"Come over here~" Zinnia
Zinnia Pandora in a dress

(Page is still being worked on.)

Basic BioEdit

Name: Zinnia Pandora

Age: 14


  • Zin
  • Zinn
  • Zia (Only for boys to call her)
  • Pan

Height: 3'2

species: American Eskimo Dog

Colors: white(Light gray)

Powers: Water(Had to have at lest one character with this power)

Special Powers: Pandora box [Limited to her emotions]

Weakness: Her flirting(She loses her guard) and being called 'Zia'.

Favorite food: Popcorn, Ice cones and pastas

Love Interest: Andrew (Angel)

(Thinking of more)


Zinnia is flirty, but only with males that are not in love. She respect relationships and doesn't want to ruin them. In another word, she is very honor bound when it comes to dating or marring males, she will only flirt with ones that are not in a relationship and have friendly talk with ones that do.

Her real personality is very honorable in her ways, she will never speak bad about people an lest they are purely dark in nature.


Zinnia can control natural water that surrounds her to do these following things

  • Healing drop: Able to heal a friend nearby
  • Raining flood: Able to flood a center area
  • Water hurricane: Pretty much a hurricane, only can be done every once a week.
  • Water Slash: Does what it says
  • Water pulse: Able to check the ground for nearby water
  • Aqua blast: Fires Water from her hands.
  • Water wall: Blocks attack
  • Water Swords: She duel wields two water swords that look like rapiers.
  • (working on.)

Pandora boxEdit

Depending on Zinnia's moods, only the small chaos factors of Pandora box will take affect.

Angry - Raining fire, people getting sunburns and some minor rashes.

Happy - Happy feelings, flowers popping around her, bring back dead plants to life at random.

Sad - thunder storms, gloomy clouds and lightning.


She has an alternate Personality, where she can see the alternate world of darkness and evil.

She can form forcefields to protect those she love.

Theme songsEdit


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