: Lets just forget about her and enjoy the party ^^

Faven:*spots the demon looking for someone.* *mind:That must be him!* *Starts walking to ???* Hello. *she smiles, wearing her pink dress*

Tahen:*He stood up, holding his warm cup of tea*Ah, Overlord Laharl even enter the party. *a smile appear* This is going to be one interesting party. *Spots Viper*Hm? *He blinks his dark red eyes*

Aynlie:*sees Laharl and Etna, having a sweetdrop* *mind: Oh dear... I hope no trouble happens... I'm to be protecting-* *feels someone bump into her*Oh!

Ketty:*feeling a bit scared now since she was the only angel*... *gets out of the crowd, sighing as she gotten to a more clearer spot* That's better.

???:Hu?*looks at Faven then Eyes sparkle* Faven ^^ *hugs her tightly* Hey It's me and I'm back like i promised.

Viper: *Sees Tahen and walks up to him* Um hello my name is you have a girlfriend or anything ^^;

Zero:*waiting for some crazy girl try to rape him*

[Somewhere in another part of the castle]

Flonne: Why do i always get lost *stumbles around in the dark* Waaaa*triped and fell over and three bottles fell in her lap* Whats this?* tries to read it but it was to dark she opens one the bottle and smell it* it smell nice... i wonder what is it?*she first takes a small sip*.... AWEOME* she chugs it down* That was so good ^^ now i have one for laharl and Etna*she stands back up and starts walking*

[Back at the party]

Faven:*smiles.* And I waited for you.. *hugs him* I'm glad you made it. *blushes a little*

Tahen:*He smiles, before smiling a little*No, I have no girlfriend. It is nice to meet you. *his tail kept the cup balances as he gently toke Viper's hand and kiss the back of her head.* I am Tahen, Overlord of the winterland known as Hatred. Also known as the snow demon, what a lovely face like you doing, wondering in a party like this? *His dark red eyes are soft.*

Aynlie:*keeping an eye on Zero, ensuring he would be safe.*

Joey: Of course i came ^^ Its thanks to you I'm like this. O my name is Joey by the way

Viper: I was looking for you. I saw you earlier and i wanted to talk to you... I'm looking for someone to love. I know we just met and I might not be your type but I really want to get to know you you...*Blush*

Zero:*slightly irritated expecting someone to kidnapped him already*

Faven: Joey, what a handsome name for a handsome male that stands in front of me *blushing*

Ketty:*looking a Zero* U-Um, mr.Overlord Zero? *Smiles a little, keeping her distances, so Zero doesn't have to worry*

Tahen: *blushes a tiny be* Really? *he smiles a little* I don't truly have a type, but I can feel your strenght... A power that of overlord blood. Here, let us dress, we may speak to each other of who we are to the other. *holds her hand*

Joey: Thanks O ya here the 10,000 HL you gave me ^^

Zero:*cold stare at Ketty* Normally I would kill you on the spot...where my raping half sister.

Viper:*blush*My father was the previous overlord. I like to use guns and...*blushing more tongue tied*

Faven: Joey, A-are you sure you don't need it?

Ketty:*whimpers* Your half sister isn't after you, she has fallen for another male! *points towards where Tahen and Viper are.* I got her to stop chasing you for her own sake! Your should be thanking me and not glaring at me... *she frowns* Unlike Viper I am just a pathic angel anyway...

Tahen:*he gives a small smile* And what? I am interest now, I use guns as well.

Joey: Ya I'm sur ^^ I've been steeling like crazy. O i even swiped some syrum for you -_^

Zero: You are her vassal in other word an extension of her strength. Calling yourself pathetic will make your master look weak and i would of handle it myself i had a plan. There was a reason why i invited Tehan in the first place.

Viper: I'm also very fast, not many demon can even hit me. I like snow boarding and snow cons ^^ *blush*

Faven:*Gasps happily, hugging him* That is so sweet of you to do.

Ketty:*She only nodded quietly*...

Tahen:*gives a small smile*Ah, then you'll be fine living in the winterland that is Hatred. I enjoy books and hot tea, I am consider a very powerful Overlord, even without my vassals.

Joey: Hehe It's alot easier to swipe stuff with hands. O can i stay with you?

Zero: So any other reason why you approach me?

Viper: I've been looking for a strong man to love. What kind of books do you read?

Faven:You sure can, Joey! *hugs him happily*

Ketty:Nothing else, I just wanted to let you know Viper won't be trying to kidnap you. So you don't need to wait for something that won't happen. *she gives a small bow*I shall leave you be... *she started walking away, scanning for a corner so just stand in*...

Tahen:Books doesn't truly matter to me what they are. I can read any book. *He looks to Viper, holding out a hand* Shall we dance? I feel like dancing.

[Flonne was able to find where the party was and found Laharl and Etna]

Flonne:Laharl Etna i finally found you^^

Laharl: Where have you ben flonne you have no sense of direction

Etna: We've been having a blast without you ^^

Flonne: You two had fun without me T^T and to think i was going to give you two zero's awesome tasting sodas.

Laharl: What kind of Sodas?

Flone: I found three and drank one ^^ It was really good nothing I've ever tasted befor

Etna: And they where zero's? Laharl what do you think?

Laharl: If they where poison then Flonne whould have died already and she's still her noemal self

Etna: I guess they're safe to drink ^^ Flonne give me one

Laharl: I want my now

Flonne: Say the magic words ^^

Laharl: How about now flonne -_-

Flonne: *sigh* Close enough *give Laharl and Eta the drinks*

Laharl:*drinking* Wow this is really good Zero has good taste

Etna:: *drinking* I can drink this every day

[After a few minut Laharl and Etna's body felt hot]

Laharl: Man maybe they where expired

Etna:: That's the last time i drink mystry sodas -_-

[Laharle and Etna's body suddenly change. Laharle became a sexy woman with big boobs and Etna became a player 2 of herself]

Laharl-Chan: I'm a women again!?! ZEROOOOOO YOUR DAM SODA DID THIS TO ME!!!

Etna-2: Let kill that bastard no one makes a player 2 out of me!!

Faven:*Heard the voices* You got to be kidding me!! *Seem shocked, getting infront of the two* Who the hell gave you Demon Turth syrumes!? That's the only thing that would have done that to you guys!!

Aynlie:*Tenses, getting ready to defend Zero*

Tahen:*sighs in silght annoyances, popping his knuckles* Really, Overlord Laharl. I was having a nice time speaking to this lovely lady and you go shouting about some soda?

Laharl-Chan: Demon truth Syrum?!

Etna-2: The hell Flonne why did you give us truth syrum!?

Flonne: T_T I didn't mean to i drank some of it and nothing happen to me

Joey:*runs next to faven side and pulls out two guns

Zero:*walks over to where Faven is*

Viper: I finally found a man and this happen *goes into her pockets* guns are gone -_- who could of swiped them.

Faven:*points at Flonne with a cold glare*That's cause your a fallen angel! Demon turth syrumes don't work on Angels or Fallen angels!

Aynlie:*goes by Zero side.*

Tahen:*Toss Viper his two guns* Here, I'm using my fist.

Ketty:*Gasped, worry*Oh dear...

Viper:...*Blush* Thank you ^^

Flonne: I'm so sorry T0T

Laharl-chan: How long will i stay like this!?

Zero:Hey which fart of the castle did you get the truth syrume

Flonne: I don't know i was lost T^T

Zero: Can i see the bottle -_-;

Etna-2:Here *throw botle at Zero: and it tasted like shite!!

Zero:*catch and looks at the label on the bottle* Man suks to be you two but good new is you can still lie.

Faven:*seem confuse* What do you mean it suck for them both!? Isn't there a way to fix them?

Ketty:*goes to Flonne* Shh, I believe they know you didn't mean to. *she smiles sweetly*

Tahen:*smiles at Viper*your welcome.

Zero: I was experimenting with the formula, it was meant for Faven. It's the side effect alot stronger it could be permanent.

Laharl-chan: I could be stuck like this !?

Zero: yep

Etna-2: Great just great I'll be a player 2 for the rest of my life -_-

Faven:This wouldn't have happen if you kept that fallen angel of yours on a leash! *she growls a little.*

Aynlie:you just hate Angels and fallen angels, don't Faven -_-;

Tahen:*sighs* We could see if we can't make anything to help change you guys back to the way you were.

Joey:Good thing i didn't reincarnate as a fallen angle ^^;

Zero: Of course we have to charge you, this isn't charity ^^

Laharl-Chan: Why do we have to pay for it!?

Zero: Hey i didn't force that stuff down your throats ^^

Faven:That, and it was my stuff! *she then smiles at Joey, hugging him*I'm glad your a demon~♥ *nuzzles his cheek with hers*

Aynlie: I assume it is because the stuff to make that Demon turth Syrume is rather... Pricey.

Tahen:*he relaxes, going over to Viper*shall we both go outside?

Viper: Lets ^^*kisses Tahen's checks*

Joey: Aw ^^ *blushing Nuzzles back* Your just so nice to me

Zero:All in all with the stuff you drink and the price of research of changing you back that'll be 1,000,000,000,000 HL ^^

Laharl: Dam you taking advantage of me like that !!

Aynlie:Have you forgotten we're demons? And the research could take forever anyway. *Looks to Laharl*

Faven:*She smiles, hugging him*I'm glad to be nice to you~

Tahen:*blushes a tiny bit* Then, let us go. I may even bring you to my house. Your vassal is allow to come with us.

Ketty:! *goes to Viper and Tahen*

Viper: This is mt yrusted vassal Ketty ^^

Joey: I'm lucky to have an awesome girlfriend like you ^^

Laharl-chan:...Ok but I'll pay you when you have the antidote!

Zero: Ok ^^


Faven:I'm glad to have an amazing boyfriend like you, Joey.

Tahen:Ah, an angel. *He smiles.* It's been a while since I've seen an angel.

Ketty:H-Hi Tahen.

Tahen:Nice to meet you, Ketty. *He smiles at Viper*shall we go?

Viper: Let's *hugs Tahen's arms*

Joey: Really ^^*deeply kissed Faven*

Zero: Why not enjoy the rest of the party ^^

Laharl-Chan: I'm not in the mood *walks away* You better make a antidote

Etna-2: We'll be back*Fallows*

Flonne: Thank you for the hospitality *fallows*

Tahen:*He bow to Zero* Thank you for the party, I shall take my leave. *He gives a smile, letting Viper hug his arm*

Ketty:*she bow as well*Good bye.

Tahen and Ketty:*Leaves.*

Aynlie:Huh, that means your half sister isn't going to chase after you.

Zer: Hey don't expect a family discount ^^ have fun you two

Joey: How was the kiss *blush*

Tahen:*Waves goodbye at Zero once he vanished off with Ketty and Viper*

Faven: It was good, Joey. *Kisses his lips, blushing.*

Joey:You can have more *passionately kisses Faven*

Zero:*sees Joey and Faven* They're really into each other ^^

Aynlie: Yep ^^;

Faven:*kissing Joey, blushing a little*~

Joey: I'm definitely in love ^^*kisses Faven more rubbing her back*

Zer: He's bold to ^^

Aynlie:He sure is.

Faven:*kissing Joey even more, wrapping her arms around his neck.*

Joey:*kising her pressing his chest against Faven's big beasts while rubbing her lower back*

Zero: Maybe to bold ^^ wonder if they'll do it?

Aynlie:Most likely if they keep going like this.

Faven:*Kissing Joey even more, blushing a little*

Joey::kissing her goes under Faven's sweater rubing her back

Zero: If she wants him to stop she better do it now ^^

Faven:*blushes a little, kissing him still, as if she enjoy it*

Aynlie:don't see them stopping ^^;

Joey:*kissing her unstrapping her bra from underneath her sweater*

Zero:just watch just make me feel in the mood~

Aynlie:*Blushes a little, looking at Zero from the corner of her eye*...

Faven:*Blushing a bit, kissing him still.*~

Joey:*pull her bra off kissing down Faven's neck*

Zero:Come here Aynlie~

Aynlie:*Blushes, going over to Zero as she was panting softly*

Faven:*Panting, giving soft moans as she hugs Joey*~

Joey:*pull of his hoody, squeezing Favin's big breasts from underneath her sweater*

Zero:*deeply kisses Aynlie*

Faven:*Panting, blushing as she keeps moaning softly*Aaa~

Aynlie:*Kisses Zero in return, wrapping her arms around his neck*

Joey:*kisses faven, pulling down her pants while pinching her nipples from underneath her sweater*

Zero:*Kissing her, unzipping her dress*

Faven:A-aaa~ *Blushing, moaning softly as she kisses Joey.*~

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero, blushing*

Joey*Blushing rubbing his hand over Faven's panties* Do you want me inside you?*kissing her*

Zero: *Kissing Aynlie, pulling off her dress exposing her bra*

Faven:Y-Yes~ *She pants, blushing as she kisses him*

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero, blushing a little*

Joey:*pulls his pants off*then you will have me~*pulls down her panties and insert his dick into her pussy*

Zero:lets show them how its done *Removes his pants and shirt, now kissing her while rubbing over her panties*

Faven:*Panting, blushing as she moans*A-Aaa~

Aynlie:*Blushes, moaning softly*~ *PAnting heavily*

Joey: we don't need this *removes Faven sweater* Didn't know they where so big*pulls and thrust his dick into her pussy, kissing her neck*

Zero:*begain to unstrap her bra, goes underneath her panties and rubs her pussy* Tell me how much you want it *kisses her neck*

Faven:*Blushing, moaning*a-Aaa~

Aynlie:*Gasps, blushing* I-I want it B-Badly~! A-Aaaa~

Joey:Pulls and thrust hard into faven's pussy* I will love you the best way i can~*kissing her big breasts*

Zero:Badly enough to take it~*removes her bra and panties, his hard dick out* Come and get it~*Squeezes her huge beasts*

Faven:A-Aaa~ *Blushing, moaning*S-So good~!

Aynlie:*blushing, panting as she hugs closer to Zero, pushing his dick into her Pussy*A-Aaa~

Joey: You're finally mine*Thrusting his dick faster into her pussy, sucking on her nipples*

Zero: You want me that much *pulls and thrust into her* that's good*kissing her passionately*

Faven:Y-Yess~ Aaaa~ *Moaning, blushing*

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero, blushing as she moans in the kiss*

Joey:*thrusting even faster and deeper then before, sucking harder on he nipples*

Zero:You're so horny i love it~Kisses down her neck* next time you might kiss me first*Thrusting deeper inside her pussy*

Faven:*Moaning, hugging Joey*A-Aaaa~

Aynlie:*Panting and moans*A-Aaa~ M-Maybeee~

Joey*cums deep inside of her, kissing her*

Zero: Really? I thought you wanted me that badly*thrusting faster* I wouldn't mind*squeezing her breasts until milk comes out*

Faven:*kissing Joey, panting*

Aynlie:I-I do~! A-Aaaa~ *Moaning, blushing*

Joey:*looks deep into her eyes,panting* how much do you love me

Zero: If you want me then go for it*thrusting rapidly into her* You have my permission *lick the milk off her huge breast before sucking the milk from her huge tits*

Faven:*Panting* I love you very much, more than the demon truth syrume... *kisses his lips deeply, hugging him*

Aynlie:*Moaning, blushing as she nibbles and bits Zero's neck*~

Joey:*panting*I've been watching you for some time. You where always so kind and i saw you where so lonely*kissing her*

Zero:*grunts*Didn't know you like to bite*suck harder on her nipples drinking more of her milk* Now i will give you what you want*thrust deeper and faster than ever, squeezing her ass*

Faven:*Blushing, kissing him*I'm glad you notice...

Aynlie:*Blushing*Aaaa~ *nibbling his neck.*M-Mmm~!

Joey: I'm glad i was able to build up the courage to ask you*kisses her* O didn't think you'll love me that much~

Zero:*Cums deep inside her*you love the feeling don't you ^Kisses her*

Faven:I love you very much, Joey. Your the only one I have true trust in beside the Overlord. But, my trust to you is my love.

Aynlie:*Panting, kissing him*Yess~...

Joey:Y-You trust me that much*nuzzles her* I won't betray that trust and I'll love toy the best way i can

Zero:*panting*You're really one horny girl and i love it *kisses her* You might be as horny as i am ^^

Faven:*blushes, hugging Joey* I trust you very much, and I'm happy to be here with you.

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing as she hugs him*

Joey: I wanted you and now i have you*blushing* you're here with me

Zero: Next time i do hope you surprise me *nuzzles her* Show me a little more of your aggressive side

[All the demons was watching them the all this time. All the guys gave thums up the girl looks in a mixture of loneliness and being ashamed except the succubus who appeared to want to join in]

Aynlie:*Blushes, hugging and nuzzles Zero*I'll try...

Faven:*smiles, hugging Joey*I'm glad to be here with you and be yours...

Joey:Mat i sleep with you *nuzzles her*

Zero: Alright demon the show is over you know where the exit is ^^*nuzzler Aynlie* do your best

[All the demon starts to leave some of them waves bye]

Faven:I don't mind, Joey. My room is your room now. *nuzzles Joey.*

Aynlie:*blushes, nuzzling Zero as she nods.*

Joey:I love you ^^ *Kisses Faven*

Zero:O so Joey is staying in my castle?... I guess i can allow it

Faven:*Returns Joey's kiss*

Aynlie:Heh. *smiles*I guess joey really does love Faven, maybe he was the prinny that she spoke of.

Joey:*rubbing his naked body to Faven smiling*

Zero: Maybe ^^ You know i could use a good thief, I don't like freeloaders.

Faven:*smiles at Joey*


Joey:Hu!! It looks i got carries away *sees Zero and Aynlie naked* AAAa *looks away*sorry for looking

Zero: Wow that's some focus didn't realize he did it in front of everyone ^^

Faven:*blushing, having a sweatdrop*

Aynlie:That is some deep love for not noticing ^^;

Joey: Looks deep into Favens eye* When i really get into something the whole world secs to exist, nothing else matters ^^

Zero: I agree just watch it makes me want my women *nuzzles Aynlie*

Faven:*smiles at Joey* That's is a real strong feeling, Joey. *smiles loveingly at Joey*

Aynlie:*nuzzles Zero.*

Joey:Ya...we should have done it in a privet place

Zero:We should leave those two alone for a while ^^

Faven:*blushing, nodding*Yea..

Aynlie: Kay ^^

[Zero and Aynle left leaving Jory and Fave naked on the floor]

Joey: So what now?

Faven:*Blushes* I don't know, really. I'm rather speechless on what to do..

Joey: I hope that i didn't embarrass you to much^^;

Faven:Not at all, I wasn't paying any attention to anyone but you anyway ^^;

Joey: Hehe you're like me super focus. Um so a... can i be your vassal or something ^^

Faven:*she nods* Yea, you can be my vassal, Joey ^^

Joey: So what are my orders ^^

Faven:*Having a sweatdrop* I don't really know how to order anyone.... but... *She hugs Joey*Could you feed me a demon turth syrume? *smiles*

Joey: Ok and how do you want me to feed it to you?~Through a bottle or mouth to mouth perhaps.

Faven:*blushing*I-I would say mouth to mouth, but I don't know if it would do anything bad to you...

Joey: I don't mind ricking it *nuzzles her* but it's up to you.

Faven:Then, let's try it.

Joey: Ok *opens a bottle of demon truth syrume and store some in his mouth*

Faven:*Blushes as she open her mouth a little, slightly sitting up so he had an easier time feeding it into her mouth*~

Joey:*kissing Faven giving the syrum from his mouth to her mouth*~

Faven:*Kissing Joey, swallowing the syrume as she blushes a little*~

Joey: How was it ^^

Faven:*blushes a little*Very good. *smiles*

Joey: Nothing bad happened to me ^^ Want some more?

Faven:*she smiles, blushing a little as she nods*Yea.

Joey: *store alot demon truth syrume in his mouth* ^^

Faven:*blushing, opens her mouth for his*~

Joey:*gave Faven a long deep kiss giving her lots of demon truth syrume from his mouth to hers*

Faven:*Deeply kisses him in return, swallowing the demon truth syrume*~

Joey: Mmm~ ^^ i could do this all day~

Faven:*Blushing, panting softly as she smiles.*

Joey: Your lips taste so sweet~

Faven:*blushes*T-Thank you...

Joey:Is there anything else you want *nuzzles* I'm at your command~

Faven:*She blushes, thinkng*...

Joey: I could carry you to bed and cuddle next to you ^^


Joey:Ok *his black demon tail wags as he pick up the naked Faven* Lets go *He carried Faven into her room and place her on the bed*Now we're going to sleep together *He lay in bed next to her, hi head buried in her big breasts* I love you favrn ^^*fell asleep with Faven*

Ch 17 The StalkerEdit

[It's a new day in the netherworld. Viper went with Tahen to his netherworld and of course her vassal Ketty fallowed. Faven found true love and a new vassal. Zero is trying to bring out Aynlie's horny aggressive self. Laharl became Laharl-chan (female version of Laharl) and Etna became a player 2 version of herself. It looks like our villains are living the good life ^^.

Faven's roomEdit

Joey:*his head nuzzling in Faven's big brests, huging her*

Faven:*Hugging Joey, smiling*

Joey: Good morning beutifle ^^

Faven:*she smiles*Morning.

Joey: So Boss what's today's agenda ^^

Faven:Sleep in... I'm still sleepy. *Nuzzles Joey happily*

Joey: Ok ^^*cuddles next to Faven*

Faven:*fallen back to sleep*

Joey:*fell back to sleep cuddling with Faven*

[afew moments later you can hear a large explosion]

Joey:Hu waa!!*drool was on his face* Faven did you hear that?!

Faven:*Groans, a bit annoyed*I don't wanna wake up. *hugs Joey close to him.*

Joey: It could be something important *hugs Faven tightly* but i don't mind staying here with you~

Faven:Aynlie and Zero can handle it... *hugging Joey close*I'm sleepy... *Closing her eyes.*

Joey: Alright *nuzzles Faven, his arms wrap around her, his chest pressed against her big breasts*

Faven:*Blushing a little, hugging Joey as she sleeps*...

[While Joey and Faven was still aleep Laharl-chan sneak in to hide]

Laharl-Chan:*shispers* How many rooms are in this castle *quietly sneak to the bathroom*

Faven:*Groans in slightly annoyances, waking up*Mmm....

Joey:Mmm~ Faven *cuddles closer to her, his head buried in her chest*

Faven:*falls back to sleep*Joey...~

Joey:So soft so nice*rubbing her back his head still buried in her big breasts*

Laharl-chan:*mind: I wonder if she's still in the castle*

Faven:*nuzzles Joey, sleeping peacefully*~

Joey:*sleeping with Faven, sucking on her breasts*

Laharl-chan:*Mind:I gotta come up with a plan, i cant have a stalker for the rest of my life*

Faven:Mmm...~ *sleeping peacefully*

Laharl-chan: I'll wait a few more moments before leaving

[Much later there was someone knocking on the door]

Zero: Hello?

Faven:Mmm... Joey.... Get the door please... *she groans, throwing the blanket over her head.*

Joey: *yans* Yess boss *gets up and walks to the door* Who is it?

Zero: It me Overlord Zero!

Joey: Ok *half asleep opens the door*

Zero:*walks in* Hey did you know that Laharl was hiding in your room?

Faven:*Yawns* It's his fault... *Sitting up, yawning*I'll kick him out of my room if you want... If it will allow me to sleep in this time.

Zero: Well ^^ since you offered sure you can kick him out *stands there smiling*

Joey*Still half asleep staring at Faven*

Faven:*Streches, standing up and starts walking to the bathroom.*

Joey & Zero:*watches Faven walking to the bathroom.*

Laharl-Chan:*Fell asleep* Zzz...

Faven:*slams open the bathroom door*Wake up!!! *she looked a bit pissed suddenly*

Laharl-Chan:Bwaaaa!!*wakes up and sees Faven* Keep that sexy body away from me!

Faven:Then get the fuck out of my bathroom!

Laharl-Chan:*covering her eyes* Ok Ok just stay away and put on come cloths for crying out loud!!

Faven:*Sighs.* When can I have some alone time without strangers suddenly going into my bedroom 8groans, going in bed and curl in the blankets*


Zero: O hey *smiles at Aynlie* when did you come in

Laharl-Chan:*Peeks out the bathroom door and saw Aynlie standing there near the exits* I hate curvy women -_-

Aynlie:*Smiles at Zero* I ws just checking on how it is going, and shut up Laharl! You are one yourself, don't forget that.

Laharl-chan: I do hate my much -_- I wanna be me again T_T

Zero: I can understand how Laharl wanting to be normal but it weird for a guy not to like curvy girls.

Laharl-chan: If you understand then how about giving me the antidote.

Aynlie:We don't have the antidote, you have to get it from your stalker <.<

Zero: We can make more but It'll take a few day ^^ maybe your stalker will buy it all $v$

Aynlie:That too.

laharl-chan: Eventually she'll run out of HL and I will buy one

Zero: I'll be making about 100 more ^^ I hope she buys them all

Laharl-chan: You're very greedy as a n Overlord should be. When she fails to buy everything you know who to call.

Aynlie:Truely, I'm shocked a demon, let along the female stalker, had over 1,000,000,000 HL on her person. Not many demons have that much money...

Zero: I'm sure we'll drain every bit of HL from her ^^ Hey do you know how i can contact your stalker?

Laharl-chan: I don't know I've been trying to get away from her -_-

Aynlie:*Thinking*Your stalker couldn't have gotten that money by herself, someone else most have earn that money, and she toke it from them... Hmm... Otherwise, we don't know how to contact her...

Zero: To bad then she won't know that I'm making more antidote. Who ever she got the HL from must be very rich and very mad ^^

Laharl-Chan: I don't care if she knows i just want my old body back.

Aynlie:*sighs thinking*Mmm... I think we should further look into this, Zero. Of course, Laharl will get one of the Antidote. But, I am wondering where she is getting this HL.

Zero: Think who's capable of having that much HL...

Aynlie:That hog guy creatures... Or an idol, those are the only two I can think that may have that much HL

Zero: Ya we killed Hogmister so a idol is our best who's on top of the idol world?

Faven:some girl known as Techno girl, that is her idol name. *sits up, wrap in a blanket*Her real name is Tilen Aoven.

Aynlie:Say that again.

Faven:Tilen Aoven is the idol that is on the top of the idol world. Demons all around seem to love her music.

Aynlie:Aoven.... Didn't Kenta give her last name like that? Zero: Perfect I can request a concert for my next part, she'll want the HL especially after her sister spend all that HL ^^

Laharl-Chan: Great your actually going through with this -_-;

Faven:look on the bright side, Laharl, Tilen Aoven is flat chested. Nothing like the stalker, and may even help you get what you need. But, a high warning... She doesn't like males touching her.


Faven:Personal history, never knew.

Zero: A faven your up ^^ and no longer mad i see.

Laharl-chan: Keep yourself cover up i don't want to see -_-

Joey:*in bed hugs Faven from behind nuzzling her* I do ^^

Zero: Aynlie is way sexier ^^

Laharl-chan: Where getting off topic -_-;

Faven:*smirking at Joey*Only if we're alone, Joey.


Joey: Ok boss ^^*hugs Faven tighter*

Zero: Alone!? We all saw you two going at it at the party yesterday ^^

Faven:*Narrowed her eyes, pointing at Laharl-chan*I don't want him watching.

Aynlie: She has a point, Zero, he wasn't there for the end of the party...

Laharl-chan: *sarcastically* Like i would watch.

Zero: Haha I didn't know you care who would's watching ^^

Laharl-chan: I'm leaving have fun! *stoms out of the room*

Joey:He's gone *kisses Faven his hand underneath the cover squeezing her big breasts*

Faven:*Kissing Joey, hugging him*Mmm~

Aynlie:I wanna find this Tilen before you come up with plans about how to make me jump you and all that.

Joey:*kissing Fave, rubbing her pussy while twisting her nipples* Mmm~

Zero: O it's FAR to lat for that i already have several plans to get you to jump me ^^.

Aynlie:C-Can we wait, a little?

Faven:Mmm~ *Kissing him, hugging him close to her.*

Joey:Would you like me inside you?~*Kissing down her neck, massaging her big breasts*

Zero:Ok the longer we wait the more likely you'll jump me ^^. They do sound like they're having fun, it makes me fell all tingly all over~


Faven:Yes, Joey~ Please~ *Panting, moaning softly.*

Joey:Yes boss* his hard dick pushes into her pussy, Kissing her deeply*

Zero: That familiar sound so wonderful i know you feel it to~. It's building deep inside you the anticipation, lust and desire. Its all in your grasp and theres nothing stopping you. It has already begone but you can try to postpone if it's even possible. I can already feel it *hugs himself* your body touching mine *drooling* you lips so sweet.

Faven:*Moans loudly in the kiss, hugging him*Ooo~

Aynlie:*blushing, closing her eyes*I do have a very strong will...

Joey:*thrust deeper into her pussy, pressing her big breasts together*

Zero:That because you can keep your mind clear but now its different. I bet you can see us doing it with you mind closed and you don't even have to think about the sound~. It's already on your mind what will happen if i just touched you, will you fall to your lust. You can see It, feel it me inside you the sensation when you're wet, the bound and feelings we share, the joy of it all.~

Aynlie:*Blushing a little, but quiet.*

Faven:Aaa~ *Panting, hugging Joey.*

Zero: Why are you holding back, what's the point. I know you can sense it my lust for you and i know you feel the same. It feels so good to give in, there're are something you shouldn't hold back. There's a certain sensation you get when you take something you yearn for and for some time I've deprived you from that experience. I was always the take-er but the take-e I know you did it out of free will but it's not the same. I want you to take me, there's no reason hold back release whatever shackles that bind you. Experience the part of you that you didn't know exist.

Joey:*thrust faster and dapper into Faven's pussy, Kissing from her neck to her big breasts before sucking on her nipples*

Zero:*slowly walks closer to Aynle* I love you, i want to know every fiber of your being*now standing extremely close* I'll show you every fiber of my soul~

Aynlie:*blushing red, breathing softly.*

Zero:*Sigh* Your really strong willed... I tried I really did *hold Aynlie's hand* next time I'll do better ^^

Joey:Mmm~*Sucks harder on Faven's big breasts before cumming deep into her pussy Stroking her pink hair*~

Aynlie:*blushing, whispered*when we finish looking for the idol... You may get a surpirse... *she looks to him*

Faven:*Panting, blushing*Mmm...~

Zero:*slightly disappointed didn't hear her over the moaning* We better find that idol, I think you or Faven should talk to her seeing she's scared of guys touching her.

Joey: I love you~*Nuzzles into Faven's big breasts*

Faven:Love you too~

Aynlie:How about we leave Faven room, I'm pretty sure you didn't hear me clearly *sweatdrop, as she had notice him being disppointed.*

Zero: I couldn't hear you over the lovely moaning. I still have that tingly feeling but we should go, you can tell me later *Looks over at Faven and Joey* Enjoy your time alone together ^^ *walks out of Faven's room*

Aynlie:*hugs Zero's arm as she walk out with him.*

Zero's roomEdit

Zero:*hugging Aynlie from behind, His hand are on her huge breasts*

Aynlie:*Gasps softly, blushing*Mmm...

Zero: O so your awake *massages her huge breasts*

Aynlie:*Blushes, half awake*...

Zero:I know that must feel real nice from experience ^^*pressing her hug breasts together, twisting her nipples*

Aynlie:*Blushing.* Aaaa~ *Moans.*

Zero: I wander if it's to early *Squeezing her hug breasts pinching her nipples*

Aynlie:Mmm~ *Blushing, moaning softly*

Zero:*stops* I think I'll just tease you today ^^


Zero: I don't know, I might just teas you all day unless ^^ *plays with her demon tail*

Aynlie:*Blushes*An lest what? *looks to him*

Zero: Unless you do something ^^ *rubs her ass*

Aynlie:*Blushes*Mmm... *She pouted a bit*

Zero:Ya that won't work on a demon ^^*stops*

Aynlie:*she sighed*...

Zero: why not try think more like a wolf or a demon *rubs between her legs*

Aynlie:*Blushes at the feeling of him rubbing her*M-Mmm...

Zero:*stops* I'm sure you can come up with something ^^


Zero: That's enough teasing for now *get out of bed* I wonder if something surprising is going to happen. Maybe I'll find some one a little aggressive. What do you think?

Aynlie:*she frowns a little*Maybe...

Zero: Don't look so down *stretch and flexes his muscles* If there something on your mind then say it ^^

Aynlie:*Blinks, thinking*....

Zero: I think I'll just where my pants and shoes. Don't know why but i feel like going shirtless today ^^ now you can see my muscles all day.

Aynlie:*Blushes, but nods.*

Zero:*mind: Man she holding out longer then i expect...come here and rape me already i feel my will caving in* I'll go wash up and make some breakfast ^^. Anything you want to eat?

Aynlie:Pancakes! *smiles*

Zero: Ok ^^*After cleaning himself up and putting on his cloths (except his shirt) he left the room*


Zero:*just left his room and head toward the Kitchen to make some pancakes*

Aynlie:*Follows, listening since she was hungry*

Zero: *notice Aynlie* O hi ^^ they're almost done *flipping pancakes*


[There was a large explosion at the castle entrance]

Laharl-Chan: Zero i want the antidote NOW!!!

Aynlie:*Pissed*SHUT IT!!! *she snapped at Laharl-chan, growling* Zero is cooking, leave him be or you WILL be sorry for pissing off the woman who is hungry!!! *She shouted loudly, her eyes going emotionless*

Laharl-chan:*Shouting angrily* I don't CARE, I have a crazy stalker after me.*pulls out his sword* If you don't make it soon I'll I"LL-

Zero: Calm down we can make it soon but a rush job will cost extra ^^*putting the pancakes on two separate plates*

Laharl-Chan: EXTRA !!!!! You got to be kidding me!!

Aynlie:*Smiles happily, going to Zero*Pancakes!! *She smiles happily, her demon tail wagging*

Zero:*walks out of the kitchen with two plates of pancakes* Hey It's up to you its your HL ^^*pave a plat in front of Aynlie*

Laharl-Chan: Ok Ok i don't car how much i want it NOW !!

Aynlie:Yay! Pancakes!! *eating happily, but she glance*Zero, I hear a voice that echos loudly... Laharl might want to run right now. *she close her eyes, eating.*

Laharl-Chan: O shit It's her!!*runs deeper into the castle saying* Tell her I'm not here!!

Zero: Man he can move fast *takes a seat next to Aynlie*


Kenta:*A female with long, fulling blond hair that fades to a dark red. She had pinkish-red eyes as she comes in. Her demon tail curls as she looks around, wearing a dark red dress.* OH! Where could she have gone!? I swore Laharl-chan had come in.* Her breasts bounce as she spots Zero and Aynlie* Oh, sorry for having to come in without asking, but have you see Laharl-chan?

Aynlie:*Eating* pancakes~

Zero: Ya he was here, demanding for the antidote ^^. He was willing to pay extra for a rushed order so when he pay me he'll be back to normal unless...

Kenta:*Confuse*Why are you calling Laharl-chan a he, but nevermind that. What is this 'unless' you had stated. *smiles brightl, eyes sparkle a little.*


Zero: Originally Laharl was a dood until he drank some experimental stuff from my lab. He'a paying me to return him to normal, I already have the antidote. The thing is he haven't payed me yet so if your willing to pay higher price then Laharl then he won't return to normal. ^^

Kenta:*smirks, her eyes lit like a flame* How much is she forced to pay!?

Zero: Originally 1,000,000,000,000 HL pulse the 100,000,000 rush to right now fee that a total of 1,100,000,000 HL ^^

Kenta:*smirks evilly, pulling out 20,000,000,000 HL, slamming it onto the table* Then I put 20,000,000,000 HL on that deal~ *She smirks evilly*

Aynlie:*Has a sweatdrop*

Zero: Wow I'm shocked you carry this much on you ^^*gives the antidote to Kenta*Good luck and be careful there still some traps that my old man set up. You may need a guide

Kenta:*Grins*Nothing stops the power of my love for Laharl-chan! nothing! *puts the antidote safetly away.* Point to where Laharl-chan ran to, and my blazing emotion known as love will guide me in getting to her!

Aynlie:*Sweatdrop* *mind:That is one devote girl..."

Zero: Ok good luck with all the trap doors and hidden chamber all over the castle.

Kenta:My love for Laharl-chan will protect me! *grins.* Onward I go! Laharl-chan, I'm coming~! *runs in the same path as Laharl-chan has ran off.*

Aynlie:... *sighs a bit*Great... Now their in the castle... *Sweatdrop*

Zero:*eating* Hey Laharl she's gone

Laharl-chan:*appear from her hiding place* Why...dam you...

Aynlie:*Eating, looking at Laharl-chan.* ?

Zero:Well now you'll have to get your antidote from her ^^

Laharl-chan: I hate you so much.

Aynlie:*She suddenly narrowed her eyes*And you call yourself a demon, let alone an overlord. *she spoke coldly to Laharl-chan.*Hmph. *She glance away.* How pathic.

Laharl-Chan: I'm just not use to this body!! I'll force her to give me the antidote...somehow

Zero: She may be around her somewhere better watch yourself ^^

Aynlie:*finishes eating, strenching.*Mmm...

Zero:*put his arms around Ayblie* You really like my pancakes *nuzzles her neck*

Laharl-chan:... I don't have time for this. I need a way to get the antidote from that crazo stalker... I'm going to need Etna's assistance.

Aynlie:*smiles happily*Yep! *hugging Zero*

Kenta:Oh Laharl-chan, I hear you~ *Echos through the hallway*

Zero:*mind: She feels so nice... I must be strong, she will get so horny that she'll rip off my pants^^* Maybe next time I'll let you eat off my body *licks her cheeks*

Laharl-Chan: -_-; I gotta hid *sneaks into Faven's room*

Aynlie:*Blushes bright red at that comment*...

Kenta:*Searching for Laharl-chan* I know I heard her!

Zero: Ya laharl left *kisses her cheek*

Kenta:*Stomps her feet*Hmph! Then Laharl-chan won't ever have what she wants, even if she tries to fight me! *leaves.*


Zero: Say how much do you want me?*rubbing her ass*

Aynlie:*Blushes, looking at Zero*A-ah~

Zero: I wonder how you can hold out *fondling her huge breasts, rubs between her legs* When will you cave in?

Aynlie:*blushing, panting*M-Mmm

Zero: Just imagine the feeling *rubbing her panties*what are you willing to do to have it~*squeezing her breasts*

Aynlie:*Blushing bright red, panting heavily*A-Aaa~

Zero: I don't hear an answer*rubs her panties faster* You know I'll stop *Squeezes her breasts harder*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~! *Blushing bright red, panting heavily.*

Zero:*stops* You are really strong willed.

Aynlie:*blushing, whimpers a little.*

Zero:Hm? Did you say something *stretching flexing his muscles*

Aynlie:*Blushes as she watch him streching as his muscles flexed*...

Zero:Screw it i give up *Deeply kisses Aynlie*

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero deeply, hugging him*~

Zero:I don't know how you do it *kissing her, lifting up her dress*

Aynlie:*Blushing, kissing him as she hugs him close*Mmm

Zer:*pulls down her panties, unstrapping her bra* I can't hold back *kissing deeply*

Aynlie:*panting, kissing him deeply*~

Zero:*unbuck his pants and pulling them down, grabs on her huge breasts*

Aynlie:*Gasps, drooling a little*aaa~

Zero:*thrust his dick hard into her pussy* I want you so badly*Deeply kisses her, hugging her tightly*

Aynlie:*Moans in the kiss, kissing him as she hugs him closer to her*Mmm~

Zero:*Aggressively fucking her, sucking the milk from her breasts* So good~*Squeezing her ass*

Aynlie:*Moans, blushing*A-Aaaa~

Zero:*thrashing his dick into her pussy, Kissing her with intense passion*

Aynlie:*Panting in the kiss, kissing him deeply as she dig into his shoulder*Mmm~

Zero:*Cums deep inside her,panting*I ended up the one being aggressive *kissing her rubbing her ass*

Aynlie:*Panting, nuzzling him*~

Zero:*panting*I've ben tempting you all day *Stroking her hair* Next time *Kisses down her neck*

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing*

Zero:*panting, hugging her closer*I'll get you to be aggressive to *Looks deep into her eye befor kissing her, his dick pushed further into her pussy*

Aynlie:*Moans loudly in the kiss, kissing him while blushing*

Zero:*Pulls and thrust into her pussy*Crave me even more~*kissing her, his chest pressed against her huge breasts*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~ *Blushing, moaning in the kiss as she keeps kissing him*~

Zero:Even more~*Fucking her slowly*So much that you demand it~*Keeps kissing her, rubbing her back*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~! *Moans in the kiss, gripping tightly on his shoulders* Z-Zero~!

Zero:*Grunts as he speeds up, holding her tightly, squeezing her huge breasts hard*

Aynlie:*Moans loudly*A-Aaaah~! *grips tighlty on him, arching her back as she pants heavily*

Zero:*Thrusting harder into her pussy, Panting heavily as his face buried in her huge breasts*

Aynlie:Aaaa~ *blushing, moaning as she starts drooling a little.*

Zero:*Panting* I cant go a day without you *His dick goes deeper with every thrust* I will only love you~*sucking on her nipples, drinking her breasts milk*

Aynlie:A-Aaa~ Z-Zero~ *blushing, moaning as she holds onto him, panting*

Zero: A~Aynlie*panting thrusting faster and faster* I only crave you, I need you, I want you always* Suck harder on her nipple drinking even more milk from her huge breasts*

Aynlie:Z-Zero~ *Panting, moaning* I-I only want you~!

Zero: *panting* How badly do you want me~*cums deep inside her, kissing her neck*


Zero:*panting* Badly enough to demand it?

Aynlie:*blushin*I-I don't know... H-How to really demand...

Zero: *nuzzles her*Ever had the feeling that you just have to have it?

Aynlie:Not yet... *blushing*

Zero: If you want it bad enough you end up simply taking it.~

Aynlie:*She blushes, looking at him*Zero...~

Zero:You're someone that a need.~ You can say It's a addiction, without you I'm not myself... I only think of you crave only you my body yearns to be touch by yours~

Aynlie:*Blushing, panting* Zero...~

Zero: Do you feel the same?*Nuzzles her*I can't even stand to be away from you, to touch you.

Aynlie:I-I do feel the same, Zero. ~ *nuzzles him*

Zero: You do ^^*strokes her hair*So your just as horny as I am~

Aynlie:*She blushes, nodding a little.*

Zero: Then you'll know soon enough*Hugs her* that strong desire to have it.*kisses her* It will be sudden but I will be there *whispers in her ears* for you to take me~

Aynlie:*Blushing.*Zero... *she whispers, nuzzling*

Zero:I'm looking forward to that moment ^^

Aynlie:*blushing, smiling*

Zero:*pulls his dick out, stands up* I still wonder?

Aynlie:*Blushing, confuse*Huh?

Zero: A boy or a girl? ^^

Aynlie:Huh?... Um... I-I don't really know... But, I think it is a boy. *smiles.*

Zero: A boy ^^ you're probably right.


Zero: I should kick out Laharl before his stalker returns.

Aynlie:Agree. His hiding in Faven's room anyway.

Zero: To bad i can contact Laharl stalker -_- I could have sold some info

Aynlie:Yea ^^;

Zero: *putting on his pants* Think i should knock or barge right in?

Aynlie:Knock. *sweatdrop*Barge in later if she doesn't open up. *get her clothes on.*

Zero: Ok *walks to Faven's door (still shirtless) and knock* Hello?

[After a minute or two Joey answered the door and let Zero In]

Laharl-chan:*storms out of Faven's room* I can't wait to get back to the castle and away from those curvy women *left the castle*

[An hour or two past then Zero left faven's room fallowed by Aynlie]

Zero: *wailing out*Let's see what's the best place to find a idol?

Aynlie:I wouldn't know... *Mind: I have to tell him that there'll be a surprise after all of this... He wouldn't be so disappointed then.* Hm... Maybe we can look around and see if we can't find anyone.

Zero: We can look around the market, idol or not everyone goes there but she'll most likely be in a disguise -_-

Aynlie:Yes, but what idol tries to keep males from touching her? Even in disguise she would be noticeable. *she then looks to him, touching his face*you shouldn't look disappointed...

Zero: I'll get over it plus i haven't given up. Who knows you may kiss me any second now ^^

Aynlie:*she frowns a little*you didn't hear the last part of what I said then... *she almost whispered, taking her hand away.*

Zero: *saw her frowning* I'm sorry if i upset you... I'll stop

Aynlie:You don't need to stop... I'm upset that you didn't hear me... *she gives a small smile* I'll restate myself, then. After the search for the idol, you'll have a surprise.

Zero: A surprise....... Lets go!! *Grabs Ayblie's hand with a big smile on his face* We're off idol hunting

Aynlie:*blushing, but smiles.*Right.

[Zero and Aynlie quickly left the castl to the market, there looking for Tilen]

Tilen:*walking in the market with a bag of foods. She sighs, not in her outfit so no one would notice who she was really. She had hair blonde hair that fade red and was an A cup chest... She made sure no male touched her on her walk.*

Zero:*looking at everyone speciously* where is she?

Aynlie:*looking, but spots blonde that fade to red, but it seem short*Hm!? I remember that hair color, Zero, I think that's the idol we're looking for.

Tilen:*breathing heavily, sitting down on a bench since she was getting tired of carrying a bag.* Where is that older sister of mine!?

Zero: I think you're right ^^ Go ask her to come with us, o don't forget to mention her sister.

Aynlie:Can't you come with me? *she frowns a bit*she doesn't want men touching her, you can just stand there and talki to her, it isn't touching her.

Zero: Ok ^^*walks over to Tilen* Hi how are you?

Tilen:*Startled, as if she had been in her own little world. she then sigh a bit.* Um, h-hello...

Aynlie:Hello, Tilen.


Aynlie:Um, it's mainly about your sister name Kenta?

Tilen:Oh, what did she do this time? *she sighed.*

Zero: Your sister is now a stalker and has perched an item ^^. She payed very well and we like to contact her to tell her we have more in stock so she can buy them all. Can you give us her number o I request a live performance foe my next party and of course I can pay.

Tilen:*A bit shocked*My sister lives in my very own house. The money she used was the amount I gave her. I share my pay amount to her. But, to think she was a stalker... *she shivers*I knew my sister was strange, but not that strange... I don't mind doing a live performance for your next party. You can pay if you want...

Zero: Wow you will do it for free ^^, excellent! Hear that Aynlie everything is falling into place.


Tilen:Um... As long as you promise that no male is allow to touch me, it be fine. I'll tell Kenta about what you said.

Zero: You will have an all female staff ^^ and come by to my castle any time. *looks really happy* let's go back to the castle~... or not ^^ surprise me XD

tilen:*She grabs the bag and starts leaving*

Aynlie:Let's get to the castle, that's when your surprise begins.. *she looks to him.*

Zero: Ok ^^ *carries Aynlie and run to the castle*

[Zero never had zero movd so fast in his life, it appeared to be mire seconds before once again being inside the castle]

Zero: We're here ^^

Aynlie:*blushes*Kay. *Kisses him suddenly*~

Zero:*blushing kissing her in return*

Aynlie:*deepen the kiss as she unbuckles his pants*~

Zero:*blushing as he deepens the kiss*~

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero, taking off her dress as she takes off his pants*~

Zero:*Kissing her sweetly, looking into her eyes lovely and full of anticipation*~

Aynlie:*blushing, her eyes look into his loveingly as she toke off her panties. She pants in the kiss as she kisses him even more deeply. She rub her hand over his chest and press her pussy against his dick*Mmm~

Zero:*He puts his arms around her, his dick became hard as it rubs against her pussy, panting* Isn't this nice~*Kissing her passionately stroking her beautiful ice blue hair*

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing as she nuzzles*Y-Yea...~ *Kissing him passionately as she has his dick enter into her now wet pussy*M-Mmm~

Zero:*he can feel the walls of Aynlie's pussy stimulating his entire dick*It feels so good~*deeps the kiss ad his chest pressed against her huge breasts*Mmm~

Aynlie:*Moaning in the kissing, riding him*Mmm~

Zero:*Thrusting into her, kissing her, his hands rubs the base of her demon tail*~

Aynlie:*Kissing Zero, blushing and moaning softly*~

Zero:*Fucking, caressing her big breasts while kissing her sweetly*~

Aynlie:Mmm...~ *kissing him, hugging him.*

Zero:*Goes deeper with each thrust into her wet pussy, pulling and pushing on her nipples while licking her lips before kissing*

Aynlie:Aaa~ *Moans in the kiss, kissing him as she hugs him.*

Zero:*Thrust faster and faster into her,griping the base of her hug breasts up to her nipples*

Aynlie:A-Aa~! *Moans loudly, blushing.*

Zero:*his dick thrashes into her pussy, pressing her hug breasts together until milks comes out liking her nipples*

Aynlie:*blushing bright red, gripping onto him and moaning*

Zero:*cums deep inside of her panting*Your so addictive~ *Sucking on both of her nipples, drinking her milk* Mmm~

Aynlie:*Moans, panting*S-So good~

Zero:*still inside her, licking her nipples*There's much~*fondle her breasts* and you're all mine~

Aynlie:*Panting, blushing as she nods*Y-Yes I am~

Zero: Anylie *Hugs her tightly* i won't say this often but your the only one i can fully trust my heart and soul to and... I'm only truly vulnerable to you.

Aynlie:*blushing as she hugs him, nuzzling him.* I'm only truly vulnerable to you too, Zero... *smiling.*

Zero: I'm looking forward to future surprises *nuzzles her* Hopefully you'll catch me off guard~

Aynlie:*blushes a little, but smiles as she nuzzles Zero.*

Zero:.....I need more days off *Press his body closer to her's* I don't want to get up.

Aynlie:*blushing*Agree. *nuzzles him even more.*

Zero: I'll get Faven and the new guy to set up the concert.*kisses her* That's what vassals are for ^^

Aynlie:*smiles, nodding.*Yea.

Zero: Looks like I'll have to yell to get them her or call a prinny to sent a message.... better just call them.

Aynlie:*she nods*Yea.

Zero: HEY FAVEN!!!

Faven:*Wearing her pajas as she goes to their door*Yea, Zero? *she groans a bit.*What is it, sir?

Joey:*behind Faven in his red and black PJ half asleep*

Zero: I feel lazy today so can you prepare the concert and manege the security for me ^^*nuzzles Aynlie*

Faven:Sure, what the concert for and what security do I need to put down so I don't end up ruining it.

Zero: The consort is just for fun ^^ You'll need to guard to protect Tilen, O make sure you keep a close eye on her she is doing this for free.

Faven:I assume then it is female guards, am I right? I'll try to keep an eye on her, but you know how Joey gets.

Joey:*hugs Faven's arm, nuzzles her shoulders*

Zero: Hey he's your vassal It's not my job to know him but i do think he's a good match for you.

Faven:*she smiles, sighing.*I know, I'll get everything set. *looks to Joey.* Come on, let's get a concert ready.

Joey: Ok boss ^^*hugging her sweetly*

Zero:*looks at Aynlie*...I know the point of calling Faven to come here so i wouldn't get up but.... we'll get in the way if we stay here*holds her closer*

Aynlie:*sighs.* True. *hugging him.*

Faven:*smiles, going of to get the concert place ready.*

Joey:*smiles holding Faven's hand as they walk together*

Zero: Lets go to my room for some relaxation ^^

Aynlie:*niods*Yea. *smiles*

Zero:*picks Aynlie up, still inside her and caries her to his room. Place her oon the bed and cuddle closer to her*

Ch18 Wonder ConcertEdit

Joey: Boss what are your next orders ^^

Faven:Get the other prinnies to desgin the stage, I am going to need to find an all girl guard that are willingly to protect Tilen from males and fans. Then, we're going to need to have the tencho machines set up for her to control from rang.

Joey: Just a suggestion but prinnies are consider genderless and you could hire monsters to.

Faven:I don't know how Tilen feels about Prinnies, I know Prinnies are genderless. Monsters seem to be the next best thing we got, female monsters to be more detail about what kind of monster.

Joey:...Monster do have genders but they never say what gender they are *thinking* The only monster you can hire that are guarantee to be female are the Succubus and the Nemko monsters.

Faven:True... Mmm... I think the Nemko monsters shall be fine, I don't really want Succubus monsters as guards for the time being.

Joey: They're also Known as Kit Cats ^^. I go get my buds to design the stage.

Faven:*She nods.*I'll get the kit cats then.

Joey: Good luck ^^ *Starts to walk towards the prinnies*

Faven:Yea. *goes to hiring Kit cats.*

[Joey got the prinnies to set up the stage and Faven hired Kit Cats as bodyguard]

Joey:Boss we're done ^^

Faven:good, now we just need to get Tilen. *smiles*

Joey: Do you know when she's going to get here?

Faven:Zero might have not told her-

Tilen:*quiet, knocking on the door.*

Faven:Must be her then. *grins.*

Joey:I'll get it ^^ * walks over and opens the door*

Tilen: H-Hello...

Faven:Come on over here.

Tilen:*walks over.*

Faven:We got your bodyguards, we also got the sound systems up and running. *grins.*


Joey:Wow a real idol in the castle ^^.

Tilen:Erm... Y-Yea... *looks to Faven.* Can I... work on my music?

Faven:Sure, the concert place is for you to work with and get familiar with.

Tilen:T-Thank you. *goes to the back stadge, where her room is.*

Joey: This is going to be great ^^

Laharl-chan:*sneezing inside the castle*

Tilen:*wearing her techno girl outsuit, humming notes to herself. While humming, without touching the machines, they change the pitch of her voice.*


Kenta:*Walk through the doors* Where is that Laharl-chan of mine!?

Joey: Hey Boss could you get me an autograph?

Laharl-chan:*tries to seek into Tilen's room*

Faven:*smiles*sure ^^

Tilen:*in her room practicing her singing, wearing headphones while singing a song. The volcume wasn't at max, but enough for her to not notice Laharl-chan. She only had Kenta's colors, but looked nothing like the huge breast, long hair female stalker of Laharl-chan.*

Laharl-chan: hey are you kenta's sister by any chance?

Tilen:*she was suddenly startled, the headphones fall down and she glance away.*i-Um... *notice Laharl-chan, she had a sweatdrop*Y-Yes, Kenta is my sister... You must be who she chases after, yelling her useless stalking love, am I right?

Laharl-chan: So you know then I don't have to explain. Will you help me?

Tilen:I'm unsure of how to help you, but I know that she is stalking you... *she sighs*My sister is so unbalanced... I'll see what I can do to help... *Her body shivers a bit,as if assuming he was a boy that got turn into a girl*

Laharl-chan: Without the antidote my life is is over. I really need that antidote. Not just for me but for Etna to.

Tilen:how much do the antidotes cost right? *she sighs*and when you take your antidote... Please don't come to me to show me the resultes... *she whispered almost, her tail just limp on the ground.*

Laharl-chan:They cost a lot 2,000,000,000. I'll be raster if you get the antidote from your sister's neck and I'll make sure you and your sister will never see me again.

Tilen:I don't steal. *she suddenly snapped.* Look, I have more than 2,000,00000 HL. I can give you, 8,000,000,000 HL to buy two. I rather not have to deal with my sister.

Laharl-chan:thanks it would also help if you don't give your sister ant Hal before I get the antidote.

Tilen: Kinda too late, didn't you hear her yell for you? *puts the money in her hand.*

Laharl-chan:she's here -_- I better find Zero and fast *sneaks out of her room*

Tilen:*sighs, picking the headphones up and return to her singing.*

[while Laharl-chan is hiding and looking for Zero Joey is with Faven]

Joey: A lot of demon are going to come ^^. There going to be a lot of pockets to pick.

Faven:Yep, and a lot of people in a trance to make it easier. *grins.* I guess it is time for the show, huh?

Tilen:*ready, she is in her tencho gear.*

Joey: Yep ^^ Do you think we should get Zero and Aynlie? Knowing them they might miss it having to much fun.

Faven:Only if you see Laharl-chan.

Tilen:*Takes a deep breathe, walking onto the stage that has lights on.*

Joey:*holds onto Faven's hand blushing*

Laharl-chan:*sneaking around the castle*

Tilen:*Sighs quietly as she heard the crowd cheer. She toke a deep breathe and the music started as she sings.

Laharl-chan:*walking through the Galway trying to remember how to get to zero's room*

Joey: Everything is going great ^^*holds Faven closer* A night to remember

Faven:agree *smiles happily.*

Joey:It looks like they're going to miss the concert....To bad for them^^

Faven: I'm sure the overlord isn't missing anything. *smirks.*

Joey: well I'm sure he's having fun somewhere.*hugs Faven* You know I love you very much, you'r the most important thing in my life.

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